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Eye Wash Stations Are Essential To Worker Safety

Eye wash Stations are among the most important safety fixtures in facilities where hazardous debris and chemicals can get into people’s eyes and harm them. If a person gets a hazardous substance in his or her eye, the station will immediately deliver a stream of water to the eyeball and wash the hazardous fluid or debris out of the eye socket.

Sometimes only seconds are available for the person to reach the station and rinse the eye before serious, or even permanent, damage is done. Because this is such a time critical issue, eye wash stations must strictly comply with a number of safety codes, among which are ANSI z358.1-2004 and OSHA codes.

They must also be easy for workers to locate, even if they have been partially blinded by something that has gotten in their eyes. For this reasons, fixtures are tested and tagged much like fire extinguishers so there will be no doubt as to their location, and no delay in getting to the station.

There are a number of facilities and organizations that use eye wash stations. Factories install them anywhere dust or chemicals could get in workers’ eyes. Chemical plants also install them anywhere liquids or strong fumes can irritate and burn eyes. Laboratories must use them to sanitize eyes exposed to experimental chemicals and substances.

Hospitals use them for sanitizing eyes that may have been exposed to fluids or chemicals related to patient care. Dentists must also use them because tooth debris can get into eyes and damage tissue if not washed out.

Not only do these emergency relief stations protect human welfare, but they also save organizations millions of dollars each year by averting workman’s compensation claims and possible lawsuits. They also help architects and builders meet code by ensuring that the work environment will be as safe as possible even in situation where things can and sometimes do go terribly wrong.

Most of the organizations above are required by law to install eye wash stations. There are many different designs to choose from, including, but not limited to, the following styles:

Wall Mount
Wall mounted units look much like lavatories and spray water upward. They are usually activated by a side handle

The pedestal design is intended to save space in close quarters. Unit activates by a large, high-profile push handle. Water pressure ranges from 30-90 PSI.

Cabinet Mount
The eye wash station actually resides in a recessed cabinet fitted into a wall. This is a super space saver for very small areas.

Swing Down
This is another cabinet mount design where the spray mounts stand vertically flush with the cabinet while not in use. To activate, the user swings the station down so the water can jet upward into the eyes.

Drench Showers
These units stand upright in places that cannot hold wall mounted units. They provide a deluge of water when the operating handle is pulled. Persons using this type of eye wash fountain stand under the water stream so both the eyes and face are cleansed of hazardous material.

Lab Eye Wash Stations
Some designs mount to standard and gooseneck faucets. The water is diverted from the faucet to the station heads when the unit is activated.

Portable Eyewashes
For places where workers move around a lot, or where permanent fixture housing is impractical, a variety of portable stations are available for emergency use.

Wall mount units are also manufactured in a number of barrier free designs. Barrier free simply means that the unit is specifically designed with ADA compliant features, including a minimum of 30 PSI water pressure, are required features of these product lines.

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Internet Safety For Children At Home

We inhabit in a world that’s increasingly dependent upon computer systems as well as the Internet so that you can attain even the most modest of tasks that at one time would have required a trip into the library. This trip to the library may possibly have taken anywhere from a matter of minutes and a brief look through the document catalog or hours used up sifting through dusty shelves and outdated collections of books so as to acquire applicable information to the subject being researched.

Unfortunately, the clear benefits of the information age, for instance swift accessibility to information twenty four hours per day seven days per week with just the clicking of several keys is proving to be a logistical nightmare when it comes to safeguarding the security of households and corporations round the world. There exists so much information floating around in the online world and we unconsciously contribute even more information each and every instance we put in a phone number, address, or checking account number into our pcs. The problem is that we often need to enter these items to be able to acquire the data or merchandise we want from our computer systems.

To safeguard your children from Internet predators and information that simply isn’t proper for their viewing requirements install parental controls within the PC. Your kids may possibly complain however a couple of hours of complaints is well worth the satisfaction you will have realizing that nothing should be getting through that you don’t need them to view. This can result in some uproarious moments as favorite internet sites might be tagged for absurd factors you’ll need to take those with a case-by-case basis and judge whether or not you want to allow your sons or daughters having access to these web pages that are often tagged without genuine reason or inappropriateness. No system is perfect but doing nothing will be far worse.

An additional thing you need to perform that allows you to more strictly check their Internet activity is keep the pc in a central corner in the house as opposed to allowing them to bring computer systems into the privacy of the bedrooms where they’re unseen. You should also understand that even the best and brightest amid us are quite prone to be outshone by our children with regards to computer knowledge. Don’t believe that token efforts will net the large results you are hoping to accomplish.

Discuss correct internet security strategies with your kids, particularly your teens. Remind them of these items frequently and drill it into them. Security is an important thing when having discussions online, in chat rooms, or even in web-logs and internet sites. It is amazing the amount of information which is unintentionally given away through conversations that may never have been given away if direct requests had been asked as a way to get that information.

For this reason it really is even more essential that you choose to stress the urgency of secrecy relating to the Web. Lineup names, practice times, school names, and athletics involvement needs to be kept back to a minimum around the Internet as all of these things can be used in order to segregate plus discover your youngster. Pictures should also be limited in all honesty, especially those in cheer leading or ball team uniforms which may easily be used to spot location in addition to those which include car tags and other relevant information that’s identifying in nature. Although this will likely seem harsh for a adolescent it is a lot better being harsh with them than live through the sorrow and uncertainty of a missing kid or worse due to Internet predators.

Internet safety for children is the duty of each and every caring parent and must never be taken lightly. Hopefully this piece of writing has alerted you to the risks and offered some techniques for protecting your youngster.

If you have children you must seriously consider the problem of internet safety for kids. For additional information on internet security for children visit Computer Internet SecurityInfo.Com.

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1: AO Safety 90541

AO Safety 90541



AO Safety 90541
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These headphones are comfortable, flexible, lightweight and have done a good job muffeling sound of my cutter. I loved the digital image, the preset stations and easy to change stations while driving the mower. The only problem is that it is static in most of the radio station. Not sure if they live too far, or why, but the station is broken and out frequently. I may, and probably keep the radio when he came to clear all the time.


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CheapAO Safety 90541 WorkTunes AM/FM Hearing Protector With Digital Tuning And MP3 Input

Gets the job done

I use these safety headphones while mowing the lawn. Does a sufficient job of muffling the mower noise – I don’t feel like I’m going to experience hearing loss if I’m mowing for an hour straight. 

The radio is fine – I don’t expect crystal clear sound nor do I expect the stations to not fade in and out. Like other reviews have stated, there is some static that comes through now and then but for the most part, the distraction of listening to the radio is there while I mow. 

I haven’t used the iPod attachment but my wife has and loves it. The unit does come with the ipod cord (I read a review that indicated it didn’t) and the sound does come into both ears (again, read a review that said it didn’t). She only listens to her ipod when using these and hasn’t had any problems. 

For the price, they get the job done.

DiscountAO Safety 90541 WorkTunes AM/FM Hearing Protector With Digital Tuning And MP3 Input

Quiet listening.

Great for listening to radio while cutting or weed eating grass. Can hardly hear the mower, but the radio comes in loud and clear. 
makes a boring job much more pleasant.

Low PriceAO Safety 90541 WorkTunes AM/FM Hearing Protector With Digital Tuning And MP3 Input

A great purchase!!!!

I am a working musician and I bought these headphones for two reasons…1, I can plug in my metronome, and 2 I can plug in my mp3 player…as a drummer its important to reduce the noise level of the drums, but still be able to hear them along with the music or the click…so this is perfect…very comfy cans! Really happy with this product!!

OrderAO Safety 90541 WorkTunes AM/FM Hearing Protector With Digital Tuning And MP3 Input

Good value, not the best out there.

These hearing protectors do a stellar job of canceling outside sounds–so much so that I don’t wear them anymore when working with a partner on a construction site. They are great for running a chainsaw, mower or circular saw by yourself; you can hear the motor of the tool you’re using enough to know if it is functioning correctly, but not much else. They are also great for using with an iPod, which is the main reason I picked these headphones, but I can’t recommend them for their radio reception, which is only fair. Overall, a good deal unless you are set on using the radio.

CheapAO Safety 90541 WorkTunes AM/FM Hearing Protector With Digital Tuning And MP3 Input

AO Safety WorkTunes

These do exactly what they are supposed to. They keep out the noise but let you listen to music. I use then in my workshop with saws, sanders, grinders and vacuums constantly running. These block all the background noise and make working a pleasure. They fit well and are easy to find your station because of the digital tuning. And since they are bright yellow I can always find them in my cluttered shop. I have not yet plugged in my MP3 player, but will once i get a short patch cable.

BuyAO Safety 90541 WorkTunes AM/FM Hearing Protector With Digital Tuning And MP3 Input

A Really Great Product

I read the reviews before I ordered this product. Some said it was junk, others said it was good. I usually read the reviews of others when I purchase products on line and usually wind up making my own decision and when I get the product I wonder how the other came up with the opinions they have. This is really a great product. As I type this review I am listening to a FM station out of New Orleans, La some 85 miles away inside my home which has a metal roof and I am getting perfect reception. I am extremely pleased the AO Safety 90541 WorkTunes. I can’t imagine why anyone else wouldn’t be. Again, A REAL GREAT PRODUCT. 
Preston Gordon 
Kentwood La. 

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Q&A: How do you score a safety in football and what does it do?

Question by Rizwan V: How do you score a safety in football and what does it do?
I know this sounds a little wierd. I watch football but dont know some of the rules.
But if your already in the endzone isnt that a touchdown
O so if u catach the ball run into the endzone and then leave the endzone, then if a defense player tackles hm back in its a safety.

Best answer:

Answer by Joe892
You sack the opposing QB in his own endzone. You are rewarded 2 points.

That is the most common way to get a saftey, but also if you get called for holding in the endzone, the QB throws intentially grounding in the endzone, the QB steps out the back of the endzone or if a fumble goes in the back of the endzone

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Scathing report raises nuclear reactor safety fears

Scathing report raises nuclear reactor safety fears
A confidential report into Australia’s only nuclear reactor has made a damning assessment of its safety practises and called for a complete overhaul of its radio pharmaceutical operations.The report, …
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Unidentified men kill radio-taxi driver
New Delhi, Feb 7 (PTI) A 32-year-old driver was robbed and stabbed to death by some unidentified men in east Delhi, police said today.
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Texas Mutual Awards $300K in Safety Education Grants

Texas Mutual Awards 0K in Safety Education Grants
AUSTIN—Texas Mutual Insurance Company has awarded a combined $ 300,000 in grants to Kilgore College, Midland College and College of the Mainland in Texas City. The grants will continue to fund free workplace safety courses for employers, employees and the general public through the colleges’ risk management institutes.
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Aikman, Buck ready for Super call
Troy Aikman and Joe Buck will work their third Super Bowl as Fox’s lead announcing crew today when the Steelers face the Green Bay Packers at 6:30 p.m. at Cowboys Stadium.
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Defensive kinship
ARLINGTON, Texas — Super Bowl XLV might not be a game so much as a seminar on defensive game planning. On the one side, calling the shots for the Steelers defense will be Dick LeBeau. With 37 years of coaching experience, the 73-year old is regarded as the father of the zone blitz in the modern NFL.
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Hormone Therapy Safety: Medical Journals Request Expert Opinions From Global Leader and UCLA Professor

Hormone Therapy Safety: Medical Journals Request Expert Opinions From Global Leader and UCLA Professor
A series of research conducted by age-management leader Cenegenics® Medical Institute with noted UCLA professor Dr. Ernst von Schwarz garnered the medical community’s recognition as experts on hormonal therapy
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U.S. Home Systems to Present at the Sidoti & Company, LLC Semi-Annual New York Micro-Cap Conference
U.S. Home Systems, Inc. today announced that Robert DeFronzo, chief financial officer, will present at the Sidoti & Company, LLC Semi-Annual New York Micro-Cap Conference at 9:20 a.m. on Monday, January 10, 2011 in the Estate 7/Plymouth room at the Grand Hyatt New York Hotel, Park Avenue at Grand Central Station.
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Safety Service Provided By Texas Police

Safety Service Provided By Texas Police

They say everything’s big in Texas. That’s probably true and it includes Texas public criminal records. It’s a key public safety service provided by the state. Texas is a strong advocate of driving improvement of criminal history records as well as sharing of justice information. Firearms purchases, employment screening for sensitive positions and homeland security background checks are examples of the diligence of Texas police reports.

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is the criminal history repository for the State of Texas. Managing Criminal Records is one of its core functions. There are 2 components to the Texas Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) namely the Computerized Criminal History System (CCH) and Corrections Tracking System (CTS). Their records comprise of information submitted by criminal justice agencies only within the State of Texas. Among them, Texas police records are a favorite.

In Texas, all Free Criminal Records are basically public information by law. That includes Texas police records. However, some criminal history records are classified as non-public information and may be released only to persons authorized by the individual or entities by the legislature. Otherwise, simply put, anyone has the right to anybody’s criminal history public records and free arrest reports are a good starting point to investigate people.

Texas crime rate is historically one of the highest in the country. With the second highest population, the number of reported crimes is expectantly sky-high. That’s not even taking into account those that fell short of conviction. This is where arrest records can be most helpful because every arrest goes onto record whether it leads to incarceration or not. The arrest information remains on the Free Police Records indefinitely.

A practical way to safeguard personal and business interests is by conducting Texas Police Records Search. It is quite common nowadays in pre-employment screening, official personnel profiling and private purposes such as background-checking new neighbors, friends and relatives. Free public criminal records are available but it must be noted that there are legal fine-prints to observe when using these records.

The private sector is allowed to access state repositories of Texas Police Records. This is permitted in only nineteen states and is a great resource for individuals as well as commercial information brokers. The public in turn benefits from the professional commercial record providers which offer an alternative option to government agencies. They retail mainly online and are typically instant, nationwide and plug-and-play.

Looking for Texas Police Records? We can help you. We have detailed information specific to various Police Records


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Texas Department of Public Safety 1/43 Dodge Charger Diecast Diorama

Some cool texas images:

Texas Department of Public Safety 1/43 Dodge Charger Diecast Diorama
Image by PMC 1stPix

Texas Pet
Image by Pierce Place

WFTDA Western Regionals, Verizon Wireless Theater, Houston, Texas 2008.10.05
Image by fossilmike


Euro Extends Decline as EU Holds Cautious Tone, U.S. Dollar Benefits From Flight to Safety

Euro Extends Decline as EU Holds Cautious Tone, U.S. Dollar Benefits From Flight to Safety

Talking Points

Japanese Yen: Mixed Across the Board
British Pound: U.K. Raises 2010 GDP, Cuts 2011 Growth Forecast
Euro: EU Maintains Growth Projection For 2010, 2011
U.S. Dollar: Dallas Fed Manufacturing on Tap


The U.S. dollar advanced against its major counterparts during the overnight session, and the near-term rally in the greenback may pick up pace going into the North American trade as fears surrounding the European debt crisis continue to weigh on market sentiment. The EUR/USD tumbled to a low of 1.3136 as the European Union held a cautious outlook for the region and expects the austerity measures to bear down on the economic recovery in the following year. Although, the group maintained its growth forecast for the euro-area as it sees GDP expanding 1.7% this year and 1.5% in 2011, but went onto say that the fundamental outlook remains clouded with high uncertainty as the governments operating under the fixed-exchange rate system struggle to manage their public finances.

As a result, EU Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn said Portugal and Italy may have to take additional steps to meet their fiscal targets as their budget-cutting proposals remain “very ambitious,’ but said that the risks to the economic outlook are broadly balanced while speaking at a news conference in Brussels. The bearish sentiment underlying the single-currency may intensify going into December as European policy makers struggle to restore investor confidence, and the ongoing turmoil in the financial markets could lead the European Central Bank to keep its exit strategy on hold throughout the coming months as it aims to balance the risks for the region. As the exchange rate falls back towards the 38.2%% Fibonacci retracement from the 2009 high to the 2010 low around 1.3100-20, the euro-dollar may continue to retrace the advance from December, but the pair may consolidate in the days ahead as price action holds above the 200-Day SMA at 1.3130.

The British Pound fell back from a high of 1.5648 as investors scaled back their appetite for risk, and the flight to safety may continue to drag on the exchange rate as risk trends dictate price action in the currency market. As the GBP/USD breaks out of the upward trend from May, the pound-dollar may trend lower in the days ahead as it searches for support, but the pair could consolidate in the days as price action holds above the April highs around 1.5500. Meanwhile, the U.K. Office for Budget Responsibility sees GDP expanding 1.8% this year versus an initial forecast for 1.6% rise in GDP, while the group expects the growth rate to rise 2.1% in 2011 amid earlier projections for a 2.3% expansion next year. As policy makers in the U.K. see a risk for a slower recovery in the following year, the Bank of England may look to maintain the expansion in monetary policy throughout the beginning of 2011, but the stickiness in price growth could spur a growing split within the MPC as the central bank expects inflation to hold above target next year. As we head into December, speculation surrounding the outlook for future policy should play an increased role in driving price action for the GBP/USD, and the pair may trend sideways over the coming weeks as we expect to see another three-way split at the December 9 interest rate decision.


The greenback rallied against most of its currency counterparts, with the USD/JPY advancing to a high of 84.25, and the dollar may appreciate further as equity futures foreshadow a lower open for the U.S. market. As the economic docket remains fairly light for Monday, we should see risk sentiment continue to dictate price action for the major currencies, but there could be a small reaction to the Dallas Fed Manufacturing Activity index due out at 15:30 GMT as investors weigh the outlook for future growth. The gauge for manufacturing is expected to increase to 4.5 in November from 2.6 in the previous month, which would be the highest reading since April, and the data could spur a shift in market sentiment as the data encourages an improved outlook for the world’s largest economy.

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