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Lighted Makeup Mirrors For Makeup Beauty Stations

Often you might see lighted makeup mirrors on video shots of film stars preparing their makeup. After doing this, these actors know that their makeup will look good under the harsh stage lights. These mirrors help artists put on makeup just right. For a woman who is about to put on her makeup, the mirror allows the best over all view of her face. The clearer and brighter the mirror is, the better aid it is for putting on makeup. Mirrors are an absolutely necessary part of beauty makeup stations.

Reveals Your Facial Features
A makeup mirror that is lighted has features that ensure that when one looks into it, all the blemishes, warts, moles, small rashes, fine lines and tiniest details are revealed. This is important when applying makeup. When you start a daily ritual of cleaning your face, toning and moisturizing, a lighted makeup mirror lets you know if you missed any places.

Kinds of Mirrors
There are different kinds of lighted mirrors. The magnifying makeup mirrors can have 10x magnification and many are distortion free. This is important when trying to see the tiniest and finest detail. Some mirrors are double-sided. One side is no magnification while the other side is magnified.

Wall Mounts
There are magnifying wall mounted makeup mirrors. One kind can be pulled back and swiveled to whatever side that one would want to see clearly. Another kind is the magnifying, double-sided wall mirror that extends a short distance from the wall with both sides lighted.

One type of vanity makeup mirror lights up when used, sits on a pedestal and is made of brushed brass. It is ideal for home use which you can use even when you just want to clean your face or fix your hair.

Another kind of lighted makeup mirror that you can use at home is the lighted, double sided, round mirror. It features a regular mirror on one side, and the magnifying mirror on the other side. Both sides use a halo light for added brilliance and clarity.

For traveling, a fold-away compact makeup mirror features a 10x magnification that mimics natural day and night light. It is made so that one can see clearly while cleaning and grooming. This compact design folds easily and can be placed in a bag.

A lighted magnifying makeup mirror that has 5x magnification with 4 light settings is another choice. This kind of mirror uses the available light. It can be used in daylight or evening, in the office or at home. The mirror has 3 panels to provide wide angle viewing, and has a side view mirror panels for custom viewing and can be closed,is compact for traveling.

Every woman has her likes and dislikes. Some women think that the mirror they use should show the tiniest detail even without their eyeglasses on. Because of this, women scour the market for the best, most convenient lighted makeup mirror.

About the Author:
Merilee Paige is a Face Makeup enthusiast. Visit Makeup to Die For for
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Did You Know That Drinking Water Stations Can Endanger Your Health?

While there has been concern over tap water for many years, it has become apparent that what comes out of the faucet is contaminated and often, very dangerous. Obviously, with water containing a variety of dangerous chemicals and parasites, many people are now choosing drinking water stations. These systems are commonly found in businesses, schools, medical facilities, and even homes. However, what you need to know is that these systems are actually contributing to the problem.

Unfortunately, most stations are unsafe. The reason is that the water is actually contaminated, coming straight out of the tap. Unfortunately, unsuspecting people take a nice, long drink as an alternative to tap water, believing they are taking steps to a healthier life. However, unless the station is from a reputable company, one that guarantees that only 100% filtered or mineral water is used, chances are people are drinking nothing more than tap water that is loaded with chemicals, parasites, and other dangerous contaminants.

The only filter these drinking water stations have is the basic carbon system. Yes, this type of filter can eliminate some of the harmful chemicals found in standard tap water but the truth is, they are not sophisticated enough to filter out everything. That means harmful chemicals, parasites, and other contaminants are being consumed, such as chlorine, lead, parasites, and more.

Even worse, these special water systems are designed with polycarbonate containers. This means in addition to the carbon filter eliminating only some of the dangers, the plastic container itself promotes additional health risks. New studies have shown that plastic, which is made from chemicals, can be very hazardous. For instance, when food is heated in a plastic container in a microwave, chemicals are released into the food. The same is true for these stations in that water being stored within plastic containers only further promotes contamination.

Okay, if you are like other people, you want to know how to eliminate dangerous chemicals, parasites, and other contaminations altogether. The answer is actually quite simple. The key is to avoid water from stations and choose only what has been filtered at home with an installed purification system. In this case, you could easily take fresh, clean, and safe water to work, while also having confidence that you and the entire family are consuming something at home that is pure and safe.

The good news is that filtration systems on the market today are beneficial for purifying contaminated water. Of course, you want to choose the right system, not one that uses a simple carbon filter. These systems come in three primary options that include the faucet system, the countertop system, and the under-counter system. Choosing a filter system that uses a high-density ceramic filter ensures that even the smallest contaminates are trapped. That way, contaminated water is a problem solved. You should take time to learn about the actual dangers found in what comes from the tap, as well as details on the top of the line filtration systems so you stop the danger!

Donald Spencer is a dedicated researcher of the different types of water filters and a passionate advocate of healthy lifestyle. To discover which water purification system he recommends after extensive research, visit his website today at


Home Weather Stations – Affordable, Accurate, Fun and Easy to Use

Weather affects all of us each day. We talk about it, try to predict it and even have entire cable channels about it. The home weather station is a great way to bring all of this right in your own backyard.

Weather stations can be found at most home improvement and department stores. But shopping online will give you your best selection.

There are a wide variety to choose from There are wired and wireless. They can give you information such as indoor/outdoor temperature, humidity, wind speed, dew point, wind chill, heat index, multiday forecast and more.

With a lot of choices of brands and models this has made them affordable. You can find them as inexpensive as $ 20. The price will depend on the model and features. Obviously the more features the more expensive it will be. You will need to decide what you want in your weather station.

With the advent of technology they are very acurrate. What is even better is it is localized to your house. So you are getting the most accurate information for your location. You will need to read the instructions of the model you buy in order to make sure you set it up properly. This will insure you have it in a recommended location which will give you the most accurate reading.

Home weather stations can be fun if you have children. Most children love to watch the weather and to be able to see real time information makes it an ongoing fun event for them. Even if you don’t have children around it is still fun to see the information for yourself.

Depending on the type of weather station you purchase will determine the ease of use. For most it is just a matter of adding some batteries and setting up the wireless sensor. So within a short amount of time you are up and running.

Home Weather Stations are an affordable and fun way to have information about current weather conditions right in your own home.


Chilling Out in Nepal – Hill Stations, Lakesides and Much More

Most people associate Nepal with trekking, rafting and the likes, but for those relaxed travelers that don’t take a fancy to trudging through the mountains or getting their heart pounding in Nepal’s adventure sports, don’t forget there is also a tranquil side to this Himalayan paradise as well. Yoga, meditation, Buddhist tours, festival tours, golfing holidays, Thangka Painting schools, romantic honeymoons, Nepal is certainly much more than an adventure play ground. Spend a week or two here chilling out in some of the Hill Stations like Daman, Chisopani, Bandipur and Nagarkot or Pokhara’s tranquil lakeside and you will soon find that life here runs to a very different tune. If you want a more relaxed holiday or retreat get in touch with us today and let us arrange your own very special chilled out tour of Nepal.

Chill out destination’s in Nepal

Nagarkot – A popular tourist destination that people use as a quick stop off to view the spectacular Himalaya. There is a lot more to this magnificent Hill Station than just that. You can enjoy secluded retreats and hotels where you can get away from it all, enjoy revitalizing massage, rekie, mediation or just spend your time exploring the hillside villages. Nagarkot is within easy reach of Kathmandu, Nepal’s thriving capital city, in facts it’s an ideal place for a weekend city escape. In Nagarkot, there is also much more to do than just admiring the Himalaya, take a guided off road motor bike tour to experience the rich culture of the Tamang people, pony ride or hike to some nearby villages, go bird watching in the jungle or tackle and exhilarating downhill on mountain bike.

Bandipur – Half way between Kathmandu and Pokhara you can find this sleepy hill station high up on a ridge above the Marsyandi River and the orange growing regions. This one time isolated town is one of the finest examples in Nepal of how eco and social responsible tourism can work to create a wonderful experience for visitors and a profitable one for the villagers. Here you can explore the biggest caves in Nepal, see silk making first hand or just soak up inspiring views of the middle Himalaya. Visits to Bandipur can be arranged on the way to or from Pokhara and they can be combined with trips to Manakarmana, one of the holiest temples in Nepal and the only cable car ride the country has to offer. In Bandipur accommodation varies from first class mountain retreats to basic yet rewarding village home stays.

Bhaltali – Yet another example of tourism working for improved villages in Nepal. This hidden valley is a remarkable place, hemmed on one side by a river gorge and pine forests and on the other side by hillsides terraced with rice and millet fields. It’s a fantastic destination for photographers or people who want to just spend time in a typical Nepali village. Home stays can be arranged or you can spend your evenings in the hilltop resort soaking up the village and mountain views. In close proximity is the breathtaking Namobuddha, a famous Buddhist Monastery and Pauntie an ancient Newari Town (Newars are an ethnic group of Nepal), so you can easily spend a few days here and it’s only an hour’s drive plus two hours walk to get there from Kathmandu.

Chisopani – A 16km trek through the Shivapuri National Park takes you to Chisopani, a small village and trekker’s outpost on the valley rim. From here the views rival those from Nagarkot. One can easily spend a few days chilling out here, relaxing, getting to know the villagers, visiting the local cheese factory, explore the Dhaps “wetlands” or just use it as a stopover on treks to Nagarkot, into Langtang and Helumbu or down to Melamchhi. Chisopani is fast become one of the Kathmandu Valleys most popular Hill Stations and its eco and culturally friendly theme make it an ideal destination for those visitors after a taste of what trekking in Nepal is all about.

Pokhara – Not just a starting point or finishing point for trekkers but an unbelievably beautiful and chilled out place to partake in Rekie or Yoga course, or do some meditation in a retreat. Pokhara also has a world class golf course if that’s your cup of tea! It also boasts a stunning 5 star resort, with manicured gardens, tennis court an pool, if you want to do it in style, or just kick back in one of many cozy road and lakeside hotels lining the main strip, packed full of shopping, restaurants and chilled out night spots. Pokhara is the kind of place that one goes to and never wants to leave.

Jenny Lama


Laptop Stands and Docking Stations, What is the Difference?

If you are a laptop owner, you are probably familiar with the egg frying heat that can accompany extended use of your laptop. This common issue is caused by poor air circulation beneath a laptop. Or perhaps you can feel the ache of your hands after typing on a level keyboard for hours at a time. There is one remarkably simple invention that can solve both the overheating and ergonomic issues many laptops face. It is the laptop stand.

Laptop stands are exactly what they sound like, a small stand that you can set your laptop on. They are normally angled so that the rear of the laptop is higher than the front, much like the effect you get from the legs on a keyboard. This angling is important because the less you have to extend your wrists to reach the keys, the lower the chance of a repetitive strain injury is. But this is more of a by-product of this invention than the driving force behind it.

The impetus behind laptop stands is the overheating issues that many people face when using their laptops. As a friend once said of his new laptop; “You don’t use it on your lap if you want to have kids.” He loved the laptop, but the heat generated by its use was incompatible with the basic function of the computer, something portable enough to place in his lap and use.

Most laptop stands are made to be as portable as the devices they serve. They collapse, fold up, and can stow easily inside a laptop’s carrying case. One product, designed for Mac users, comes with pads that can be used when the stand is on your lap, and can be taken off when using the stand on a desktop.

If you have a dedicated place for using your laptop, you may want to consider upgrading from a laptop stand to a docking station. Where a stand supports a laptop, a docking station is a little bit more elaborate. They feature attachment points for an external monitor, mouse, and keyboard, as well as Ethernet, phone, and USB ports. The docking stations are a step up in utility, but also in price. Where a stand can be found for $ 20 or less, you’ll be hard pressed to find a good docking station for less than $ 90.

Or, if you’re feeling truly handy, a laptop stand can be made from household materials or other equipment retrofitted for use with your laptop. CD racks, towel holders, door stops, binders, and corks are just a few of the materials that have been used to form a do it yourself stand. These stands are generally less stable than a commercially produced one, but if you are just looking for something to use at your desk, they are an inexpensive option.

Anne Clarke writes numerous articles for Web sites on gardening, parenting, fashion, and home decor. Her background also includes teaching, gardening, and fashion. For more of her useful articles on fashion handbags, visit Laptop Stands, supplier of discount designer handbags.


Drinking Water Stations – How to Avoid Bad Water at the Office

Most public places are required by law nowadays to have drinking water stations readily accessible for people who work or visit there. In attempts to fight potential dehydration, companies place those fountains throughout their building so that people can take a quick sip before they head off somewhere. The problem is that these stations are actually just portals for contaminated drinking water. There are over 2,100 toxins in today’s tap water, and with no filtration on those systems, big companies are basically providing cold toxins for people to take with them during the work day.

Fortunately, there is a little concept called bringing your own bottles of water to work that can help you avoid those nasty drinking water stations. The key to doing this is to get the right containers and the right water to bring along. When it comes to the water itself, you need to make sure that you have a filtration system at home so you don’t just bring contaminated drinking water in a special bottle to work. What would be the sense in that? You can find a good filter to use just on your kitchen sink, or you could go as far as getting one for your entire water supply. Just make sure that whatever you get won’t leave you with contaminated water.

Then you have to pick the bottles to avoid the drinking water stations. Instead of using a classic plastic bottle, you really need to consider glass as your best option. Believe it or not, plastic will actually leach harmful chemicals into your water the longer it sits in the bottle. Glass never has that problem. You’ll never get contaminated water from a glass bottle unless it was contaminated before it got there. Sure these glass bottles may seem heavier than plastic ones and a bit of a hassle to carry around, but they are heavy because they are durable, thus saving you money in bottles that you would normally throw away.

If you bring a bottle of clean drinking water, don’t be tempted to just head to those drinking water stations to fill it back up. If you feel that thirsty, bring multiple bottles to work. Don’t resort to drinking contaminated water just because you think you’re thirsty. Try to plan ahead of time. Bring a whole case of water from home if you’d like. Just be sure that you keep your health in mind at all times and you’ll make the right decisions for your body time and time again.

Cherilynn Baker is an avid proponent of natural health and a researcher of water purification systems. To learn more about the water filtration system that Cherilynn recommends after extensive research, visit now.


Lastest Radio Stations News

Billy Corgan Interview

Image by nataliekbeats


Nice Radio Stations photos

A few nice radio stations images I found:

Toronto Sculpture Walk

Image by jmv
for Yorkville; see notes…I’m pointing out a few must see sculptures in the area…

This is a very distinguished chunk of downtown Toronto real estate, uptown Rosedale I guess you could call it, though it’s actually north of Summerhill (officially, it’s Yonge and St. Clair, but that sounds so banal). The CHUM city radio building is the major landmark you’ll notice when driving up Yonge Steet.

10 and 20 Avoca Avenue do look quite handsome with the clean lines of their continuous balconies and matching proportions. Overlooking David A Balfour Park, both 19 storey buildings were built in 1971, and according to Emporis at some point they won a Canadian Housing Design Council award of merit. If the Puglyawards were good for one thing, it was introducing me to these two buildings, which are on the top of my list of things to see if I ever go back to visit TO. I’m not sure if architects Seligman and Dick created anything else so wonderful in their careers; I can’t find much more about them aside from this local library.

See also the City of Toronto Discovery Walk map, Central Ravines, Belt Line & Gardens here

Showin’ Off the Argyle

Image by ColorblindRain
Hilary took some pictures of me showing off my argyle during our radio show on WMSR, Miami University’s Student Radio Station in Oxford, Ohio.

Naath FM Station Coordinator On Air

Image by Internews Network
Naath FM Radio Station Coordinator Lonya Banak Bany live on air during the offical opening of the station.

"It’s Your Radio, Your Voice"

Press Release: Thousands Attend Opening Celebration of Southern Sudan Community Radio Station


Does the FCC mandate that all broadcast stations must transmit analog signals?

by scecon

Question by Banjo boy: Does the FCC mandate that all broadcast stations must transmit analog signals?
Today, all broadcast stations must transmit analog signals, as mandated by the FCC. True or false? How do you know?

Best answer:

Answer by Teekno

The deadline this summer is the last date that stations are allowed to broadcast analog. The stations are free to change over to all-digital any time they want. Many stations switched over on the old date of the 17th even though they weren’t required to.

So, right now, TV stations may transmit either analog, or digital, or both.
After the deadline, TV stations may only transmit digital.

I know this because it’s been covered extensively in the media.

Give your answer to this question below!


Cool Radio Stations images

A few nice radio stations images I found:


Image by isafmedia
PAKTIKA PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Paktika Gov. Moheebullah Samim cuts a ceremonial ribbon at The National Voice of Paktika, a new radio station, here Nov. 14. As the province’s first government-run radio station, it will connect the government with the people of Paktika, giving them access to local, national and world news. (Photo by U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Ashley N. Avecilla, Paktika Provincial Reconstruction Team Public Affairs)

Smooth & Silky

Image by Jason A. Samfield
Lots of bokeh hanging out together doing bokeh things and being bokehlicious.

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Image by isafmedia
PAKTIKA PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Afghan National Army Brig. Gen. Zmaray Khan (left) and Justin Kolbeck, Paktika Provincial Reconstruction Team U.S. Department of State representative, discuss The National Voice of Paktika, a new radio station, here Nov. 14. As the government’s first radio station, The National Voice of Paktika will connect Paktika residents with their government as well as with local and national news. (Photo by U.S. Air Force Senior