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Dallas TX ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification Training

Dallas TX ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification Training
Event on 2018-09-05 09:00:00
ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification Training & Exam session is a One Day 8 Hour Training Class & Proctored Exam, accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-Conference for Food Protection (CFP). The program blends the latest FDA Food Code, food safety research and years of food sanitation training experience. Managers learn to implement essential food safety practices and create a culture of food safety. All content and materials are based on actual job tasks identified by foodservice industry experts. Time(s) 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Lecture – 8 Hour Lecture (Breaks given during the day) 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM – Lunch Break 4:30 PM – Must be onsite for exam & online course/exam option 5:00 PM – Exam Administered (If you are taking a computer proctored the exam, make sure you bring your laptop with WiFi and create an account on prior to exam). You have 2 hours to complete the test but most take 45 minutes to an hour Books, Study Guide & Practice Exam(s) Once registration payment is received, you will receive a confirmation email with your study materials to download via a PDF link. The study guide does not replace the current ServSafe® Manager Book but is designed to be a supplement to prepare you for the training & exam.  Confirmation emails are only sent to contact person email address only with information on how to access the study guide. If you would like to have the book shipped to you prior to Instructor-Led Course you may purchase in our online store or at Also, you can access the study guide in the Apple or Google App Stores.  Search for “WeGoHRB“.  This is a free download. Class & Exam Language This class is taught in English. Paper Exams are available in English, Spanish, Korean, French Canadian, Japanese and Chinese. Computer Exams are available in English, Spanish, Chinese & Instructor (Instructor exams are only given during train the trainer sessions). Please specify exam language during registration.  If not specified, English will be the default exam & book. If English is not your first language you are allowed to use English to Your Language paper dictionary during the exam. If you need the exam read to you or an interpreter you may request an exemption.  This request must be 10 business days before class and must be approved by exam security department prior to exam date. Policies Please view the following policies prior to registration.   Course & Exam Details – Download or View Online Terms of Service – Download or View Online Privacy Policy- Download or View Online By making a payment you allow HRBUniversal to record your IP Address as a digital signature as acceptance agreement that you have read and agree with the Course & Exam Details, Privacy Policy, & Terms of Service and proceed to the payment area.    

at Best Western Plus
14975 Landmark Blvd
Dallas, United States


If a hedge fund manager can make 13,000,000 dollars a day you can realise your dreams! Each step at a time

If a hedge fund manager can make 13,000,000 dollars a day you can realise your dreams! Each step at a time

John Paulson, a hedge fund manager, made 5 billions dollars in 2010 that’s 13 000 000 000 dollars a day. Now knowing that is possible to make that kind of money don’t you think you can make at least 100 dollars? If you earn that amount of money you will make as much as the average American.

Let’s give an example to give you an idea of how this advice can help people. I have a friend who is a pro poker player. He only started is career with a 20 dollars deposit. At the time, nobody believed he could make it in this competitive field. However, he played thousands hours to get better. He gave me of the best tips concerning goal settings strategy I’ve ever received even if it’s very simple. He said to me he managed to stay focus by setting small goals everyday. At the very beginning, his goal was to earn a few cents a day then it was a few bucks then it a few hundreds… Now it’s a few thousands. He’s an accomplished poker pro but he always use his goal settings strategy to keep him motivated.

A lot of people have problem starting their online business. Others don’t put enough effort to make it successful. But when you think about the money you make each day there is no time for procrastination. You have to do things immediately. If you adopt that state of mind you are not interested in what your financial situation will be in 6 months but at the end of the day. Setting small daily goals will help you stay focused. Maybe your first goal will be to earn 20 dollars a month and then 30 and soon you may bank a few hundred dollars a day.

For example, Richard Branson, the famous English billionaire, started with a small news paper business when he was a teenager. With his friends, he first distributed the paper in his neighbourhood, then in his town and after a while in the all country. He interviewed stars too, including John Lennon. He used the connections made while building his news paper to create one of biggest label in the world, Virgin Records. Then he sold Virgin Records to build his empire.

So he used everything he built to make something bigger. In other words, he reinvested a large part of what he already earned. It can be a great strategy for your online business. Let’s say you own a site which generates 5 dollars a day of income but you don’t have enough money to expand your online activities. Why not selling and use the money to build 10 site like that and make 50 dollars a day?

Mark Cuban paid his college fees by collecting and selling stamps. He also used to buy a few hundreds newspaper and resell it for a small profit. Now he is billionaire and owns a NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks. Like Branson he started small, like Branson he took action everyday to get closer to his dream.

If you want meet people and have a group of 5 best friends why not asking each of them to introduce you to 5 people? Then you could ask your new friends to introduce you to another 5 etc…

If you implement those small things in your life you’ll be able to see that only the sky is the limit. Because if you can make 10 dollars, why not 20, or 500, or 13 000 000?

Hello, I’m Mickael I’m a writer for

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Money Manager For The Wealthy Ed Butowsky

Money Manager For The Wealthy Ed Butowsky

Ed Butowsky is an internationally recognized professional within the investment prosperity administration industry. Butowsky has been inside monetary services market for around 22 years. Ed started his career with Morgan Stanley and was a Senior Vice president in personal wealth administration. In his 18 years at Morgan Stanley, he was the firm’s best producer nationally at the same time as the first advisor to surpass one billion dollars under management. He was also recognized as a member of each of the Chairman’s Club as well as the Equity Club, a distinction reserved for only the leading advisors in the Morgan Stanley.

Via his work with top rated athletes, Butowsky was recently highlighted inside the Sports Illustrated article, “How (and Why) Athletes Go Broke.” This write-up up to now could be the most well-known write-up in Sports Illustrated history. He’s also a regular visitor on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox Business News, FOX News Channel, and Bloomberg television. Butowsky is typically seen on “Varney and Co.”, “Willis Report”, “America’s News HQ” as well as “Taking Stock” with Pimm Fox. Ed is also frequently heard on radio shows around the country including “Mad Dog Radio” and “Bloomberg Radio” discussing prosperity administration, economics and other topics that are of curiosity and timely related towards the finance/investments front. not too long ago, Ed has been featured as 1 of 7 economic coaches/experts from the first of its type on-line reality show, “The Invested Life”, a nine month collection featuring genuine people facing today’s most typical financial issues and their journey to taking control of their finances. (

Ed has held open forums at Yale (blank), NYU Stern College of Business, and SMU School of Business and speaks around the nation to fiscal advisors on how to correctly manage portfolios. Butowsky is the originator the CHIP rating. The CHIP rating is the 1st metric developed to appropriately and effectively evaluate and rate a portfolio’s power determined by all elements that attribute to portfolio performance; rate of return, danger, inflation, taxes, management charges and expense fees.

Butowsky launched Chapwood Investments, LLC in 2005, a private wealth administration advisory agency focusing on delivering complete fiscal counseling and funding assistance to wealthy families and people.

Recognizing the need for high-quality alternative ventures in 2010, Ed’s passion for different investment strategies lead him to launch Chapwood CustomHedge Portfolio Advisory Services, LLC. A brand new and unique different investment management platform designed to function with RIAs (registered investment advisors) and broker sellers close to the country, offering accessibility and customization using investments previously unavailable to most particular person traders.

Ed is a very well-respected member from the Plano/Dallas community. He’s a serious tennis and golf player and resides along with his family members in Plano, Texas.

Ed Butowsky is a recognized professional in the investment wealth management community. Butowsky has been inside financial services business for over 22 years. Ed can be seen nationally on syndicated television shows as well as radio shows. As well as internationally published magazines.

For more information about Ed Butowsky please look at

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Royersford’s “The Manager” looking to be “The Man” at this year’s Wing Bowl

Royersford’s “The Manager” looking to be “The Man” at this year’s Wing Bowl
After being behind the scenes, Rick “The Manager” Russo is once again on the other side of the table, as an eater at the 19th annual Wing Bowl Feb. 4 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.
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St. Andrew’s set to shuffle
Patrons for Thursday’s fourth annual Shuffle to the Chefs fundraiser for St. Andrew’s Mission will be treated to dishes ranging from shrimp and grits to chicken and alligator gumbo.
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50 Cent Caught Pulling A Fast One, WSHH Back Up & Running
Just hours after 50 Cent informed fans he was responsible for popular urban video website World Star Hip Hop being mysteriously shutdown yesterday (January 24), the webpage is back up and running. [Visit for more information]


The crisis manager in Mani Ratnam’s life!

The crisis manager in Mani Ratnam’s life!
In New York, Arthur J Pais meets the First Couple of South Indian cinema: Mani and Suhasini Ratnam.

Excursions: Manger scenes highlight holiday season at abbey
MONCKS CORNER, S.C. — The holiday season arrives early each year at a Trappist monastery on a quiet bluff upriver from Charleston, S.C.
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Radio Jobs: Station Manager

Radio Jobs: Station Manager

The job of a radio station manager is interesting and stressful at the same time. The job is quite exciting and ideal for enthusiastic people. Station manager is in charge of all the radio programs that are aired. He is the one who hires the audio engineers, the DJ’s as well as the radio producers.

Station manager holds a very responsible position. The station manger needs to report the president or vice president if it is a large radio broadcasting company owning more than one radio station. But his importance is no less important than the president or the vice president.

Job Description of Radio Station Manager:

Being one of the most responsible persons the station manager needs to oversee each and every program that is going to be aired. The final decisions are to be taken by the station manager. It is you who will decide what content is to be aired or what songs are to be played. In fact the news stories are also to be finalized by the station manager.

If you hold this position you will have to assign the programs to the producers in charge of the shows. You need to delegate the responsibilities over to each RJ or radio DJ. The producers can take minor decisions but the ultimate decision is yours. There can be one head station manager or this post can be broken into general station manager, sales manager, content manager, traffic manager and other posts depending on the requirements of the radio station.

Training for Station Manager:

No specific academic background is required to become a radio station manager. There is no specific subject that you can study or no special course that you can attend in order to hold this post. Radio station manager is a senior position and the station managers usually work their way up from other smaller positions. So you can opt for other smaller radio jobs to start your career and become a station manager gradually.

Though there is no special course a degree in radio production, communications or managing will help you to be a good station manager. A course in media, marketing and advertising can also prove to be of much help. As a station manager you should design programs very carefully because they must be interesting and informative.

How to Become Radio Station Manager:

Becoming a radio station manager is not easy. It requires a lot of experience and various skills. You should have excellent knowledge of radio production industry if you want to opt for this post. You will have to work very hard to improve your skills. You can start off your career as a radio producer, audio engineer or a DJ as most of the station managers have started.

Radio Station Manager Salary:

Station manager is the highest positions of all jobs at a radio station. So the station manager gets the highest salary. It is a very well paid position. But the salary of a station manager depends on the size of the radio station. As a station manager your income can range between ,000 and ,000 annually.

Steve is a media professional and writes for different online publications. For more information on radio sales and marketing jobs or radio jobs he recommends you to visit

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Schwannah Wright, Manager for Community Involvement

A few nice dallas jobs images I found:

Schwannah Wright, Manager for Community Involvement
dallas jobs
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Real-time Fantasy Football Manager: Billionaires’ Game

Real-time Fantasy Football Manager: Billionaires’ Game

There’s a saying: ‘Money can’t buy you happiness’. If you’re a football club owner with the biggest budget on the market you can buy best players, that can make you happy. Now, if those players do not make you good profit, would that not make you happy? Not if you are a billionaire, what are millions in compare to billions.

With a net worth of , , billion, are you to invest money and much of your time in something that may bring you profit over the years of no more than several hundreds of millions or losses in the same value? How could you spend a billion anyway?

You buy the most expensive cars, houses, yachts, airplanes, all that luxury still may not top billion. Pleasure among machines, butlers, personnel, can make you feel like a saddened King from fairy-tales. There must be a more humanly joy.

You buy a media exposure, be in the spotlight where everybody are watching, you move masses of tens of thousands of people in the stadium as if they are marionettes and you are a wire-puller, you build your own fantasy world.

You make news headlines by being a super spender in the most watched sporting league in the world. Yes, you buy yourself a top football club and it wouldn’t cost you more than a billion or so! You become a real-time Fantasy Football Manager.

Fantasy Football Manager is a football management simulation computer game first released in 1980s where you are the General Manager of your very own fantasy football team. Nowadays, most popular sports web-sites offer a chance for visitors to play the Fantasy Football League Management game.

In the real-time world, Chelsea FC was purchased by a billionaire in June 2003. Since then, the club is witnessing record losses, the billionaire’s involvement with Chelsea is described by Wikipedia as ‘to have distorted the football transfer market throughout Europe, as his wealth often allows the club to purchase players virtually at will (frequently at inflated prices), without regard for the effects on the club’s financial outturn’.

How does this effect the reality of football? Football becomes a sub-real simulation of its own reality. With one club owner having limitless budget, his/her football knowledge, work and skills of managing a club do not effect his/her success in the business, billionaire can continue to bring in the expensive players, sack head-coaches upon his/her desire.

Even if the club suffers the biggest financial losses in football world, the club will not go to bankruptcy as the billionaire will add additional hundreds of millions since the football club’s budget does not depend on its football performance.

How does this effect the game of football? There doesn’t seem to be much sportsmanship for one club to buy world top players (so many that a half of them will be reserves) while many other clubs can’t afford to pay one or two such players for their first team.

The beauty of the game suffers as well. In two and a half years with Portugal’s FC Porto coach Jose Mourinho won 2 domestic titles, including the European Champions League title in May 2004 by eliminating clubs with far greater budgets. Several months later Mourinho, named the world’s best coach in 2004, was brought to Chelsea.

In just 3 years he managed to win 2 league titles, including club’s first championship in 50 years, 1 FA cup, 2 Carling Cups, along setting several Premier League records. Mourinho at Chelsea did more than simple buying world football super-stars like Real Madrid C.F. did at that time, he offered contracts to players who were to develop to some of the world’s best team-players playing for Chelsea.

Chelsea as a sovereign ruler of England’s football fields and a perfect football team was as if not offering enough excitement for the club’s billionaire owner. After winning consecutive titles, Chelsea signed two major football super-stars, Shevchenko (for a British record transfer fee) and Ballack, both of which did not match Mourinho’s concept of team play.

It was the beginning of one great football mind’s end with Chelsea, Mourinho was fired as the most successful head-coach in club’s history in the years of his success. Welcome to the real-time Fantasy Football Manager as a spectator, player or head-coach! is the author of this text. None part of the text is copyrighted by the third parties. Feel free to published, broadcast, rewrite or redistribute the text in full or part and add a link to upon your wish.

Dayan Smreca, Sport Press

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So You Want A Career As A Restaurant Manager

So You Want A Career As A Restaurant Manager

Even if you’re currently a restaurant’s resident dishwasher, it is still very possible for you to climb the ladder to the very top with hard work, persistence and the right set of skills. A lot of restaurant operators seek people who already have ample experience in nearly all restaurant duties, so if you’ve been rotating on different tasks for the past months or years, you already have one foot in the door.

However, given the present times, most owners are eyeing potential candidates who have formal qualifications to fill supervisory and managerial roles in the company. While experience also carries a lot of weight, job opportunities are likely to be more open and better if you have an associate or bachelor’s degree to your name, particularly those that have something to do with restaurant and institutional food service management.

Understanding Your Work Conditions

A restaurant manager’s daily life is often very hectic and subject to high levels of pressure. Thus, a considerable amount of resilience, stamina and physical, mental and emotional endurance is required of you. Since evenings and weekends are the most busy times for restaurants, you should be prepared to work during late nights and weekends. It is not uncommon for restaurant managers to work for around 50 to 60 hours per week, and you will most likely be the first to arrive and the last to leave everyday.

A restaurant manager’s work hours and job nature are also highly intermittent, as you might have to fill in for an absent employee, no matter what his job designation is, at the last minute. Hence, it is very important that you know all the restaurant’s operations inside out and from top to bottom, as being a restaurant manager does not just mean sitting behind a nice desk and making chitchat with customers. There will be times that you will have to perform all sorts of “dirty work”.

The pressures of making sure everything is in order almost always happen simultaneously with a number of other responsibilities. Whenever there are problems, it will be your duty as restaurant manager to seek a solution with the least possible disruptions to other operations, particularly in the serving of customers. This can be further aggravated by uncooperative and stubborn staff, as well as irate clients. You have to have a lot of patience for this job if you want to pull through sanely and in one piece.

Duties of a Restaurant Manager

A restaurant manager’s daily duties are not to be underestimated. Apart from the usual tasks of selecting what to place on the menu and determining each of their prices, ensuring quality service and proper food preparation and the efficient utilization of supplies, taking responsibility for the rising number of human resource and administrative tasks are also part of the job description.

Typically, the management team is composed of a general manager, one or two assistant managers (depending on the size of the place) and one executive chef, who takes charged of all kitchen operations. Often, in the case of small restaurants, the manager and the executive chef is just one person. In the case of major fast food chains, there are a number of assistant managers to supervise the different shifts.

All of the members of the managerial team should expect to be working from the moment the restaurant opens until it closes at all days of operation. Because a manager is responsible for all, he does not have the liberty to just skip work because he doesn’t feel like going. Restaurant management, though accompanied by considerable perks, is a full service job that requires full time commitment.

Managing the Menu and Supplies

It is a restaurant manager’s job to determine menu items. This is often doen with the help of the executive chef and will be decided on based on the past popularity of certain meals and the likely number of customers who will patronize it. Sometimes, a new dish is introduced in order to accommodate and avoid the wastage of unserved food. How the menu is arranged also depends on what raw ingredients are in season or simply for the sake of variety and novelty.

Managers also review each dish to find out how much it costs to prepare them, taking into consideration certain overhead expenses, to know what price best represents its value. Items on the meu should also be done ahead of time so managers can estimate what supplies are needed and when these should be bought and delivered. Upon delivery, it is the manager’s duty to check the content and evaluate their quality, particularly the meats, fruits, vegetables, fish, baked items and poultry.

Grocery items are not the only supplies that should be monitored. Tableware, linens, cooking supplies, furniture and cleaning materials should also be checked regularly. Waste disposal and pest control should be addressed, as well.

Hiring the Right People

How smoothly a restaurant runs depends a lot on the people who work there. That’s why it is important that managers hire the right people for the job. It is the manager’s responsibility to explain the company’s rules and regulations to all staff members and to provide the training necessary. Employee work schedules are also under his jurisdiction.

Because restaurants at peak hours are considered one of the most stressful working environments in the business world, managers should be able to exercise maximum grace under pressure and handle problems with the least disturbance.

Administrative Duties

While majority of administrative functions are handled by the bookkeeper, managers should also know how there are run, particularly for smaller restaurants where he might have to do the job himself. Issue like work hours and staff wages, tax and licensing paperwork, payroll, supply and equipment purchases and other disbursements fall under this category. Given a highly technological business environment today, managers will also need to learn how to operate computerized point of sale systems to increase productivity and efficiency. POS systems can help minimize the workload by automatically talling sales, supplies and ranking which dishes on the menu are the most popular among clients.

Training to be a Restaurant Manager

Given the multitude of responsibilities managers face each day, it is important that he is well equipped to handle the job. Colleges and universities offer two to four-year programs on restaurant related subjects like food technology, nutrition, food planning and preparation, accounting, even restaurant and hotel management itself.

The demands of the times today do not only call for a vast experience on the business, but also the adequate formal and technical know-how in order to grow safely with the changes and industry advances.

To further bolster you chances of becoming a restaurant manager, you might want to acquire a certification as a Foodservice Management Professional from the Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association. This can be obtained after you’ve successfully completed a series of food service management related courses, passed a written test, and met certain minimum requirements pertaining to performance and experience.

Freelance writer for over eleven years.

Restaurant Aprons Restaurant Uniform Nursing Uniform

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