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Hill station Near Mumbai, Lonavla ,Maharashtra,india

Historically SpeakingLonavla got its name from “Lonavli”, which means ”city surrounded by caves” and the town is surrounded by many caves, with the Kurla Caves being the most well known. 
ShoppingRestaurants and eating places are aplenty in Lonavala. One can choose from mouthwatering Gujarati food to mint vada paos and freshly roasted corn on the cob which are a specialty and sold by hawkers all over the twin towns. Kamat”s at Lonavala is a popular restaurant which serves south Indian food.
Night OutRestaurants and eating places are aplenty in both these places. One can choose from mouthwatering Gujarati food to mint vada paos and freshly roasted corn on the cob which are a specialty and sold by hawkers all over the twin towns. Kamat”s at Lonavala is a popular restaurant which serves south
Indian food.
ActivitiesThose seeking adventure will not return from this holiday disappointed. Lonavala is high on the list with outdoor lovers with plenty of opportunities for trekking and camping. Surrounded by many placid lakes like the Pavna Lake, Tungarli Lake and Lonaval Lake – the beautiful natural settings are
popular camping spots where one can just pitch a tent under the open sky and enjoy nature at its best. The hills of Lonavala are ideal for trekking forays. Most of the treks are quite tough with the most popular ones being to Duke”s Nose and Kalra Hills. Make sure you start your trek early as it tends to get dark pretty early in these areas. 
SightsBushy Dam about 6kms from Lonavala is favoured tourist spot. When the water levels of the dam rises the water spills over and manifests into a small waterfall and picnickers like to sit on the steps and feel the cool water gushing over them. One word of caution though, be careful as the
force of water tends to increase suddenly. Tiger”s Leap near INS Shivaji is a curiously shaped cliff – a sheer 650 m drop into the valley. From the top one gets sweeping views of the sylvan landscape around. Other than the scenic beauty of the area, the precincts of Lonavala and Khandala are liberally strewn with places of historical importance. Ryewood is a beautifully laid out garden interspersed with trees that soar to touch the sky it seems. Today the gardens are looked after by the State government but at one time this was where an Englishman Mr Rye lived and hence the name. Visit the Christian Cemetery which was the burial place of the British “?” unfortunately most of the old tombstones have been vandalized now. 
How to get there by AirLonavala does not have airport so one has to fly to Bombay or to Pune. The nearest international airport is Bombay (110 km) and domestic airport is Pune (66km).
How to get there by RailThe railways bring Lonavala to life; connecting trains are available from Mumbai Central Station and Pune Junction. All the trains halt at Khandala before travelling onto to Lonavala.
How to get there by BusThe Mumbai-Bangalore National Highway connecting southern and western India passes through Lonavala. The drive winds its way up tiers of ghats including the arduous Khopoli – Khandala Ghat. Within a short distance of 8 km the road ascends to a height of 369 m but the picturesque countryside makes
it worth it all. State roadways buses, private buses, taxis and tour operators have regular services to the hill resorts of Lonavala.

Best time to VisitYou can come here any time of the year, especially in winter, from October to April. Summer temperatures reach a maximum of 36° C and touch minimum temperatures of 12° C in winter. 
Hotels in LonavlaLonavala has many hotels that provide excellent accommodation, depending on your budget and taste. Apart from three star and five star hotels, there are a few budget hotel in Lonavala as well. Most of the hotels are located at places to provide you a picturesque view of the adjoining valley. All
the accommodations here work towards making your stay a comfortable one. 
Nearby PlacesKamshet only 11 km from Lonavala is a must visit destinations for those with even the slightest inclination towards adventure. A picturesque hill station it is a popular destination for paragliding.

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60′ DP Road and main entrance of Naiknavare Lakeshore Residency, at Talegaon, on Old Mumbai Pune Highway (NH4)

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60′ DP Road and main entrance of Naiknavare Lakeshore Residency, at Talegaon, on Old Mumbai Pune Highway (NH4)
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Mumbai Radio Stations

by ghindo

Mumbai Radio Stations

The radio has been, for decades, an irreplaceable medium for distributing local news. Mumbai residents are especially benefiting in this aspect, as the city offers a wide array of radio stations on a constant broadcast basis. It has been a common topic of discussion which the best ways of acquiring local news in Mumbai are – and we’ve come to find out that the radio here is strongly developed and well-utilized as a concept, so it can do very well in satisfying your needs for local news in Mumbai.

Currently, twelve radio stations are being broadcasted from the city – most of them use the popular FM band, though you can find a few on the AM one. Two of the FM radio stations are owned by All India Radio, and they are among the most popular ones currently. Below, we’ve collected some of the more prominent radio stations in Mumbai, and more specifically the ones that can provide you with a good flow of local news in the city.

Radio City used to be one of the most popular radio stations here, though its popularity has been taking a hit lately, due to some internal problems causing trouble in the way the radio is being led. You can find it on the 91.1 frequency – some people may tell you to use 91.0, though this one isn’t used anymore. The radio mostly concentrates on music, but there are frequent news broadcasts as well. It should be noted that in the music aspect, it can be very attractive to foreigners, as it often plays English songs.

One 92.7 FM, you can find BIG 92.7 FM, a radio well known for providing the latest local news in Mumbai, as well as happenings from all around the country. As with Mumbai City, the main focus here is the music, but the program incorporates frequent news reports. One of the best things about it is the stock update, which can be highly beneficial for those of you looking to conduct some business in the city.

Make sure you check out Mumbai A, B and C, which are located on various frequencies along the AM band – like the other stations in the city, they also provide interesting and frequent news reports and bulletins.

If you’re a fan of more modern technologies, this doesn’t mean you have to be left out of the loop – there are plenty of Internet radios offered in the city! Some of them are even based locally, though those are mostly still in the development phase. Tiffin Talk is a very popular one of those, always striving to provide a relevant discussion and news updates on popular topics. While the Internet-based radios aren’t exactly professional and top-notch yet, it’s obvious that they’re being built with a lot of enthusiasm and ambition, so we can only expect something great to come out of the whole ordeal. We’re definitely keeping an eye on a few of the Internet radios ourselves, make sure you follow them as well to get the best of the local news in Mumbai!

Dr. Stafford Tandon is a local Mumbai news expert expert who has been helping Mumbaikars from all walks of life find the best of local events and news in the city of Mumbai. His work can be found at Mumbai City where he has devoted his life towards the exuberant city of Mumbai


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Advertising Agency Mumbai – Indian Ad Agency For Print, TV, Web, Radio

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is a form of communication wherein a short message is designed to promote an idea, product or service. It is a billion dollar industry still growing at a very fast paced rate. Over a period of time, advertising has gained various forms.  radio advertising, TV advertising to name the few. These forms of advertising are typically aimed to create a deeper impact on the mass as they are much more capable of expressing feelings and ideas as compared to other forms. Today, in addition to business firms, advertisements are also used as a medium for promotion of political candidates, organizations, NGO. With the involvement of modern technologies, new forms of marketing have evolved. They can be categorized as web ads,  and These forms of advertising target the online mass as they more then half of the population has shifted to internet. All the forms create desired effect only if the advertising is done in an organized manner.

Corporate Communication

put simply is the set of activities dedicated for creating powerful internal and external communications within the corporate. It helps to create a strong corporate identity in the market and a clean impression within the stakeholders. Modern corporate communication also includes  for better monitoring of your sales. In addition it also includes case study papers, white papers and event collaterals. Key progress has been done in the field of corporate public relation, public affairs and public communication.  Corporate communication also includes managing content of corporate websites, coporate publications and print media.

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