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How To Gain Respect And Live Responsibly

by kengo

When we begin a new year we generally go by a number of analyses in our brain of the earlier time and what we have accomplished or have still to achieve in our existence. Setting aims, releasing depressing thoughts, forgiving and motivated for a number of individual development is always on person’s brains, no issue what they have experienced in years. A lot of times, the idea of expert and monetary achievement or lack of is what a new year comes with, along with all the emotional thoughts which tag along. When you get the commendable approach all through your existence, it may constantly result in additional gifts upcoming your method with no purposely in search of them. This is the reason I support persons I train to create the three R’s an actuality in their life. They are: Respect for all your actions. , Respect for self and Responsibility for others People’s intentions are habitually not the actuality which they live. It’s not as they don’t desire to, but as they just don’t have the control to be constant with no aid from others. To bring a change in one’s manners and idea processes may challenge a personnel’s determination. The majority persons alone are not strong-minded as much as necessary to glue with it all throughout the instant it takes to achieve their objective. It’s not at all too late to begin to be alive your existence in a responsible and respectful method, so your every day connections may put on a helpful path. So let’s begin with a number of the views and actions which are linked with responsibility and respect. All according to the views of MR Dema UK

Respect for Self is a sense of self-confidence and delight in one’s owns abilities and importance. Having view for one’s quality, and one’s behavior with admiration of one’s self elevates our consciousness of who we are. Self- respect is the foundation stone on which a lot of additional attributes are made like as honestly, loyalty, confidence, and integrity. Feeling excellent about you, thinking sufficient of manually to create decisions which may be superior for your extended term physical, spiritual, mental health and emotional, can pick up your nature and self value. Forever enclose yourself with persons who have your most excellent interests concerned, who think about about your feelings and thoughts.Customer Service, Business

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College Life Is Now Online Live

College life is a lot of fun, but unlike high school, you need to be more serious with schoolwork to make it through with flying colors. But with a lot of pressure, from part time jobs and other concerns apart from the numerous essays and theses you need to complete, it can be really challenging.

For a lot of reasons, college students like me need some help in some subjects and common issues pertaining college life. And I am so glad to have come across this very helpful website After becoming a member of this online community exclusive for college students, connecting with classmates has become a whole easier even in the comfort of home. I even get to befriend the members of the elite circle of students which would not normally happen in the campus, considering their status and fame.

Another good feature that made me take the website by heart is the fact that it offers more benefits other than connecting with friends. You can join discussions and forums about home works and exams, something that you cannot do with the other ordinary social networking sites. At the same time, you get fresh updates from friends and schoolmates about the latest news and events in the university where you are attending. And when you are looking for books and other materials that you need in some of your subjects, this is the perfect place to look for the best deals and affordable prices.

If you have photos or videos to share, you can also upload them anytime to the site. Being a member has given me access to new content uploaded daily by fellow members. Not only do I get to connect with students in my own campus but with other universities as well. It is also a good source of inside information about parties, night life, sororities, fraternities and all the other highlights of college life.

All these privileges are for free. Thats another fact that makes this website truly attractive for college students. I highly recommend


Cool Live Radio images

Some cool live radio images:

Seven Second Delay – Live @ The UCB Theatre 5/30/12

Image by jvdalton
David Rees on Seven Second Delay – 5/30/12 – UCB Theater 7sd-7506


Reasons to Live in Beaufort, South Carolina

When talking to clients about living in Beaufort, I am always interested to learn the various reasons they have for moving to (or remaining in) Beaufort. During my years in the area I have probably heard hundreds of reasons, but in this article I’ve decided to narrow it down to the top ten reasons to people love to live in Beaufort:

1. “I love Activities on the Water!” With all the beaches, rivers and tidal creeks that lie in the Beaufort area, we often have to ask clients what kind of water activities they’re looking for. Beach-goers love Hunting Island State Park for it’s beautifully secluded beaches and picnic areas.  If you’re looking for seclusion, then maybe private beaches like Fripp Island or Harbor Island.  Boaters who love to cruise or fish beware.  Beaufort has so many inlet rivers and tidal creeks, you could have trouble exploring them all in a lifetime.

2. “We love this Quiet Little Town.”  I might hear this more than any reason people live in Beaufort.  There are two types of Beaufortonians.  The first is born and raised here.  The second has moved here.  No matter which, they all agree that they love the small town feel.  In a time where most areas have far too much urban sprawl, Beaufort remains relatively unspoiled.  I cannot count the clients that have moved from larger cities such as Atlanta and Charlotte.  Big time development and gridlock traffic is something we here certainly don’t miss.

3. “Lots of culture and history.” Being the 2nd oldest town in South Carolina, Beaufort’s history is still prominent today.  Historic architecture, Gullah Culture, and past civil war monuments mark days gone by.  Our history has paved the way for a lot of tourism. Residents and visitors alike enjoy taking carriage tours of the downtown historic district, touring the Penn Center, and viewing the Antebellum homes in the Old Point section of town.

4. “All the Festivals.” You name it, we have a festival for it here.  Among these are the Water, Soft Shell Crab, Shrimp, Gullah, Sea Music, and Film Festivals to name a few.  The most famous is the Water Festival, which attracts tens of thousands.  In a smaller town, it is great to have constant city organized events to go to.  Seniors, families, and young love birds can all be seen in attendance.

5. “I’m ready to retire.” CNN Money, Reuters, and Carolina Living all named Beaufort, South Carolina to it’s top ten places to retire.  Dataw Island is commonly referred to as Beaufort’s best retirement community.

6. “It’s a GREAT place to raise a family.” Small town values and lack of big city distractions make the area a wonderful place to raise a family.  Living in a small town makes a community tighter.  The adults do more activities together, children grow up together forming with life-long friendships, and much of the big town mischief doesn’t happen here.  Families here also enjoy parks, festivals and boating activities held throughout the year.

7. “A good job market is important.” While no big industry resides here, historic and resort tourism, real estate and medical centers provide a very low unemployment rate and lots of jobs.  Beaufort Memorial, the resort islands of Harbor and Fripp, some of the prettiest property in the country all are part of what make the job market very strong.

8. “Wow, the weather!!” Mild climate is certainly one of the top reasons that clients move to Beaufort.  In the 70s for around 6 months a year, I cannot imagine anywhere to top our weather.

9. “Lots of Southern Hospitality and Charm.” The first thing I noticed when exploring the Beaufort area was how incredibly nice the people are.  If you don’t want to take my word for it, Southern Living readers have voted Beaufort the top Southern Small Town for 7 years in a row.

10. “All the Food!”  One of the things people really love Beaufort is the food.  Being a small town there are not thousands of restaurants like other big cities.  What the town lacks in quantity is makes up for in quality.  Unlike many cities, Beaufort hasn’t turned into a strip mall of chain restaurants.  On just about ever corner, there is a Mom n’ Pop’s eatery that will have your taste buds begging for more.  The best part is it’s all original.  If you eat at Yes Thai Indeed, LT’s County Cookin, or Bricks on Boundary you better enjoy it.  Because you won’t find these places any where else in the world. Delicious, original food is a Beaufort tradition.

Beaufort is a great place to live in. The reasons to live here are as varied as the people who give them. Beaufort attracts all kinds of people – singles as well as families, Northerners and native Southerners, younger and older people (and all the ages in between).

This article was written on behalf of Todd Covington, an experienced Beaufort SC real estate professional. His website includes a comprehensive local home search, financing information, and relocation resources for anyone moving to the area. Todd specializes in helping buyers and sellers find that perfect Battery Point home. For more information, visit Todd at


Live Jazz with The Rob Holbert Group!

Live Jazz with The Rob Holbert Group!
Event on 2017-12-29 20:00:00
Live Jazz has become a fan favorite at Two Corks and a Bottle, your Uptown Dallas custom winery and wine bar! You’re invited to join us from 8-11 pm for a relaxing evening with friends and to enjoy the sounds of smooth jazz by some of Dallas’ best performers! Please note that seati[…]


at Two Corks and a Bottle
2800 Routh Street
Dallas, United States


Live in the Moment

by wallyg

Instead of running yourself ragged worrying about tomorrow, this month, harness the power of the present.


Let People Buoy you Up


Having a blue day? Rather than brooding alone, seek out people. ‘Part of being happy moment by moment is taking charge of your mood, and you can do this just by making the effort to interact with someone,’ says Julie Clark Robinson in Live in the Moment (Beyond Words). Whether it’s an old friend, the cashier at the supermarket or a stranger on a bus, people make the difference between a day that’s full and one that’s melancholy, she says.


Align your Body with Today


Physiotherapist and mind-body practitioner Sue Fuller-Good advocates focusing on your breathing to bring you into the present moment. ‘If you’re always thinking about the future, and what’s coming, your body will manifest that. Your posture may be tilted forward, with your face poking out. By changing your body posture, you are changing your mind, because the two are interlinked,’ she says. ‘Try to keep your attention on this minute. For example, when you’re in traffic, thinking anxiously about where you’re going and whether you’re going to be late won’t get you there any faster. Rather, living “forward” will make you oblivious to the opportunities available now. You can’t control the future, and it often doesn’t turn out like we plan. The one moment you can control is right now.’


Live Each Day to the Full


Being aware of our day-to-day, minute-by-minute usage of time can help to keep us firmly fixed in the now, rather than focused anxiously in the future or regretfully in the past. Being really aware, rather than rushing through you life, means noticing the small stuff.


‘I’ve set my sports watch to beep at me every hour,’ says Life Strategies’ Cris Baker. ‘I use this as a reminder to notice what’s happening right at that moment. I stop whatever I’m doing and take a few seconds to enjoy whatever is happening: the sun, the rain, the clouds or the blue sky, the people passing or the quiet when people aren’t passing. When there is a magnificent sunset, I stop to watch it. This rarely delays me by more than a few minutes, and if I am late, I’m late. Life is too short to worry about what isn’t. I prefer to enjoy what is.’


Stop the Worrying


Meditation is one of the best ways to learn to limit interfering thoughts. And everyone can do it. Just five minutes a day of sitting quietly listening to your breathing, trying to clear your mind of runaway thoughts, and simply acknowledging what you’re doing, when you’re doing it, is a great way to focus on the now.


‘Generally, when we think about the past or the future, we are either pleased or unhappy about it. But following random thoughts is giving away our power to the external event’ says Baker. ‘Rather let it be, and instead think about the thoughts you want to spend your time exploring. So any time we’re in the future or the past, we’re missing life; we’re missing the present,’ he says. ‘When I find myself worrying, I find solace in this quote by Mark Twain:’ ‘I am a very old man and have suffered a great many misfortunes, most of which never happened,’ says Baker.

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Outsource Your Life And Live The Smart Way

In an economy that we have, not to mention high prices of commodity but low salary, we tend to work hard in an aim of having a good life and a nice way of living for our family. Some of us get not only one job but two or three to be able to have the money that we need. Working ten to twelve hours a day, sometimes even up to fifteen. I myself am working ten hours or more in the office, and then selling beauty products during break, not to mention household chores when I get home. It was satisfactory since it meets the financial need of the family. But honestly, there are times that I feel exhausted.
As a full time pre-school teacher, it is not easy to get extra work or sideline.

I still have lesson plans to do, plus the materials that I will need in the execution of the lesson, like visual aids, questionnaire among others. Later on, I discovered that there is better than hard work. Earning enough or more than enough dollars but not necessarily draining every single energy that is in my body. Not only it is the trend but it is the smart way of getting things done in a clever way. I have learned the value of outsourcing. Doing all the visual aids took hours of my time since I don”t draw fast and good, so I asked a neighbor who can draw better than I am and pay him some dollars. Of course there is outsourcing disadvantages like sometimes, the picture that I want to see is not exactly what he did, but these things are manageable and the good thing about it is that the time that I was able to save was used in writing an article for a magazine who pays me quadruple than I squeezed from my pocket for his drawings. Another move I did was to hire a household helper that would do all the chores while I am writing more articles. Two weeks after I did this, I noticed that I am earning more but is working less.

Others thought that we can only use outsourcing in the business. What we don”t know is that we can incorporate outsourcing in everything that we do, and it will not only save us from grueling, it will bring more income and at the same time generate job for others. If in business world you need to know an outsourcing directory, in an ordinary life, we just need to know people whom to outsource our responsibilities. Everything in this world can be outsourced without exacerbating the quality of work; you just need to be wise in choosing the right person for the job. Outsource your life to improve not only for financial reason, but also to free yourself from stress so you can focus on more important matters.

Vendor Evaluation by Nick Krym is a great deal of advice, tips and more powerful sources that will help outsourcing companies and freelancers out there.

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Nice Live Radio photos

A few nice live radio images I found:

Seven Second Delay – Live @ The UCB Theater – 10/19/11

Image by jvdalton
Seven Second Delay – 10/19/11 – UCB Theater

Seven Second Delay – Live @ The UCB Theater – 2/8/12

Image by jvdalton
Seven Second Delay – 2/8/12 – UCB Theater


Cool Live Radio images

Check out these live radio images:

Spanish part – Citizens’ Corner debate on how to make EU justice child-friendly

Image by euranet_plus
The hidden cost, the forgotten victims – Europe’s children. A live radio and web streamed debate from the European Parliament in Brussels discussed if Europe’s judicial systems are sufficiently adapted to the specific vulnerabilities and needs of children.

During the debate, the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) released the results of the report “Child-friendly justice – perspectives and experiences of professionals” and explained to the public the findings of the study.

The bilingual debate was moderated by journalist Andrea Díez Sanromá of Castilla y Léon esRadio (in Spanish) and Brian Maguire of the Euranet Plus News Agency in Brussels (in English). The debate also featured students of the Euranet Plus campus radio network from Romania (UBB Radio, Cluj-Napoca), Spain (Universidade de Vigo) and Finland (Radio Moreni, Tampere).

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Live life to the fullest with a motorhome!

by kengo

There are sometimes when the monotony of life really takes over and stops you in your tracks. It Prevents you from doing literally anything and you feel that life has taken over and there is nothing more to life than work and home and taxes and bills and computers and mobiles and rising costs and so on and so forth, but that is not exactly it. Life is beautiful. It is just the monotony of the routine we follow that takes over and prevents us from doing a lot of things we normally would.

The best thing to do when feelings like these take over is to simply take a break from routine life and go out to some secluded place for a camp. Ideally hire a motorhome from one of the motorhome rental companies and take that along to some place where you can leave the monotony of life behind and live for yourself within the laps of Mother Nature. It is must suggestive those before you leave, first and foremost, check all the documents of the hired motor home and preferably take it from an established and experienced motorhome rentals company. This way you can be assured that there will be no problems along the way or once you reach your destination.

One of the next steps, following the motorhome hire from the motorhome rentals company is to decide if you are going alone or with friends or with family. It is more preferable that you go with someone very close to your heart and someone who can stand rough life for a few days. Also take along your dog if you have one and because you will be living in a motor home there will be no problems of where the dog will stay. Dogs somehow relate to that part of a human’s mind that cannot be accessed by anyone and that’s why they are also called man’s best friend.

Infact many a motorhome rentals companies have motorhomes on hire that are fitted with a special section to keep pets. This way if you suddenly decide to go fishing or to go mountain climbing, you can leave your pet inside the ‘pet home’ and go with a free mind and rest assured nothing will happen to your precious pet. Also remember that when you take a motorhome on hire to go out and relax, remember to check it when it arrives. If there are any problems ensure that you point them out to the motorhome rentals company. This can help in avoiding a lot of unpleasantness later.

Last but not the least, enjoy your stay away from the daily life and live every moment of it to the fullest.