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Top Trendy Bars Near St Pauls Tube Station

London has a rollicking and rocking lifestyle of which visitors would love to be a part of. The bars form part of this routine and help you in enjoying yourself to the utmost by giving a wide array of drinks, dining options with great music and dance all under one roof. St Pauls in London is one such perfect venue for large number of trendy and hip bars at its disposal connected by St Pauls Tube Station. Have the time of your life at these bars while staying at nearby hotels in St Pauls . Some of the top most bars near St Pauls tube station are:

Balls Brothers
Famous throughout London, this contemporary bar serves excellent collection of cocktails from wine, beer and champagne to its guests. Known for its friendly staff the bar also serves continental delicacies which are much cherished by visitors. You can also hire the venue on weekends for a private party and get together. Having its own wine merchant is another esteemed feature of the bar. It has branches throughout London.

Davys City Vaults
Another swanky and well furnished bar it is known for its excellent collection of cocktails. The staff is very warm and friendly taking care of all your needs .You will find yourself riveted to this place which also provides great value for your money. Trace it down Foster Lane in London.

The Saint
Located in Paternoster Square and in close proximity to Saint Pauls Cathedral and London stock Exchange, this plush place has a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. It keeps changing its menu and announce new offers every now and then at very affordable prices with a bottle of wine at just 16.75 pounds. The bar remains closed on weekends.

City Pipe
City Pipe sited at stylish Foster Lane in London is elegantly designed with well furnished sitting facilities and services. The menu includes traditional British food and live jazz music is being played to soothe your senses along with an assortment of exotic wines. Some of the interesting items in the menu include shrimp, rossetto, crayfish sandwich, spicy herbed meatballs among many others.

A huge bar and restaurant which is spread over three floors and can house up to 440 people, it has state of the art decor and well laid out menu kept to suit different types of budget which is perfect for your excursion in London. With live music sway your way into the bar till the early hours of morning. Kids are welcome during the day at lunch only.

John Rodricks is an associate editor of a website which offers hotels in St Pauls . The travelers can pick from a varied range of St Pauls hotels near St Pauls tube station

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Hill station Near Mumbai, Lonavla ,Maharashtra,india

Historically SpeakingLonavla got its name from “Lonavli”, which means ”city surrounded by caves” and the town is surrounded by many caves, with the Kurla Caves being the most well known. 
ShoppingRestaurants and eating places are aplenty in Lonavala. One can choose from mouthwatering Gujarati food to mint vada paos and freshly roasted corn on the cob which are a specialty and sold by hawkers all over the twin towns. Kamat”s at Lonavala is a popular restaurant which serves south Indian food.
Night OutRestaurants and eating places are aplenty in both these places. One can choose from mouthwatering Gujarati food to mint vada paos and freshly roasted corn on the cob which are a specialty and sold by hawkers all over the twin towns. Kamat”s at Lonavala is a popular restaurant which serves south
Indian food.
ActivitiesThose seeking adventure will not return from this holiday disappointed. Lonavala is high on the list with outdoor lovers with plenty of opportunities for trekking and camping. Surrounded by many placid lakes like the Pavna Lake, Tungarli Lake and Lonaval Lake – the beautiful natural settings are
popular camping spots where one can just pitch a tent under the open sky and enjoy nature at its best. The hills of Lonavala are ideal for trekking forays. Most of the treks are quite tough with the most popular ones being to Duke”s Nose and Kalra Hills. Make sure you start your trek early as it tends to get dark pretty early in these areas. 
SightsBushy Dam about 6kms from Lonavala is favoured tourist spot. When the water levels of the dam rises the water spills over and manifests into a small waterfall and picnickers like to sit on the steps and feel the cool water gushing over them. One word of caution though, be careful as the
force of water tends to increase suddenly. Tiger”s Leap near INS Shivaji is a curiously shaped cliff – a sheer 650 m drop into the valley. From the top one gets sweeping views of the sylvan landscape around. Other than the scenic beauty of the area, the precincts of Lonavala and Khandala are liberally strewn with places of historical importance. Ryewood is a beautifully laid out garden interspersed with trees that soar to touch the sky it seems. Today the gardens are looked after by the State government but at one time this was where an Englishman Mr Rye lived and hence the name. Visit the Christian Cemetery which was the burial place of the British “?” unfortunately most of the old tombstones have been vandalized now. 
How to get there by AirLonavala does not have airport so one has to fly to Bombay or to Pune. The nearest international airport is Bombay (110 km) and domestic airport is Pune (66km).
How to get there by RailThe railways bring Lonavala to life; connecting trains are available from Mumbai Central Station and Pune Junction. All the trains halt at Khandala before travelling onto to Lonavala.
How to get there by BusThe Mumbai-Bangalore National Highway connecting southern and western India passes through Lonavala. The drive winds its way up tiers of ghats including the arduous Khopoli – Khandala Ghat. Within a short distance of 8 km the road ascends to a height of 369 m but the picturesque countryside makes
it worth it all. State roadways buses, private buses, taxis and tour operators have regular services to the hill resorts of Lonavala.

Best time to VisitYou can come here any time of the year, especially in winter, from October to April. Summer temperatures reach a maximum of 36° C and touch minimum temperatures of 12° C in winter. 
Hotels in LonavlaLonavala has many hotels that provide excellent accommodation, depending on your budget and taste. Apart from three star and five star hotels, there are a few budget hotel in Lonavala as well. Most of the hotels are located at places to provide you a picturesque view of the adjoining valley. All
the accommodations here work towards making your stay a comfortable one. 
Nearby PlacesKamshet only 11 km from Lonavala is a must visit destinations for those with even the slightest inclination towards adventure. A picturesque hill station it is a popular destination for paragliding.

For more information for this Destination please check india Travel Guide
budget hotels in Hyderabad

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Find Perfect Location With London Hotels Near Tube Stations

London is a vibrant city with thrill and bash happening in every corner of this city. Still there are some locations where life moves with so many events happening throughout the year. Visitors can choose to stay at Hotels in London near one of the tube stations, which will bring them an easy commutation facility. Besides, some of its tube stations are really famous and have a lot of things to do around. You can look for a suitable accommodation near tube stations suggested here, as they are plush with a huge range of options.

Hotels Near Westminster London:
Several famous hotels near Westminster Underground serve the visitors with luxury and cheap accommodations in London. These lodgings bring utter satisfaction to the travellers vacations with its financial range. Find a suitable lodging near this tube station, to have the amazing London attractions accessible on a foots distance like the Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Jewel Tower and the Whitehall. Besides, you can look for some ongoing event near it, as it hosts numerous interesting events throughout the year.

Hotels Near Oxford Street:
Oxford Street is rich with options among the best five star London hotels and budget hotels near the Oxford Street. Your stay at this famous street of London will bring you to a rich shopping option at the Oxford Street, besides enjoying amazing theatrical shows at the London Palladium, located on a short foot from here.

Hotels Near Russell Square:
A stay at the hotels in russell square shall be a very rich source of pleasure for the visitors, whether they are looking for budget hotels in London or a luxuriously pleasure bringing five star hotels. Having chosen a befitting accommodation, you can walk around to reach the famous London attractions like the British Museum, Cornfield or a series of amazing museums located around this tube station. Besides, travelers can also see for the ongoing event Russell Square is hosting.

Hotels Near Knightsbridge:
A melange of hotels near Knights bridge can offer most satisfying stay in London through the vacations. Choose to stay at one of the bed and breakfast hotels if you have economic concerns. However you will also find leisure providing five to four star hotels. Travellers will get a proximity to the popular London attractions like Victoria and Albert Museum and Science Museum. Besides, shopping at Harrods will be a great experience near your accommodation.

Merycox is an associate editor to ukhotels4u, a website which offer cheap & best Hotels in London can be searched at


Coimbatore Hotels, Hotels In Coimbatore, Hotel Near Coimbatore Railway Station,

by splorp

Hotel Raamus is set in the busy and recently rejuvenated central business district of Coimbatore; The Raamus is a modern urban sanctuary, with the bustle of the metropolis that serves as a perfect foil for travelers for whom convenience is as much as a priority as comfort. . All the rooms are provided with balcony to view the Nilgiri Mountains from one end and another view for the Western Ghats. It is located downtown, a mere two minutes from Coimbatore railway station, 4km from the Central and State Transport Bus stands & 12km from the airport .
Hotel Raamus is one of the best hotels in Coimbatore; First admirable thing is about the services provided by them. Hotel Raamus is one of the business class hotel with well trained staff providing impeccable service with uncompromising dedication and individual attention in all service areas. Their services start from 6.30am to 11pm which is well suitable for all. The menu offering are with a wide range of snacks, sandwiches, hot meals etc, along with a selection of beverages that suit based on our individual tastes. That will be delivered to our door quickly.
About Hotel Raamus food , the first phrase comes in our mind is Eat Well Pay Less its delicious and is stuffed with myriad varieties of food items comprising dishes of both North and south Indian flavours that taste the mouth-watering feast for all. Hotel Raamus support all gender of people in comforting them with their wants and needs is the main factor which makes to attract towards Hotel Raamus.
Other facilities of Hotel Raamus are they also provide cab services (own cabs) for the customers from their place, concierge, private parking place, Safe-Deposit Lockers, lounge bar, Cable Channels, In-Room Movies, Daily newspaper, 24 Hrs room Service, Laundry Service, Doctor on call, STD/ISD direct call from all rooms, 24 Hours Front Desk, Wake-up Service, and 1 Terrace Gardens which is very pleasant to relax.

Hotel Raamus is located in the busy and recently rejuvenated central business district of Coimbatore.

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Best Dallas Suburb for 1 bedroom apartment near arlington?

Question by Donald B: Best Dallas Suburb for 1 bedroom apartment near arlington?
Im moving to Dallas soon for a job in Arlington, and I was hoping to get some information on what the better areas of Dallas are to find apartments. Unfortunately its just me and stilll a bit outside my price range to get a house. I know that the north side of dallas is suppose to be nicer, but I’ll be working in the Arlington area and dont necessarily want a long commute. Any advice and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by nothingconstant
Well.. Arlington is not my favorite part.. I just don’t care for Euless and those places. I would pick Grapevine or Southlake. Southlake is fairly well-to-do though so apartments would be rather expensive. Grapevine has the AMC theater and a huge huge outlet mall and also a fairly established downtown.

I wouldn’t go near Irving or Carrollton. There’s nothing great around there and rather crowded imo. Richardson has a lot of restaurants… I suppose that may be a plus.

Highland Park is really really really rich and University Park is near SMU college.
This area is awesome. It’s so walkable which is rare for Dallas.

Of course I can’t afford to live in these areas:)
If you want a town with two colleges and great live music (like Austin used to have) come to Denton! I used to rent a box of an apartment all bills paid for 390 though. Not too bad eh?

What do you think? Answer below!


What is a good place for a 30th birthday near Dallas?

Question by scalame84: What is a good place for a 30th birthday near Dallas?
I am trying to plan a 30th birthday, for a guy. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to throw a great party or where to throw one? I am attempting for this to be a suprise. I am still debating if I would like to be able to have kids come (ex: at the house so they can come or at a bar where they can’t). I know there will be family and friends. The nearest big city that I am by is Dallas, Texas. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by Black lashes
if its upscale-nana grill @ the anatole hotel-no kids.
if its just to hang out/drink- petes piano bar

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What are the local places to do sky diving near Dallas-Fort Worth?

Question by Gentleman.: What are the local places to do sky diving near Dallas-Fort Worth?
A few friends and I are looking to sky-dive this summer in or around the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Also the price or packages of the sky-dive would be good to know also.

Best answer:

Answer by thresher

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Who can help me to find a safe and cheaper hotel near Dallas Fort Worth air port?

Question by Isumi i: Who can help me to find a safe and cheaper hotel near Dallas Fort Worth air port?

Best answer:

Answer by ThanxXx
Try expedia “.com!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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What is going on in Dallas this weekend near the Crescent? April 5?

Question by William U: What is going on in Dallas this weekend near the Crescent? April 5?
Anniversary weekend. We are staying at the Hotel Zaza and looking for area shows or things to see.

Best answer:

Answer by crazijimsmith
isnt the international festival this weekend or is it next weekend?

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lakes near dallas?

Question by clairehair21: lakes near dallas?
I am looking for a nice lake within 1 hours drive of Dallas with nice hotels or town etc to go tomorrow, I am on holiday here and so do not know the area and hope someone can help me!

Best answer:

Answer by Courtney S
I live in Dallas.

But anyways.

White Rock is awesome!!
Here is a link for it.

Lake Ray Hubbard is okay to and that
is the one that i go to most.

Both lakes are less than an hour from downtown
Dallas and both are awesome!!

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