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Union Gospel Mission Dallas 69th Thanksgiving and Praise Banquet

Union Gospel Mission Dallas 69th Thanksgiving and Praise Banquet
Event on 2018-11-03 18:00:00
Join Union Gospel Mission Dallas as we celebrate our 69th Thanksgiving and Praise Banquet at 6 pm on Saturday, November 3rd at  We'll spend time praising the Lord and celebrating the great works God is doing for the Mission. This year's theme is Radical Love!  When you display love towards God’s work and UGM, you allow us to show radical love to more and more people each day. People whose lives are being transformed with the Gospel, food, shelter, clothing, job training, counseling and much more! You will hear stories of how you help transform lives for thousands of individuals by donating to the Mission, volunteering at the Mission and your constant prayers for the well-being of the Mission. We are encouraging you to please become a Table Host and you can register up to eight (8) people. We are excited to have you be a part of our Radical Love! Please contact Dani Bethune at if you have any questions. Celebrating 69 years of serving homeless in Dallas!

at Bent Tree bible Fellowship
4141 International Parkway
Carrollton, United States


A Praise Break at the Potter’s House

Bishop Jakes giving us some thing to dance about


Praise Incorporated- The Anchor Holds: Awesome Baritone Solo,Men’s Quartet Evangelistic Team

Praise Incorporated is a full time Southern Gospel Evangelistic Team that travels the world bringing the good news of Jesus Christ through song and word. They conduct a variety of services and also conduct up to 5 day Revivals that include Services, Bible Studies and Devotionals. We will go wherever God opens the door. The group is based in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area. Praise Inc has shared the stage with Gold City, The Stamps, The Imperials, Shiloh Quartet, Mercy’s Mark, Dixie Melody Boys, Kirk Talley, Jeff Treece Band, Karen Peck and New River, The Weatherford’s, Naomi and the Sego’s, Brian Free and Assurance, Triumphant Quartet, Tony Gore, The Ruppes, Paul’s Journey, Michael English, Young Harmony, The Singing Echoes, The Melody Boys, The Talley Trio, Shannon Bunch and many more. Video produced by Mike Culpepper of Pepper Productions 817-229-1853.
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Praise and Realize the Almighty With Gospel Music

Music is the language of hearts; it speaks about the honest and innocent aspect of someone. Gospel music is a genre of music that speaks your true feelings. It is full of zeal and praise and refers to the religious music. Gospel music is traditionally been sung to express faith, devotion and praise to god. The genre of gospel music is specified by wonderful blend of loud vocals and pious religious lyrics. It is believed that gospel music was created, two styles have been clearly defined; hence, sometimes an artist from one branch of gospel music sings the songs of the other branch. The separation between black and white American churches always kept the two branches of gospel music apart.

With time changing time this gap is also narrowing but black and white gospel music still has its own peculiarity. This gap is still bridging up as artists are now singing songs of other branch. In 1930s when gospel music was developing, person who contributed the most was Thomas Dorsey. He created songs by perfect blend of yell of admiration and zeal in his own modern style. This style became very famous and for this reason he was well known as father of contemporary gospel. From 30s till now gospel music is developing and performers from all over the world are making it more popular among people.

Instruments that are commonly used in Gospel Music are drum, electric guitar and electric bass guitar. One of the most admired singers of gospel music is Sister Rosetta Tharpe. She was so much famous among people that till 40s millions of people were her fans and they came from various places just to see her performing live. She performed several venues in united state that made her music available to all. African Americans have the honor of starting gospel music but they are not as popular as hymns. This music can be seen now all over the world and a large number of people are playing and enjoying it. Now gospel music has various types and music lovers are still developing it and making it more popular across the world. As music has no limitations gospel music has also reached worldwide.

Gospel music is ever changing; day-by-day it is becoming more pleasing. Music lovers keep record of every development through cassatas, and records so that anytime they may sink their soul in pious gospel music. If you are fond of collecting and listening gospel music, you can get CDs, DVDs from music stores. These stores offer CDs and DVDs of every phase of gospel music. Internet is also a good resource to buy such CDs and DVDs, not only gospel music these online music stores have much more to offer you. You can also download them and may be it’s free as many sites provide free downloading. If you do not have that much information about gospel music but you want to learn it or to know more about it you can also find magazines journals and articles that can help you out.


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