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Launch of Irish Network Dallas Fort Worth Chapter

Launch of Irish Network Dallas Fort Worth Chapter
Event on 2018-03-06 18:30:00
Irish Network USA is the national umbrella organization integrating the Irish Networks that exist in various cities across the United States. It allows members of the networks to connect with their peers and to develop relationships that will foster success in their business, economic, cultural and sports ventures. The mission of IN-USA is: to bolster business opportunities and economic development between the United States and Ireland; to support and encourage Irish Arts and Culture through film, literature, theater, dance and language; to encourage and promote the mission and expansion of Irish sports, throughout the United States; to support the efforts of local Irish organizations and associations; to serve as a conduit between newly arrived Irish immigrants and their communities in Member cities and states. Please join us for the launch of The Irish Network Dallas Fort Worth Chapter.  Hear from the National President of the Irish Network , Mr Steve Lenox and opening remarks from the Irish Consulate, Mr Adrian Farrell.  Learn about our plans for the devleopment of this chapter and how you can get involved. We look forward to seeing you there.  Business Attire Wine & Passed  hors d'oeuvres will be offered. Cash Bar available.   FAQs Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? 21 years and older   What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event? The Network Bar is located in the thriving and burgeoning Trinty Groves, just across the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. There is ample parking everywhere. Please allow time for traffic and as there are many restaurants in this location, it tends to be busy.  

at The Network Bar
331 Singleton Boulevard
Dallas, United States


The Association of Network Marketing Professionals: ANMP 2018 Convention in Dallas TX USA. May 31 – June 3, 2018 (Thursday – Sunday)

The Association of Network Marketing Professionals: ANMP 2018 Convention in Dallas TX USA. May 31 – June 3, 2018 (Thursday – Sunday)
Event on 2018-05-31 18:00:00
TIME-LIMITED CONVENTION SPECIAL For a limited time, the ticket prices reflect the Convention Special Offer. For more details, connect with us on our ANMP Convention Facebook group. ANMP 2018 – It's Our 14th Year! Voted #1 BEST VALUE, the Annual Convention of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals (ANMP) is the best and most complete training for Network Marketing Professionals worldwide! Established in 2004 the ANMP is a 501(C)6 non-profit association – your professional association. At our annual convention, you'll learn from the BEST of the BEST…. Superstars, Top Trainers, Legends and Renowned Educators will mentor you and your team to greater success for your best results ever! FAQs  How can I contact the organizer with any questions? Please email How much are rooms at the event hotel, and how do I book my hotel room?Rooms at the InterContinental Hotel (4 Stars) are just 9. When the hotel room block becomes available for you to book a room online, we will send out an email to all attendees. 

at InterContinental Hotel Addison
15201 Dallas Parkway
Addison, United States


Superconducting Filters In Base Stations And Other Network Optimization Td’s Role

0 Introduction Superconducting technology is considered of strategic importance in the 21st century high-tech one, in energy, information, transportation, instrumentation, defense and other aspects important applications. Currently active in the world are in the application technology of superconductivity.

Superconducting filter using conductor at very low temperatures (-200 or so) when the conductor made of resistance similar to the principle of zero band-pass filter, used in mobile Communicate Base station receiver front end, significant improvements Mobile base stations Uplink performance, improve base station receiver sensitivity and lower band, the band all kinds of interference, thereby improving the signal transmission quality, extend coverage up to enhance signal transmission rate.

Of superconducting filter in TD-SCDMA base stations and other network optimization in the role of China is actively developing TD-SCDMA system and the 2G network optimization system is important.

1 mobile communications uplink and downlink analysis

1.1 Mobile communication is mainly limited by the uplink

Mobile phone base station transmit power is much greater than transmission power, and mobile phone base station receiver sensitivity and receiver sensitivity is almost the same. Therefore, mobile communication is mainly limited by the uplink, uplink coverage area are often less than the downlink coverage area.

In addition, as users continue to increase, mobile communication network is bound to increase the number of base stations. This allows access to the base station receiver interference and noise growing and increased the burden on the uplink.

1.2 to improve the general approach to the uplink

General approach to improve the uplink are: installation of the base station transmitter output cavity RF filter to suppress the base station transmitter spurious radiation. Base station receiver uses diversity reception mode, and also used in the RF input of the cavity filter to improve the receiver sensitivity and inhibit a variety of band interference.

However, the filter cavity Q value can only be reached around 5000, relatively large passband loss, stop-band attenuation is not enough, the transition zone are not steep. Therefore, this method can not effectively solve the problem uplink interference, the base station receiver in-band interference and background noise is still relatively high, the base station receiver sensitivity and capacity utilization is not high.

2 superconducting filter is the best way to solve one of the base station interference

Superconducting filter is to use conductor at very low temperatures (about -200 ) resistance is approximately zero when the surface characteristics of the filter is made, the Q value of up to 10 million, higher than the filter’s Q value cavity nearly 20 times. Therefore, the superconducting filter passband with minimal insertion loss ( 60dB) and very steep transition zone (-100dB/400KHz). After the superconducting filter

with the same working conditions in the ultra low-noise low-temperature release (LNA) (Gain: 12dB), with very low noise figure (

I am an expert from China Products, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as wood clothes rack , over the door racks.

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2nd Annual GE Veterans Network Golf Tournament to Benefit Folds of Honor

2nd Annual GE Veterans Network Golf Tournament to Benefit Folds of Honor
Event on 2017-11-10 11:30:00
General Electric veterans wish to continue to serve our U.S. military veterans and their families!  For a second year, a group of GE military veterans will be holding a golf tournament to benefit Folds of Honor–a non-profit organizations devoted to providing educational scholarships to the children and spouses of our fallen and disabled service members while serving our nation.  We hope you will partner with us by sponsoring, donoting or participating in this year's golf tournament on November 10, 2017.  The tournament will be held at Bear Creek Golf Club–centrally located between Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas.     FAQs   How can I contact the organizer with any questions? Contact Name:  Tim Cousins Email: Phone: 682.216.6986 Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends? Sure!  As long as we receive payment, your ticket may be used by anyone.   Can I donate/sponsor for any amount? Yes!  We welcome any type of donation.  Please contact Tim Cousins, and we will facilitate the process.

at Bear Creek Golf Club
3500 Bear Creek Ct
Dallas, United States


Network After Work Dallas at Social House

Network After Work Dallas at Social House
Event on 2016-06-28 18:00:00
Unwind and socialize with hundreds of local professionals and entrepreneurs right after work on Tuesday, June 28th at The Social House Uptown (2708 Routh Street). You’ll make great connections in a fun and relaxed atmosphere while expanding your network of contacts to help fuel your own career or business goals. Network locally with America’s premier face-to-face networking organization which holds nearly 70 events across the country each month. Grab your business cards then get out and network with Network After Work. Benefits: Generate Leads Find Referrals Meet Like Minded Professionals from all Industries Promote Your Business or Service Search by Industry with Color-Coded Name Badge Recruit Talented Professionals Find Your Next Opportunity Advance Ticketing Options: *You must attend the event to receive the marketing benefits* *VIP: Includes 1st Drink when you arrive before 7pm You and/or Your Business featured in Event Recap that goes out to our local database will be sent after the event   *All Access: Business Featured on our website as a sponsor for one month Includes 1st Drink when you arrive before 7pm You and/or Your Business featured in Event Recap that goes out to our local database will be sent after the event   Sponsorship: One dedicated table at the event to display promotional information and items Up to 4 tickets to attend the event One complimentary drink ticket for each person (up to 4) to enjoy the featured cocktail at the event Your event/organization will be featured on the Network After Work website as a sponsor Sponsors must have signage available to display at the event Please Note: Network After Work has the right to approve/deny what event or organization is promoted at the table to ensure relevancy and appropriateness for our attendees   Non-Profit: One dedicated table at the event to display promotional information and items Two tickets to attend the event (no drink tickets included) Please Note: Network After Work has the right to approve/deny what non-profit event or organization is promoted at the table to ensure relevancy and appropriateness for our attendees Sponsors must have signage available to display at the event and must provide 501c3 registration  

at NYLO Dallas South Side
1325 South Lamar
Dallas, United States


Network Neutrality

by oso

Network Neutrality

I am sure that many of you will have heard the phrase “Network Neutrality” bounced around a lot. But what does it mean exactly to be neutral? What is it the ISPs are kicking up such a fuss about?

Well, since the “dot com bubble” burst, so to speak, we have had an awful lot of infrastructure and bandwidth to play with. This and the massive roll out of broadband Internet connections through technologies such as cable and ADSL have lead to a rapid increase in both the amount and type of content on the web.

Seven years ago it could take minutes to load a page with a 56k modem if it had more than a few small JPEGs on it. Now, studies show that on average we’re disappointed if a page takes more than three seconds to load. We have digital images everywhere in high resolutions, Internet radio and pod casting is widespread (although seemingly under threat), and streaming videos galore dot the online landscape. We enjoy the richest content the Internet or any other media service has ever been able to provide.

Most of the sites on the web now operate on a similar model, deriving their revenues from advertising rather than content subscriptions. And most of us have come to expect not to pay (at least directly) for the content we view over the Internet. Everyone is happy. The ISPs get a regular monthly income from us, the content providers get regular streams of viewers and generate ad revenues, and we get our kid with a golf ball retriever as a light saber.

But dark times are ahead…

While our current system is working well, it seems that not everyone is as happy as we thought. The ISPs appear to want a little more.

For many years ISPs have provided their own Internet services as well as providing the connection. AOL has its search system, Instant Messenger client, and even mandated the use of its own browser for a time (although it was only Internet Explorer wearing a pretty costume). And many other companies have partnerships with content providers. In the UK where I live, British Telecom (BT) is in partnership with Yahoo, and while none of its features are forced on us, there is a clear bias for BT to promote Yahoo content.

Now the ISPs are calling the current system “unfair.” They say “what they [content providers] would like to do is use my pipes free” (a direct quote from Edward Whitacre, CEO of Split Banc Corp — the group that now owns the large American ISP AT&T). And in a recent report, Jupiter Research has concluded that a two-tier Internet may be introduced in the UK, with ISPs unable to resist the temptation of charging for access at both ends. And here I was thanking my lucky starts that this would only affect the US!

What does this mean? Well they are effectively saying that they want anyone transmitting data along their cables to be charged. It seems a fair enough claim on first sight, but when you look deeper, you see that it simply wouldn’t work. The proposed model where fee payers can achieve higher bandwidth rates through an ISP’s system is going to be achieved by simply restricting normal traffic to lower speeds. They aren’t creating a new higher tier for paying customers; they are forcing anyone not paying onto a lower tier than we have now.

This has large Internet companies like Google and Microsoft worried. Almost all of Google’s revenues come form ad generation through their search engine, with their other projects just there to help draw users in. If they were forced to run at slower speeds, even Google’s light page template with no glossy adds or banners would be affected. And what about all splendors we are used to? What about the 24/7 streaming video, the Internet radio, the endless pictures and guides, blogs and tutorials, reviews, forums, chat rooms and Instant Messaging with far off friends?

What of Wikipedia? They as a charitable body have no “income” as such, just donations and sponsorship to keep them and their servers running. How will they be able to pay fees to allow people to access their site? How would wakes be able to exist at all if people could never get to them easily to edit and contribute?

To this generation the Internet is the fount of all knowledge, even if that knowledge may be flawed, corrupt, or just plain useless. We have it all at our fingertips, and we like it that way.

Many critics and human rights campaigners cite China’s “Great Firewall” as the worst abuse of Internet technology. China is filtering content to its citizens for purposes of historical revisionism and state propaganda. But is this all that different from what is proposed by our own ISPs?

Blocking or at the very least restricting access to certain sites on the grounds that they aren’t paying for the privilege doesn’t seem any different to me. In fact, it seems even worse given this comes very close to breaking anti-trust laws. ISPs offering their own services should not be able to force their customers into using them, in the same way that Microsoft shouldn’t be able to force customers into using Live Search or Windows Media Player with Windows Vista.

What we are most likely to see, though, will not be an all-out blocking of non-conformist cheapskate companies, but something similar to what has been implemented by ISPs in response to Bit-Torrent and other high bandwidth peer-to-peer applications: traffic shaping. This would simply mean that the ISPs set up monitors to restrict traffic from companies on a “black list” and prioritize companies who pay their way.

It makes me wonder though. How would a system of charging the provider work on an international level? No one company individually owns much of the Internet backbone (the infrastructure of international connections, via high bandwidth fiber optics). And can you really insist that a content provider can’t use your part of the network without paying? It could work at a local level where individual ISPs define “using their pipes” as sending content to one of their customers, but once the international backbones start being used, what’s going to happen?

The majority of web servers in the world are located in the USA. Are Europeans going to be left out of American content because the companies won’t pay the fees to get fast speeds across the Atlantic link? Are the content providers going to be expected to pay each and every major ISP to allow their traffic to go anywhere? What about countries like India and China with rapidly increasing numbers of Internet users? Are they going to want to pay the fees? Will the Chinese government just take the opportunity to shut the world out completely?

Being from the UK, I have hope that the European Union will step in and prevent such a disaster. They have taken a hard line on Microsoft for abusing their monopoly of the operating system market to force other services onto consumers, so perhaps they will listen to reason and not the corporate lackeys when the opportunity to ensure network neutrality comes up in their oh-so-busy schedule.

Yes, content providers are providing the infrastructure for the Internet; however much of it was there to begin with after the dot-com boom and subsequent burst. Many of the smaller ISPs in the UK only rent the broadband equipment and lines from BT (British Telecom, former state-owned telecommunication company before privatization). The Internet backbone itself is owned by the largest companies and also in part by governments across the world. To be net neutral, the ISPs must allow a paying end-user to access any part of the Internet. They merely provide the access to whatever else is connected to the network.

The problem is they are starting to see content providers as end-users as well. The very essence of the problem is that the network providers don’t want anyone to use their part of the network without paying for it. While it may seem like the market could allow competitiveness, this isn’t what it’s offering.

What happens when small start-ups can’t get to anyone without paying fees? These are on top of their content production costs, the cost of hosting said content, and the cost of paying one of the ISPs once already for a connection and bandwidth. It’s not like the content providers are not already paying for their access. However what is being proposed is that they should pay all of the ISPs, not just the one providing them with a local connection, but every single one that owns the backbone cabling.

But what happens when there is no “new My Space” to attract people? What happens when all people are offered is one company for searches and so forth through their ISP? What happens when they can’t watch videos, listen to Internet radio, see wild pictures and read random babble about someone else’s life?

If the ISPs only thought about why we all go onto the Internet, and understood that we are all more than just a set of numbers that seem to endlessly want to pay them money for offering this connection, then they’d think twice about neutering it. They fail to see that we aren’t really paying to have a cable. We are paying to get to what’s on the other end of the cable, and just put up with the ISPs to get it.

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How to watch Golf Wyndham Championship live streaming over the network ?

Question by Jim Look: How to watch Golf Wyndham Championship live streaming over the network ?
How to watch Golf Wyndham Championship live streaming over the network ? thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Tom Cruy
You could try a tv for pc to watch Golf Wyndham Championship live online. Get it here.

There are hundreds of worldwide TV channels like ABC, TNT, ESPN, CBS, FOX, BBC, Sky TV, CBC, VS. NBC, TSN, Local …
Download and install it on your computer.
With it, you can watch Golf and lots of tv channels live online legally, comfortably and in good quality.
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DISH Network International Packages – Enjoy Chinese programming

DISH Network International Packages – Enjoy Chinese programming

Chinese Americans are going to have a blast in the United States with DISH Network, as it brings its exclusive international packages that offer programming in Chinese. Yes, it’s time to rejoice and celebrate for now Chinese community in Americ a will be able to watch their favorite programs and shows in their mother tongue! The exciting DISH Network offer is sure to bring smile on every Chinese family settled in America. They can feel the warmth of their home land by staying in the US, only through DISH Network. The provider has simply provided a wonderful deal to all the ethnic communities living here for years.


The international programming offered DISH Network is a great gift to ethnic groups of America. The package offers more than 200 DISH Network channels in about 28 interesting languages, which include Chinese. A unique collection of DISH channels is part of Chinese programming, which will give you a chance to have great time with family back at home. If you subscribe to international programming pack, then DISH Network delivers around 14 provincial TV channels, 5 CCTV channels direct from Mainland China, along with 3 TV channels from Hong Kong and other parts of the world. Seems quite exciting right! And the price is the most affordable. In fact, no other satellite TV provider in the nation brings huge programming in foreign languages than DISH Network. So, if you want to enjoy exclusive assortment of channels in your mother tongue, then you should pick the DISH international pack.


A lot of Chinese people are part of America, whether be it in Las Vegas, Dallas, Portland, Seattle, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles or Boston. You will find thousands of Chinese who have immigrated to America on different grounds. However, they are now integral part of the nation and simply love to be Chinese Americans. But sometimes they may feel nostalgic that they are away from their home country and yearn to get something so that can get be close to their culture, people, and language. Therefore, DISH Network has brought exclusive packs that deliver several channels showing sitcoms, movies, shows in Chinese language.


In order to enjoy Chinese programming, DISH Network has provided two popular packs – Chinese: Great Wall TV and Chinese Elite. The superb Great Wall TV airs channels 24 hours a day airing some of the best shows, live programs, and other entertainment at a price which is very low. Yes, you just have to .99/mo to enjoy over 20 CCTV channels coming right from Mainland China and beyond. Some of the channels include CCTV-Opera, CCTV-News, Beijing TV, AN HUI TV, Dragon TV, CYRTV, Xiamen TV, Pacvia TV, China Movie Channel (CMC), CCTV-E, CCTV-4, to name some.


With the Chinese Elite Pack, you get the most familiar channels from Mainland China at reasonable rates. Some of the best Chinese channels can be viewed if you pick this pack at nominal rate of $ 19.99 every month. You get news, movies, dramas, shows and everything with 100% digital clarity. Hunan Satellite TV, Phoenix Infonews, CCTV-Entertainment, CCTV-4 and Phoenix North America Chinese Channel are the popular channels that you can watch here.

DISH Network is one of the popular satellite TV providers in America, which brings wonderful international programming for you. Go through various DISH Network packages and enjoy a galore of DISH channels.

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Netzzunft bei Open Broadcast Network

Some cool broadcast images:

Netzzunft bei Open Broadcast Network
Image by Philipp Küng


DISH Network Music Channels

DISH Network Music Channels

Do you love listening to music? They say music has the power to both heal and calm. That is right in many ways. Whenever you feel low and sad, listening to music can give you the desired boost. If you listen to some soothing and relaxing music it can relieve you from all kinds of stress and tension. Music therefore has an important role to play in our day to day lives. We just love listening to music. Don’t we? If you are a music lover who cannot live without music then you are sure to have an entertaining time with DISH Network, one of the leading satellite TV companies of the United States.

The Satellite TV provider offers you a wide array of music channels that can give you a heavenly musical experience. There are number of DISH Network channels that are dedicated to music. These channels bring you music of every kind and genre. Whether you love jazz, rock, blues, pop or any other kinds of music for that matter, you can get a variety of music of your choice on DISH Network satellite TV channels. You can also get to hear a number of musical performances by the eminent artists. The music related reality shows are also there. You will enjoy watching some of the rising stars of music industry through these programs. It is sure to be an experience to remember. You can hear some cool classics as well as some of the latest chartbusting singles by the pop idols through these channels.

We can classify the music channels on DISH Network in different categories. Some of these channels are audio channels while there are some channels that bring you the beautiful music videos that come with these singles and other songs.

DISH Network Audio Channels

The DISH Network audio channels can be found under the name of DISH Music. You can have a great time listening to your favorite genre of music with these channels. The channels include DISH MUSIC – 50’s & 60’s Hits, DISH Music – 70’s Hits, DISH Music – 80’s Hits, DISH Music – City Lights, DISH Music – Country Music One, DISH Music – Expressions, DISH Music – Gumbo, DISH Music – Hitline, DISH Music – Love Song, DISH Music – Hot FM and much more. You are sure to get the best of songs and performances from the eminent artists with this DISH Network channel.

DISH Network Video Music Channels

There are a number of video channels that offer the viewers high quality music entertainment. Through the music channels you can not only get to hear some of the coolest music videos and live performances. Yes, that is true. You can enjoy the latest music videos by the famous pop stars and music bands through these DISH TV channels. You may also listen to some beautiful and refreshing country music through these channels. The channels include MTV, Country Music Channel or CMTT and much more.

Apart from these channels there are channels like Fox, NBC and ABC that brings you musical talent shows, live performances and much more with DISH Network channels.

Get the best of music channels with DISH Network music channels. Opt for the best satellite TV offers from DISH Network Packages.

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