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Read and Write ????? (Rusyn)

Read and Write ????? (Rusyn)
Event on 2017-10-28 13:00:00
Enrich your knowledge of your Carpatho-Rusyn heritage with an exciting introduction to the Cyrillic alphabet and basic Rusyn phrases. Lee Ann Slavik Erder, President of Carpatho-Rusyn Society: Dallas Chapter will help you learn the basics and a few words and phrases.Plus, we will be having an “Alphabet Pot Luck Lunch”. C-RS Dallas will provide kolbasi and drinks, and attendees are asked to bring a lunch side-dish that begins with the first letter of their last name. (examples: “P”: potato salad, “E”: eggplant, “O”: olive tapenade, “K”: kabobs made with veggies, “R”: roasted red peppers, “S”: salad, “G”: garlic bread. Get the idea?) Those who don’t bring a dish may make a free-will donation to sample the buffet.Learn more about Carpatho-Rusyns at Questions? Please email #Carpathian #Rusyn #genealogy

at Environmental Education Building
4116 West Plano Parkway
Plano, United States


Murray: ‘I still haven’t read Ghostbusters 3 script’

Murray: ‘I still haven’t read Ghostbusters 3 script’
He tells radio host Howard Stern, “I guess I’m the problem. Before I was an asset, now I’m a problem. There’s a script somewhere, but I haven’t read it yet.
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Breast-Feeding Backlash: The Top 10 Controversies
The war of words between Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama is just the latest dustup over how (and whether) to promote breast-feeding
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NAC presents Fibber McGee and Molly for winter dinner show
From the Golden Days of Radio come Fibber McGee and Molly. “Fibber is House-sitting” will be featured March 6 as the Northwoods Arts Council’s (NAC) 10th annual Winter Dinner Show. The dinner show will be held in the social hall at Union Church in Hackensack.
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Las Vegas Man Accused of Interfering With Police Radio
Investigation continues into whether man threatened officers and their families on police frequency. Estevan Gutierrez of Las Vegas, N.M., was arrested last Wednesday and is being held on an outstanding warrant while police continue to investigate whether Gutierrez got hold of a police . . .
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Would anybody read an online magazine relating to the Dallas area?

Question by howtosecret: Would anybody read an online magazine relating to the Dallas area?
No charge, just an online mag that would cover everything from fitness to reviews from a local critic (reviewing all sorts of businesses in the area). There would be a kid section and all sorts of other sections.

Would you read it? What would you like to see in a general Dallas magazine that you cannot find right now?

Thanks so much!

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Answer by ~*Love is Sacrafice*~
Yeah, I suppose I would. I would like to see all the events and parties that are going on. I love to take my kids out to festivals and things like that.


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A Guide To The 2010 Fantasy Football Games – Read And Win

A Guide To The 2010 Fantasy Football Games – Read And Win

Are you one of those football fanatics? Perhaps you like Eli Manning or a big supporter of the New York Giants. If you passionately said yes and even mentally mentioned the quarterback you support or you are fond of wearing a National Football League jersey, well, congratulations, you truly are a football fan.

What is even further proof of your NFL fanaticism is if you play fantasy football games.

As much as you love the game, do you sometimes feel like you are just an average, if not, mediocre fantasy football owner? Or perhaps you have just entered the world of fantasy football games and want to be oriented with how it works? We are here to give you a bit of a starter and even shed light on how the Giants’ real life performance can affect your fantasy football games.

First, fantasy football games are great and during the fifth week of the National Football League season, things get more exciting. Players and teams have been filtered in the fourth week of, what I love to call, the “so long bye” week.

Having week four done means you don’t have to obsessively monitor the football player or the defensive line for as long as the season lasts. So, you can just leave the player be and don’t monitor him much as the only thing that can affect him badly is if he has an injury. The filtering out of the bye week allows you to just choose one defensive fantasy football player until the year’s end. This means you can concentrate on other aspects of the fantasy football games, including having an open roster place for one more skilled player position.

Another tip in playing fantasy football games is carving out a routine. Following a fantasy football routine is one step in winning. It is easy advice to follow but one that is ignored by most football fantasy player. An important routine is always having the habit of researching about players in your team and about NFL news in general. This research includes checking the status of bye week – who has been injured or who has been benched. Also, make it a habit to analyze the current offensive rankings, as well as defensive rankings. Check the lineup of your team, the mood of the players, etc. You get the point.

Fantasy factor is a new company founded by fantasy sports experts. Fantasy factor offers the best weekly fantasy football league and fantasy baseball league around. Play for free or for guaranteed cash prizes. Play fantasy sports online now!

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Read to a dog in Dallas

Read to a dog in Dallas
This event will have you barking up the right tree. The Dallas Public Library invites people to Read to the Dog, from 2 to 3 p.m. Saturday, Jan 22, 950 Main St.
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Grant aids police dept. purchases
DALLAS – Council approved motions at its meeting Wednesday to purchase additional equipment for the borough police department with grant funds received last year.
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Bulls buck Mavericks
Dallas Mavericks’ Dirk Nowitzki shoots over Chicago Bulls’ Kurt Thomas Thursday during the first quarter in Chicago. The Bulls defeated the Mavericks, 82-77.
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Did you read this great news?

Question by yars232c: Did you read this great news?

NEW YORK (CNN) — Hang on, the political thrill ride is about to begin. Are you ready? I know I am. And it’s gonna be a hoot.

Our midterm elections are now two months away, and congressional, senatorial and gubernatorial campaigns are about to shift into high gear. After five weeks at home with their constituents, or at least some of them, our elected representatives are now back in session in Washington and fully armed with an understanding of the will of the people, ready to do the people’s business.

Their first order of business? Why, to announce there will be no business done in this session of Congress on the critically important issues of border security and immigration reform. Can you feel the excitement?

Congressional and Senate Republicans have discovered that Karl Rove and his friend, President George W. Bush, not only don’t have a clue when it comes to their favored “comprehensive immigration reform” plans, but also that Rove and Bush’s alliance with open borders Democrats represents an axis of amnesty that their constituents simply won’t tolerate.

Our do-nothing Congress and our do-nothing-right president aren’t exactly wildly popular to begin with. And the Congressional Republican leadership has figured out that in closely contested races, any legislation approximating amnesty for as many as 20 million illegal aliens in this country will amount to wholesale defeat at the polls on November 7.

Even the pro-illegal alien and open borders lobby has finally arrived at the conclusion that the American people won’t tolerate an illegal alien population demanding the same rights as American citizens. And the in-your-face enthusiasm of illegal aliens and their amnesty-advocate supporters has waned as the public understanding of the facts has risen.

This weekend, according to the AP, a pro-illegal alien rally in Los Angeles, California, drew fewer than 1,000 people, several hundred-thousand fewer than the rally held there just four months ago. In Phoenix, Arizona, where more than 100,000 illegal aliens and their supporters took to the streets in the spring, AP quoted organizers who estimated 5,000 showed up for a so-called labor solidarity march.

This trend was apparent all across the country this Labor Day weekend: AP reported only 3,000 people gathered in Chicago, Illinois. In San Francisco and Oakland the San Jose Mercury News reported crowds of only 3,000 and 2,500 respectively. And in Dallas, Texas, the AP reports only 500 people assembled for their demonstration. That’s not exactly an overwhelming turnout.

But public knowledge of the costs of illegal immigration is overwhelming the propagandists of corporate America, ethnocentric special interests, the White House and President Bush’s Democratic amnesty partners in the U.S. Senate.

The leaders of the nation’s principal labor unions are obviously confused. They’re now caught between trying to bolster their membership rolls by backing the Rove-Bush-Reid-McCain-Kennedy amnesty legislation and explaining to their existing members what they’re doing to preserve the jobs and wage levels of American citizens. Add national labor leaders to the list of those simply out of touch with the will of the American people.

Labor leaders, Bush and Rove join Cardinal Roger Mahoney, the head of the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, who all apparently believe the interests of the illegal alien population transcend the law of the land and the interest of the American people.

Mahoney is enjoying precisely the same success as his fellow elitists: The illegal alien lobby that had been declaring “Today we march, tomorrow we vote” at every rally has not produced a tangible increase in new voter registration anywhere in the country.

The open borders lobby and amnesty advocates had hoped to form a new voter bloc to sway elections, but the Associated Press reports there’s no indication of a new voter boom in Los Angeles; Chicago; Denver, Colorado; Houston, Texas, or any other city that held large pro-illegal alien rallies only months ago. This weekend’s fizzled marches not only failed to energize significant numbers of people to register to vote, but they also didn’t even persuade them to show up.

The leadership of this do-nothing Congress is right to do nothing in support of “comprehensive immigration reform,” which are simply code words for illegal alien amnesty, open borders and the national interest be damned.

Two months to go.

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Answer by frontstreetboy2004
all I can say is WOOooooo you Americans are SAved…..

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Anyone read the book deadline by chris crutcher?

Question by ?????: Anyone read the book deadline by chris crutcher?
Can anyone come up with some major events happened to Ben Wolf.
i know he’s on crosscountry team, tried football, got blood disease, crush on Dallas, died at the end, tried to help Rudy, and anything else??

Best answer:

Answer by i am taylor b
Thats pretty much it.

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Voice broadcast Must read before you throw away you get ripped off by low priced offers?

Voice broadcast Must read before you throw away you get ripped off by low priced offers?

If you have tried autodialer services for creating lead marketing chances are your 1st time wouldn’t be your best time. There are many aspects to a low cost campaign. My first time using autodialer equipment for marketing was a disaster. Voice Broadcasting leads can be generated in large amounts but do it right. I hope by understanding these voice broadcasting pricing tips you will not do what cost me so much. Prior to providing auto dialer/voice broadcasting services to consumers I was the vice president of promotion for a large mortgage company. My job was to….Make the leads come in! We had sales agents on our sales floor receiving live leads. When we first started automatic dialing I figured all I had to do was set up the auto dialers, record a phone broadcast or advertising script and start making money. I failed. We totaled 23 live calls total and it cost us per live call totaling 79 in minutes not to mention the cost of data. We used auto dialer freeware so in this case we did not have to pay for the actual auto dialer machine. Why pay for the machine when you can just use the freeware.
To avoid this from happening consider the following…..

Make sure you know how automated calling per minute billing works. Two duplicate campaigns can be totally different in pricing; one costing you much more. You absolutely have to ask how their minute rate increment billing is charged. A lower cost does not mean you will save more in this industry. For example, Let’s say COMPANY [X] charges in 60 second increments. That means you will be charged an entire minute despite if the call last five seconds. This is why many companies advertise rates lower than 1.1 cents per minute or less. What they never tell you is you are being billed in 60 second increments and charged for auto dialer usage time as opposed to connected calls. Each call will cost you at least one minute or 1.1 cents even if the outcome of the call is “no answer”. COMPANY [Y] offers the same autodialer services but billing is in 6 second increments are as low as 2 cents and does not charge unless there is a connection. So, if 5,000 of your calls result in “no answer” you would be charged by COMPANY [Y] and 5,000 minutes or by COMPANY [X]. Then, let’s say 1000 consumers answered the phone but hung the phone 5 seconds into the call. COMPANY [X] charges 1,000 minutes or . COMPANY [Y] would charge 100 minutes or .50 since there are 10 six second increments in 1 minute and each minute is 3.5 cents (100 x .035 = .50) As you can see, making the accurate decision will always save you money that means added calls that amount to more revenue.

For a a free EBOOK on voice broadcasting visit

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Exciting read! Electrocities by Eric Berkus, you wont want to put it down

Exciting read! Electrocities by Eric Berkus, you wont want to put it down


Electrocities is a well written book of fiction. You will find it to be full of suspense, action and intrigue. Eric Berkus writes this book using his experience in Casino Management, knowledge of technology and his experience as a pilot. Only someone with the wide range of experiences that he has could do justice to this book. He uses his knowledge to include very specific details that make you believe what you are reading. He also writes a very good entertaining story to keep you on the edge of you seat.

Electrocities moves along quickly but the main characters are described very well and interesting. Jaimie Taggert is our heroine. She is a corporate pilot for a casino and investigator for them when not flying.

You will meet our “bad guy” Shane. He is a disgruntled ex US military weapons designer that lost his job and unborn baby then subsequently his wife committed suicide. He blames the US government and the citizens of the US.

You must come along for this bumpy ride and see where it takes us. You will be glad you did.

I enjoy reading and reviewing good books in my free time when I am not selling used diesel trucks for West Motors in Gonzales, Texas. You can see our inventory at, or email me at, I know Eric would appreciate you ordering and reading Electrocities, tell your friends and make sure to leave a review on Amazon

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Country “Bumper stickers or Funny license plates”?Have you seen any, what did they read?

Question by UNIVERSAL: Country “Bumper stickers or Funny license plates”?Have you seen any, what did they read?
I saw one a few years ago that read-
“there’s only 2 kinds of music..”HAGGARD and JONES!”

Best answer:

Answer by Lucy
What Would Willie Do? (I think we all know the answer to that one.)

Thought of another… Kinky for Governor-Why The Hell Not

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