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Calendar 2011 to Harmonize our Lives

Nobody wants a disorganized life. All the more, not one of us, would want to start the year in a disoriented and distraught manner. They say, starting the year right is one of the best way to assure yourself and others that this would be your year and that you would do well this year. Every start of the year is a big thing for all of us. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in our lives and starting another year is one of life’s giving us another chance to make things right. It is more like telling us how we can finally redeem ourselves from all of the lost opportunities and missed chances that we just had the previous year.

So, apart from positive thinking, what could be the other way or medium that we could do so that we could be sure that we could organize our life for this coming year?

One perfect tool to have such one awesome year would be having a very dependable and sturdy calendar 2011 by your side. A perfect calendar 2011 would help you get your priorities in order and eventually harmonize not only your life but your relationship with all the other people around you. Having a clear cut perspective on what you should do and accomplish this year is one important thing that you should consider and value at all times if you want to have, like what we have mentioned earlier, a fabulous and awesome year. If you would also get all your priorities and commitments straight, there is no way that you could mess up, hurt or offend someone else’s. Everything in your life would be smooth sailing if you would have a calendar 2011 by your side.

However, we all have different needs for a calendar. Some of us would want it small and handy while still others are comfortable in having a big and bulky calendar. There are indeed many kind of calendar 2011 available in the market but in as much as we would really want something that would cater to each and every need that we have in our career and personal life, there is not that one. Sometimes, we would really have to spend some money and invest on a good looking and reliable calendar, something that would suit our taste and needs. Calendar 2011 is a great investment. It would be something that we would be thankful that we spend for this at the end of the year.

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Motivational Speeches Can Change Lives

by izqrdo

Do you ever remembering hearing a speech that instead of putting you to sleep, it motivated you to take some kind of action that resulted in a shift in your destiny? Motivational speeches have this power. Too often people will give up on their dreams due to failing too many times to obtain them. After a while, their belief in themselves will wither away and lie dormant until something can wake it back up. These speeches have the power to do just that, awaken those rusty beliefs.

Whenever we pursue a goal, we do it because somewhere inside of us, we believe that we can do it. That belief normally comes from either seeing someone else obtain the same or similar outcome, from our past successes in achieving a goal, or simply from someone else who we have trust in believing in us. On your path to any goal, you will be faced with many challenges and setbacks. It’s nothing personal, that’s just the way it is and it’s also the reason why most people will never experience the life that they truly want. These temporary failures will cause most people to stay down after being knocked to the ground a few times. Their belief in their ability to obtain the goal gets weaker each time they are met with defeat.

There are many things that can cause your beliefs to skyrocket again and one of those things are motivational speeches. The reason for this is because the speaker will often use stories that will allow you to realize that all successful people go through many failures before they obtain their goals. Too often we will think that somehow, our challenges are unique and there’s no way to turn things around. Sorry to say but chances are, whatever obstacles you are going through, plenty of people have gone through the same thing and have ended up thriving. Choosing to use a setback to stop pursuing your goals is merely an excuse to give yourself an easy way out in order to avoid more disappointments.

These stories that motivational speakers often times share are stories of people who stood up and kept going after their dreams despite the dozens of failures they may have faced. When you hear these types of speeches, what often happens is that you start to realize that those who are successful are no different from you. They too have had times when they felt like quitting and had every right to, but instead, they chose to keep going. That’s what winners do. The next time your hear a motivational speech that strengthens your beliefs, do the speaker a favor and use it to stand back up, dust yourself off, and continue pursuing your dreams.

Kelly T. contributes to a motivational website that provides tools and resources such as motivational speeches, quotes, songs, posters, motivational stories, and much more to help people achieve their goals.


Texans Need To Add Balance To Their Work Lives

Texans Need To Add Balance To Their Work Lives

Many individuals who work and live in Austin, Dallas, Houston and elsewhere in Texas, may find that their work lives and personal lives are out of balance, with their stress levels running high. If that’s the case with you, it’s important to reclaim control of your life.

Finding work/life balance in today’s frantically paced world is no simple task. If you spend more time at work than at home, you miss out on a rewarding personal life. Then again, if you’re facing challenges in your personal life, such as caring for an aging parent or coping with marital or financial problems, concentrating on your job can be difficult.

Whether the problem is too much focus on work or too little, when your work life and personal life feel out of balance, stress – – and its harmful effects — is the result.

To take control, first consider how the business world has changed, then reevaluate your relationship with work and apply these strategies for striking a more healthy balance.

There was a time when employees showed up for work Monday through Friday and worked eight to nine hours. The boundaries between work and home were fairly clear then. But the world has changed and, unfortunately, the boundaries have blurred for many workers.

Here are just a few of many examples:

– Global economy. In this global labor market, companies are outsourcing or moving jobs to reduce labor costs. These days, individuals feel pressured to work longer and produce more to protect their jobs.

– International business. The world keeps spinning and that means work continues 24 hours a day for some individuals. If you work at an international corporation, you might be on call 24/7 as troubleshooter or consultant.

– Advanced technology. Individuals currently have the ability to work and/or stay connected to work anywhere, including from home, car and even on vacation. Management may expect this.

– Longer hours. Employees these days are asked to work longer hours than they’re scheduled. Overtime can be mandatory. And if you want to move up the career ladder, you may be working more than 40 hours a week to achieve these expectations.

– Changes in families. A married worker today is most probably part of a dual-career couple. This makes it difficult to find time to meet commitments to family and friends.

If you’re experiencing any of these types of challenges, you understand how easy it is for work to invade your personal life.

If you’re an hourly worker, it’s tempting to work overtime because you can earn extra money for a college fund or dream vacation. Some individuals need to work overtime to stay on top of their finances.

If you’re a salaried employee, working more hours doesn’t provide extra cash, but it may help with your workload. Arriving early and staying late may also help earn a promotion or bonus.

Sometimes working overtime is imperative. This may be due to a new job, new boss, or financial necessities. If you work for a company that requires mandatory overtime, you won’t be able to avoid it; perhaps it’s time to move on.

Pat Carpenter writes for Precedent Insurance Company. Precedent puts a new spin on health insurance. Learn more at

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The Big 12 Lives, Kinda

The Texas Longhorns get what they want and keep the Big 12 together. Though this is good financially for Texas, it’s not good for college football.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The Texas Longhorns are going to have to dig deep if they want to beat the Nebraska Cornhuskers in Lincoln.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


BYU Broadcasting: State-of-the-art building will produce content to bless families lives

BYU Broadcasting: State-of-the-art building will produce content to bless families lives
The new slogan for BYU Broadcasting, “See the Good in the World,” takes on new meaning from Derek Marquis’ third-story office.
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Meet Alta Sierra Broadcasting, LLC
Valerie CassitySpecial to the Sun Kern Valley residents can expect a few minor changes to their local radio stations in the next few months, as Charlie Busch takes the helm as owner/operator of the former QAB Media, now Alta Sierra Broadcasting.
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Big Seminar 14 – Armand Morin Holds Seminars That Can Change Lives Forever – Will You Be There?

Big Seminar 14 – Armand Morin Holds Seminars That Can Change Lives Forever – Will You Be There?

Big Seminar 14, created and run by Armand Morin, will be the last Big Seminar ever. This may not mean much to you, but for me it will mean the end of an event that changed my life completely.

This was the first Internet marketing seminar, and people have traveled from around the world since the original event was held in Dallas in January of 2003. I did not even know you could have a business online at that time, so it has been a long journey for me.

The first time I attended this event was in April of 2008. This was Big Seminar 11. I had known about it for about a year, but had wanted to wait until I had figured out just a few things for myself before joining more advanced people for three full days of training. This time it was held in Atlanta, so I arrived a few days early to spend time with my family members who live there.

I like to spend some time the evening before a seminar getting to know some of the attendees. This was a good idea, because I ended up meeting a couple of people am still doing business with online. I was also able to see just how Armand Morin and his staff prepared for a huge event such as this. They were friendly and warm, making me feel like I had made the right decision to attend.

It isn’t easy to come to a seminar in another state, and the cost of airfare, hotel rooms, and other travel expenses must be taken into consideration.

Food was not going to be a factor, because it is provided at the Big Seminar. No one else does that, at least not to the extent that this is done.

The next few days were incredible for me. I took copious notes, met new people, and made some realizations about myself that would change how I did business on the Internet forever.

At the end of the event I was given the opportunity to continue studying from Armand and his group, and I jumped at the chance.

In November of 2009 I attended Big Seminar 13. This time I was a very different person than I had been back in 2008. I was also a finalist in the Better Your Best Contest, a personal best competition among the people who study with Armand Morin and his group.

We each had to make a presentation in front of the audience, based on what we had accomplished during the previous year. I worked hard to better my best, and I ended up being the winner.

My prize was 25 thousand dollars, and the job of being an ambassador for the group for the next 12 months. I take this very seriously.

I invite you to join me in Las Vegas for the last Big Seminar in November of 2010. I hold my own event the day before, and I want to meet you there. Find out more by visiting Big Seminar 14 and getting on the priority list. I will receive notification when you sign up, and then you will be invited to my training the day before.

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God Lives Underwater – From Your Mouth

Music video by God Lives Underwater performing From Your Mouth. (C) 1998 A&M Records Inc.

“Most of us fantasize of being powerful… but is it really worth bothering with?” (This will be on a new TV show called “Cut Up”, premiering on the French/German TV channel “Arte” in Spring 2009)


Song with the lyrics “for most of the/our time” OR “for most of our lives”?

Question by :O: Song with the lyrics “for most of the/our time” OR “for most of our lives”?
i heard this song on the radio, it’s sung by a guy or sung by a few guys. their sound is quite similar to all-4-one. you know, buncha guys who harmonise with each other. it’s a love song, and the chorus has the line “for most of the/our time” or “for most of our lives” (i cant remmeber which), repeated quite a few times one after another. followed by a few WHOAs.

dammit i know that’s very little information, but im hoping someone knows what im talking about! oh, the melody of the sound is SOMEWHAT similar to all-4-one’s song “so much in love”. it’s that kinda style as well.

the song should be quite an old song.

Best answer:

Answer by baseball
you fags all have fucked up questions

Give your answer to this question below!


JFK Library and Museum – The legacy of Camelot lives on

JFK Library and Museum – The legacy of Camelot lives on

The shots that rang out killing President John F Kennedy in Dallas, Texas in 1963 brought with it an out pouring of nation wide grief for a president that was so loved by his people.

The charismatic figure that he was and his hopes for change in a country that was caught up in crisis could not be silenced and today his legacy lives on through the John F Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.

Located in Massachusetts right next to the Boston Campus of Massachusetts University, the museum was designed by I.M. Pei. The structure houses hard copies of letters and papers written during the time of the presidentâ??s administration. It also includes unpublished works and even books about Ernest Hemingway.

Tourists who wander through the exhibits at the museum will be able to see and feel the presence of this enigmatic leader and that of his wife Jacqueline Kennedy, who was herself quite a popular figure in her time. The museum and library consist of 3 theatres, 25 exhibits and video presentations.

Tours at the library usually begin with a 20 minute film which introduces Senator Kennedy at the beginning of his political career, through his rise to fame up to him being elected as the 1960 Democratic Presidential candidate.

The exhibits that are set out showcase the landmarks in Kennedyâ??s career and tells his story through photos, film clips and props. A highlight of the museum is the Situation Theatre where clips of speeches made during the Cuban Missile Crisis are replayed, and the anxious moments of an impending atomic attack are recaptured in real time.

Another popular crowd puller are exhibits of former first lady Jacky Kennedy. The museum stores some of her photos and little hand written notes along with a pillbox hat.

The museum also includes a piece of the Berlin Wall, space memorabilia and even an oval office replica. The venue has a café as well which serves light snacks.

For tourists who want a hearty meal after exploring the museum should look at checking into downtown Bostonâ??s Langham Boston Hotel. Among the hotels in Boston this one includes an award winning restaurant, bar and lounge where tourists could catch up with friends over a warm meal. This Boston hotel also offers a unique chocolate bar for chocoholics to indulge in their passion.

Pushpitha Wijesinghe is an experienced independent freelance writer. He specializes in providing a wide variety of content and articles related to the travel hospitality industry.


Some Medical Tests Could Save Lives Of Texans

Some Medical Tests Could Save Lives Of Texans

With the great advances in medical care in recent years, many of them related to early detection of disease, it makes more and more sense for residents of Dallas, Houston, Austin and throughout Texas to take advantage of what is available, Those who do so are more likely to live longer, some experts say.

History supports the idea with at least one example, the death rate associated with cervical cancer. Fifty years ago, cervical cancer was responsible for killing more women than any other form of cancer. When medical science developed the Pap test, which can identify cervical cancer before it starts, the death rate began going down; today cervical cancer is number 15 on the list of cancers that kill American women.

Not every test is perfect, say experts, and that goes for the Pap test. For every five women who have cancerous or precancerous cervical cells, at least one will have a test mistakenly reported as normal, according to the National Institutes of Health. Because this type of cancer develops slowly, a woman’s next test should be a better indicator, but a so-called “false negative” can result in a delay, which could be dangerous when it comes to diagnosis and treatment.

Another common test that can have lifesaving benefits for Texans is the colonoscopy, which is performed by a doctor inserting a flexible, lighted tube into the rectum and guiding it into the colon to look for and remove growths called polyps, the source of most colon cancers.

While the Centers for Disease Control reports a drop in deaths from colon cancer from more than 57,000 in 2000 to 53,580 in 2004, one problem identified by some researchers is that doctors who do the exam too quickly won’t see the full benefit of the screening.

In doing colonoscopies, experience is seen to be a factor. Some experts suggest asking the physician how many colonoscopies are done in a typical morning. Ten is a reasonable number, the experts say.

Another test known to be effective in saving lives is the screening for human papilloma virus. Commonly referred to as an HPV test, the procedure indentifies the virus responsible for most cases of cervical cancer. The HPV test is used with the Pap to screen women over the age of 30, and is used to assess whether they have been infected with any of the 13 HPV types that are linked to the cancer. The HPV test is also suggested for younger women if a Pap test shows there is a possible problem.

Testing for breast cancer includes having a mammogram, one of the more basic methods of screening. While mammograms have generated some controversy, the result of a Danish research study that said there was no good evidence behind its widespread use, both the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute have since come out in favor of the test for women, starting at age 40.

For women 50 and older, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force reports that an annual mammogram cuts the risk of dying of breast cancer by at least 16%. The test does have its flaws, however, including the potential for it to indicate an abnormality when one isn’t really there. While the argument can be made against getting a false alarm, what is more worrisome are surveys showing that, in about 20% of cases where cancer is present, a mammogram doesn’t detect it.

Patients who remain concerned are sometimes encouraged to ask for a double-check of an x-ray. Another strategy is to ask the testing facility about its reading practices. Some experts say that x-rays should ideally be read by two radiologists or scanned by computer-assisted detection technologies which can improve the accuracy of the tests.

Some experts also suggest that women who are at higher risk have an MRI done each year, the idea being that higher detection rates typically come from the MRI versus a mammogram. In a study by Ellen Warner, MD, a medical oncologist at Toronto Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre in Ontario, the MRI found 77% of cancers, compared with 36% detected by mammography. At the same time, women at average risk are not encouraged to get an MRI because of a high false-positive rate — it often signals cancer when none is present.

Not all news on the cancer front is good news. One standout point of concern is with melanoma, a dangerous form of skin cancer that has the distinction of being the only cancer that can be screened for that is on the increase, both in the number of new cases and in the death rate.

The American Cancer Society suggests getting a once-over for melanoma at every checkup. Because melanoma can occur in surprising spots that are difficult to examine yourself, like the eyes, gums, and genitals, experts say a full-body check is the best protection. Patients should take advantage of routine exams by asking their dentist, eye doctor, and gynecologist to look for pigmented lesions or other suspicious changes.

Early detection of cancer can be one of the more effective ways of remaining healthy.

Pat Carpenter writes for Precedent Insurance Company. Precedent puts a new spin on health insurance. Learn more at