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Volunteer Registration for 9th Annual Kid-netic Games

Volunteer Registration for 9th Annual Kid-netic Games
Event on 2018-05-05 08:00:00
Come Volunteer for the 8th annual kid-netic games on May 6, 2017!!! It's a multi-sport event for students with various physical disabilities. Competition events include Track & Field, Wheelchair Basktetball, Power Soccer, and Boccia. Clinics in Wheelchair Tennis, Sitting Volleyball, Power Hockey, Archery, and Disc Golf. Volunteers will be required to park at the Preston Hollow United Methodist Church (6315 Walnut Hill Ln, Dallas, TX 75230) and will provide a shuttle over to our event location so that we can allow for enough parking for our participants and their families.  Volunteers that work a full day will be provided a lunch ticket upon your check-in at the Volunteer Registration Check-in located directly in front of the Tom Hicks Gymnasium.   

at St Mark’s School of Texas
Dallas, United States


Presha-Eudell Family Reunion (General Registration)

Presha-Eudell Family Reunion (General Registration)
Event on 2017-07-28 15:00:00
Greetings Family & Friends, Attendees of the Presha-Eudell Family Reunion are required to register prior June 24. Please keep in mind that registration fees have been set at the absolute lowest rate. Displayed in the schedule below, you can see that the fees will increase after May 26.   January-May 26 Adult (24 and older): Young Adult (18-22 years old): Teenager (12-17 years old): Child (4-12 years old): Infant/Toddler (1 month to 3 years old): FREE   May 27-June 23 Adult (24 and older): 4 Young Adult (18-22 years old): Teenager (12-17 years old): Child (4-12 years old): Infant/Toddler (1 month to 3 years old): FREE   What do my registration fees include? For the Dallas family reunion, your registration includes the family dinner, transportation to the family dinner your t-shirt, and souvenirs.    Are refunds available? Refunds will ONLY be issued should the family reunion be cancelled or if there is a situation (act of God) that prevents the attendee(s) from being able to attend.   Why are the registration rates subject to an increase over time? At the Vegas family reunion (2015) it was decided that rates for the Dallas reunion would not increase. In the past, many family members have stated that they were unable to attend due to the cost. For the simple fact that we want everyone to attend, we've researched venues and calculated the absolute lowest rates possible without this having to be a financial burden to anyone. Additional seed money raised at the Vegas reunion will be used to help offset some of the costs. Why is there a June 23, 2017 deadline to register? Final headcounts need to be provided in advance to the venues and any services we plan to use throughout the weekend. Registering late can is not only costly for you, but also for the organizer of the family reunion. This often leads to someone being generous enough to pick up the cost, cutting an activity, or dipping into seed money that has been set aside for something else. Most vendors will charge extra for making changes at the last minute. To ensure we are on-time and recieve the best of service we are providing them with the information they need sooner than later. If you are having trouble meeting this deadline, please contact the family reunion organizer (Jennifer Edge) as soon as possible. Why is there a registration fees and activity fees? For this reunion we are doing this a little different! Based on observation and feedback from the previous two reunions, there wasnt a strong agenda with available activities for everyone, plus not everyone wants to do the same things as everyone else. Registration fees will cover the fees associated for an individuals to attend and partake in the some of the basic activities. Activity fees will cover any extra activities in addition to (optional) the basic activities covered in the family reunion registration fees. Although the family reunion is about bringing us all together to learn our family heritage and create connections, everyone has different circumstances and may have interest to do more kid friendly activities, shop till they drop, or just want enjoy the big city night life. In the past the family reunion consisted of a family meet and greet (Friday), family banquet (Saturday), and church services (Sunday). With the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex being so big and offering a variety of things for everyone of all ages to do, it was decided that making things a la carte provided people with an agenda and options that are flexiable and affordable. Do I have to attend/participate in activities that have additional costs? No. That's the great thing about having the registration fees and activity fees seperate. In the past, everyone had to partake in the same activities. With there being so much to do in the area no one is obligated to participate in the additional activities. It is absolutly fine you are just coming to see everyone, get away for a little awhile, rest and relax. Remember, this is about enjoying yourself! Will I be responsible for paying for my meal at the family dinner? No. The cost of your meal for the family dinner is deducted from the registration fees. You will only be responsbile for paying for alcoholic beverages should you order anything from the bar. Can someone who is a non-family member attend? Yes. Friends of family membered are welcome to attend and will need to pay registration. I don't want a t-shirt. Is there a registration rate that excludes the cost of the t-shirt? No. Your family reunion t-shirt is all inclusive with registration fees. We ask everyone in attendance (including friends of family members that attend) that they wear their t-shirt during the day Saturday, July 29, 2017.

at Hilton Arlington
2401 East Lamar Boulevard
Arlington, United States


IMC 2016 Men’s Registration

IMC 2016 Men’s Registration
Event on 2016-04-29 19:00:00
Friday, April 29, 2016 "Night of Worship" Featuring: Guest Speaker: Pastor Brandon Unique Freeman, iAM Church Dallas Spoken Word by Ryan Sears Worship by iAM Worship Inspirational Dance by "The Spirit Movers"  Saturday, April 30, 2016 I.R.O.N. Men's Conference "Charged UP" Featuring: Host Pastor: Pastor Jermaine L. Simms, Greater Ideal MBC Guest Panalist: Rod Jones, Ex NFL Athelete and Minister (Session One) Guest Speaker: Elder Vershard Dobbins, Potter's House Dallas (Session Two) Worship by Recording Artist Chad Evans And many more SURPRISES!!!!!!

at Greater Ideal Missionary Baptist Church
3610 Bonnie View Road
Dallas, United States


Registration Open: The Latest Dental Implant Continuum: A 5 Module Comprehensive University Based Implant Educational Program-Attendees Destination Implants on Patients Provided

Registration Open: The Newest Dental Implant Continuum: A 5 Module Comprehensive University Based Implant Academic Program-Attendees Destination Implants on Patients Provided
Event on 2016-03-18 08:30:00
The latest Dental Implant Continuum A 5 Module Comprehensive University Based Implant Educational Program-Lecture, Lab, and Live individual Care Attendees destination Implants on Patients Provided Course Summary The latest Dental Implant Continuum provides a thorough academic knowledge for the dental care specialist thinking about learning how to surgically place and restore dental care implants. With several educational choices from which to choose, the program is exclusive in many facets, providing an excellent basic science comprehension of the biology of osseointegration and using this comprehension to reach clinical success in practice. Bring your dental care implant skills to the next level and empower your training to present excellent dental implant take care of your clients. With all the wide range of completely and partly edentulous patients rising into the a long time, your educational experience with the Baylor professors and  faculty/private practice skilled surgical and restorative staff frontrunners enable strengthen your medical abilities and steer you over the pathway to medical success. This course provides lectures, hand-on laboratory education, fresh cadaver medical training, and live client treatment. 12-15 implants put in the complete program(cadaver, laboratory, and live) and two clients provided for each attendee. Put yours implants and go on it to completion by rebuilding the implants you put on your patient. Study from all the client cases while the medical professors will critique and present each situation on the day of surgery for immediate feedback.  This is a fantastic time in implant dental care for all doctors. Program Overview Five Modules 15 days of intensive mastering Placement and renovation of actual medical cases  120 hours of CE 2:1 Attendee/faculty proportion – exceptional one to one instruction limited by 1st 14 attendees whom qualify. Your clients is likely to techniques are available to finish. The Five Modules Module I September 24-26, 2015, Thursday – Saturday – 3 days This component will focus on the introduction to dental care implants to incorporate anatomy, radiology, therapy planning with fabrication of radiographic and surgical guides, sterile technique, medical lectures, hands-on laboratory for medical and restorative practices, SAC principals, basic writeup on restorative choices for dental implants. Fresh cadavers will be utilized for surgical education and provide an educational surgical knowledge prior to real client surgeries. Attendees will meet their customers for therapy planning on the Friday of the component to examine CBCT and medical guides before the surgery for the following component. Module II: Surgical Module October 15-17, 2015, Thursday – Saturday – 3 days This module calls for surgical keeping dental implants on clients surgery within the cadaverAEGD Clinic on the 6th floor. Lectures consist of overview of medical strategy, administration during the recovery periods and instant running with provisionals when suggested. Members needs diagnostic casts and prepared for temporization as treatment prepared. Lectures on immediate load, atraumatic tooth extraction, ridge and web site preservation strategies. You are going to work with bone tissue grafting materials and assist peizo medical equipment and osstell implant stability measurements. Module III: medical Module November 19-21, 2015, Thursday – Saturday – 3 times This module targets the next medical procedures program and proper care of the customers treated in Module II. Topics included are: plug conservation, bone tissue grafting strategies, flap design, suture technique and types of materials to make use of, use of non resorbable and resorbable membranes. Module IV: Restorative Module: last effect All customers and more March 24-26, 2016 Thursday – Saturday – 3 times: Topics included tend to be: impression methods if you use digital checking versus old-fashioned available or shut tray impressions, torque needs, abutment level or implant degree analog impressions, and provisionalization. Module V: Restorative Module: last shipping All Patients and much more April 21-23, 2016 Thursday – Saturday – 3 times: The fifth module is targeted on delivery of this last repair, occlusion, fitting/adjusting the repair, cementation, screw retention, passive fit, torque demands, occlusal protections, upkeep, and homecare. Complications and how to aviod problems are also presented. Graduation supper with certificates and prizes given. Course Presenters: Tom Wilson DDS, MS: medical Team commander Dr. Thomas G. Wilson received their DDS level from University of Tennessee class of Dentistry in 1971 along with his certification in Periodontics in 1974 through the University of Washington. He could be a Diplomate of this American Board of Periodontology and functions as a Clinical connect Professor at Baylor College of Dentistry and UTHSC-San Antonio. He’s lectured thoroughly on a global level, is the author of many journal articles and textbooks, and it is an accepted expert in neuro-scientific implant medical placement. Dr. Stephen Harrel, Diplomate for the American Board of Periodontology happens to be an Adjunct Professor of Periodontology at Baylor College of Dentistry and President of Texas Medical and Dental Designs LLC. He’s a 1972 graduate of Baylor university of Dentistry and received a certification in Periodontics from University of Oregon Dental class. Dr. Harrel has taught in scholar Periodontics program for over 35 many years. He is the top of this clinical occlusion hospital. Dr. Jeff Pope, Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Southern Methodist University in 2005, his physician of Dental Surgical treatment degree from Baylor College of Dentistry last year, and his Master of Science i in Oral Biology and Certificate in Periodontics from Baylor university of Dentistry in 2012.In inclusion to maintaining a personal practice limited to periodontics, minimally unpleasant surgery, and implant dental care, Dr. Pope is a also a clinical adjunct professor at Baylor university of Dentistry training implant positioning and bone enhancement treatments to post-doctoral residents. Dr. Aline Speer, Diplomate of the United states Board of Periodontology preserves a private practice limited by periodontics and dental care implants in Dallas, TX. She graduated summa cum laude and class valedictorian from dental college and obtained her Periodontology Certificate and Master of Sciences Degree within University of Tx, School of Dentistry at Houston, TX. She at this time serves as a clinical associate teacher and director regarding the “Implant principles and methods, Surgical location” training course with the Restorative Sciences Department at Texas A&M University, Baylor College of Dentistry, in Dallas, TX. Dr. John-Michael Stewart, Diplomate associated with United states Board of OMS went along to Boston University’s class of Dental Medicine, graduating magna cum laude in 1998. His desire for dental and maxillofacial surgery led him back into Dallas for residency. He completed specialty training within University of Tx Southwestern clinic and Parkland Memorial Hospital, in 2004. During this time period, he obtained a medical degree from U.T. Southwestern Medical class, in 2002. He launched their practice at Hillcrest and Northwest Highway July 2, 2012. He has been elected as a Fellow within the Global Team of Implantology, offering him the chance of lecturing at study clubs in accordance with peers about dental care implants and various other subjects regarding teeth’s health. Dr. Pilar Valderrama, Diplomate for the American Board of Periodontology having graduated this season through the University of Tx Health Science Center at San Antonio. She obtained a Master’s level in Clinical Investigation from UTHSCSA in 2006. She got her dental degree from the class of Dentistry on Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in 1988. Dr. Valderrama’s knowledge includes having worked in dental care training and inside the analysis field. She worked as an Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Dentistry and actually shows on AEGD Residency system during the VA in Temple, Texas. She methods in Dallas at North Dallas oral health. Frank Higginbottom DDS: Restorative Team chief Dr. Frank L. Higginbottom earned his B.S. degree from University of Oklahoma. He carried on his scientific studies at Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas. He graduated with honors in 1971, winning the silver medal for Academic and Clinical quality, and is definitely tangled up in medical dental knowledge and research. He lectures nationwide and globally on Esthetic Dentistry and Dental Implants. He holds professors roles at two Tx dental schools. At Baylor College of Dentistry, he is a co-employee medical Professor in Departments of Oral procedure and Prosthodontics. He has got made a commitment to work well with dental residents in Baylor's center and it is from the faculty at University of Texas wellness Science Center in San Antonio. Dr. Higginbottom has actually participated in medical research projects and it has had many articles posted when you look at the dental care literature. Dr. Todd Baumann, Diplomate United states Board of Prosthodontist graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry in 2002 and finished a residency in Prosthodontics in 2005. He has got an exclusive training in Dallas, Tx treating patients with esthetic, restorative and implant dental care needs. He’s an Associate Professor in Restorative Sciences when you look at the Graduate Prosthodontics program at Baylor. He has got already been a faculty user for ten years, training into the resident center and energetic with resident studies. He is a member associated with ITI as well as the Academy of Osseointegration. He in addition serves regarding board of Southwest Academy of Restorative Dentistry and energetic user within the International Academy of Gnathology. He was recently inducted as a fellow of American College of Dentists. Dr. deep Derksen, Diplomate associated with United states Board of Prosthodontists graduated from Boston University’s School of Dental medication in 2009. Upon graduation he entered Baylor university of Dentistry’s Prosthodontic Residency which he completed in 2012. After residency instruction, Dr. Derksen joined exclusive practice concentrating on esthetic, restorative and implant dentistry. For two many years after residency, he held a co-employee medical faculty place at Baylor in division of Restorative Sciences working together with the 3rd 12 months dental students and at this time continues to be a volunteer towards the division. Dr. Elias Kontogiorgos, Diplomate United states Board of Prosthodontists may be the Director of Implant Dentistry at Tx A&M University, Baylor College of Dentistry, Dallas TX. Since 2005 Dr. Kontogiorgos held a part-time training position in division of Restorative Sciences at Baylor plus in 2010 he joined up with as a full-time professors. Dr. Kontogiorgos is practicing into the Dallas Metroplex as a part-time associate since 2008. Dr. Kontogiorgos graduated from class of Dentistry, University of Athens, Greece. In 2008 he graduated through the Prosthodontic Residency system at Baylor university of Dentistry. In 2010 he finished the Ph.D. program in Biomedical Sciences through the scholar School of Biomedical Sciences, Texas A&M University. Dr. Amerian Sones, Diplomate of the United states Board of Prosthodontists is a 1979 graduate of Tufts University class of Dental drug and was in the United States Public Health provider from 1979-1981, offering within USPHS Papago Indian Reservation while the Chief Dental Officer. In 1981, UCLA class of Dentistry accepted Dr. Sones for postgraduate prosthodontics which she finished in 1983 and proceeded to complete a postgraduate residency in maxillofacial prosthodontics at UCLA in 1984. She accepted a faculty position at UCLA class of Dentistry into the Department of Removable Prosthodontics in 1984 and served as chairperson of this sophomore full denture program from 1984 to1987. In 1987, Dr. Sones began her profession in private niche practice with an emphasis on prosthodontics and dental care implant treatment. Dr. Ronald Woody, Diplomate associated with United states Board of Prosthodontists is Professor Emeritus of Restorative Sciences and previous Director for the scholar Prosthodontic Residency system and Director of the Implant Dentistry Program at Tx A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, Tx. The past 29 many years Dr Woody has-been a Tenured Professor and Director of Graduate Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry at Baylor College of Dentistry.he could be previous President associated with the niche company, the American university of Prosthodontists as well as the American university of Prosthodontists Education Foundation. He could be a fellow of the United states university of Prosthodontists and a fellow of United states and Global College of Dentists and a fellow for the Global Team for Implantology (ITI). Course Information: Dates: Module we September 24-26, 2015 3 days Module II October 15-17, 2015 3 days Module III November 19-21, 2015 3 days Module IV March 24-26, 2016 3 days Module V April 21-23, 2016 3 days occasions: 8:00 are – 8:30 am – Registration 8:30 am – 4:30 pm – Presentation/Lecture/Clinic/Laboratory venue: Baylor university of Dentistry, 6th Floor/Gross Anatomy Laboratory, AEGD Clinic Prerequisites: desire for medical and restorative part of dental care implant treatments, some surgical experience with tooth extractions. No demands expected. This really is an excellent training course the professional interested in beginning to offer implant surgery at work or an excellent window of opportunity for a health care provider with knowledge to achieve self-confidence and skill both in surgical and restorative implant procedures. Credit: 120 hours lecture/hands-on and real time patient care program Fee: ,250 Dentists; 00 RDH or Aux. University fees must be paid in full by August 1, 2015 to participate. AGD Codes: 742: Medical Health History/Factor, 695 Implant Restorative, 696 Implant medical Stent, 697 Diagnosis and Treatment preparing, 698 Implant Materials, 704 Implant Placement Surgical treatment, 318 Bone Grafting and GTR Surgery, 693 Implant Maintenance Continental breakfast and meal supplied each program time Course Topics and targets: Upon completion of the course, participants should be able to understand and do the following: step-by-step discussion of pertinent clinical and radiographic structure Ready radiographic guide centered on CBCT review Anesthesia dilemmas, instrumentation and comprehension of proper sterile strategy Basic surgery explained and demonstrated Surgical and prosthodontic factors including incision design, fixture and abutment selection, occlusal considerations and force transmission medical guide template design and construction, hands-on Surgical hands-on laboratory knowledge, socket preservation and use of grafting products and membranes Discussion of treatment of the partially and fully edentulous client real clinical placement of dental care implants in customers Actual repair associated with the implant you location for evaluation of last outcomes of instances This occasion is sponsored by Straumann Implants. Sponsorship is given to academic expenditures regarding this ongoing education system. Straumann is a number one supplier of solutions in implant dental care and dental care structure regeneration. Our objective will be enable dental care experts to revive their clients’ oral function and esthetics through efficient, trustworthy, and safe treatment methods. TAMBCD workplace of CE Registration Suggestions, Certifications & Cancellation/Refund policy: Texas A&M University Baylor university of Dentistry is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider. QUESTIONS: Please feel free to give us a call at 1-214-828-8238. For quickly reaction please e-mail the questions you have through on the web registration website ADA CERP is something regarding the United states Dental Association to help dental care experts in identifying quality providers of continuing dental training. ADA CERP will not accept or endorse individual courses or instructors, nor does it suggest acceptance of credit hours by boards of dentistry. Cancellations should be submitted on paper, signed, and dated when obtained at Texas A&M University. If cancellations are manufactured 60 times ahead of the beginning of the system enrollment will likely to be refunded. Nonetheless if termination is manufactured 30 days or less, the university fees will undoubtedly be credited toward a future training course or 75% of subscription will undoubtedly be refunded. Issues or issues about a CE provider might be directed into the provider or to ADA CERP at Continuing training credits given for participation in CE task cannot apply toward license renewal in most states/provinces. It’s the duty of each participant to verify what’s needed of his or her state/provincial licensing board(s). CONFIRMATIONS: will likely be delivered by e-mailto the official email address supplied by the attendee towards registration internet site. Precise email is necessary SUBSCRIPTION TERMINATION: Tuition is refundable if a training course is canceled by the Office of CE. A fee are evaluated regarding program cancellation. All payments by check or money are deposited into the Tx A&M account and should not be refunded. “No reveals” for a program forfeit all university fees. Confirm notification of termination by e-mail.The CE workplace may not be held responsible for a non-refundable airfare ticket.

at Baylor University of Dentistry
3302 Gaston Ave
Dallas, United States


Q&A: Can I get my 1st time vehicle registration at any branch of the Dallas County Tax Office?

Question by Donner: Can I get my 1st time vehicle registration at any branch of the Dallas County Tax Office?
I am a new resident to Dallas County, TX. Can I get my car registered at any of the Dallas County Tax Office locations or do I have to go to the one on Elm St?

Best answer:

Answer by mccoyblues
As long as you are registering the car in the county of your residence you’ll be fine. Any branch will do.

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I live in Texas and my car registration is expired. How do I renew it without going to DPS?

Question by smokedirt: I live in Texas and my car registration is expired. How do I renew it without going to DPS?

Best answer:

Answer by lgrdo1064
hey smoke,from what i know , i live down in the rio grande valley,in mc allen,every time you renew your registration you need to show proof of liability ins.unless you can prove it on line, you might have to go in person.
good luck

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UCA Community School of Music registration extended

UCA Community School of Music registration extended
The University of Central Arkansas’ Community School of Music is extending walk-in registration through Wednesday for the spring semester, according to Jann Bryant, CSM director.  read more
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Classical Music/Opera Listings
A selected guide to classical music and opera performances in New York.
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Music Review: This Is War by 30 Seconds to Mars
Entertainment :: Music – Music for Spartans
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Q&A: What’s the paperwork for selling a car in Texas that has a Washington title and registration?

Question by laceynixon: What’s the paperwork for selling a car in Texas that has a Washington title and registration?
I need to sell a car that has a title and registration for Washington State, however I am selling the car in Texas. What paperwork do I need to complete to protect myself?

Best answer:

Answer by N
The states don’t matter. The registration doesn’t matter.

What matters is the title and bill of sale.

Check with the texas DMV and ask what THEY will need from the buyer and then give it to him.

To protect yourself, make 2 identical copies fo a bill of sale that CLEARLY and in BIG LETTERS says AS IS. You keep one, the buyer gets the other. Make sure the are exactly the same. (Dont change one and not the other) Keep your copy for years. And get all the buyers contact info, address, work, home and cell numbers.

Include the date, VIN #, PRICE, mileage and AS IS a few more times for good measure. If the car has any known issues, put it down. (AC doesn’t work, Passenger rear window doesn’t work and so forth) That last part is overkill but I always did it anyway.

Make SURE you fill out the back of the title (or the Texas form they may or may not want instead.

Make sure the correct date and the buyers name is filled in as well as correct mileage.

Don’t leave the title open.

The buyer will probably have to take the car with him to get it registered. In my state, they physically come outside and verify the vin # on out of state cars.

I think someone posted in texas you may need a notary when selling a car. If they do, you will both need to sign in front of the notary with your IDs. Its not like that in my state.

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An Unexpected Error Occurred During Registration. Please Contact The Portal Administrator For Futher Informati?

Question by Kimi K: An Unexpected Error Occurred During Registration. Please Contact The Portal Administrator For Futher Informati?
What does this mean? all i want to do is register to the radio station “the edge” in NZ??
HELP!! =]

Best answer:

Answer by rainofkayos
eXactly what it says…

An Unexpected Error Occurred During Registration. Please Contact The Portal Administrator For Futher Informati

there is an error in the registration function of that application,,, most likely this isn’t a big site and doesn’t have full time support or SLA agreements or else the end user wouldn’t have been on yahoo asking this question … =) but as a basic answer,, it looks like no one else is calling the admin to tell it’s broken,, if the # is their maybe u should =)))

if it’s a java app it can mean an error in the code,, the app needing to be bounced due to over usage of the alotted memory heap,, possibly DB issue.. if it’s a simple perl/php script it can be broken.. the DB can be errored or corrupted..all to say call the administrator

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Is Texas auto registration just the stickers in the window or also a registration paper?

We’ve moved from Texas to Oklahoma, and lost the registration to our truck.(2005 ford F150) They won’t register it here without the registration, and Texas won’t print a duplicate because it’s expired, (about 18 months ago). We can’t renew it in Texas, because we have to do it in person, and that’s not an option. What the HECK are we supposed to do? Is the window registration sticker the same as having the registration on paper?
Also, we don’t have the title because it’s a lien. Texas doesn’t release the title until the lien is paid.