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Eddie B – Teachers Only Comedy Tour

Eddie B – Teachers Only Comedy Tour
Event on 2018-09-28 20:00:00
The Houston native is single handedly changing the comedy game, tapping into the minds of teachers around the world and selling out major arenas throughout the country in minutes! Eddie B. is bringing his acclaimed "Teachers Only Comedy Tour" to Cleveland on September 28th! While others waited in the wings for a shot at becoming a top standup comic, Eddie soared to new heights by creating his own opportunity with the blockbuster "Teachers Only Comedy Tour"! The "Teachers Only Comedy Tour" has established Eddie as the official voice of teachers across the globe. Educators from America to Africa, Dallas to Dubai, New York to New Delhi (and beyond) are getting a lesson in the funniest ways to express their worst frustrations, and they are loving every second of Eddie B.'s uncensored, raw, and hysterically realistic portrayal of a teacher's hectic life, from the point of view of an actual teacher!

The phenomenon, which began with a series of videos entitled "What Teachers Really Say" (written, produced, and starring Eddie B.) has tapped into a niche only this multi-faceted comic/teacher can comprehend. Through a rigorous comedic set characterized by original material and accented by physical comedy, Eddie B. says what teachers everywhere are thinking but couldn't quite say out loud, (until now!). Millions of educators on social media are calling the "Teacher's Only Comedy Tour" their very own stress reliever and they are filling their favorite venues to capacity eager to hear Eddie B. speak THEIR mind.

More Information: http://www.playhousesquare.org/events/detail/eddie-b-teachers-only-comedy-tour

at KeyBank State Theatre – The Playhouse Square Center
1501 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, United States


Dallas ISD Considering Incentives For Retiring Teachers

Dallas ISD Considering Incentives For Retiring Teachers
The crisis in the classroom has some school districts turning to incentives, like early retirement.
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U.S. man sought in child slaying may be Canada-bound
Police in a suburb of Dallas fear a suspect in the slaying of a two-year-old child Feb. 20 is in Montana and could be on his way to Canada.
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Q&A: Is AP Music Theory a difficult class? Does the teachers usually gives tons of homework?

Question by grprettyangel: Is AP Music Theory a difficult class? Does the teachers usually gives tons of homework?
I am a junior in high school and I’m taking piano now. Next semester I will be taking Music Theory and I am planning to take AP music theory next year as a senior.

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Answer by Didosis
No…no…just go for it!

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Teachers turn sleuths for verifying addresses

Teachers turn sleuths for verifying addresses
People trying to get their children into certain schools by lying about their residential addresses better watch out.
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Lufkin woman, 20, dies in wreck near Waco
A Lufkin woman was killed in a Wednesday morning wreck 20 miles south of Waco.
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Portales Country Club cited for gambling
State officials have cited the Portales County Club for gambling and a Department of Public Safety spokesman said Wednesday that investigators plan to meet with the district attorney to determine if criminal charges will be filed. State Police Lt….
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Has anyone used the Texas Teachers program and become successful?

Question by Mark: Has anyone used the Texas Teachers program and become successful?
I’m planning on possibly going into teaching wanted to know if anyone has used the Texas Teachers program and landed a job from it? I have a bachelors in Fine Arts and was also wondering if the program had anything for an Art teacher? If there are anymore facts or info I should know it wold be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Answer by James P
Each school district has it’s own program for hiring qualified teachers. State has it’s program for certifying teachers.Contact the state teachers organization for qualifications. Then apply at the schools where you would prefer to teach regarding local requirements and needs. Yes many have found teaching position in Texas with that program. Some additional college education may be required

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where do homeschoolers find a violin teachers in Dallas?

Question by Heidi-Jadwiga G: where do homeschoolers find a violin teachers in Dallas?
Is there a homeschoolers’ teachers group in Plano, Rockwall,
Dallas, Garland, for music?

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Answer by gleelogan
Have you tried Hot Jobs.com or Monsters.com

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Effective Music Teachers Resources And Tips: Students’ Feedback

Primarily, a music teacherâ??s task lies in the idea of effective and creative communication. Thus, credibility and reliability have always been an issue to academic institutions, their teaching and non-teaching personnel and even the student body.

Music teachers simultaneously motivate, inspire, and support their students through innovative music teachers resources. Whether these resources and tips are from the experiences of other teaching individuals, educators, academes or from the internet, what important is you are able to meet your goals and stay committed to your purpose.

When you make use of effective music teachers resources and tips, you are more likely to gain the interests of your students â?? encouraging them to love music more. As you become good influences and examples to them, they not just tend to love music as one of their subjects but they also have come to love you as their mentors and icons.

I have here a list of different feedbacks, compliments and even suggestions of the students when a group of music educators have rendered effective music teaching strategies and have executed creative activities.

â?¢ The students are able to cultivate their interest in music and realize their potentials through unique and creative activities regarding their music class and its programs.
â?¢ Such music teachers resources allow them to learn about other aspects of music which are not covered in a specific course outline, syllabus or private music lessons.
â?¢ Music teachers are able to encourage and give them such opportunity and exposure that they truly need to create and perform music creatively and independently yet effectively and promptly.
â?¢ Students are able to learn music as well as the significance of academic freedom and independence. Thus, cooperative learning has played a vital role in this manner since they are tasked to work collaboratively with their co-students and meet a common set of objectives.
â?¢ Creative activities, which seem unusual and innovative, have brought up fun and excitement among students â?? making them more interested, hooked and eager to learn new things and eventually apply them in real life.
â?¢ The enhanced program for music teaching has been remarked by the students as a way to boost self-confidence, establish camaraderie among classmates, and experience the fun of learning music â?? all at the same time.
â?¢ Such exposure to music technology and other relevant innovations have showcased more talents and have brought out the best in most of the students.

It really pays to regenerate more teaching resources and strategies that are more appealing to the kind of students we have in todayâ??s generation. Maximizing resources and efforts, music teachers would then realize that music education could be the most rewarding experience.

Be informed and get hooked with the most relevant and effective music teachers resources and tips, visit this music teaching site now.

Music Teachers Hub


Texas teachers: What do you do to fulfill your professional development hours requirement?

I’m certified in Texas and have not taught in a public school since my certification (almost 2 yrs.) I’ve been in private schools. I just wanted to make sure I keep up with the 150 hr requirement so I can apply for my renewal certificate in 5 yrs. I know that most of you probably just go to the stuff required by your school but, if you know of anything else that I can use that’ll count please pass it along.


Dallas School Budget Great for Teachers

The Dallas Schools presented a budget to the trustees that may have teachers receiving raises as high as $5000 next school year. The proposed $1.16 billion budget contains nearly $31.5 million for salary increases and new incentives for educators and support staff of the Dallas Schools. The Dallas Schools will also cover the rise in health insurance costs for its employees, instead of passing that cost on through higher premiums, which means lower pay checks.

Budget Impacts Sizes of Dallas Schools

The budget for the Dallas Schools also contains funding for the effort to have smaller class sizes in middle schools, and more arts teachers in the elementary schools. Added funds will also give the high school teachers an additional planning period. These are the things that teachers in the Dallas Schools say are important to them. These three efforts alone, proposed and encouraged by the teachers and administrators of the Dallas Schools, could take a $17.1 million bite out of the proposed budget. But all involved say that the pay off is well worth the cost. Superintendent Michael Hinojosa of the Dallas Schools called the plan a “robust, teacher-friendly” budget. Educators laud his long-term vision in an era of high-stakes testing. There is a national battle on where to spend scarce educational funds.

Pay Packages for Teachers in Dallas Schools

On average other school support staff such as administrative employees will see about a 3% raise. The Dallas Schools will create incentive stipends to encourage principals and teachers to move to “hard to staff” schools. Within the Dallas Schools there are three area high schools and two middle schools considered “hard to staff’ due to their location in low income and high crime areas. Those willing to move there could get anywhere from $6000 for teachers, to $10,000 for principals. The details of that incentive plan are still in the planning stages, but administrators in Dallas Schools feel that this will attract experienced quality teachers and administrators to the areas where their skills are the most desperately needed.

The trustees of the Dallas Schools are scheduled to vote on the budget at a meeting in June. The overall spending in Dallas Schools is expected to increase by about $38 million; however the Dallas taxpayers will not see an increase in their contribution. They will actually see a lower tax rate because of a growing tax base, increased aid for schools from the state, and lower interest payments on the 2002 bond program. Dallas Schools Teacher Union President, Aimee Bolender, said that the proposed salary increases are “more than fair, and that the other initiatives – smaller classes and more planning time – will benefit educators. More importantly it will have a positive impact on the education of the students of the Dallas Schools that we serve”.


Music Education Resources and Tips for Teachers

Music education has been included in many curricula in different nations around the globe. However, since not all students are musically-inclined, not all of them are motivated to learn music. As a result, they are no longer excited to experience formal music schooling inside their classrooms. With this conflict of interests, music teachers are then challenged or pressured on how they could make their students learn and love music at the same time.

To basically adhere to the problem, they are determined to research the latest music teachers’ resources. Since both teaching and learning are two dynamic processes, music teachers and their students should meet half way – adjusting to the kind of individuals they are.

And because they are up to music education, these music teachers need to update their lists and records with the most modern trends and techniques, which are believed to be very effective and influential with the kind of students they have right now. From time to time, there could have been new music teachers’ resources that could improve their teaching strategies as well as their way of relating to their dear students.

Today, music educators incorporate theories and application to give a well-rounded musical experience and to teach music in various perspectives intended for international understanding. To meet many demands and expectations of their students, music teachers keep on upgrading their available music teachers’ resources by doing some researches over the Internet. In just a matter of few clicks, they would be aware of what is really the latest in the music academe as well as the newest style and approach in teaching that they can utilize in their everyday instruction.

The perceived effort to enhance music teachers’ resources also results in a greater number of students, who are now more motivated and determined to learn and love music. When their music teachers use some personal touches as part of their resources – sharing their own insights, thoughts and experiences on a particular topic, the learners become more eager to attend to their music classes and listen to their classroom discussions. This happens simply because they feel that they have something to relate to and such experience could also happen to them in time.

Indeed, teaching and learning music can be both fun and enjoyable. Just like in real life and in our daily activities, when we integrate music into anything that we do, it amazingly turns out to be more special and a lot of fun. After all, music gives most of us such inspiration and motivation to look forward to something better and brighter. Love music and enjoy tomorrow. 

This music education website offers many useful music teachers resources and tips. Visit it now.