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Image from page 126 of “Amateur radio : how and why of wireless with complete instructions on operation of receiving outfits” (1922)

A few nice radio station images I found:

Image from page 126 of “Amateur radio : how and why of wireless with complete instructions on operation of receiving outfits” (1922)

Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: amateurradiohoww00grai
Title: Amateur radio : how and why of wireless with complete instructions on operation of receiving outfits
Year: 1922 (1920s)
Authors: Grainger, Maurice J
Subjects: Radio Amateur radio stations
Publisher: New York : James A. McCann
Contributing Library: University of Connecticut Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation

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Text Appearing Before Image:
ing else, causes dis-satisfaction when copying amateur stationsand other short wave signals, such as mu-sic. Capacity may be practically ignored whenreceiving longer wave lengths, but for shortwave reception capacity between the second-ary leads should be eliminated if you are keenabout getting the very most out of your re-ceiver. Keep the secondary leads as far away fromeach other as practicable, and, if possible, atright angles to each other. By secondaryleads I mean those that run from your honey-comb coil mounting to the grid condenser andB battery. Other points of great importance are thelength of the leads between the grid condenserand the detector tube, and those between thesecondary and the B battery. These mustboth be as short as possible. In tuning for long distance signals loosecoupling is absolutely essential. If the tickleris set so that the bulb does not oscillate, but isnear the oscillating point, and the primarycoil is moved away from the secondary, the HONEYCOMB CO/tS

Text Appearing After Image:
Aumow, PAHE*.!*

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33 Postcards- Ritz

Image by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer
33 Postcards Movie Premiere At Randwick Ritz Sydney, by Eva Rinaldi

Tonight saw 33 Postcards enjoy its premiere at the Randwick Ritz, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

The night was not only a movie premiere but also an event somewhat designed to raise awareness and funds for educational and arts programs, tied into the film.

33 Postcards enjoyed strong media support by popular radio station 2UE and benefiting Sydney Children’s Choir and their Bursary Program, giving disadvantaged kids musical and educational opportunities that would have otherwise likely been out of their grasp.

The acclaimed cast and crew of 33 Postcards enjoyed drinks and bites with their fan base, insiders, and entertainment media, and also lapped up performances from the Sydney Children’s Choir and Chinese Lion Dancers.

Then it was time for the Australian theatrical premiere of the flick.

The film was shot in both China and Sydney, Australia in 2010. It’s the story of Chinese orphan Mei Mei (Zhu Lin) who for a decade of dreams about embracing her Australian sponsor Dean Randall (Guy Pearce). It’s not until she reaches 16 years of age, when her orphanage travels down under to Australia to attend a Choir Festival, Mei Mei takes the opportunity to look him up. What she finds however is a far cry from the idyllic life he depicted in his postcards. Initially mismatched, together they begin a journey in search of belonging, family, redemption, love and acceptance. It’s trial, tribulation, and living to fight and survive another day.

Dean is actually a convict in prison for manslaughter, so you can imagine the issues that brings on.

33 postcards won the Community Relations Commission Award at Sydney Film Festival and Victor Dominello MP NSW Minister aptly stated "33 Postcards, inspired by real life stories, explores how two individuals come together despite two different cultures, ages and unexpected circumstances." This evocative film portrays sensitively how people of vastly different cultural backgrounds can interact effectively in our society."

This is an unique and touching story that is rarely told about the relationship that some Aussies have with Chinese Orphans.

It’s not quite for everyone, but if you like a story of survival, beating the odds and the world coming together as one sort of thing, this is likely for you.

Well done to everyone involved in making the event a success.


Guy Pearce, Zhu Lin, Claudia Karvan, and Lincoln Lewis

Produced by: Australia-China co-production


33 Postcards

Randwick Ritz

Eva Rinaldi Photography Flickr

Eva Rinaldi Photography

Music News Australia


Nice Live Radio photos

Some cool live radio images:

Seven Second Delay – Live @ The UCB Theater 9/5/12

Image by jvdalton
Seven Second Delay – 9/5/12 – UCB Theater 7sd-2278


Image by dublabrat

photo by: akikounico


Nice Live Radio photos

Check out these live radio images:

Seven Second Delay – Live @ The UCB Theater 9/5/12

Image by jvdalton
Seven Second Delay – 9/5/12 – UCB Theater 7sd-2085

Vic Ruggiero – Seven Second Delay – 9/21/11

Image by jvdalton
Vic Ruggiero on WFMU – Seven Second Delay – Live from The UCB Theater – 9/21/11


Nice Radio Station photos

Check out these radio station images:


Image by Photographers for Charity
From the website for "No Numbers" – "Three women tell their stories of recovery from disordered eating and in so doing rediscover values that move beyond inches, weight and other measures."

in support of EDEN’s 2009 "Love Your Body" campaign, & MC’d by the talented Jay-Jay Feeney (morning show host, "The Edge" radio station)

Full story on our site here

Our Photographer for Charity was
James Hancox

IMG_5482 Presumed Glaucous-winged X Western Gull First Cycle

Image by Jon. D. Anderson
29 July 2014

Cascade Pole mud flats near KGY Radio station, Olympia, Thurston County, Washington

This bird has fairly dark primaries, but seems within the range of coloration in the "Olympic Gull" swarm in Puget Sound.


Image by HeyWayne


Radio Vida

Years and years pass by and the Radio is still booming. The World’s population is climbing daily. All of the people in this world and there is NOTHING to listen to on the radio! Stop, turning the dial on your radio, the answer has finally arrived.

The problem is with finding a decent radio station is that all of the radio stations now are too flooded with traffic. With so many people listening at once there’s no way you’re going to hear what you want because everyone is requesting something else to be played. This is where Radio Vida comes in. Radio Vida which is Radio Life in English, is a growing group of Spanish radio stations all over the world.

Radio Vida is a great set of stations for all listeners alike. You don’t have to be a ‘radio only’ kind of person to enjoy the music played. The number one thing that Radio Vida aims for is the happiness of the listeners. If you were to call in and request something they would be sure to get to it before they stopped playing for the night.

Of course, you don’t have to listen to a great radio station if you didn’t want to, after all it’s just that racket in the background. WRONG! Radio Vida is much more then just some music playing in the background. Radio Vida is becoming a way of life. The question is will you jump on the train when it comes your way, or will you let it pass you by?

Radio Vida has stations all over the world. Portugal, Spain, including areas in the U.S. such as California and Arizona, as well as various other places throughout the world. In some places Radio Vida has changed their programming around a bit to present the truth of gospel as its main objective.

Well, what kind of music do they play at Radio Vida? It is all Hispanic music, mixed into the Hispanic music is a portion of Pon Tu Mirada en Jesus. Also thrown into the mix at Radio Vida is El Tiempo de Dios. Now, not only is gospel music being played, but also music concerning health issues and problems. So now that you have proof that these stations are filled with everything the Hispanic community wants, tune your radio stations and enjoy the music.

Many radio stations have watched what Radio Vida is doing and are starting to follow. Stations such as, Radio Arte has begun reaching out to teens in the Hispanic community. They are the first bilingual (Spanish/English) youth-operated community station in the U.S., being in Chicago. The program was completed one hundred percent by the youth. From broadcasting to reporting, teens get the perfect dose of what they need. Well, what else do I have to tell you. Radio Vida is out there just waiting for you to grab a listen. So go to, now and listen to one of these amazing Spanish gospel music, you will not be disappointed, that’s a promise!

Cristo La Roca

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Record And Archive Radio Broadcasts With Radiologger

by kengo

There are many situations in which it is necessary to record and archive radio broadcasts, whether they are terrestrial ones or online ones. RadioLogger provides this essential ability for radio stations through an exceptionally reliable solution. Recording and archiving radio has never been so easy and reliable as it is with this complete solution for radio programmers. RadioLogger provides you with the ability to have a complete and reliable archive of all of your radio broadcasts so that you can refer back to them at a later time if ever this is required. There are many situations where an archive of radio broadcasts is needed for either legal reasons or other reasons. This software has a low CPU and system load so it has minimal effect on the performance of the computer that you are running it on. What’s more, RadioLogger can run unattended so that it can get on with the work for you with minimal input required while it is working.

RadioLogger is useful in situations such as if you need to provide archived broadcasts to solve a dispute involving advertising tracks or anything else. The program can record 24 hours a day making it the ideal solution for most radio channels which are indeed broadcasting around the clock. Even if you do not need to archive all of your radio broadcasts, or you do not even run the broadcasts around the clock, RadioLogger provides the flexibility that you need. It can also record radio broadcasts at specifically defined times and intervals. This feature only takes a matter of minutes to set up and once this is done, the software can be left unattended for as long as you need it. You don’t have to worry about it bogging down your system performance either. It does not have any effect on the quality or reliability of your radio broadcasts either, so it is the ideal solution for any radio station, including online radio stations or broadcasts in public venues.

RadioLogger can easily be configured to run at specific intervals, automatically starting and stopping recording as required during certain times of the day. If you have Windows 7, you can also record directly from the playback device without needing an additional stereo mix input. All of the programs other features work with Windows Vista as well. Both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems are supported for maximum performance and versatility. Even more impressively, the program is provided with support for a wide variety of other languages, so using the software in your language is easier than ever. The flexible configuration options make it user-friendly as well, requiring no special knowledge on the part of the user. The software will keep a detailed history of all of the radio broadcasts which have been archived. It can also automatically delete old records which are no longer required. All of the latest compression techniques are required and archives can be stored in the format of your choice on the fly. This allows you to save a great deal of disk space too.

To find out more about RadioLogger, visit and download the demo version.

David Jackson is a radio broadcaster and writer who is currently working on a series of articles about radio broadcasting and radio automation software


Nice Live Radio photos

Check out these live radio images:

Seven Second Delay – Live @ The UCB Theater – 10/19/11

Image by jvdalton
Seven Second Delay – 10/19/11 – UCB Theater


Nice Radio Station photos

Some cool radio station images:

Westbourne Christmas Decorations (2)

Image by Lex Photographic
I wanted to capture some of the magic of Christmas before the lights were turned off until next Christmas. I’ve really loved driving to the Radio Station down virtually empty streets decorated with Christmas lights. Personally, I think they should be left on until at least the first snows of Winter…

CD stacks

Image by Ko:(char *)hook
A great deal of it was terrible, but there were more than enough real gems to make it worthwhile.


Radio Filharmonisch Orkest – Beethoven Symfonie nr. 7

Radio Filharmonisch Orkest – Beethoven Symfonie nr. 7
Event on 2018-03-16 20:15:00

Brittens Four Sea Interludes en Beethovens Zevende Symfonie waren de laatste werken die Leonard Bernstein in 1990 dirigeerde. Dat maakt van dit concert een muzikaal eerbetoon aan de dirigent van het New York Philharmonic Orchestra. Karina Canellakis maakt met wat fantasie de cirkel rond, want zij was in Dallas twee jaar assistent-dirigent van Jaap van Zweden, die op zijn beurt een verre opvolger is van Leonard Bernstein in New York.

at TivoliVredenburg
Vredenburgkade 11
Utrecht, Netherlands


General Information – Radio Control Toys

Every child on this planet at least at some stage in their lives is on the look out for radio control toys. Toys such as cars and boats have always been the top choices, but of late and with more accessibility through technology the air has now become a new frontier in the ever-expansive world of radio control toys. Although these days these types of gadgets seem to be attracting more and more the attention of older gentlemen, and in some cases could be the perfect father son outing.


If you have ever dreamt of flying your own helicopter, then now is the time to get off of your seat and purchase your very own remote control helicopter. Models such as the 3CH shark helicopter can take off into the big blue yonder at impressive heights of thirty meters making your aerial space of play immense. You or your child can enjoy watching your aircraft fly all over by using the power of your fingertips. In most cases these radio control toys are constructed by highly resistant alloy materials, which ensure that it can even survive an unfortunate crash landing.


But what happens if you decide to use these radio control toys for a far more professional reason. To most independent moviemakers the possibilities of aerial shots are slim to none. Yet with slight innovation and the correct radio control toys, those limitations are a thing of the past. By strapping on a mini cam to the front of your helicopter or zeppelin you would be able to easily achieve shots that only remained in your imagination up to date. Many independent moviemakers find that this cheap alternative gives them more creative ability when making their own independent films.


These toys are inexpensive taking into consideration the amount of detail that goes into the engineering behind these gravity-defying toys. Some of these toys range under twenty Euros, which makes it absolutely affordable for the average Joe. Apart from all of the aerial activity these toys provide, also aquatic fun can be acquired through purchasing remote control boats. There are many people that participate in remote control boat races putting their very own and unique aquatic craft to the test. Itâ??s not too difficult to manage one of these vessels but it does take some getting use to, the weight and the size of you ship can affect the response time to the remote control device.


Any type of remote control toy is deemed to be a superb gift to any loved one, and that also includes you. If a hobby or a productive past time is required then do not think twice to get your hands on one of these brilliant toys. There are literally thousands of models, and in some cases characters from your favorite movies available in remote control. The trick is to look around and find what suits your needs and desires the best. Soon enough you can be racing along dirt trails, floating on your nearest pond, or join the birds in the sky with your very own remote control helicopter.