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Secrets To Living Longer

by kengo

Which are ways to live longer? Does the gene decide the duration of your life? Being born in a family with history of longevity, you have more possibilities of living longer. But just basing on this, a longer life is not guaranteed completely.


You can start with attitude. Being a positive e thinker can not only impact the quality of your life, but can contribute to how long you can live. In 2002, researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., found that optimistic people decreased their risk of early death by 50 percent compared with those who leaned more towards pessimism.


Also stress can affect the immune system and cause a variety of health issues. You cannot avoid stress in your life, but knowing how to handle the stress and remain positive can help contribute to a longer and healthier life. Did you know that owning a pet can help in handling stress? Rebecca Johnson, a professor of gerontological nursing at the University of Missouri at Columbia, showed that interaction with pets does, in fact, reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol.


And having a pet may add years to your life. One of the first studies in this arena, which appeared in “Public Health Reports” in 1980, showed that the survival rates of heart attack victims who had a pet were 28 percent higher than those of patients who didn’t have an animal companion. “The health effects seem to be very real and by no means mystical,” says Alan Beck, director of the Center for the Human-Animal Bond at Purdue University. “Contact with companion animals triggers a relaxation response,” he says. Another factor in living longer is not being overweight. Research shows that obesity can lead to medical conditions, including diabetes, heart disease and various cancers. So powerful are certain lifestyle choices that recommended diets along with maintenance of physical activity and appropriate body mass can, over time, reduce the incidence of cancer by 30 percent to 40 percent, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research.


Avoid smoking and eating too much sugar. Both of these weaken the bodies immune system which can contribute to health issues.


Exercising at least 30 minutes a day has shown to strengthen the immune system and may increase your chances of a longer life. And last of all learn how to life each day. Don’t take things so seriously that you are angry and negative as this affects your overall well-being.


For more helpful information on living longer go to: http://www.longlifenews.com


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Who will take T.O.’s place with The Dallas Cowboys, now that he’s no longer one of Jerry’s kids.?

Question by 1972.igniteinc.biz – Dallas: Who will take T.O.’s place with The Dallas Cowboys, now that he’s no longer one of Jerry’s kids.?
I hear he’s looking for a job today. Jerry Jones released him from The Dallas Cowboys last night. Thank you Jerry.

Who will be the next news maker to take his place?

Best answer:

Answer by Avatar
The great Roy Williams

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Recently I critiqued two radio commercials for a client.

The client is a direct marketer, so he takes this stuff seriously. (Direct marketers don’t distract themselves with ridiculous attempts at “branding.”)

I was typically meticulous in my critique. (You say “harsh,” I say “meticulous.”)

I’ve never told anyone this, but as soon as I’ve e-mailed an advertising critique to a client, I become a little nervous.

What if they’re offended? I don’t want to offend people. Especially clients.

What if they’re so offended they demand a refund? I really don’t want that. (I also don’t give refunds on critiques, and no one’s ever asked for one. Still, the concern does cross my mind.)

So when my e-mail inbox included two messages from him this morning, I took a deep breath before opening them.

The first was in response to my first critique:

“Awesome! Thanks for doing a killer job on this… This is VERY helpful. Once I’ve produced some new spots using your suggestions I’ll send you them to you to review.”

The second message, responding to the second critique, said:

“Thanks again Dan… great suggestions and points.”

It was a nice way to start the morning.

Usually I critique commercial copy before it’s produced. That makes sense to me, because that way the client has time to change the copy before going into production. But in this case, the spots had been written and recorded.

One hour and 16 minutes after I received the client’s second “wow, thanks!” response, I received a very long e-mail from someone I don’t know.

That someone appears to be the guy who wrote and produced the commercials I had critiqued. It was a cc of a message he had sent to the client.

It was not what one would call a rave review of my critiques.

Two elements of his rant leapt out at me:

1. He defended the use of the lame voice talent (whom I had pointed out sounded like a schlocky announcer who clearly was simply reading the copy he was being paid to read) by saying, “With our budget, that’s all we can afford.”


Those particular spots didn’t require a Harlan Hogan. I know plenty of guys (they used a male voice) who would’ve done a much better job for 0 or so.

I don’t know what they paid their voice over guy, but if they’re not willing to shell out 0 – 0 for a decent announcer read, they need to adjust their priorities.

(Come to think of it: The client paid ME more than that for the two critiques. And he got his money’s worth. Certainly they can afford a decent voice performer to deliver their sales message.)

2.  The e-mail was very long. I mean, this guy was upset.


I closed the e-mail without reading it.

I got the gist of it: “This O’Day guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

Why read further?

So I could become offended?

So I could catalog and rebut his evidence of my alleged incompetence?

A number of years ago I managed to learn not to waste my time responding to hate mail or nutty mail. (To be fair: This guy’s rant didn’t appear to be hateful or nutty. He just totally disagreed with me.)

Why argue with a nut or a jerk?

But do you know what would have happened if I had taken two minutes to read his entire attack (or, from his perspective, his defense of his work)?

I would have spent hours mentally refuting his every point. Completely involuntarily.

That’s how my brain works. If I think I’ve been unfairly attacked, my instinct is to defend myself — even if only within the privacy of my own mind.

But I had other stuff to do today. Why waste any of my sorely limited time (and even more severely limited brain power) marshalling an argument I never would deliver?


Maybe nothing.

Or maybe you’re a radio station producer and a thoughtless salesperson mentioned, while passing you in the hallway, “The client hates that spot you did for him.”

Oh? You mean that spot that was approved every step of the way and now is on the air?

Let it go. Getting upset won’t help.

Or you’re an account exec and the Traffic Director screams at you because you didn’t remind her that she had promised to change your client’s rotation, so she forgot to do it and it’s all your fault.

Let it go. Let her words float past you like a summer breeze. (You don’t bother to argue with the wind, do you?)

Or you’re a jock, and the station engineer(!) pointedly tells you the comedy bit you did on yesterday’s show “really wasn’t very funny.”

Should the radio station engineer be critiquing the radio air talent? No.

Should you care anything at all about whether the station engineer thinks you’re funny or your show is good? C’mon.

Let it go.

Use that time and energy for something constructive.

Why, look at me. The time I saved by not reading and then mentally constructing a devastating response to that e-mail?

I used it to write this article.

Dan O’Day (http://danoday.com) is internationally known as the “radio advertising guru,” having taught radio and advertising professionals in 36 different countries how to create radio advertising that works.

Free radio advertising newsletter: http://danoday.com/free

copyright 2010 by Dan O’Day

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DJ Augustin Rookie Season MIX by LONGER

Darryl Jerard (DJ) Augustin, Jr. (born November 10, 1987) is an American basketball player. He played point guard for the University of Texas Longhorns from 20062008. He was drafted ninth overall by the Charlotte Bobcats of the National Basketball Association in 2008. Augustin is listed as 6’0″ (1.83 m) by the NBA but officially stands 5’10” (1.78 m) barefoot according to the 2008 pre-draft measurements.[1] Augustin was one of seven freshman to join the Longhorn basketball program for the 2006-07 season. He started all 35 games in the season as the point guard for the Longhorns, averaging 14.4 points and 6.7 assists per game. For his contributions, he was named to both the All-Big 12 Second Team and the Big 12 All-Rookie Team by the coaches and Associated Press.[3] Augustin had a chance to participate in the 2007 NBA Draft with former teammate Kevin Durant, but he chose to stay in school to develop his game more with the Longhorns. Augustin, along with Texas A&M Aggies player Joseph Jones, was featured on the front cover of the November 15, 2007 issue of Sports Illustrated.[4] In the fall 2007 semester, he achieved a 4.0 GPA, raising his cumulative GPA to a 3.64.[5] On February 27, 2008, he was named first-team Academic All-America by the College Sports Information Directors of America. He became the second Texas Longhorn basketball player to achieve the honor, following Jim Krivacs, who received it in 1979.[6] Augustin was also named to the USBWA All-America First Team

Ndamukong Suh, gotta love the guy and his skills
Video Rating: 4 / 5


Get Car on Lease in Dallas During Longer Period of Stay


Dallas, the third-largest city of Texas and ninth largest city in the United States of America is center for oil refineries and cotton industry. Spread around the area of 385 square, it is the county seat of Dallas County. The economy of the Dallas moves round petroleum industry, telecommunications, computer technology, banking and transportation so is frequently visited by professionals from the related industry.


In Dallas, it is not imperative that you may need a car rental only for the purpose of travel or touring there can be more than one use of car as you would use the rented car during your business traveling from one client to another client.


Moreover in Dallas same like as any other advanced and cosmopolitan city of the world cars are no more means of luxury, instead you will need them to carryout daily chores of life. No doubt, the city has other modes of public transport like bus, train cab etc, but it only the cars which have capacity to let you to reach at your destination in quickest time with an ease and comfort.


But there are many other reasons whether you are in Dallas or any other city which have influenced your chances of owning a car because of rising prices of cars as well gas. This rise in prices has forced people to search for other save money and having a car without paying much. One such smart way to save money on car rental is car lease option. Car lease is just like renting a car in Dallas. Under this you will not be the owner of the car, instead, be using the car for specified period of time as specified in your contract car providing agency.


It is same like as renting a car from renting company, however, for a longer period like two to five years. Two to five years is the most popular time frame for a single car lease contract. The car lease option is also of great use for people who travel frequently and stay temporarily in Dallas because of professional obligations. It is better to lease a car rather than buying a new one as you cannot do driving cross-country, moreover, at same time freight charges are also grossing over.


But car lease has certain limitations too as you are not the owner of the car, despite it becomes your responsibility to pay for repair and maintenance of the car. As a leaser will always expect from you, to return the car intact condition as it was delivered to you. There would be a concession for regular wear and tear of the car, but in case of engine and performance on the road car would be evaluated to other cars of the same age. Thus before hiring car on lease in Dallas, you should always ponder over all the options.


Free Music No Longer? the Future of Music

There are two truths that we have been faced within in the present day of digitalization. The first is that the love of music is a life-long pursuit. The second is that the love of free music is not.

With the age of Napster, the ability to download music, and to do this for free, was like a godsend from heaven. Suddenly, we had all the music we could ever want at the touch of a button. The problem however was that the music industry started losing money (which no one really cares about), and then the bigger problem (which we all cared about), that downloading music for free became illegal.

So Napster fell under, and the age of free music was lost forever. No big deal, although it was nice while it lasted. Still, the impact this change has left upon music and moreover upon the music industry, it seems, will have longstanding consequences. Formerly spoiled by the high prices for CDs, the music industry is slowly being forced to offer music at more competitive prices. Although you can’t get free downloads anymore, at least not legally, you can get music at a much cheaper price, and even make your own music with such new developments as free music software, through the blessings of advertising.

Most people dislike big business houses, at least, if they are not a part of it, and this definitely includes the music industry. So when we now hear the industry complaining that it is losing money or in some instances that it may be forced to change its methods or shut down, we tend to face such comments either with apathy or antipathy. Who really needs the music industry? The average musician has to pay tons of money just to get into a recording studio, and less than 5% of musicians tend to profit from their music anyhow. So who’s making all the money?

The fact of the matter is that no matter how rich or poor people are, they are going to continue making music, simply because they love to make music – the first truth. One only needs to look at such examples as the blues which came out of impoverished New Orleans back in the 1940’s following the Great Depression, or the newly ‘discovered’ music in Cuba, portrayed in the Buena Vista Social Club. Certainly those guys weren’t expecting large royalties throughout their lives, nor could they have ever dreamed that they would actually get the chance to play in Carnegie Hall. Many of them died before the money even came even, but that didn’t stop them from making music.

So as both technology and the times change, the music industry needs to change with it, and as far as I’m concerned such a change would be for the better, even if it means that musicians of the future will be limited to home recording studios. Most musicians probably have some kind of computer driven studio anyhow, and the fact that we’re not hearing their music isn’t a fault of bad music, but of the obsessive manner in which the music industry still wields control over what we are able to listen to. So with the coming of the new age, hopefully we hear more music, less commercialized, and at prices that we’re all happy with, including the lone musician.