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Outsource Your Life And Live The Smart Way

In an economy that we have, not to mention high prices of commodity but low salary, we tend to work hard in an aim of having a good life and a nice way of living for our family. Some of us get not only one job but two or three to be able to have the money that we need. Working ten to twelve hours a day, sometimes even up to fifteen. I myself am working ten hours or more in the office, and then selling beauty products during break, not to mention household chores when I get home. It was satisfactory since it meets the financial need of the family. But honestly, there are times that I feel exhausted.
As a full time pre-school teacher, it is not easy to get extra work or sideline.

I still have lesson plans to do, plus the materials that I will need in the execution of the lesson, like visual aids, questionnaire among others. Later on, I discovered that there is better than hard work. Earning enough or more than enough dollars but not necessarily draining every single energy that is in my body. Not only it is the trend but it is the smart way of getting things done in a clever way. I have learned the value of outsourcing. Doing all the visual aids took hours of my time since I don”t draw fast and good, so I asked a neighbor who can draw better than I am and pay him some dollars. Of course there is outsourcing disadvantages like sometimes, the picture that I want to see is not exactly what he did, but these things are manageable and the good thing about it is that the time that I was able to save was used in writing an article for a magazine who pays me quadruple than I squeezed from my pocket for his drawings. Another move I did was to hire a household helper that would do all the chores while I am writing more articles. Two weeks after I did this, I noticed that I am earning more but is working less.

Others thought that we can only use outsourcing in the business. What we don”t know is that we can incorporate outsourcing in everything that we do, and it will not only save us from grueling, it will bring more income and at the same time generate job for others. If in business world you need to know an outsourcing directory, in an ordinary life, we just need to know people whom to outsource our responsibilities. Everything in this world can be outsourced without exacerbating the quality of work; you just need to be wise in choosing the right person for the job. Outsource your life to improve not only for financial reason, but also to free yourself from stress so you can focus on more important matters.

Vendor Evaluation by Nick Krym is a great deal of advice, tips and more powerful sources that will help outsourcing companies and freelancers out there.

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Nice Live Radio photos

A few nice live radio images I found:

Seven Second Delay – Live @ The UCB Theater – 10/19/11

Image by jvdalton
Seven Second Delay – 10/19/11 – UCB Theater

Seven Second Delay – Live @ The UCB Theater – 2/8/12

Image by jvdalton
Seven Second Delay – 2/8/12 – UCB Theater


Cool Live Radio images

Check out these live radio images:

Spanish part – Citizens’ Corner debate on how to make EU justice child-friendly

Image by euranet_plus
The hidden cost, the forgotten victims – Europe’s children. A live radio and web streamed debate from the European Parliament in Brussels discussed if Europe’s judicial systems are sufficiently adapted to the specific vulnerabilities and needs of children.

During the debate, the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) released the results of the report “Child-friendly justice – perspectives and experiences of professionals” and explained to the public the findings of the study.

The bilingual debate was moderated by journalist Andrea Díez Sanromá of Castilla y Léon esRadio (in Spanish) and Brian Maguire of the Euranet Plus News Agency in Brussels (in English). The debate also featured students of the Euranet Plus campus radio network from Romania (UBB Radio, Cluj-Napoca), Spain (Universidade de Vigo) and Finland (Radio Moreni, Tampere).

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Live life to the fullest with a motorhome!

by kengo

There are sometimes when the monotony of life really takes over and stops you in your tracks. It Prevents you from doing literally anything and you feel that life has taken over and there is nothing more to life than work and home and taxes and bills and computers and mobiles and rising costs and so on and so forth, but that is not exactly it. Life is beautiful. It is just the monotony of the routine we follow that takes over and prevents us from doing a lot of things we normally would.

The best thing to do when feelings like these take over is to simply take a break from routine life and go out to some secluded place for a camp. Ideally hire a motorhome from one of the motorhome rental companies and take that along to some place where you can leave the monotony of life behind and live for yourself within the laps of Mother Nature. It is must suggestive those before you leave, first and foremost, check all the documents of the hired motor home and preferably take it from an established and experienced motorhome rentals company. This way you can be assured that there will be no problems along the way or once you reach your destination.

One of the next steps, following the motorhome hire from the motorhome rentals company is to decide if you are going alone or with friends or with family. It is more preferable that you go with someone very close to your heart and someone who can stand rough life for a few days. Also take along your dog if you have one and because you will be living in a motor home there will be no problems of where the dog will stay. Dogs somehow relate to that part of a human’s mind that cannot be accessed by anyone and that’s why they are also called man’s best friend.

Infact many a motorhome rentals companies have motorhomes on hire that are fitted with a special section to keep pets. This way if you suddenly decide to go fishing or to go mountain climbing, you can leave your pet inside the ‘pet home’ and go with a free mind and rest assured nothing will happen to your precious pet. Also remember that when you take a motorhome on hire to go out and relax, remember to check it when it arrives. If there are any problems ensure that you point them out to the motorhome rentals company. This can help in avoiding a lot of unpleasantness later.

Last but not the least, enjoy your stay away from the daily life and live every moment of it to the fullest.


Home Security Tips When You live Off Campus

by qnr

Getting an apartment with some friends off campus is definitely one of the highlights of college as it is one of the first moments when you can feel entirely independent and truly feel like an adult. Chances are it will be your first time living on your own and as such it is important that you take a few added home security precautions in order to make sure that you and your friends are safe at all times. Because you will not be under the care of university housing anymore, it is important that you are vigilant about your own safety and security.


For starters, it is important that you are very selective about who you live with and that you know and trust them. Not only will you be sharing a space with them but they will be bringing in friends and it is critical that you trust their choice of friends and social acquaintances. For your safety and that of your housemates be sure to have a house meeting to discuss the importance of maintaining a certain level of home security and ensuring that your housemates and you only bring trusted friends into the home as strangers would compromise the safety of everyone in the home.


Also be sure to invest in a home alarm system if you don’t already have one so that you and your housemates will feel safe knowing that you have a system of protection in place to guard against forced intrusion or unwanted entry. Be sure that only you and your housemates know the code so that your safety is not compromised and make certain that everyone in the home uses the alarm so that you can be certain that in the event of an emergency, the proper help will be on the way. It is still possible to have fun and enjoy your independence while still managing to keep a safe and secure home.


Also, be sure to lock the doors and windows every night even if you feel that you live in a safe neighborhood or that it is heavily populated with students. You can never be too certain and it is better to err on the side of caution than to take any chances. Be sure that you all respect each others privacy and space and try not to be the one always mentioning the issue of home security so that there is more of a unanimous feel in the home and that there is harmony. Most of all, enjoy the independence and freedom that living off campus affords and explore the city or town that you live in from a vantage point other than just that of the student life. Chances are, there is a lot that the city has to offer culturally apart from the bars and nightclubs that students frequent. By following these simple tips you should be able to enjoy your newfound freedom without having to worry about your safety.

Look into an adt Home Alarm for an affordable option of how you can protect your home. Also, check out for great ways to protect your home.

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Using Intuition to Live on Purpose

Upon visiting my dentist during my college years, he said he was concerned about one of my teeth, “Looks like you may need a root canal.” It was not a good time for me so I ignored him as well as the little voice inside my head that nagged at me, “There’s something wrong with your tooth.”

Five years later when I finally made it back to the dentist, I was sent for a root canal that very day. During the entire procedure the Endodontist was shaking his head saying, “Oh no. No, no. This is not good. I can’t save this tooth, it’s got to come out.” He sent me to an oral surgeon that same day.

As I was lying on the table trying not to swallow the bone and tooth fragments in my throat, the oral surgeon was nearly bracing himself to yank and pull the tooth because it was completely fused to the bone. The only way to get it out was to drill. Ouch! I can’t say whether or not that tooth could have been saved had I had the root canal five years earlier…but I believe the chances would have been a lot greater.

I wish I could say this event cured me forever from ignoring that “little voice” inside my head. Unfortunately it took several other situations with much greater consequences to finally get my attention however, as I’ve continued along the path of stepping into my purpose, I’ve come to believe that listening to the “little voice” is essential to my success. The “little voice” is known by many different names but most commonly it’s called intuition.

What is intuition? A deep sense of knowing, a gut feeling, a still small voice, the source of deep wisdom within us, our higher truth. When people say we have all the answers inside of us, this is the part of us that has those answers. It shows up differently for people, but all with the same results…it holds our absolute highest good. I believe it is the voice of God within us.

Connecting with intuition goes beyond intellect, beyond feelings, beyond guessing. It’s a connection with spirit. Carl Jung originally called it the “collective unconscious”. Christians call it the “Holy Spirit”. Most people know exactly what this experience is but few can clearly describe it.

When I live my life guided by intuition, I am in the present moment. I have a connection with my body and all it’s sensations, feelings and messages. I am trusting the outcome of every situation to the God of my understanding. I’m not trying to control what happens in my life. I am living by faith.

It was the voice of intuition that told me to turn down a job offer shortly after I was laid off from a corporate hi-tech job. At the time, I was in school to become a life coach, I was on unemployment and being a practical person and fearful of financial insecurity, I started looking for a job.

I was excited to have found a job listing that was even remotely related to something I had been trained for and there was a vague promise I might be able to do some coaching as well. Although the pay was much less than I had been making in my last job and it was likely to require long hours, I wasn’t thinking of it as long term.

When I went in for the second round of interviews, I had just attended a weekend of coaching school. I was feeling high on spirit and possibilities as I sat there listening to my new boss ask if I could start the following week. My whole body sank, my spirit felt dark and cold and the little voice inside said, “I can’t do this”.

I realized that I had arrived at a crossroads. I could go back into security (or relative security) for a steady paycheck and benefits and attempt to fulfill my passion on the side, or I could trust in the call of spirit to an unknown future. I went home and slept on it…but the answer was very clear, if I said “yes” to that job, I would be saying “No” to God, “No”, to the call of purpose, “No”, to possibility, “No”, to growth, “No”, to the future. I would once again be trading my soul for a paycheck. My intution was telling me to trust in a higher vision for my life and my work. The voice of spirit within me was telling me, “I will lead and guide you. I will take care of you. Don’t give up on me now.”
So I turned down the job and forged ahead into uncertainty.

Learning to listen to intuition is a process. It requires a relationship with the Self. It doesn’t work to listen to intuition just some of the time or to listen only when it’s something I don’t care about or don’t have a stake in. Living by and being guided by intuition requires complete and total trust in God, a commitment to faith and a willingness to live in uncertainty. It also requires living in the present moment. Not in the past, ruminating over what I did or didn’t have, or the future, anticipating what could happen. The present moment is where all power lies because it is the only moment in which I can take any action.

Many years later, I am still at it. Still walking the path of an unfolding purpose with an uncertain future. What is different is that I feel in harmony with my Self. I start my day by asking for guidance, where to place my focus and energies, and courage to do the work. So many times through these years I have encountered situations that previously would have terrified and paralyzed me. Today, I walk through them with the calm assurance that I am taken care of and guided by a God who loves me and holds my highest good.

I don’t know what God’s plan is for me, I can’t know. I can’t predict the future or see the end result but I can successfully live in the present moment through my commitment to intuition and when I do that my life works.

Jaqui Duvall works as an author, trainer, and spiritual life coach and counselor to help people live authentically and genuinely through defining and connecting with their inner spirit. She develops and delivers workshops, leads mentoring groups and works with individuals to help them identify and express their inner spirit and live a life of consciousness and intention.


How to Live a Successful and Fulfilled Life

There are a few people in this world of ours who lead successful and fulfilled lives. Perhaps not a few, but many.

What’s their secret? How do they manage to live the life we all want? In fact, do we believe it is possible for people to live a fulfilling life? One step further, do we believe we can live that same fulfilling life? A life that is fulfilling in our relationships, in our careers, our health, wealth and health?

Sure we can once we know the ‘secret’.

What’s the secret?

To become successful and fulfilled in many, if not all, areas in your life you have to let go of all your limiting beliefs and create and instill enhancing beliefs.

That’s the secret!

We understand that our beliefs came about, whether we are aware of them or not, from our parents, friends, teachers, media, culture or traditions, and from many other ways. For example, one particular thought that was repeated to me over and over when I was a child growing up, that finally became a limiting belief, was, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

Now as an adult, that belief is as strong now as it was then.

If you have that belief you will find it hard to make a lot of money. That belief alone has the power to hold you back from making a large amount of money. Could you imagine how many other constricting beliefs you have ‘against’ money?

For you to get ahead in life it is imperative that these limiting beliefs are identified and eliminated.

Here’s a simple but powerful way of eliminating limiting beliefs, once you have identified them.

Firstly, think of a belief as a way you interpreted something or were told for you to interpret something. This already can weaken the belief. Next, go to a mirror, get close to it, and look right into your eyes; deep and with strong convincing intention.

Present this argument, or something like it: “Oh, yeah. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Who says? Money is made from trees, and there’s a heck of a lot of trees in this world making a heck of a lot of money. And since money does grow on trees I claim to have many of those trees to give me a huge amount of money…”

Go wild and have fun. Convince yourself that money does grow on trees.

Use this over and over until you well and truly convince yourself; then move on to another belief. Make this a life-long fun process and you will reap the benefits.

You choose: would you rather stay stuck where you are and let those sabotaging, limiting beliefs run your life, limiting your success and fulfilment, or would you rather eradicate those limiting beliefs so they won’t control you so you may become successful and live a fulfilling life?

Your choice.

Discover how your beliefs are holding you back from wealth, happiness and success. Get your free book, “Establish Powerful Self-Enhancing Beliefs” and start achieving. Go to:


Nice Live Radio photos

Some cool live radio images:

Seven Second Delay – Live @ The UCB Theater 9/5/12

Image by jvdalton
Seven Second Delay – 9/5/12 – UCB Theater 7sd-2278


Image by dublabrat

photo by: akikounico


Nice Live Radio photos

Check out these live radio images:

Seven Second Delay – Live @ The UCB Theater 9/5/12

Image by jvdalton
Seven Second Delay – 9/5/12 – UCB Theater 7sd-2085

Vic Ruggiero – Seven Second Delay – 9/21/11

Image by jvdalton
Vic Ruggiero on WFMU – Seven Second Delay – Live from The UCB Theater – 9/21/11


The Live Stock Market And Sailing Through Odds

When you drive along a service road or PWD road, you will often come across bumps – high, medium, and low. Speed does get affected with the bumps. But if you do not lower your speed, there are chances of your car hitting the bump and stopping suddenly because of the impact; you may even get hurt. And you can still feel the impact even if you cross the bump without maintaining the speed. Lowering of the speed lets you cross the bump smoothly. An analogous situation prevails in the Indian stocks market. The road of the Indian stocks market is not always smooth; there are bumps everywhere. These bumps are the volatilities prevailing every now and then. If you do not consider the bumps, loss is certain. Crossing the bumps smoothly indicates how smoothly you sail along irrespective of the volatilities.

How do you know about the volatility of the market? Well, it is by getting updated with the live stock market often. Why worry when you can easily have access to the live stock market online no matter where you are. All you need to have is a computer or laptop with an internet connection. Most successful investors avail the services offered at an online stock trading portal, one that offers solutions beyond brokerage. The plus point associated with a registration at such a portal is that you can have access to the live stock market including NSE and BSE live, have a look at the complete market statistics, read relevant news, take a glance at the BSE sensex and nifty, and even receive stock tips. Investing in Indian stocks becomes an easy matter with such a registration. Thus the live stock market blended with guidance will no doubt help you experience a win-win situation.

Monitoring of your investment portfolio is a must if you want maximum returns from your investment in Indian stocks. Monitoring here does not only include keeping track of the records and viewing them quite often so that you compare your present performance with the past. It also means monitoring of the BSE live, NSE live besides monitoring the performance of companies the stocks of which you are going to invest. Do not consider only on the price of the stock. Look at the factors that affect it. It is then that you will know whether to continue holding or sell off.

You will often come across stocks tips in a live stock market. Wise investors never blindly follow these stock tips. You can get professional advice and stock tips at a brokerage portal. As aforementioned, qualified stock brokers and financial planners operate from such platforms, always ready to serve the members.

As per the BSE live records, the market is currently in the downtrend. Since the Diwali high records, the BSE sensex shed over 1800 points. The dampening of the spirits of investors and resulting plunge is all because of exposure of scams and sell off by foreign investors.

Nirmal Kumar is author of market analyst and is writing reviews articles on stocks and shares, bse sensex and bse live platform.

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