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The International Congress of Esthetics & Spa-Dallas

The International Congress of Esthetics & Spa-Dallas
Event on 2018-05-06 00:00:00
The International Congress of Esthetics & Spa-Dallas is happening on 06 May 2018 at Arlington Convention Center Arlington, United States Of America. Its a premier event in Cosmetics and Beauty Products industry.

Book a stall at!

at Arlington Convention Center
1200 Ballpark Way
Arlington, United States


International Conference on Psoriasis

International Conference on Psoriasis
Event on 2016-12-08 09:00:00
The International Conference on Psoriasis during December 08-09, 2016 at Dallas, USA . The purpose of the conference is to elucidate the disease from a number of scientific aspects. Nearly three percent of the world's population, men, women, and children, even newborn babies, endure the symptoms of psoriasis. Many tolerate constant pain from cracking and bleeding skin.

at Dallas, texas
1445 Ross Avenue
Dallas, United States


The International Space Station – Picking the Right Talent For the Job

This weekend Space Shuttle Endeavor looks to add another piece the space station’s Japanese Kibo laboratory. At 335 tons in weight and coming in at a staggering price tag of around $ 100 billion dollars, the International Space Station is the largest engineering project ever undertaken. With well over 30 shuttle launches to place the station hardware in space and over 100 spacewalks to complete construction, the assembly of this orbital laboratory has required a supporting talent acquisition process that would make most private sector companies envious. Despite the clear magnetic attraction that the space program has on top engineers, many of the same strategies, technologies and nuances apply to talent acquisition in the private sector.

Building a Brand

Let’s face it, every since the early days of the Mercury program children have looked into the eyes of their parents and exclaimed, “Daddy, I want to grow up to be an astronaut.” This behavior is a byproduct of years of publicity and a cold war propaganda machine that took a Patriotic Sham-Wow and buffed up the public image of the space program. Live video of heroic men taking the first steps on the moon helped seal the deal. These were astronauts, the best of the best, test pilots from top military experimental flight programs. As with most things in life, marketing is everything. Companies can take a note from the pages of NASA. Building a brand that not only attracts customers but also inspires talent is a sure fire way to push your organization to new heights. Just take a moment to look at the talent pool of companies like Google and you will get an understanding of what corporate branding can do for your human resources department. Even with a small company, selecting the best talent is a lot easier when people are knocking at the gates.

Understanding Your Needs

During a lecture in the 60’s, a reporter asked John Glen what he was thinking while he sat in the Mercury capsule moments before becoming the first American to orbit the earth. Glen’s response, “I was thinking that the rocket had twenty thousand components, and each was made by the lowest bidder.” Glenn’s point hits the mark. With the Apollo program, an infinitely more complex launch system, not a single Astronaut died during launch or in spaceflight. Despite the fact that there were major technical issues during Apollo 13, the track record for the program is astounding considering that the contract for each component was granted to the lowest bidder who could prove the had the technical expertise to deliver. Developing a clear understanding of your needs can go a long way to improving the hiring process for almost any company. Many times, due to lack of communication or misinformation, a company will open a job search, when they have quite enough internal resources to handle things. In other cases, the HR team might not develop the proper job requirements to fit the position at hand. Always make sure you have the facts and know what you need before you act.

Developing Process

NASA has a long standing history of developing their astronaut talent pool from existing government resources. Prior to the existence of human space flight, the space program was tasked with outlining requirements for the perfect candidates for the early days of the space program. These requirements stressed several major characteristics including flight experience (especially test pilots), military backgrounds, outstanding physical health and to a lesser degree engineering backgrounds. Given these requirements, the space program developed a clear process for accepting new astronauts which included flight experience reviews, direct recommendations by top military officials, intense physical fitness tests by trusted medical doctors and an overall review of educational expertise and psychological background to see if the candidate was a right ft for the job.

Needless to say, the candidate review process was extremely well defined and thorough. Despite the fact that most companies do not have NASA-like resources, developing a clear hiring process is just as critical for success. Companies need to have open communication and collaboration between hiring managers, internal recruiters and top decision makers. In order to be successful, this process requires a clearly defined process flow. The last thing a company wants to do is mishandle a talented candidate during the recruiting process and diminish that candidate’s perception of the company. Developing an intake blueprint, eliminating bottlenecks, and emphasizing collaboration are key elements to a well tune talent acquisition program.

Taking Advantage of Technology

Pushing the frontiers of technology is one of the defining goals of NASA and the human space flight program. Each mission presents a new set of technologies, scientific variables and obstacles that serve to increase the knowledge base of the engineering and scientific communities. Because the space program draws their talent from a wide variety of resources, including the elite military branches and the scientific community, communication is paramount to the selection process of each new class of astronauts. These same principles hold true for the private sector. Communication or lack there of poses the biggest potential bottleneck in the hiring process. If an internal recruiter and a hiring manager are on different pages, then the process suffers.

Collaboration and oversight are defining characteristic of the top corporate recruiting programs. New technologies exist such as recruiting software which can provide companies with the competitive edge required to outpace their competition and streamline efficiency. These programs offer a powerful combination of features, flexibility and affordability. In the private sector, being on the cutting edge does not require a degree in rocket science.

Outfitting your organization with talented employees is only the first step towards success. To achieve truly noble goals you need to select people who can match and sustain your corporate vision. It’s like they always say, “if we can put a man on the moon we can [your answer goes here]” I’d like to think that each employee oriented company can fill in their own blank on that one.

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International Surrealism Now 2016 in US, Mississipi, Particula Coimbra and Multimedia Poros Museum, Portugal

International Surrealism Now 2016 in US, Mississipi, Particula Coimbra and Multimedia Poros Museum, Portugal
Event on 2016-03-25 10:00:00
The next editions of International Surrealism Now will be held in United States, Mississipi  at Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery, MSU Welcome Center, it will be in January and February and in Partícula Coimbra, next February, and Multimedia Poros Museum in Condeixa-a-Nova, Portugal 2016. The follow artists will exhibit in United States, Mississipi at Cullis Depot Gallery located above the Mississippi State University welcome center: American : France Garrido, Olga Spiegel, Joe MacGown, Steve Smith, KD Matheson, Muniz, Shahla Rosa. Portuguese : Santiago Ribeiro, Paula Rosa, Victor Lages, Francisco Urbano. International Surrealism Now is a project by the surrealist painter Santiago Ribeiro, who has dedicated himself to promoting the surrealism of the 21st century, through exhibitions worldwide. The "International Surrealism Now" began in 2010 in Coimbra, when Santiago Ribeiro conceived a major exhibition organized by Bissaya Barreto Foundation. This event has been in Conímbriga celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Monographic Museum (second most visited museum in Portugal). The show has also been in Paris with the support of GAPP – Art Gallery Portugal Presente and Liba WS, organized once again by the Bissaya Barreto Foundation and Santiago Ribeiro, and in Madrid with the support of Yamal Din. After that it went to Dallas with the support of the American surrealist artist Shahla Rosa. Lately it has been presented at the medieval Castle of Paço da Ega, organized by Rede de Bibliotecas and House Mayor of Condeixa-a-Nova At present, the "International Surrealism Now" includes artists from 30 countries: Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Spain, USA, Philippines, France, Holland, Indonesia, England, Iran, Iceland , Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Vietnam. The exhibition consists of a variety of artworks including drawing, painting, photography, digital art and sculpture. Artists: Agim Meta, Spain / Ana Neamu, Romania / Ana Pilar Morales, Spain / Anna Plavinskaya, Russia/USA / Andrew Artist Baines, Australia / Asier Guerrero Rico ( Dio ), Spain / Brigid Marlin, UK / Daila Lupo, Italy / Dan Neamu, Romania / Daniel Hanequand, Canada / Daniele Gori, Italy / Domen Lo, Slovenia / Edgar Invoker, Russia / Egill Ibsen, Iceland / Erik Heyninck, Belgium / Ettore Aldo Del Vigo, Italy / Farhad Jafari, Iran / France Garrido, USA / Francisco Urbano, Portugal / Gromyko Padilla Semper, Philippines / Héctor Pineda, Mexico / Hector Toro, Colombia / Hugues Gillet, France / Isabel Meyrelles, Portugal / Keith Wigdor, USA / Leo Wijnhoven, Holland / Leo Plaw, Germany / Liba Waring Stambollion, France / Joe MacGown, USA / Lubomír Štícha, Czech Republic / Ludgero Ludgero Rôlo, Portugal / Lv Shang, China / Maciej Hoffman, Poland / Magi Calhoun, USA / Maria Aristova, Russia / Martina Hoffmann, Germany / Mehriban Efendi, Azerbaijan / Naiker Roman Cespedes, Spain / Nazareno Affonso, Brazil / Nikolina Petolas, Croatia / Octavian Florescu, Canada / Oleg Korolev, Russia / Olga Spiegel, USA / Otto Rapp, Austria / Paula Rosa, Portugal / Paulo Cunha, Canada / Pedro Diaz Cartes, Chile / Philippe Pelletier, France / Rudolf Boelee, New Zealand / Santiago Ribeiro, Portugal / Sergey Tyukanov, Russia / Shahla Rosa, USA / Shoji Tanaka, Japan / Shan Zhulan, China / Sio SandraJaya, Indonesia / Slavko Krunic, Serbia / Sônia Menna Barreto, Brazil/ Steve Smith, USA / Stuart Grigz, UK / Svetlana Kislyachenko, Ukraine / Tatomir Pitariu, USA / Ton Haring, Holland / Victor Lages, Portugal / Vu Huyen Thuong, Vietnam / Yamal Din, Spain / Yuri Tsvetaev, Russia / Zoran Velimanovic, Serbia. in United States: “LUSO – American and Portuguese Surrealism of the 21st Century” January – February, 2016 Gallery Reception: January, TBD, 5-6 p.m. Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery, MSU Welcome Center Gallery Director: Lori Neuenfeldt, 662-325-2973 SOURCE: International Surrealism Now

at Condeixa-a-Nova
Museu Multimédia Poros
Nova Coimbra, Mozambique


Spanish Football Academies: Preparing for International Football Training

Spanish Football Academies: Preparing for International Football Training

Spanish football academies have a very unique style of training that focuses on technical skills and speed rather than sheer strength and endurance.

For smaller football players who have a lot of speed, a Spanish international football academy might be perfect for you. Here’s what to expect from Spanish football training.

Football academy training: speed vs. Strength

For football academies in Spain, precision and speed are a lot more important than power. For technical players whose greatest strengths are their speed and ball control, not their size, Spain football academies are the perfect place to hone their skills.

Unlike British football, which demands a strong upper body and a larger size because it’s so physical, Spanish football is all about speed and precision. (Take a look at the Spanish national team. Many of the players are small, around 165-170 lbs.)

Spanish football academy focus: team tactics

Training in Spain is very team-oriented and tactical. It’s important for players to be aware of their surroundings and know where teammates are on the field. The Spanish football style focuses more on short, precise passes to your teammates rather than long hopeful passes into space down the field.

Being able to control the ball, and pass fast is crucial in Spain. If you don’t have good control and can’t pass well, the opposition will be on top of you every time, and you won’t be able to adapt well.

Spanish football academy focus: technical excellence

Spanish football has a very technical focus: being able to control the ball perfectly, pass perfectly, and to shoot as well as possible. Spanish football academies focus on good control of the ball, and using both feet equally well.

Movements have to be quick, and players have to learn how to move the ball fast. In Spanish football, the ball is your friend. Players learn how to take care of the way that they strike the ball!

The most important thing: love of the game

For players considering a Spanish international football academy, one thing is most important: a love of the game. According to Nacho Mallo, the Head Coordinator at EduKick Madrid, players with a passion for football are the ones who are going to improve the most.

“All that passion they have, they’ll find a way to express it here,” Mallo said. “We care about all the technical things, so it’s a good place for anyone who’s a more technical player. They will enjoy Spanish football.”

Are you a player who’s all about speed and precision? Then training at a Spanish international football academy could be just right for you.

Joey Bilotta is the vice president of EduKick.
World-class football training and language immersion! Learn about EduKick International Soccer Academies in England, Spain, France, Italy, Brazil and Mexico. Find volleyball, basketball, tennis, and more worldwide at Travel Sport Camp.

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DISH Network International Packages – Enjoy Chinese programming

DISH Network International Packages – Enjoy Chinese programming

Chinese Americans are going to have a blast in the United States with DISH Network, as it brings its exclusive international packages that offer programming in Chinese. Yes, it’s time to rejoice and celebrate for now Chinese community in Americ a will be able to watch their favorite programs and shows in their mother tongue! The exciting DISH Network offer is sure to bring smile on every Chinese family settled in America. They can feel the warmth of their home land by staying in the US, only through DISH Network. The provider has simply provided a wonderful deal to all the ethnic communities living here for years.


The international programming offered DISH Network is a great gift to ethnic groups of America. The package offers more than 200 DISH Network channels in about 28 interesting languages, which include Chinese. A unique collection of DISH channels is part of Chinese programming, which will give you a chance to have great time with family back at home. If you subscribe to international programming pack, then DISH Network delivers around 14 provincial TV channels, 5 CCTV channels direct from Mainland China, along with 3 TV channels from Hong Kong and other parts of the world. Seems quite exciting right! And the price is the most affordable. In fact, no other satellite TV provider in the nation brings huge programming in foreign languages than DISH Network. So, if you want to enjoy exclusive assortment of channels in your mother tongue, then you should pick the DISH international pack.


A lot of Chinese people are part of America, whether be it in Las Vegas, Dallas, Portland, Seattle, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles or Boston. You will find thousands of Chinese who have immigrated to America on different grounds. However, they are now integral part of the nation and simply love to be Chinese Americans. But sometimes they may feel nostalgic that they are away from their home country and yearn to get something so that can get be close to their culture, people, and language. Therefore, DISH Network has brought exclusive packs that deliver several channels showing sitcoms, movies, shows in Chinese language.


In order to enjoy Chinese programming, DISH Network has provided two popular packs – Chinese: Great Wall TV and Chinese Elite. The superb Great Wall TV airs channels 24 hours a day airing some of the best shows, live programs, and other entertainment at a price which is very low. Yes, you just have to .99/mo to enjoy over 20 CCTV channels coming right from Mainland China and beyond. Some of the channels include CCTV-Opera, CCTV-News, Beijing TV, AN HUI TV, Dragon TV, CYRTV, Xiamen TV, Pacvia TV, China Movie Channel (CMC), CCTV-E, CCTV-4, to name some.


With the Chinese Elite Pack, you get the most familiar channels from Mainland China at reasonable rates. Some of the best Chinese channels can be viewed if you pick this pack at nominal rate of $ 19.99 every month. You get news, movies, dramas, shows and everything with 100% digital clarity. Hunan Satellite TV, Phoenix Infonews, CCTV-Entertainment, CCTV-4 and Phoenix North America Chinese Channel are the popular channels that you can watch here.

DISH Network is one of the popular satellite TV providers in America, which brings wonderful international programming for you. Go through various DISH Network packages and enjoy a galore of DISH channels.

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Cladding on the IBC (International Broadcast Centre) London 2012 Olympic Site

A few nice broadcast images I found:

Cladding on the IBC (International Broadcast Centre) London 2012 Olympic Site
Image by Andy Wilkes

Cladding on the IBC (International Broadcast Centre) London 2012 Olympic Site
Image by Andy Wilkes


East meets West at the Scottish International Storytelling Festival

East meets West at the Scottish International Storytelling Festival

Scotland is a country renowned for its literature, among other national accomplishments, and this autumn offers a chance to experience the best of Scottish literature old and new in the country’s dynamic capital, as the Scottish International Storytelling Festival returns to Edinburgh.

Taking place every year at the end of October on Edinburgh’s historic Royal Mile, this acclaimed event is a celebration of classic and contemporary storytelling, offering attendees the chance to hear readings and participate in workshops aimed at exploring the literary form.

There are also events geared towards younger festival-goers, particularly Tell-a-Story Day, which offers a chance for all the family to get their creative juices flowing. Meet the Storyteller events are also a chance for fans to interact with some of their literary heroes and inspirations, or attend film screenings and enjoy exclusive festival suppers.

The festival is always a popular one, drawing visitors in not just from Scotland, but from countries all over the world as well.. Naturally, the festival aims to educate on matters involving all regions of Scotland to give a fuller flavour of the proud nation – from the Highlands to the Lowlands and everywhere in between.

However, despite being based in Scotland and having a heavy slant on Scottish writers, the festival lives up to its ‘International’ moniker too, with several days of the calendar being devoted to nations as diverse as Sweden, India, Malaysia and Japan as part of the festival’s Eastern Routes: Authentic Voices theme, analysing where some Scottish writers ended up on their travels and the cultural lessons they brought back with them.

These events combine and contrast the written and oral storytelling traditions of Eastern and Western cultures, and analyse how myriad cultures can work together in a melting pot of novel ideas. The festival even concludes with a special event on 31 October to mark All Hallow’s Eve and invite audiences to get involved in a multicultural Halloween experience in one of the world’s most reputedly haunted cities.

Taking flights to Edinburgh this autumn can be the perfect chance to see some of the finest national and international talent performing before intimate crowds, both at the festival’s central venue, the Scottish Storytelling Centre, and other nearby locations, such as historic John Knox’s House. The Festival on Tour sections of the event’s itinerary also aim to take the festival experience beyond its duration, as it leaves a lasting impression in the minds of visitors.

Disclaimer: The information contained within this article is the opinion of the author and is intended purely for information and interest purposes only. It should not be used to make any decisions or take any actions. Any links are included for information purposes only.

Paul Buchanan writes for a digital marketing agency. This article has been commissioned by a client of said agency. This article is not designed to promote, but should be considered professional content.

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Ladies European Tour live stream Open de France F?minin online broadcast, Paris International Golf Club,18 Route du Golf, Baillet-en-France, France se

Ladies European Tour live stream Open de France F?minin online broadcast, Paris International Golf Club,18 Route du Golf, Baillet-en-France, France se

Ladies European Tour live stream Open de France Féminin online broadcast, Paris International Golf Club,18 Route du Golf, Baillet-en-France, France september 9, 2010.
Online Live stream of  Ladies European Tour live stream Open de France HD quality video Telecast on your PC.

Game Info:
Sept 9 – 12  
Open de France Féminin  
Paris International Golf Club,
18 Route du Golf, Baillet-en-France,



EUR 250,000  
€ 250,000
L’équipe Société Générale, composée de la joueuse anglaise Henrietta Zuel et des trois championnes de France des jeunes 2010 a remporté le pro am avec un score brut de 63…

Dans la lignée de son engagement auprès des jeunes, la Société Générale, partenaire de la FFGolf, et partenaire de l’Open de France féminin, alignait une équipe jeune et talentueuse.

Ladies European Tour live stream Open de France Féminin online broadcast, Paris International Golf Club,18 Route du Golf, Baillet-en-France, France september 9, 2010

Nouvelle heure de gloire donc pour nos trois championnes en herbe, Emma Broze (Forez), championne de France Minime, et vainqueur en équipe de l’Evian Masters Junior Cup, avec une 4ème place individuelle, Lena Gautier (PCC), championne de France Benjamine et membre du Pôle France Jeunes filles comme Emma, Mathilda Cappeliez (Esery) championne de France des -13 ans, qui avait fait le doublé qualification titre avec un exceptionnel 64 -7 au 1er tour.

Coup de chapeau à la proette Henrietta Zuel, 20 ans, 4ème de la Lalla Meryem Cup en début de saison, et dont le public français avait fait la connaissance lors du Dinard Ladies Open 2009, où elle avait fait la course en tête avant de concéder la victoire à Gwladys Nocera…


Déterminée à mener vers les sommets ses meilleures joueuses de haut niveau, la Fédération Française de Golf crée en 1987 l’Open de France Dames. Une épreuve qui appartient, au même titre que l’Evian Masters, au calendrier du Ladies European Tour, l’élite du golf sur le vieux continent, et qui est devenue au fil des ans un rendez-vous incontournable. Les meilleures joueuses françaises et étrangères venant principalement d’Europe mais aussi des Etats-Unis, de Nouvelle Zélande, d’Australie ou d’Afrique du Sud… y participent chaque année.

Entre 2000 et 2009, et après un passage sur les golfs de Fourqueux, Sainte-Maxime, Saint Andréol et du Paris International, elles se disputent le titre sur le golf d’Arras, propriété de Gervais Martel (Président du club de Football du Racing Club de Lens), promoteur de l’évènement pendant près d’une décennie. Remporté l’an dernier par l’Autrichienne Nicole Gergely, l’Open de France Dames s’est offert à cinq reprises à des joueuses françaises : Marie-Laure de Lorenzi, Patricia Meunier-Lebouc et Stéphanie Arricau.

En 2010, une nouvelle page dans l’histoire de l’épreuve s’écrira. La Fédération Française de Golf qui a repris les rênes de l’organisation, a décidé de rapatrier l’évènement dans la région Parisienne et d’en modifier l’appellation. Désormais présenté sous le titre de l’Open de France Féminin, le tournoi se disputera au Paris International Golf Club.

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Where can I find, listen to, and perhaps purchase international music?

Question by herfinator: Where can I find, listen to, and perhaps purchase international music?
I’ve found quite a few websites by googling phrases like “(country name) music”, but silly me, these websites are mostly in that language! I don’t even need translations of songtitles or lyrics, so long as I can read the words “play”, “skip”, “next”, and “buy” (or something similar).

Thanks all!

Best answer:

Answer by Randy W
Yahoo Jukebox, Use the unlimited and search for international music, listen to 30 second clips if you like purchase them .99 cents or if you are a monthly member .79 cents.
You can download it free from Yahoo.

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