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Ugly Betty – 02×06 – Something Wicked This Way Comes 2/4

Betty goes on a date with Henry.and Gio to see Wicked.Meanwhile the relationships between Alexis and Bradford and between Marc and Cliff go through important tests.Justin learns the truth about his mothers new job.Meanwhile Daniel who has been berated by Bradford for his actions at Atlantic Attire must woo an older woman Sandra Winthrop in order to save the magazine.Copyright of The American Broadcasting Company and Silvio Horta.


Anberlin’s New Single ‘We Owe This to Ourselves’ with Lyrics

Uploaded using my PlayStation 3(TM) Video I pieced together, with the song & lyric’s…I can’t wait for the new Album: “Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place” The first track you’ll hear on mainstream and Christian rock radio stations around the world in Mid-July will be “Impossible”. This lead single soars with an exhilarating pop Foo Fighters vibe as it captures love’s tug of war. “We Owe This To Ourselves,” another track from the new project, will be the main song used on ESPN’s X-Games this summer. The projects title…”Dark Is The Way, Light is a Place” comes from a line in Dylan Thomas’ “Poem On His Birthday” which examines the battle implicit in life and in love. Anberlin’s front man, Stephen Christian went on to explain it this way…Love is a friction, a chemistry. We need to fight it out in a good way, not with threats of leaving, but to, in love, find an understanding. If such an understanding isn’t reached, the consequences can be shattering, as detailed in the hypnotic “The Art of War,” which veers from slow burn to full sonic assault and the heart wrenching “Take Me As You Found Me.”The cathartic “To The Wolves” tackles betrayal head-on while in the gentle, acoustic “Down,” the protagonist puts the blame squarely on himself (“feel like a shell of yesteryear gone by/bad decisions like ghosts that just won’t die”). The way may be dark, but a powerful vision of light permeates the album. The anthemic “We Owe This To Ourselves” is a resounding call to action: “we
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Leningrad (Russian: ?????????) was a Russian ska punk band from Saint Petersburg (formerly Leningrad). They disbanded in late 2008. Composed of 14 members, the band appeared in the late 1990s around singer Sergey “Shnur” Shnurov. It soon became famous for its vulgar lyrics containing Russian mat, the main reason it was avoided by most radio stations at first. But this did not stop its growing popularity. As Shnurov said himself: “Our songs are just about the good sides of life, vodka and girls that is.” The band is known to be disliked by Moscow mayor Yuri Mikhailovich Luzhkov, who cancelled many of their concerts in the city. But since then, the band has made its way to radio and TV (filler noises covering the rude words, certain songs containing many of these filler noises), with Shnurov even presenting some New Year’s Eve TV shows. Leningrad has gained some popularity in other parts of the world. Partially due to a well known Adobe Flash animation, created by Toondra animation studio, set to their song “Menya Zovut Shnur” (Russian: «???? ????? ????») or “My Name is Shnur” in English. Three songs by Leningrad appeared prominently on the soundtrack to the 2005 movie Everything Is Illuminated. The Leningrad song “Nikogo ne zhalko” is one of the songs used in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV, appearing on the set list for a mock Russian-themed radio station in the game called Vladivostok FM. Wikipedia.


Who will have a better record this year the Texas longhorns or the aggies?

Question by michaelgamboa_80: Who will have a better record this year the Texas longhorns or the aggies?

Best answer:

Answer by kwb1965
Which Aggies?
Cal Davis?
New Mexico State?
Utah State?

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GST Constitution Amendment Bill in this session: FM

GST Constitution Amendment Bill in this session: FM
New Delhi, Feb 28 (PTI) Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee today said the Government proposes to introduce the Constitution Amendment Bill in the current session to pave the way for introduction of the long-awaited Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime.”I propose to introduce the constitution amendment bill in this session of Parliament,” Mukherjee said in his Budget speech 2011-12. …
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Northeast-bound Sam Rayburn Tollway closed at Dallas North Tollway this weekend

Northeast-bound Sam Rayburn Tollway closed at Dallas North Tollway this weekend
Parts of northeast-bound State Highway 121 will be closed from Saturday until early Monday morning due to road construction.
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Preds get no luck with tricky puck
Dallas scored a fluky goal and the Predators let a puck slip away that could have tied the score in suffering their fourth straight loss. VIDEO: Highlights from the Predators’ loss
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David Lind Inducted as 2011 Chairman of Downtown Dallas, Inc.
Dallas – On February 16, Downtown Dallas, Inc. (DDI) hosted a record-breaking crowd of nearly 1,200 for its annual meeting and luncheon, presented by AT&T and Deloitte. The meeting focused on Downtown Dallas 360’s Quick Wins and Bold Ideas, a plan for the future of the city center.


Can anyone reccomend some hotels in New Orleans to stay in during the Voodoo Music Festival this year?

Question by n1tecrwl3r: Can anyone reccomend some hotels in New Orleans to stay in during the Voodoo Music Festival this year?
I’m going to stay in New Orleans for the first time during this year’s festival, and can’t wait. I’d like to be able to see a lot of the city, but be close enough to City Park for the show.

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Answer by Silent Voices
The website below may be helpful.. Sounds weird…but have fun.

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Does anyone know which hotel the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are staying at for the Dallas game this weekend?

Question by bdane95: Does anyone know which hotel the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are staying at for the Dallas game this weekend?

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Answer by STL. RAMS
Why so you can stalk them camp out of their window so you can film them!?!?!?!

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Q&A: do the texas longhorns still have a shot at the BCS championship game this year?

Question by anthony: do the texas longhorns still have a shot at the BCS championship game this year?

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Answer by Tom Cable
Yes, but it’s very slim. Win out, and I give them a 1-10 chance.

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Realistically, what kind of psychological issues might this character have?

Question by Echelon: Realistically, what kind of psychological issues might this character have?
Well, I’m writing for this character who I realize has some autistic traits, though I don’t know if all of this can be attributed to a rough patch in her childhood (considering that autism is always determined by genetics/prenatal development. Allow me to give her a bit of a past (censoring certain details because I don’t want plot ideas for this project stolen):

(You may feel free to give me constructive criticisms and suggestions, as long as they aren’t demeaning, flaming, or all around offensive and talking about how much this idea or I myself ‘suck’.)

First of all, this character (let’s call her Jess) isn’t human; she’s a mammalian race that ages a bit more quickly than humans would. Also, Jess can be visibly identified as a…let’s call her a “Diviner” for now, because of the color of her her fur (yes, fur. Like I said, not human). Diviners have the capability of developing strong precognition and clairvoyance if trained. The setting is a place that has limited technology, Steampunk/Dieselpunk, no cell phones or computers or means of communication besides letters, maybe morse-code type stuff and REALLY primitive radios at most.

Jess had a relatively normal childhood (though her parents may have been overprotective of her, because Diviners are generally feared and she might’ve been harmed if they didn’t watch her carefully). Though one night, when she was 3 or 4 years old (about 9-10 in physical development), she was kidnapped by this bad guy, Nekry, for a breeding project.

For 6 to 7 years, Jess lived in a barred prison cell, her only means of contact being talking with other Diviners that she could both see and hear around her. She had very limited facial contact (only from cells directly across from hers) and also virtually no physical contact either due to each Diviner being in a single cell. At around age 10 (12-13 in physical development), there was a jailbreak and she was sprung loose with a few other Diviners. During the jailbreak, though, everyone got seperated, though Jess managed to stick with an old Diviner woman.

They stuck together for under a year, until the old woman died of hypothermia one night in the desert. Then Jess vowed to avenge her kind, taking on a mask and a vigilante persona. She has her own sense of justice, and steals from from government waste or supplies to get by. Likewise, she distances herself from everyone and has trouble relating to others. She is generally very ‘flat’, and her expression of emotion is acted out more through her voice and her actions than her facial expressions, though they may show slightly through her eyes. She doesn’t enjoy physical contact, and might either shrug you off or act out aggressively if anyone touches her. She is not aware that there is this ‘game’ that people play (called ‘socialization’) to extract information from eachother.

For example, say she needs to know where the train station is. Most people would do this:

Person: *pleasant smile or pleading expression as she approaches stranger* “Excuse me, sir, can you please tell me where the train station is?”

My character would do this:

Character: *grabs stranger by shirt or tail and turns him around to face her, staring at him emotionlessly* “Where is the train station?”

Now that you know a little bit about this character, I must ask…is this a realistic manifestation of how a person my emerge psychologically after an experience such as hers? Would it be any different if she was already born with autistic traits (VERY mild, more like Aspergers)?
Yes, she does have emotions. But they’re just expressed differently.

Best answer:

Answer by Level12
Omg…tht sounds like me sometimes…o0
But this girl or diviner have some feeling inside of her even a lil bit? o0

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What Will Make Hot Fashion This Summer?

What Will Make Hot Fashion This Summer?

With winter wear well and truly banished to the back of the wardrobe, it’s time to stock up on fabulous summer fashion. From footwear to headwear – and everything in between – it’s all change as this year’s new lines start to hit the high street.

In 2007 big shoes are expected to make a big hit! It’s time to mothball those delicate, feminine heels because it’s chunky wedges and platforms that will feature this year. During the day, rope-wrapped espadrilles will be ‘de rigueur’ and for that glamorous night out, the step up to sexy, evening platforms will be the norm. But, what will you be wearing on top to match footwear that makes such a statement?

With 42% of the average UK women’s wardrobe consisting of entirely black items, its bad news for your bank account but great news for your shopping alter-ego, as you head to the shops for this summer’s super colours. With most designers choosing bright and bold colours incorporating vivid blues, yellows and poppy reds, you’ll need to find the perfect match for you in terms of both the latest fashions and the spectacular colours on show.

For the mega-bold, neon clothing screams ‘dare you to wear me!’, while for futuristic fashion, the space age look is set for a meteoric rise – with metallic silver becoming the ‘must-have’ colour.

But, if you think those colours are just a tad too bold, then fear not. Grey will still feature heavily this year, thanks to stylish ranges from most of the high street fashion stores. And although it may be frowned upon on its own, black is definitely on the racks this summer – mostly when combined with white. Everything including swimwear, accessories and dresses will carry this bold combination in prints and solids, stripes and checks, and dresses and two pieces.

Designs showcased on the catwalks during fashion week highlighted the return of 80s power-dressing. So prepare yourself – shoulder pads are coming back, but hopefully they won’t be accompanied by endless re-runs of Dallas and Dynasty! Also quite bold, but less obtrusive than the pad is the puff sleeve, also favoured by designers and guaranteed to be in plentiful supply throughout 2007, both on tops and dresses.

Denim accessories will feature heavily this year; whether its handbags or shoes, all are designed to be worn with this season’s colours. But, also expected to sell strongly this season will be the evergreen denim shorts, both as hotpants for the bold or on-the-knee versions for the more conservative amongst us. Whilst we’re on the subject, leg-fashion is most definitely back, with the mini-skirt expected to feature heavily in this summer’s must-have fashion items, alongside the recently revived leggings look. With zig zags, panels, pinstripes, pleats, flannel check and countless other designs, you’ll find mini skirts in abundance, while many high street stores will carry extensive ranges and with a similar, massive choice in leggings, you won’t be left wanting.

So, it’s good news if you want to stock up on summer fashion. But, while there is plentiful choice, the secret to making that ideal look will come down, as always to shopping around, trying on all the styles and seeing exactly what suits you!

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