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Making Use Of Feeding Station To Feed The Birds

A bird feeding station is a part of your home area or any site such as court yard, roof, etc. Where you feed the birds and have set up a place for birdfeeders. Its made to best help the birds and you could also watch the birds come near to this feeding area. Its true that many of the birds feeding stations are situated near to the deck or a window where you can watch these birds easily.

The different types of feeders utilized at these stations are capable enough to draw increasingly more varieties of birds each day. You would thus see a rapid boost in the number of birds which are just visiting these stations. Bird seeds are most common feeding for birds. But you could also make use of many different varieties such as fruits, suet, peanut butter, nectar, and mealworms that are even nice choices and could invite more and more birds based on their taste and choice.

If you want to draw some specific type or species of birds to your bird feeding station you could also use specific feeding for the type of bird. This will facilitate in inviting only that particular species which love these kinds of foods. While you are placing the feeders for the birds you must select the feeding station that is most suitable for the birds. Birds like the place where they can easily fly to a safe place like tree when they find anything suspicious.

Its also good to place the feeders for small and big birds at different places. This would assist small and large birds in not competing amongst them. This creates a friendly and safe environment when birds are at feeding station and would attract more birds to visit frequently at your yard. One good thing which you can add to your station is a favorite place of birds to drink water and bathe. They would just sing, dance and have fun all together at these areas and will enjoy most of their time playing here. You will also see a group of birds visiting your area in those sunny days when these birds need sufficient water to remain cool and hydrated. You ought to take care about placing this tank of water. You shouldnt place this too close to the feeders.

You could even plant some flowers and plants to look natural for the birds and they will enjoy this too. This’ll even offer nectar and some extra seeds to your birds. Plants like Zinnias, coneflowers, and sunflowers are some good choices and could be considered. Your birds as your favorite visitors will thank you for all these great stations and you will enjoy the most out of your Bird Feeding Station.

If you are a bird enthusiast or somebody who loves to care for birds, then you will find something you really like at Head to the website and get to know how to attract birds through bird feeding.

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Exhibition: Research Through Making

Exhibition: Research Through Making
Event on 2016-04-07 15:00:00
The University of Michigan's Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning presents…Research Through Making.

Historically, research and creative practice have been constructed as "opposites." This is not an unusual struggle in architecture schools, particularly in the context of a research university. This perceived tension between design and research is indicative of age-old anxieties within the architecture field to understand its nature as an "applied art." Design can be a purely creative activity not unlike creative practices in music and art. In other cases, design can be a purely problem solving activity, not unlike research in engineering and industrial production.

In its seventh year, University of Michigan Taubman College's Research Through Making (RTM) Program provides seed funding for faculty research, worked on by faculty, students and interdisciplinary experts. The exhibition presents tangible results of their collaborative work.

Presentation of projects will start at 6:00pm in the Art & Architecture Building Auditorium, with a reception to follow at the Liberty Annex.

Research Through Making Installations:

Adam Fure

"Panots & Mosiacs: The Plasticity of Hydraulic Cement through Making"
Ana Morcillo Pallares and Jonathan Rule

"Dip and Dive in the D"
Claudia Wigger

"Infundibuliforms: Cable Robot Actuated Kinetic Environments"
Wes McGee, Geoffrey Thün, Kathy Velikov

"Post Rock"
Meredith Miller and Thom Moran

Grant submissions were anonymously evaluated by a distinguished jury from outside the college:

Benjamin Ball, Lead Artist and Principal, Ball-Nogues Studio
Brooke Hodge, Deputy director, Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Mark Lamster, Architecture critic, The Dallas Morning News

?This exhibition runs from March 10 – April 15.

The Liberty Gallery is located at 305 W. Liberty Street in downtown Ann Arbor. Exhibition hours are Thursday to Sunday from 3:00-7:00pm unless otherwise noted.

About University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning:

The Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan is a leader in interdisciplinary education and research with a focus on creating a more beautiful, inclusive and better built environment. The college and its alumni are committed to pushing the boundaries of architectural practice, advancing global engagement, and significantly enhancing diversity in the profession. The college offers the following degrees: Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Master of Architecture (currently ranked #6 nationally; ranked #1 in 2010 by Design Intelligence Report), Master of Science in Architecture, Master of Urban Planning, Master of Urban Design, and PhD programs.

at University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
735 S State Street
Ann Arbor, United States


Need help making a tough band decision!!!?

Question by COLONEL WAFFLEJAW is a basstard!: Need help making a tough band decision!!!?
im a bassist for two local bands here in dallas,tx….however,due to recent events i may have to drop one of them because my time is getting limited….the bands are completely different genres and i love playing in both….if you have the time to listen,let me know which one you like (if any) thanks…

Best answer:

Answer by ThE UsED
i like the first one, primal circus

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what is making the noise in the trees in Dallas?

Question by Tony C: what is making the noise in the trees in Dallas?
I was raised in San Diego and have moved to Dallas. I have noticed every summer that there is some kind of bug that makes this strange noise in the trees. What the hell are they?

Best answer:

Answer by Bob G
They are called Cicadas and are common throughout the southern states. Noisy little devils, aren’t they? Once you get used to them it becomes a normal sound of the night.

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Why Additional Network Decision Or Making The Most Of Leads

Why Additional Network Decision Or Making The Most Of Leads

There will always be the debate in the Network Marketing industry as to if you should really work with just one MLM company, two networks or many companies. The simple fact is that it is very hard to work with more than one network marketing company at the same time, but many people in MLM still earn an ongoing income from network marketing companies we joined a while back.

And, for many people, if they are truthful, not all MLM companies they join are the ideal company for them (or in some cases probably not a good one for anyone!), we have all made errors of judgement in the past with product ideas or services that sounded good to us but our potential customer base customers just couldn’t afford, or didn’t actually want, or companies where it was extremely difficult to find anyone else who wanted to join the company. Hence in those circumstances, testing the water (and that isn’t an endorsement for the famous water filter MLM!) with more affordable products or easier to operate companies is often a logical step, especially if they have products that you would want to purchase and use.

But What Makes a Great Additional Network

When you are developing a direct sales business, you are always get enquiries from people who end up saying no to your particular opportunity for whatever reason, may be the cost of joining is too high, they don’t like the product range on offerproducts, want to have a global team and can’t with your business, or simply it is not the right business for the person who enquired.

Of course any decent network marketer will go back to people who enquie on a regular basis as whilst the business may not have been right choice for them when they first enquired about the opportunity it may be now. That said, naturally there are always going to be those who just are not suited to that individual company, I know myself of many networks I’ve been offered the opportunity to join with over the years that work absolutely fine but were not a business that I personally wanted to do.

However, finding something that will suit those who say no to your main direct sales company can be difficult, as you do not want a company where there is a lot of personal sales required to earn commission on your downline volume, has complicated product ranges to teach downline and customers about or that you can not offer to those from all parts of the world, as these days with internet advertising/promotional activities we often get people enquire from all over the world.

Why Many Network Marketing Leaders Choose FM Group

A globally successful company I know of that fits this role really good indeed is FM Group (also known as FM>in some countries like UK), it is easy to do, has a low monthly personal volume requirement to earn bonuses and is a global business. In addition to that the excellent replica websites that many distributors in the FM Group use and it is not very hard to see why many experienced networkers have included FM on as their second {MLM|direct sales network and are enjoying the benefits from their choice to join the FM network.

I myself was even working with in an aromatherapy direct sales company when I {signed up to|joined FM/FM Group, but in a short period of time was getting far more commission fromFM Groupthan my other direct sales company and FM Group is now very much my principal network company and I have to tell you the easiest and most friendly company I have been involved in.

Article by Roy Strong of Strong Marketing Ltd

Roy Strong has been involved in the MLM industry for more than twenty years including three of those as co-owner of a global fragrance multi-level Marketing company. To learn more about Network Marketing visit: Network Marketing Details of FM Group can be found at FM Group

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Restaurant Furniture: A Tool for Making Your Business Profit

Restaurant Furniture: A Tool for Making Your Business Profit

There are an uncountable number of aspects and factors that come into effect when it comes to the success or failure of any business. There’s the product you’re trying to sell. There’s the demographic you’re trying to reach. There are labor costs, rental costs, equipment costs…and of course, location, location, location.

The key is obvious; reduce the costs as much as possible, while increasing profits. There are a plethora of different strategies and techniques to be used to accomplish this, and they differ from business to business. However, in the restaurant business, one effective way is to be selective and intelligent when purchasing your restaurant furniture.

The first step is renting or buying affordable restaurant furniture. There are a good number of quality commercial seating companies that offer surprisingly low prices on all levels of custom grade luxury seating. Find a company that has a history of providing both restaurant owners and architectural designers that required not just basic restaurant furniture, but custom options on standard budgets. Additionally, it’s recommended you find a restaurant furniture company that offers direct communication with the manufacturer, as this will greatly improve the convenience of these transactions while allowing them to tailor every order to your custom personal specifications.

It is important to keep in mind the very basic idea of cost versus quality. Anything you spend money on (even restaurant furniture) is technically a losing asset. If a chair breaks, it will need to be replaced, and the cost of replacing restaurant chairs is a losing factor. If a chair or table lasts longer than expected, while its value technically depreciates, it is still an unarguably sound investment.

Besides ensuring you buy quality restaurant furniture, there are plenty of strategies and techniques to use in order to maintain them and ensure they last longer. Avoid dragging your restaurant furniture, and lift it when movement is absolutely necessary (this will help protect not only your furniture, but your floors as well). Avoid stacking as much as possible. Use tablecloths as frequently as possible, as well as a plastic tablecloth liner underneath, so as to protect the restaurant tables from liquids that may seep through (tablecloths also add a very positive aesthetic effect to your venue as well). And at all costs, avoid using a wet cloth when dealing with wooden furniture. While wet rags are ideal for plastic furniture, it is highly recommended you not use them on your wooden ones.

When running your own restaurant business, just like with any business, carefully monitoring your costs will be vital in making sure your company is both successful and profitable. And a key way of accomplishing this is to carefully monitor and enforce positive strategies when dealing with and buying restaurant furniture. is your source for restaurant furniture, including wood, metal, and aluminum chairs and tables for indoor and outdoor use.

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Freshmen making big impact in college basketball

Freshmen making big impact in college basketball
The dispatch hit the wire about two months ago: Harrison Barnes, North Carolina’s mega-touted freshman forward, was a first-team AP preseason basketball All-American. read more
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Jim Litke column: You want ‘mercurial?’ How about Bud Adams!
We’re barely a week into 2011, but Tennessee’s Bud Adams just locked up my vote for NFL Owner of the Year. When was the last time an 88–year–old boss decided to teach his team’s 27–year–old star quarterback a lesson in what “mercurial” really means?
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College Basketball Top 20 Small Forwards: Making Big Noise in 2010-11

College Basketball Top 20 Small Forwards: Making Big Noise in 2010-11
The most versatile players on just about any team are small forwards. Usually counted on to be a primary scorer and strong rebounder, a “three” may be the difference between a team being good or great. Some of the top players in the NBA are small forwards: LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant. This year, there is no shortage of high-impact small forwards among the college basketball …
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Signature win: Hamilton, Thompson star as Texas stops Michigan State’s long home streak
Texas freshman Tristan Thompson (17 points, 15 rebounds) dunks as Alexis Wangmene and Michigan State’s Derrick Nix look on during the No. 18 Longhorns’ 67-55 win over the No. 12 Spartans on Wednesday night. Texas snapped Michigan State’s 52-game home winning streak against non-conference opponents.
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Making sure that your business passes restaurant point of sale credit card PCI security audit

Making sure that your business passes restaurant point of sale credit card PCI security audit

Security rules on credit cards for restaurants

The credit card industry came down hard on many restaurants that have not fully protected their customers’ credit card information from potential theft, with Visa, MasterCard and financial institutions that process electronic payment over recent months sending warnings letters and holding seminars. Moves like this aims at forcing restaurants to take additional steps to protect credit card information.

According to companies that process card transactions, there are still tens of thousands of eateries that do not comply with the set of security rules of the credit card industry.  Any company that takes plastic is required to follow a set of security regulations instituted by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

In the data recorded by Visa indicates that since January of 2005, around 40% of the incident wherein criminals gain unauthorized access to credit card info is made up of restaurants — accounting for the largest percentage of incidents for a merchant category.

Separately, there are reports from a Chicago-based data security auditor, AmbironTrustWave, for merchants that with the 62% security violations it witnessed during the prior 18 months are with the restaurant industry.

These violations includes various security lapses such as wireless networks that are poorly guarded — which enable thieves to access information from the parking lot using a laptop — as well as the lack of strictness to their systems that make it possible for unethical employees to grab credit card information.

Mostly, consumers are not aware when their credit card info is in danger. Although, not all security breaches are successful, and most merchants do not recognize these these incidents unless there’s a significant probability that a major fraud has already been identified or about to take place. Also, companies that issues credit cards don’t usually close a customer’s account except if fraud has taken place.

Restaurant owners may have a rough time with credit card security rules, since its regulations can be very hard for small sized businesses. Hearing from the restaurant owners who thought they complied with rules, the National Restaurant Association trade group found out their systems were not functioning properly and were penalized.

Over 0,000, in some cases, is the fine for restaurants that violated credit card industry rules by storing credit card information. Merchants across all categories .6 million for security violations were fined by Visa in 2006, an increase from the .4 million in fines the previous year.

Visa, believes a merchant group needs additional attention, held special security briefings with several hundred restaurants.

During the same time, companies that process credit card transactions are also turning up the heat on restaurants. These companiesthreatened those who do not follow security regulations that they will end their services.

Since most restaurants uses software combining such features as tabulating bills, delivering orders to the kitchen and tracking reservations, credit card companies are worried because they cannot command software makers to abide by their security rules, so the pressure it passed on to restaurants. Visa maintains a list on its Web site of software programs that meet its requirements.

But software developers that even with the best software, restaurants could be in trouble if they have a weak password protection or firewalls. For software companies, they say that it’s not their part to let restaurateurs know what they must do to be in compliance with credit card rules.

The author of this article writes for, a VP of Customer Relations with over 20 years experience in restaurant point of sale system, helping restaurant owners nationwide increase their efficiency and bottom-line profits.

You may visit for more information on how our national network of restaurant point of sale experts can help your business achieve greater success in these difficult economic times.

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What is the best skill for a dps paladin? for money making? for others?

Question by world of warcraft: What is the best skill for a dps paladin? for money making? for others?
world of warcraft

Best answer:

Answer by :::the squirrel:::
If you have the patience mining is a fast money making skill, and also enchanting will make ya lots of gold.

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