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Union Gospel Mission Dallas 69th Thanksgiving and Praise Banquet

Union Gospel Mission Dallas 69th Thanksgiving and Praise Banquet
Event on 2018-11-03 18:00:00
Join Union Gospel Mission Dallas as we celebrate our 69th Thanksgiving and Praise Banquet at 6 pm on Saturday, November 3rd at  We'll spend time praising the Lord and celebrating the great works God is doing for the Mission. This year's theme is Radical Love!  When you display love towards God’s work and UGM, you allow us to show radical love to more and more people each day. People whose lives are being transformed with the Gospel, food, shelter, clothing, job training, counseling and much more! You will hear stories of how you help transform lives for thousands of individuals by donating to the Mission, volunteering at the Mission and your constant prayers for the well-being of the Mission. We are encouraging you to please become a Table Host and you can register up to eight (8) people. We are excited to have you be a part of our Radical Love! Please contact Dani Bethune at if you have any questions. Celebrating 69 years of serving homeless in Dallas!

at Bent Tree bible Fellowship
4141 International Parkway
Carrollton, United States


Social Media Isn’t Just “Gobble”?digook at Thanksgiving

Social Media Isn’t Just “Gobble”?digook at Thanksgiving

The first Thanksgiving in 1621 did not feature any turkey or pumpkin pie.  There were no yams or any cranberry sauce served during that original three day celebration, either.  In fact, the holiday wasn’t even called Thanksgiving, until 1863. According to Edward Winslow, who actually attended the first holiday feast, what we now call “Thanksgiving” was simply considered a “harvest festival.” 

Twenty years ago, it might have required a trip to the local public library to research the details I so quickly and accurately summarized, above.  Unless, of course, you were fortunate enough to be able to do some extensive thumbing through your own Encyclopedia Britannica volume. 

Today, a quick Google search will provide 270,000,000 “Thanksgiving” results in just under25 seconds.  This is just one indication that Social Media has officially become an integral and welcome part of all holiday celebrations from planning to cleanup.

We’ve already discussed the “Thanksgiving” history lesson, but there are so many other ways the Internet and its Social Media components can impact the holidays in so many very positive ways. 

The Planning

So, what will Thanksgiving be like at your house this year?  For starters, the Web is chock full of “Thanksgiving Planners” available for download.  A quick Google search will yield dozens of free and low cost planner downloads, which you can use to lay out your entire Thanksgiving celebration.  Martha Stewart offers hers at no charge at:   In her planner, the queen of classy entertaining covers an entire month of preparation for November’s Big Day. 

By the way, the original “harvest festival” in 1621 actually took place in October.  This was probably the case, because the pilgrims and Native Americans didn’t have to worry about who the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys were playing back in those days.  Today, that information is readily available on the official website of the National Football League (NFL) at

The Invitations

So… you have a Thanksgiving planner courtesy of Martha Stewart or another plan author.  But, whom do you wish to invite to your holiday table and how will you reach out to them?  Evite ( stands ready with a variety of festive Thanksgiving invitations by E-mail and its effective guest tracking solution, which makes accounting for who is coming and who cannot make it – quick, simple and free.  So much for the invitation piece.   Mark it done and move on. 

The Dinner Selections

We all know that Thanksgiving entertaining can be very expensive.  We, as hosts, do not want our guests to leave hungry and unsatisfied.  We also want our holiday celebration to be fun and memorable. Fortunately, Thanksgiving is a holiday that lends itself extremely well to wonderful old family recipes. Many of these abound on the Web and are free for the taking.  

Apparently, there are 43,600,000 places to look for holiday serving suggestions, including places to brainstorm and discuss possible menu choices with others.  One such place is “Rhodey Girl Tests” at  The nice thing about the web and Social Media is that you are never alone with your thoughts.  You can bounce ideas off plenty of others – just like you –twenty-four by seven.  The Web is always open for business.

The Budget

Holiday cooking can be expensive.  And, who wants to run from store to store comparing the prices of butterball turkeys and pumpkin pie filling?   Fortunately, the web can be a huge here, too. The websites of news media outlets and others have already done some serious food comparison shopping at local supermarkets on your behalf.  The ABC TV affiliate in Los Angeles has broken it all down for its viewers at:  “Western Farm Press” (WFP) also offers some great savings information and advice on its own webpage at:  According to WFP, the cost of the 2010 Thanksgiving dinner has increased by 9 per cent since last year.  An educated consumer can easily shave several dollars off their holiday food shopping bill by following WFP’s and other similar recommendations also found on the Web.

The Hungry – Please Give

While you are buying food for your own Holiday celebration, think hard about those less fortunate who may be going hungry somewhere in the world.  Holiday time is giving time.  Doesn’t helping others in need makes us all feel good inside?   Social Media has an easy solution for this, too.  Check out RiaEnjolie’s iBuyiHelp charity program, which has helped thousands of people around the world through the many challenges they face daily.  Go to and download a shopper’s toolbar to support a cause you believe in.

Dining Out Instead of In

Now, what if you don’t wish to cook Thanksgiving dinner and elect to take the whole crew out to a restaurant?  Well, Social Media can help you with this, too?   And, this help will definitely be appreciated, because dining out on the holidays is fraught with pitfalls and perils.  Advance reservations, suit jackets, long waits, limited menus, price gouging, subpar food and poor service are all too often the hallmarks of the “away” holiday dinner.  Websites like ( can help lead you in the right direction by offering you some wonderful “best of the best” lists of restaurants, by city.

The Shopping

At some point in the late afternoon or early evening the dinner is over and we men have been set off to watch our traditional holiday football games.   For the non football types, “Black Friday” is next up on the horizon and the guerilla shoppers are already itching to get out to the retail stores. has promised to share a listing of money saving “leaked” Black Friday sales ads with its shoppers.  These can be found at:  Another site called “Black Friday 2010,” offers more of the same at:  So, let the holiday shopping begin in earnest.

The Mess

Hours later and totally pooped after fighting the “Black Friday” crowds reality sets back in.   While you were out shopping, the holiday dishes piled up in the sink from dinner and those late night “Thanksgiving Sandwiches” we all love.  Fear not.  There are “After Thanksgiving Clean Up Tips” offered at:   At this site you will learn how to remove wine stains, candle wax and silver tarnish from your personal belongings.  All of this just in time to do it all again for Christmas and Hanukkah!  By the way, the latter holiday begins on Sundown on December 1st, this year.  So, you better get going on your next round of holiday planning.  Fortunately, Social Media has all the answers and the emotional support of countless others signing on to Facebook and Twitter to talk about their holiday successes as well as their family nightmares.  Happy Holidays to all.

Marc LeVine is Director of Social Media at RiaEnjolie, Inc ( a web design company specializing in professional looking and affordable websites for small businesses of all types. Follow us on Twitter @RiaEnjolie

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Tamil Thai Pongal Day ? A Festival of Reunion, Renewal and Thanksgiving

Tamil Thai Pongal Day ? A Festival of Reunion, Renewal and Thanksgiving

Thai Pongal is a Tamil festival celebrating the first day of the month of Thai according to the Tamil Almanac. This usually falls in mid-January of the Gregorian calendar. Pongal refers to the sweet-meat of rice and milk mixed with moongdal and jaggery that is the signature dish of the festival.

This is a thanksgiving festival celebrating the month of harvest, as a harbinger of prosperity. Its core is free of particular religious connotations so Tamils all around the world celebrate it in much the same fashion. This is why Thai Pongal is widely known as the “festival of the Tamils”. 

This festival encompasses two days during which the farmers give thanks to the nature spirit, the Sun God and the farm animals for the successful reaping of a rich harvest. People who do not farm in turn give thanks to the farmers for the food. In this manner, the festival encourages unity and social cohesiveness.

Owing to the significant minority of Tamils in the demographic make-up of Sri Lanka, Thai Pongal is one of the red-letter events in the national calendar. Celebrated over two public holidays, Sri Lankan Tamils also call this the First Rice Festival or Ulavar Thirunaal, as rice is one of the staples of local agriculture around which several deities and legends have evolved. However, the Sri Lankans and their Indian counterparts observe much the same traditions and customs with regards to the festival.

The solstice begins when the revolution of the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn, which signals the Tamil farmers to honor Suriyapakaran, the Sun God. Although, this actually happens in late December, the festival itself is held in mid-January to coincide with the harvesting of the rice fields.

Traditionally, the Tamil householders don new clothes specifically bought for the occasion after bathing, gather at sunrise to watch as the clay pot of milk rice boils over to delighted cries of “Pongal! Pongal!” This ritual signifies the overflow of abundance with which God and Mother Earth has blessed them. Although every household makes this rice, it is liberally shared with their neighbours and each other, promoting communal harmony and togetherness.

Familial reunion and blessings are a major theme of the holiday. People visit their relatives and friends and younger ones show respect to the elders and receive their blessings in return.

The front garden is usually decorated in kolam drawings and a brick hearth set up in advance preparation for this ceremony. Kolam, or Rangoli drawings, are created with rice flour paste with a lump of cow dung at its centre. A pumpkin flower, a symbol of fertility and love, is placed atop the dung (highly prized as fertilizer), while the paste is expected to be eaten by ants and other insects in order to further the merit and blessings upon the house.

The second day of the festival is called “Maatu Pongal”, which means festival of the cattle. This day is set aside to appreciate and honour the animals who assisted in the harvest. The oxen are bathed and their horns painted in colourful hues of red, blue, green and yellow. Their foreheads are anointed with turmeric and they are garlanded with flowers before being offered a traditional “pooja” or offering of fruit and other foods.

In Sri Lanka, Thai Pongal can be best observed in either the north regions or the hill country areas of Hatton and Thalawakele, which are notable hubs of the Sri Lankan Tamil community. Those staying at Nuwara Eliya hotels at the beginning of the year will also be able to enjoy the horse racing and family parties that are held during this season. Jetwing St. Andrews is a hotel Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka that offers high-quality accommodation and services to the discerning visitor. 

Pushpitha Wijesinghe is an experienced independent freelance writer. He specializes in providing a wide variety of content and articles related to the travel hospitality industry.

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Who else thought Dallas got a gift in the Thanksgiving day battle against the Jets?

Question by Squirrel Cage: Who else thought Dallas got a gift in the Thanksgiving day battle against the Jets?
Really Dallas got a gift, all they were missing was the gift wrap.
Dwayne G, you have a very valid point. Of course my question was meant in a joking way. The Jets were horribly outmatched.

Best answer:

Answer by
Yeah, the Jets are horrible.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!


Thanksgiving Crossover I

Mr Drummond declines a deal that could cost him a lot more than just money when he must tell his old Army pal that he can’t go into business with him. Now it’s not just the business plan that is broken. Watch hundreds of free full-length streaming movies and TV shows on Tags minisode network Different Strokes Arnold Willis Gary Coleman Kimberly minisode network Different Strokes Arnold Willis Gary Coleman Kimberly watch free streaming television tv video
Video Rating: 4 / 5


Take Back Thanksgiving: a 7-Step Plan for Reclaiming the Holiday

Take Back Thanksgiving: a 7-Step Plan for Reclaiming the Holiday
Every year, we skip from Halloween to Christmas, barely paying attention to our national celebration of gratitude
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Boyz II Men Added to Star-Studded Line-Up of NBC’s 13th Annual “Christmas in Rockefeller Center” Special on November …
Other performers include Susan Boyle, Mariah Carey, Charice, Sheryl Crow, Josh Groban, Annie Lennox, Kylie Minogue and Jessica Simpson.
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Palin’s schedule hugs her base
For her upcoming book tour, the former Alaska governor will mostly be visiting areas where her fans are already plentiful — and where she’s already enjoyed success with her name on the presidential ticket.
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Hicks Acquisition Company II, Inc. Announces the Separate Trading of Its Common Stock and Warrants Commencing November …
Hicks Acquisition Company II, Inc. announced that, commencing November 29, 2010, holders of the securities comprising each unit sold in the Company’s initial public offering of 15,000,000 units completed on October 14, 2010 , may elect to separately trade the common stock and warrants included in the units.
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Restaurants offer Thanksgiving feast without the work

Restaurants offer Thanksgiving feast without the work
If you’re planning to eat out or take away, here are some turkey dinner options in SWFL.
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Rock Bottom Restaurants and Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant Group Combine to Become CraftWorks Restaurants and …
Centerbridge Capital Partners, L.P. and its related entities , formed CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries, Inc. by closing on concurrent acquisitions of Rock Bottom Restaurants, Inc. and Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant Group, Inc. today.
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How can I obtain the music that was used in the dallas cowboys cheerleaders commercial for thanksgiving?

Question by Alejandro: How can I obtain the music that was used in the dallas cowboys cheerleaders commercial for thanksgiving?
I would like to download the background music that was used during a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Comercial during the Cowboys Vs. Jets Thanksgiving game. It is a popular piano track that I would like to be able to listen to.
I need the name of the song, or track, that was used as background for the comercial made by the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders before the Thanksgiving day football game.

Best answer:

Answer by steven m
Try, its free and great

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