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Self Storage Spaces, Storage Facilities London From Space Station

Space Station provides all the storage facilities you would expect of a leading self storage supplier plus that little extra that makes them special. Space Station Self Storage comes in with the space you need and lots of it for just about anything you need to store including Furniture Storage, Student Summer Storage, Domestic and Household Storage, Help With Moving, Decluttering Your Home, Storage For Your Business, Access To Packing Materials And Boxes. Self storage refers to a business that owns and operates a facility that is subdivided into self storage spaces which are rented to tenants, usually on a monthly basis. The rented spaces, known as units, rooms or lockers are secured by the tenant’s own lock and key. Facility operators do not have casual access to the contents of the space, unlike a professional warehouseman. A self storage operator never takes possession, care, custody or control of the contents of the storage rental space unless a lien is imposed for non-payment of rent. Self storage facility operators frequently provide controlled access to rental space areas, individual door alarms, interior units lights, and security cameras. Goods or items stored are either not insured by the self storage operator, or insured only to a minimal degree.

Space Station offers Self Storage Space facilities. Self storage is a Secure Storage solution to storage needs. Self storage offers both personal and business users a storage solution that they can basically control themselves. As with more traditional storage methods, self-storage allows you to rent storage space where you can keep goods and belongings in specialist facilities. In most cases, you’ll be expected to provide your own lock for your space giving you an extra guarantee of security, Space Station offers. In addition, reputable self-storage operations will have a range of their own security measures in place, these can include CCTV, guards and alarm systems. More and more people today are finding it hard to manage the space they rent, own or lease and are turning to self-storage as a solution to cluttered personal and business lives. Whether you’re looking to store just a few items, archive your business paperwork or put most of your possessions in Storage Facilities London for a few weeks, months or years, this could be a cost-effective and flexible solution for you. You can choose to store more or less anything you like in the space size that you choose for as long or as short a time as necessary. self-storage allows you to access your storage space free of charge at any time (subject to facility opening times) which not only means that you can easily access what you have stored but that you can take parts of it out of storage and replace it with other items with no hassle, no waiting and no additional cost.

Space Station provides all the storage facilities you would expect of a leading self storage supplier plus that little extra that makes them special. Space Station offers Self Storage Space facilities. Self storage is a Secure Storage solution to storage needs. Self storage offers both personal and business users a storage solution that they can basically control themselves.


Community Audited Public Space (CAPS) Downtown Dallas: Facilitator Training

Community Audited Public Space (CAPS) Downtown Dallas: Facilitator Training
Event on 2017-02-25 13:00:00
Help facilitate buildingcommunityWORKSHOP's downtown Dallas Community Audited Public Space event!  We are in need of facilitators to help guide 3 person groups during a community wide public space audit on March 25th.   Join us on Saturday, February 25th, for a CAPS facilitator training. We will meet at [bc]'s office to review the auditing process, then [bc] staff will lead small groups in conducting an audit of one block before returning to [bc]'s office. Refreshments will be served.   Please note that if sign up for a facilitator training, we ask that you sign up to facilitate at least one audit event on March 25th.  About Community Audited Public Space (CAPS) These events will gather vital information on the quality of sidewalks and streetscapes to help inform planning efforts in downtown.  Public knowledge is indispensable in understanding the experience of place within the city.  The CAPS exercise will reinforce the community led advocacy already taking place and help to spread tools and strategies for documenting and addressing issues in downtown's public spaces and sidewalks.  To register for the community wide event, click here. This initiative is supported in part by Downtown Dallas Inc. (DDI) and an award from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). To find out more about how National Endowment for the Arts visit  To find out more about Downtown Dallas Inc, visit

416 S Ervay St
Dallas, United States


The International Space Station – Picking the Right Talent For the Job

This weekend Space Shuttle Endeavor looks to add another piece the space station’s Japanese Kibo laboratory. At 335 tons in weight and coming in at a staggering price tag of around $ 100 billion dollars, the International Space Station is the largest engineering project ever undertaken. With well over 30 shuttle launches to place the station hardware in space and over 100 spacewalks to complete construction, the assembly of this orbital laboratory has required a supporting talent acquisition process that would make most private sector companies envious. Despite the clear magnetic attraction that the space program has on top engineers, many of the same strategies, technologies and nuances apply to talent acquisition in the private sector.

Building a Brand

Let’s face it, every since the early days of the Mercury program children have looked into the eyes of their parents and exclaimed, “Daddy, I want to grow up to be an astronaut.” This behavior is a byproduct of years of publicity and a cold war propaganda machine that took a Patriotic Sham-Wow and buffed up the public image of the space program. Live video of heroic men taking the first steps on the moon helped seal the deal. These were astronauts, the best of the best, test pilots from top military experimental flight programs. As with most things in life, marketing is everything. Companies can take a note from the pages of NASA. Building a brand that not only attracts customers but also inspires talent is a sure fire way to push your organization to new heights. Just take a moment to look at the talent pool of companies like Google and you will get an understanding of what corporate branding can do for your human resources department. Even with a small company, selecting the best talent is a lot easier when people are knocking at the gates.

Understanding Your Needs

During a lecture in the 60’s, a reporter asked John Glen what he was thinking while he sat in the Mercury capsule moments before becoming the first American to orbit the earth. Glen’s response, “I was thinking that the rocket had twenty thousand components, and each was made by the lowest bidder.” Glenn’s point hits the mark. With the Apollo program, an infinitely more complex launch system, not a single Astronaut died during launch or in spaceflight. Despite the fact that there were major technical issues during Apollo 13, the track record for the program is astounding considering that the contract for each component was granted to the lowest bidder who could prove the had the technical expertise to deliver. Developing a clear understanding of your needs can go a long way to improving the hiring process for almost any company. Many times, due to lack of communication or misinformation, a company will open a job search, when they have quite enough internal resources to handle things. In other cases, the HR team might not develop the proper job requirements to fit the position at hand. Always make sure you have the facts and know what you need before you act.

Developing Process

NASA has a long standing history of developing their astronaut talent pool from existing government resources. Prior to the existence of human space flight, the space program was tasked with outlining requirements for the perfect candidates for the early days of the space program. These requirements stressed several major characteristics including flight experience (especially test pilots), military backgrounds, outstanding physical health and to a lesser degree engineering backgrounds. Given these requirements, the space program developed a clear process for accepting new astronauts which included flight experience reviews, direct recommendations by top military officials, intense physical fitness tests by trusted medical doctors and an overall review of educational expertise and psychological background to see if the candidate was a right ft for the job.

Needless to say, the candidate review process was extremely well defined and thorough. Despite the fact that most companies do not have NASA-like resources, developing a clear hiring process is just as critical for success. Companies need to have open communication and collaboration between hiring managers, internal recruiters and top decision makers. In order to be successful, this process requires a clearly defined process flow. The last thing a company wants to do is mishandle a talented candidate during the recruiting process and diminish that candidate’s perception of the company. Developing an intake blueprint, eliminating bottlenecks, and emphasizing collaboration are key elements to a well tune talent acquisition program.

Taking Advantage of Technology

Pushing the frontiers of technology is one of the defining goals of NASA and the human space flight program. Each mission presents a new set of technologies, scientific variables and obstacles that serve to increase the knowledge base of the engineering and scientific communities. Because the space program draws their talent from a wide variety of resources, including the elite military branches and the scientific community, communication is paramount to the selection process of each new class of astronauts. These same principles hold true for the private sector. Communication or lack there of poses the biggest potential bottleneck in the hiring process. If an internal recruiter and a hiring manager are on different pages, then the process suffers.

Collaboration and oversight are defining characteristic of the top corporate recruiting programs. New technologies exist such as recruiting software which can provide companies with the competitive edge required to outpace their competition and streamline efficiency. These programs offer a powerful combination of features, flexibility and affordability. In the private sector, being on the cutting edge does not require a degree in rocket science.

Outfitting your organization with talented employees is only the first step towards success. To achieve truly noble goals you need to select people who can match and sustain your corporate vision. It’s like they always say, “if we can put a man on the moon we can [your answer goes here]” I’d like to think that each employee oriented company can fill in their own blank on that one.

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trying to do a my space page for our school we are longhorn where can i find layout for it?

Question by mistyns2424: trying to do a my space page for our school we are longhorn where can i find layout for it?
im trying to set up a my space page for our pto our mascot is longhorns can anyone tell me where i can find a layout that dosent have texas sports in it

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Answer by bamakracker

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History Channel/The Universe – Biggest Things in Space

We can’t compare anything on Earth to the biggest things known in space. The Lymann Alpha blob is a bubble like structure containing countless galaxies — perhaps the biggest object in the entire universe. Regions of radio-emitting gas called ‘radio lobes’ could be even bigger. Then there are super galaxy clusters which are hundreds of galaxies merged together due to cosmic collisions. Discover which is the largest planet, star, star cluster, constellation, black hole, volcano, galaxy, explosions, moon, storm, impact crater and ‘void’ known in the universe.


TWiT leases big space in Petaluma

TWiT leases big space in Petaluma
PETALUMA — This Week in Tech (TWiT), the tech-focused netcast network that’s podcast, tweeted, blogged and streamed, has leased nearly 10,000 square feet at 140 Keller St. in Petaluma.
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Kids’ TV in crisis, says Floella
Former Play School presenter Floella Benjamin urges ministers and broadcasters to deal with a “crisis” in children’s programming.
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Five things to know about Newscorp’s The Daily iPad app
“New times demand new journalism,” said the 79-year-old Murdoch, who parlayed a family-owned newspaper in Australia into an international empire which includes the The Fox Broadcasting Network, The Wall Street Journal and British Satellite Broadcasting.
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The Sounds of Heaven by Rafael Brom – Space, Universe and Galaxies

THE SOUNDS OF HEAVEN by Rafael Brom from album THE SOUNDS OF HEAVEN MP3 – Single Song Download Heavenly, Healing, Meditation, Relaxation, Spiritual Music for Transformation of Your Mind, Body and Soul. Music for Inner Peace, Spiritual Awakening, Meditation, Stress Reduction, Longevity, Good Health and Peace. This Record Album Received ASCAP’s Annual Award Cosmotone Music (ASCAP) Cosmotone Records © 1991 Cosmotone Records CD – Product Number: CD-2006 AL Composed, Performed, Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Rafael Brom at Brom Studio, Pasadena, California Instruments: Midi Guitars, 12 String Guitars, 6 String Guitars, Samplers, Keyboards and Vocals Record Album Illustration and Design by Rafael Brom Digitally Remastered by Colin Kennedy of Tortuga Music, Glendale, California Upon request from Hollywood film director Kurt James Stefka, Rafael scored the original sound track to Kurts movie Crossroads of the World which has become one of Rafaels best selling albums ‘The Sounds of Heaven’ and ‘Music for Peace of Mind’. Recently, Rafael was asked to perform original score again for Mr. Stefkas new company Story Driven Pictures which produced a video production of the Nutcracker in 2008 for The Reno Dance Company. Rafaels unique music score was extremely successful in the video production as it juxtaposed splendidly with the music score by Tchaikovsky. Peaceful, Heavenly, Healing, Inspirational Instrumental Music and Songs Radio Stations: USA and


how much space would it take to record 15 hours of FM raidio?

Question by Read the letters: how much space would it take to record 15 hours of FM raidio?
I have a MP3 player and I’m going somewhere and I need to record it all! 15 hours. On FM. Its a 8 gig. Would that be enough?
I have 61 songs on it lready would that be too little space?

Best answer:

Answer by theradioham
The simple rule of thumb for 128k MP3 is 1Mb per min, actually it’s 57 MB per hour, so your 15 hours at that rate will be a little less than 1GB.

If you record at higher quality, then it will need more, but 128k is probably about right for FM quality.

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Soothe Your Soul with Gulan?s Ambient Space Music

Soothe Your Soul with Gulan?s Ambient Space Music

Music has been soothing souls since ages. Over the years, many artists have composed numerous compositions and have fitted in various genres like space music, new age music, and relaxation music. These genres of music have also been ever-evolving like music itself. A new genre that has come into being over the last few years is Ambient Space Music.

Space music is also referred to as New Age Music. Also known as Ambient Music, it gives rise to deep, contemplative spaciousness. Known mostly for the sheer peace of mind it offers through the cosmic sounds used in it, space music is mainly associated with ambient and electronic music. There are a very few musicians who compose space music due to the intricacies involved in its formation. But, there is a name that has become synonymous with this genre, and that is Gulan.

Gulan has contemplation as the key measure of his music. His latest album, coined as ”Space Projections”, has clearly exceeded all the expectations of his fans. In sync with all his works, he has truly convinced music enthusiasts with his rare capability to produce space music by amalgamating different genres of music. If you ever doubted the abilities of Gulan, Space Projection would lift all of them. The nine tracks of the album lasting 55 minutes completely redefine the genre.

Even Cassiopeia was quite liked by his listeners. The album with its electronic space music of 71 minutes had the title track in three parts. With light solos being on top, and velvet textures in the middle made the album a perfect combination for music lovers. Gulan’s another album, Sphere, also was a big hit and its cover art was also simply loved by fans. Although this also had soothing, heart – warming textures that embraced the listeners with tranquil and ethereal sonics.

Space music basically is composed of sonic textures that may range from simple to complex. These textures lack traditional vocal components, like rhythm and melody. Yet, they evoke an entire gamut of spatial imagery and related emotions thus befitting well in the category of relaxation music. 

 Although ambient space music holds a very small market share in the music industry, yet its listeners are very loyal and enthusiastic. They crave for space music for its type, and not for big labels. Space music has evolved over the last 50 years and many artists have tried their hands on it. Every musician tries to give their own tinge to this soothing music. Gulan also embeds his music with his melodious intricacies. With every album of his going successful, his diehard fans keep craving for more. His assorted form of music casts trance effects and makes the listener feel drifting with the flow of music. The listeners of Gulan feel very peculiar sensations of floating, flying or hovering in the space with these cosmic sounds.

Space music is used by musicians for foreground listening as well as for the enhancement of backgrounds in the inspirational or contemplative tracks, because nothing can be more ethereal than this.

ambient space music provides you soothing and calm experience. For more information on Gulan’s music please visit

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Q&A: How long will it take for a radio wave sent from space satellite circulating Mars to reach the Earth?

by cabbit

Question by Monkey: How long will it take for a radio wave sent from space satellite circulating Mars to reach the Earth?
If the planet Mars is about 56 million kilometers from Earth, how long would it take for a radio wave sent from space satellite circling Mars to reach Earth? Assume that radio waves travel at the speed of light.

Best answer:

Answer by paul1
Distance divided by speed equals time.

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