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Laptop Stands and Docking Stations, What is the Difference?

If you are a laptop owner, you are probably familiar with the egg frying heat that can accompany extended use of your laptop. This common issue is caused by poor air circulation beneath a laptop. Or perhaps you can feel the ache of your hands after typing on a level keyboard for hours at a time. There is one remarkably simple invention that can solve both the overheating and ergonomic issues many laptops face. It is the laptop stand.

Laptop stands are exactly what they sound like, a small stand that you can set your laptop on. They are normally angled so that the rear of the laptop is higher than the front, much like the effect you get from the legs on a keyboard. This angling is important because the less you have to extend your wrists to reach the keys, the lower the chance of a repetitive strain injury is. But this is more of a by-product of this invention than the driving force behind it.

The impetus behind laptop stands is the overheating issues that many people face when using their laptops. As a friend once said of his new laptop; “You don’t use it on your lap if you want to have kids.” He loved the laptop, but the heat generated by its use was incompatible with the basic function of the computer, something portable enough to place in his lap and use.

Most laptop stands are made to be as portable as the devices they serve. They collapse, fold up, and can stow easily inside a laptop’s carrying case. One product, designed for Mac users, comes with pads that can be used when the stand is on your lap, and can be taken off when using the stand on a desktop.

If you have a dedicated place for using your laptop, you may want to consider upgrading from a laptop stand to a docking station. Where a stand supports a laptop, a docking station is a little bit more elaborate. They feature attachment points for an external monitor, mouse, and keyboard, as well as Ethernet, phone, and USB ports. The docking stations are a step up in utility, but also in price. Where a stand can be found for $ 20 or less, you’ll be hard pressed to find a good docking station for less than $ 90.

Or, if you’re feeling truly handy, a laptop stand can be made from household materials or other equipment retrofitted for use with your laptop. CD racks, towel holders, door stops, binders, and corks are just a few of the materials that have been used to form a do it yourself stand. These stands are generally less stable than a commercially produced one, but if you are just looking for something to use at your desk, they are an inexpensive option.

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Laptop for internet and office

The laptop is intended to be used mainly for internet and workplace. For this method of laptop the laptop accesories performance is rather unimportant as will be graphics performance. It’s important that you can certainly handle the keyboard effectively – therefore it’s advocated to try a few typing before purchase.


The weakest mobile processors usually are sufficient regarding these applications. Nonetheless, present processors associated with VIA and Transmeta usually are slower than equal AMD or Intel processors. Here patience is necessary when starting the particular mobile computer in addition to applications. Dual Core CPUs feel speedier in case you run several application. Our suggestion are slow dual-core CPUs (Pentium Dual-Core as well as Athlon CPUs). The slow Netbook CPUs such as Intel Atom can even be used for non demandin users, however the waiting times could possibly be annoying. See also our processor comparison to get more information about the processor.


Video cards using “shared memory” tend to be quite sufficient intended for these applications and also modern integrated graphic solution such as the Intel GMA 4500M and also ATI Radeon HD 3200 ought not cause a losing speed when applying dual channel memory. But also this worst video playing cards are sufficient intended for surfing.
See also our own video card comparison for any classification of video tutorial cards.


The notebook should contain at the least 1024 MB RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY. Especially newer operating systems like Vista or Windows 7 perform improved with 2048 MB (2 GB). Moreover is dual siphon (2 equal memory chips are utilized simultaneously) of edge with integrated layouts.


The larger, the better. Care, such as laptop ac adapter for many people a fine resolution is extremely arduous to read eventually. Here 85 — 100 DPI (Dots per inch) is a good solution (e. gary the gadget guy. 15″1024×768 pixels or maybe 15. 4″ 1280×800 pixel). See also in the DPI list, the way the different displays are usually resolved. The issue whether widescreen or perhaps standard (4: 3) is not so important. If you like to work when using the laptop frequently and outside within the fresh air, focus on a mirror-free and/or antireflection sprayed display.


Wireless LAN — a wireless network is a very useful feature intended for notebooks and ought not be missing. To be a standard look regarding (Draft)-n WLAN cards, altough the aged “g” Standard is more than sufficient (even the archaic “b” standard should be enought for non power users).
At the least two USB ports should be available. can prompt the actual serious buyer to go for the G62t.

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Latest News about AMD Laptop Computers

AMD has renewed A-Series line processors. It’s provided you normal computers and laptops with innovative chips. This chips drives at a faster speed. AMD Laptop Computers are also provided other enhancements with better graphics deliver performance.

Advanced Micro Devices in short is known as AMD. It is a multinational company of American semiconductor. It is founded in Sunnyvale, California. This company is provided processors or computer related technology for consumer and commercial market. This company is the Second largest international provider of microprocessors and the largest providers of graphics processing component. The main products such as motherboard, microprocessors, embedded processor, chipsets and graphics processors for AMD Laptop Computers are supplied by this company.

Today, AMD Laptop Computers are found everywhere. It is only possible for their superb versatility. These laptop computers are used in different areas. So when you want to carry a laptop computer then you need choose right product. You have clear knowledge about the right productive, entertainment and of course technical components that can fulfill your demand. It also depends on the purposes of your computer. When you find for AMD Laptop Computers, make sure the latest series of this company. AMD supplies to the A-Series. These series are same as an Accelerated Processing Unit. It is contained two to four cores of CPU. These A-series have a GPU. E-Series and C-Series are also contained this Accelerated Processing Unit. But Z-series are designed as low power.

The first unlock processors are released by the AMD company. Unlock processors mean they are over clocked for faster performance of computers.  AMD laptop Computers have two unlocked models. In recently the AMD Company launched FX processors for computers. The only major competitor of AMD Company is the Intel for computer in the market of central processor. The AMD is totally dominated the market of graphics processors. You will be impressed by showing the performance of the AMD Laptop Computers. These computers have great features. When anyone is looking for laptop, then it will be the best choice for them. It is become very popular day by day. Because of it is contained a comprehensive unit of features and high speed. It has also light weight with thin body. Many people like good looking laptop computers. For those people the AMD Company is also provided nice looking laptop computer in the market with great features.

The choices of people are changed time to time. For this the AMD Company is released many new series for every for their customers. AMD Laptop Computers are become popular for the best graphics processors. These graphics processors are world best processors. Other qualities are also very good. When anyone wants to buy the AMD Laptop Computers, then they have lots of options for choosing the best laptop computer. These laptop computers can adjust to your lifestyle. They also can fulfill your all requirement those are you want from your laptop computer. You just need choose the best one for you.


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What kind of laptop is recommeded for UGA broadcasting majors?

Question by Monica: What kind of laptop is recommeded for UGA broadcasting majors?
i know i need a mac but idk what kind.. ive been told a macbook pro but i’m not 100% sure, if anybody knows for sure let me know please!

Best answer:

Answer by Kelsey
If your J school is like mine, EVERY computer is going to be a Mac. If you’re a broadcasting major, you’re more than likely going to use Final Cut Pro to edit, which ONLY works on Mac. If you get a high-power MacBook Pro with a big hard drive and lots of RAM, that should be enough for video editing. A laptop is also best for portability. You can’t carry a desktop around with you.

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What is a cheap laptop I can get that will have good internet speed for broadcasting webcam video?

Question by Tom: What is a cheap laptop I can get that will have good internet speed for broadcasting webcam video?
I need a cheap laptop for church so we can broadcast our service on U-Stream with an external webcam, and the top priority is a low price and fast internet speed. The preferred website would be from

Best answer:

Answer by Cpt. Awesome
Your internet speed will have almost nothing to do with what computer you get.

If internet is all you need it for, look at a Netbook:

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How do I transfer the music videos I bought from iTunes on my computer to my laptop?

Question by i_luv_maui123: How do I transfer the music videos I bought from iTunes on my computer to my laptop?
I recently had my ipod stolen and I bought a new one that does not work on my old Mac. How do I transfer the music videos to my laptop without having to buy it all over again?

Best answer:

Answer by ITGuy
Use a USB flash drive, or burn a CD

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Streaming Live Television on Computer Stream Free on PC or Laptop

Streaming Live Television on Computer Stream Free on PC or Laptop

You can watch all the live streaming television on the internet for sky, abc, fox, espn and many others online without having to pay any monthly fees. Some of the channels that are available include more than 3500 TV channels from over 70 countries around the world. One of the good things with watching TV over the internet is that you can travel with it and it also costs much less than the other forms watching TV. One of the best software to watch streaming television on computer stream live channels is digital satellite TV package which is available instantly on the internet. You can watch all the pc TV channels without having to buy a new computer or even use a satellite dish. Find out how you too can watch live streaming television on computer to stream sky, fox, abc, and hbo to your pc here. Streaming live television on Computer Stream sky, hbo, espn, fox, abc free

When you want to watch the streaming live television on the internet, you can make sure that you have an internet service which is stable. Broadband internet is mostly more preferable than dial up in watching TV on the internet. Your internet should also have a speed of more than 128kbps or more to be able to watch the streaming TV online. It is important however to have a stable internet service if you don’t want to keep getting interrupted midstream.

Some of the best ways to watch streaming TV on the internet is using this software. The software has one of the fastest download processes which takes less than 2 minutes to complete. This is because it has a very light but powerful program and the fact that it is very clean software. Unlike most of the other similar packages, this software does not include any unwanted programs that can slow down the computer. Beware of other illegal packages which can contain adware.

You will need to have a computer with more than 300 MHz of speed to allow the pc or laptop to download the feeds from the internet. The computer cpu also needs to have a virtual memory of more than 500mb; this is needed to ensure that the computer monitor is able to broadcast the image feeds without stalling. The best computer hard drive is a Pentium 4 or higher since it has a higher memory and more capacity to stream the feeds online.

This is best software that I have seen for streaming live TV on the internet free. I have used the software for more than 2 years and have had no problems except a small problem when I initially downloaded the package from the internet.

Find out how you too can watch the streaming television on computer free; by clicking on the links in this article here.

So, if you want to enjoy the best quality and reliable place Where you can Watch Free Live Streaming nfl football game Television on Computer, you can use the same service I use to watch all TV Sports, News & Movies, Click Right Here!!

Read more information on how to watch online live streaming television feed on PC; Ways to Watch Free Live Streaming nfl series games Television online for free .

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Watch Streaming TV for Free on the Internet Stream Live on Laptop

Watch Streaming TV for Free on the Internet Stream Live on Laptop

How to Stream Live TV on your Computer without Paying

You can use satellitedirect software to watch live streaming channels from over 79 countries around the world to watch 3500 channels. These channels are in more than 50 languages including English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Norse, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Cantonese, and many more. I have used the software to watch the American football games  for the past 2 years now. This is the best software to watch live streaming direct TV on the internet without having to install any hardware. You actually don’t even need to have a satellite dish to watch free football 2010 on the internet. You too can use this software on a laptop or pc to watch this year’s football games, playoffs, preseason matches, schedules, football drafts, statistics, 2010 football news, gossip, events and press day and much more. Find the software here:

What do I need to Watch Free Live Football Games on the Internet?

You can watch streaming football games on the internet without the need to buy a new computer or even install a new hardware. You only need your computer to have a virtual memory of more than 450mb to allow the monitor to handle the image files without a problem. To watch streaming football on a computer, you will also require to have a pc cpu with a speed of more than 300mhz which is great for downloading the streaming TV online for free fast. Most of the recent computers are however already installed with these specs and you should worry about it.

The best internet to watch the live streaming football games for free is the broadband connection with speeds of not less than 128kbps although you may even be better off with 512kbps or 1mbps. You can be able to watch streaming football on the internet if you have a stable internet. This will ensure that you don’t get disconnected all the time as you try to watch TV online.

Pros of Streaming Live Football on the Internet for Free

One of the benefits of watching live streaming football online is that you can watch the games from any location in the world. This is because all the 3500 channels are available on the internet for free of charge and any place with a half decent connection will be able to stream the channels. You can enjoy both local and home TV stations and shows from wherever in the world if you download the software on your laptop and travel with it. The place you are staying in must have a broadband internet service however.

Streaming free live television on computer is one of the most convenient ways to enjoy your TV sports without hassles. You will no longer have to hide the family TV remote in your pocket when watching a live football game. You can access all the nfl 2010 football events from your own pc or laptop. The other good thing is that you will be able to watch free pc TV on the computer without having to leave your work. Simply open and minimize the pc TV window on the monitor and you can work on the rest of the screen as you watch live streaming football on the net.

Do you want to get Streaming 2010 football games on TV Online Channels online? or learn more on Streaming Free Live football TV over Internet? If so, click here to find out how you can Stream 2010 Football Games Online without Paying

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How to connect nintendo DS to router with wpa. I have laptop but only wifi, way to broadcast wifi from laptop?

by scecon

Question by AJS: How to connect nintendo DS to router with wpa. I have laptop but only wifi, way to broadcast wifi from laptop?
My roommate will not switch the security from wpa to wep, and I can’t run a wire from the router to my laptop. Is there a way to re-broadcast a wifi signal from my laptop out to my nintendo ds with either no security or wep?

Best answer:

Answer by Griffin
If your laptop’s connection is wireless then you will not be able to “rebroadcast” because you are only allowed one connection. The only way your setup would work is if you bought an additional wireless card for your laptop (PCMCIA, USB, etc.) and setup Internet Connection Sharing. Assuming you buy a second wireless card, you can follow that tutorial.

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Q&A: How Do I Get My Microphone On My Laptop Working When I Do A Live Broadcast?

Question by Michael Duma: How Do I Get My Microphone On My Laptop Working When I Do A Live Broadcast?
Because when I record something on my webcam, the microphone works just fine, but if I use it on the internet, it doesn’t even work, even if I adjust the settings there on the place im doing a broadcast. So, can you guys help me? Tnx and bi!
Like, give me also some websites that can help me with this.

Best answer:

Answer by great
install codec system

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