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Dallas TX ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification Training

Dallas TX ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification Training
Event on 2018-09-05 09:00:00
ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification Training & Exam session is a One Day 8 Hour Training Class & Proctored Exam, accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-Conference for Food Protection (CFP). The program blends the latest FDA Food Code, food safety research and years of food sanitation training experience. Managers learn to implement essential food safety practices and create a culture of food safety. All content and materials are based on actual job tasks identified by foodservice industry experts. Time(s) 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Lecture – 8 Hour Lecture (Breaks given during the day) 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM – Lunch Break 4:30 PM – Must be onsite for exam & online course/exam option 5:00 PM – Exam Administered (If you are taking a computer proctored the exam, make sure you bring your laptop with WiFi and create an account on prior to exam). You have 2 hours to complete the test but most take 45 minutes to an hour Books, Study Guide & Practice Exam(s) Once registration payment is received, you will receive a confirmation email with your study materials to download via a PDF link. The study guide does not replace the current ServSafe® Manager Book but is designed to be a supplement to prepare you for the training & exam.  Confirmation emails are only sent to contact person email address only with information on how to access the study guide. If you would like to have the book shipped to you prior to Instructor-Led Course you may purchase in our online store or at Also, you can access the study guide in the Apple or Google App Stores.  Search for “WeGoHRB“.  This is a free download. Class & Exam Language This class is taught in English. Paper Exams are available in English, Spanish, Korean, French Canadian, Japanese and Chinese. Computer Exams are available in English, Spanish, Chinese & Instructor (Instructor exams are only given during train the trainer sessions). Please specify exam language during registration.  If not specified, English will be the default exam & book. If English is not your first language you are allowed to use English to Your Language paper dictionary during the exam. If you need the exam read to you or an interpreter you may request an exemption.  This request must be 10 business days before class and must be approved by exam security department prior to exam date. Policies Please view the following policies prior to registration.   Course & Exam Details – Download or View Online Terms of Service – Download or View Online Privacy Policy- Download or View Online By making a payment you allow HRBUniversal to record your IP Address as a digital signature as acceptance agreement that you have read and agree with the Course & Exam Details, Privacy Policy, & Terms of Service and proceed to the payment area.    

at Best Western Plus
14975 Landmark Blvd
Dallas, United States


WoW: Protection Paladin solo Magtheridon (Paladin World First?! Nope, but its still great!)

READ: So I just solo’d Magtheridon. My first attempt was to check out how it worked and on 30% Berserk kicked in. Therefore I had to up my DPS to atleast 2850. I did that by respeccing to: Wowhead: MMO-Champion: I also used a Flask of Endless Rage, a Potion of Speed, Scroll of Strength VIII, Hit/Stam food, Gift of the Wild as external buffs to add some more DPS. Reckoning proved to be the most vital part here. Due tons of infernals it’s active alot of the time. Therefore I was able to keep Seal of Corruption up for most of the time. I had to switch to Seal of Light a few times to heal myself back up, but in the end it all came together and I got myself a nice 500g as reward. Armory: Songs used: Megadeth – Trust Children of Bodom – Don’t Stop at the Top (Scorpions Cover)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

969 rotation. tps/dps rotation for bosses. Theory crafting behind the rotation. Link to my rotation addon.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


Phrase Lifestyle More than 50 – Discover Cost-effective Protection For More mature Folks

Phrase Lifestyle More than 50 – Discover Cost-effective Protection For More mature Folks

Statistics display that Americans are located longer and more healthy life than we did a decade ago. Simply because of those statistics, insurers are willing to extend inexpensive existence insurance policy to more mature individuals. Individuals Nevertheless Rely Upon Us – Several of us obtained expression protection when we have been younger, our youngsters required our help, and our house had a large home loan. Our assumed was that we would have our life covered for people a long time when we raised our kids and paid off our house. We also imagined that we would have huge savings or expense accounts by the time that policy expired so we could include ourselves without having insurance coverage.

That was a great program, but do it often function out? Effectively, a great deal of us skidded into center age or our retirement a long time with out possessing accomplished all of our objectives. Some folks lost their job and had to refinance their houses, bring out a 2nd mortgage, or invest in one more residence. Occasionally our kids did not cooperate with our plans, and they did not finish their education precisely when we planned they would. I see far more and much more grandparents that have their kids nevertheless residing with them, and of program, also their grandchildren!

Our Company Might Rely Upon Us – But our require for existence insurance plan does not usually suggest that things went wrong. Many people have operate fantastic corporations or been really crucial employees of their firms. If all those people passed away, the complete company would endure, and important man existence insurance coverage covers the organization for that issue. We Want to Transfer Wealth – Lifestyle insurance can also be a excellent way to pass on wealth to the next generation. Most of the time, the beneficiaries will get a tax totally free hard cash payment. Carry a predicament where one particular kid will inherit a business. How Do More aged Individuals Discover Cost-effective Life Insurance coverage

Now a particular person in their 70’s may possibly not expect to discover a 30 calendar year expression coverage. But if that individual is reasonably healthy for their age, they can certainly find a 10 12 months scheme. Of course, great wellness habits will help. But a reasonably nutritious individual must be capable to come across inexpensive coverage.

A 50 calendar year old could nevertheless locate an cost-effective 20 calendar year scheme to cover them into their retirement many years. Once more, wellness and a nutritious existence type will aid that man or woman get the greatest prices and the most possibilities.

Key Person Insurance

Other useful resources can be found:

keyman insurance quote

Barry Temple is a senior associate at Keyman Quote and has spent many years in the Keyman Insurance Industry.<br /><br />To find more about <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=””>Key Person Insurance</a> visit the website at<br /><br /><br /><br />

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Protection Paladin Tips

Protection Paladin Tips

To player, Playing a Tankadin in World of Waecraft can be a ffxiv power leveling lot of fun but can be quite challenging, so you should only enter into tanking if final fantasy xiv gil you are prepared to be responsible for groups and ffxiv gil learn a lot. And ffxiv gil you can use wow gold buy the weapon help you break the boss. There are many critical abilities in the protection talent tree though. In fact there are ffxiv power leveling more good talents than most players can reasonably take.Just a few of the key ones are: Anticipation for final fantasy xiv gils a 5% boost to dodge, Toughness for ffxiv power leveling 10% extra armour, Sacred Duty and wow power leveling Combat Expertise for 8% and 6% additional stamina from each respectively, One handed weapon specialization for a 10% boost to all damage while holding a onehanded weapon, and many more. If you have not enough wow gold in the game,you can buy wow gold in low price from us. These things you have to do: Learn to use the 969 rotation and staggering your Holy Shield with other abilities to make sure it is active at all times. You should always run a threat meter of some sort. It will allow you to judge how far ahead you are of your DPS’ers. Try to use postpull CC as much as possible, especially if you are relying of Avenger’s Shield for your pulls. While it will not hit CC’ed targets it may not jump to what you expect. It hits 2 random targets after your first. While it will be the closest to the previous target, if 2 targets are equidistant it is random. Sheep, banish, shackle and trap should be your preferred CC as a Paladin tank, sap only when necessary and then pull by getting close and judging instead of using Avenger’s Shield. Tanking is not something you can pick up in a day. It is a long hard road that requires lots of practice and gear. Make sure it’s for you before you even start. These things you should avoid: As you need to use Consecration to hold aggro on multiple enemies, make sure you back up from any crowd controlled enemies so that you do not set them free.Don’t use your taunt right way, instead of trying to pull the enemies back in some other method, unless there is more than one creature on that group member. Then taunting should be your first option to grab them back. Try to save it for when your healer has pulled aggro or when a DPS’er has several enemies on them immediately. Avoid looking at stats other than your core stats. Owing to mana return from healing and blessings you no longer need to worry about Intelligence as a Paladin tank. Likewise you get +spell power from stamina, you don’t need to focus on +spell power on your gear. So buying wow gold now and enjoy your game life.

Try to save it for when your healer has pulled aggro or when a DPS’er has several enemies on them immediately. Avoid looking at stats other than your core stats. Owing to mana return from healing and blessings you no longer need to worry about Intelligence as a Paladin tank. Likewise you get +spell power from stamina, you don’t need to focus on +spell power on your gear. So buying wow gold now and enjoy your game life.


What is the best football helmet for awesomeness comfort and overall protection?

Question by Spongebob S: What is the best football helmet for awesomeness comfort and overall protection?
I am on the football team and I really want my own helmet [yes My league allows it] My friend says “revo speed all the way, but I like the ion. I haven’t tried eather of them yet but I really want to know?

Best answer:

Answer by John Doe
DNA’s or Speeds for sure.

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Dentists’ Provident Society – Income Protection Claim Statistics

Dentists’ Provident Society – Income Protection Claim Statistics

If you are a dentist, it’s likely that you’ve taken out income protection insurance (also referred to as permanent health insurance). In fact, you may have even claimed on your policy.

During the last few years many of the leading insurers have been releasing their claim statistics for critical illness cover and income protection. This information is very useful to know as it gives you an insight to what policyholders are claiming for, and also peace of mind in knowing that the insurance actually pays out!

Let’s look at the statistics from DPS.

Established in 1908, Dentists’ Provident Society is the leading provider of income protection insurance to dentists in the UK and Ireland.

They serve over 13,000 members and as they specialise in dealing with members of the dental profession they have been able to compile detailed information to demonstrate the value of income protection insurance.


– In 2006 DPS paid claims totalling £2.7m

– On average, they paid 121 claims each month

– The largest claim in 2006 amounted to £32,100 (average £1,893)

– On average, 11% (1,456) of their insured members claimed benefits in 2006

– The average age of claimants was 43

– The average duration of short term claims in 2006 was just under 4 weeks

Let’s look at some examples of claims in 2006:

Male – age 49 – Stroke – 11 years claim duration – £116,730 paid (to end 2006)

Female – 54 – Spondylosis – 1 year – £33,858

Male – 56 – Torn tendon – 1 month – £2,700

Male – 38 – Depression – 4 years – £162,400

Female – 28 – Back strain – 2 weeks – £1,500

Male – 25 – Renal disease – 1 year – £19,200

As you can see, the reasons for claims are varied, and many of them would not have been eligible for a claim under a critical illness policy.

The good news is that as DPS are a mutual organisation, they do not have any shareholders and are run solely for the benefit of their members. Their claims philosophy is based on the principles of fairness, honesty and sympathy. In fact, out of the 1,456 claims in 2006, only an additional 4 resulted in claims-related complaints.

DPS New Contract

As you may be aware, Dentists’ Provident Society revamped their income protection plan at the start of 2008. This has resulted in a myriad of new options to consider. One of the main changes is that you are now able to set up your cover with inflation protection.

It is more than likely that if you are an existing DPS member your current plan will be set up on a level benefit basis or reducing benefit.

What you can do now is contact DPS and ask them to provide you with a quote for one of the inflation protected plans. Do take care with this though, as there are different types of the inflation protected version!

Just making this one simple change to your cover could make a huge difference if you need to claim over the long term.

Key Considerations:

Income protection should really be seen as one of the most important types of insurance that you can hold. After all, if you are unable to work for a number of years it’s more than likely a lack of income will have a big impact on your life.

Why take the chance?


Take the time to review your existing level of income protection and ensure you have enough cover in place to at least provide for your monthly essentials. Either do your own research or speak to a specialist who can help you choose the right package.

Ray Prince is an Independent Financial Planner with Rutherford Wilkinson plc, and helps UK Resident Doctors and Dentists get the best deals on mortgages, protection and investments, as well as helping them achieve their financial objectives. Click here for Financial Advice for UK Doctors and Dentists and to get your free retirement guide, How To Avoid The 7 Most Common Retirement Planning Mistakes. Rutherford Wilkinson plc is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.


Dallas Valet Offers Service and Protection for Their Customer

Dallas Valet Offers Service and Protection for Their Customer

There is a mistaken belief that valet parking was a service simply presented for the wealthy and prominent in grounds and events that only the rich and prominent attend. This is so far from the truth and Dallas Valet will verify that it’s one delusion they are just too willing to correct.

Safety of the owner and the car are foremost in the mind of Dallas Valet services. They offer to ensure that after they get off and on their cars and also experience safe the owner will experience safe knowing that their cars shall be parked in a well secured and monitored area, safe from the scroundrels and vandals which could victimize the car.

In the previous years, carjacking is an activity that has escalated and when their cars are taken from them, several owners are even seriously hurt. Residents don’t want to get mugged or mistreated just because their cars are targeted. Going to a restaurant to attend a wedding should not be plagued with doubts and uncertainties of the ‘what if’ and a trusted valet services can make sure that there will be no uncertainties.

Their services include ensuring the protection of the car owner when they get off their car, then the cars are parked in well lighted and attended parking lots, the keys protected and the cars always monitored. You’ll find parking lot attendants and also security. When the car owner come out to get their cars, they need not worry that they have to move out back to get their cars, neither do they have to fret getting wet in the rain, they simply have to give in their car number and wait for their cars to be delivered within minutes. The valet ensures that the car owners get in securely into the cars.Dallas Valet has more than 5 years of experience and has been running in Virginia with cool customer evaluations. For a wide variety of events, they proffer services and are striving to be a Texas Valet service which could be trusted.

Dallas Valet – Providing the Dallas Fort Worth area with Premier Valet Services. A partner you can trust for Restaurants, Weddings, Events, Private Parties and Commercial texas valet Services or any other event in Texas.


How do I broadcast a webcam with password protection?

Question by Michael R: How do I broadcast a webcam with password protection?
I know how to broadcast a webcam to the internet, I just need to restrict who watches it. Here’s the scenario: XP Laptop connected to a cell phone internet connection, dropped 10 miles from the closest phone or power line. I want to share my live video stream with a few select people, not the whole world. I would prefer not spending much (or any) money.

Best answer:

Answer by Manuel
if you put it in a site , unless you says its protected by a password.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!


PetSafe Radio Fence: The Best Protection You Can Provide For Your Pets

Protecting our pets from straying from our homes and backyards is one of the many responsibilities that we have to observe as pet owners. As such, it is very important that we put up some measures in our homes to make sure that they will always be safe. One of the things that we need to have to make sure that our pets stay within our premises is a fence. However, if you don’t want to mar the pristine landscape of your yard and your garden with a fence, then you might like to consider putting up an invisible fence like the PetSafe radio fence.

Knowing More about Invisible Fences

The invisible fence like the PetSafe radio fence was originally meant for those who like to travel in RVs with their pets. This kind of fence enables families with pets to travel around because it is a portable system that they can carry with them wherever they go. Although it was never meant to become a replacement for the wired fences that are usually put up around homes, the plug-and-play function of the invisible fence has now made it one of the most well-known items to have among owners of pets.

These invisible fences like the PetSafe radio fence works by transmitting a mild static correction from the collar that is part of its system. Known as the receiver of the fence system, this collar has two points where the transmission will flow. Once your pet goes beyond the borders that you have set for your invisible fence, the static correction will be transmitted to get its attention. You are assured though that this static will not harm your pet. It will only call his attention so he will not stray too far from your place. You will also be notified if your pet is already near the borders you have set up because a warning tone will sound off at once. This way, the fence will not only work at keeping your pet at bay but will also let you know when he is about to stray.

The Best Invisible Fence for Your Pet

If you really want to get the best invisible fence system for your pet, then you should go for the PetSafe radio fence. Bearing the standard system for radio fences, the PetSafe radio fence can be easily installed as you would only need to bury the wires on the surrounding area where you want your pet to stay in. You will then just put on the receiver collar around your pet’s neck so that he will start getting signals from the system.

Because it comes with the flags and additional wiring that you might need, you can put up the PetSafe radio fence by up to ten acres around your home. However, if you want to avail of a system that has several correction levels, then you should make sure to get the Deluxe Ultralight Receiver instead of just the original one. This is if you want to adjust the levels of correction that you want your pet to receive from his collar once he goes beyond your borders.

The Pet Depot Online

To get your pick of the PetSafe radio fence that you might want to buy, visit Pet Depot Online now. Here, you will not only find a great variety of invisible fences but also be able to see which will bring you great value for your money.

petsafe radio fence: for controlling your pets only at


Texas is an Attractive Refuge for Those Seeking to File for Bankruptcy Protection

America’s economy seems to being taking a continuing freefall, including new home foreclosures and layoffs that are reported by the media every day.  With this unfriendly economic environment, there should be no surprise in learning that Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings are also increasing throughout the country, particularly in Austin, San Antonio and Houston.  People are finding themselves stuck with homes on which they owe more than the structure is worth.  Moms and dads are using credit cards to pay for monthly utilities and other living expenses.  Billionaire CEOs are asking for bailouts from the federal government to keep their companies afloat and save thousands of jobs.  When the decision comes that bankruptcy must be filed, where are many of these people deciding to come?  Right here in our good ole Lone Star State of Texas!

Texas has some of the friendliest bankruptcy laws for people who want to escape their burdensome debt but still maintain a lot of their personal wealth.    In fact, no state is more generous in letting you hold onto your own stuff even if creditors are calling from every direction looking for their checks.  In Texas, generally you cannot lose your pension, life insurance, annuities, and up to $240,000 per child in a college savings account.  Also under Texas law, you can opt to keep a primary residence of up to 10 acres in a city and 200 acres in a rural area and up to $60,000 in personal property.  Combine these lenient allowances with the strong job market as compared to other states (Texas added 229,000 new jobs in the twelve months leading up to November 2008, accounting for 71% of all new jobs in the country) and the Lone Star State becomes an appealing relocation point for those in economic distress.

Not surprisingly, our Austin bankruptcy attorneys, Houston and San Antonio bankruptcy lawyers have been receiving an increased volume in calls regarding both consumer (Ch. 7 and Ch. 13) and business bankruptcy (Ch. 11 and adversary proceedings) laws during recent months.  At Bertolino LLP, we have experienced bankruptcy attorneys in Austin, San Antonio and Houston who can guide you through this difficult process with an in-depth knowledge of both Texas and federal bankruptcy laws.  If you are ready to file for Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or just have questions about what this step might mean for you, please contact one of our Houston bankruptcy lawyers, San Antonio or Austin bankruptcy attorneys today.