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Day 48_ educate youth_empower communities through radio!

A few nice radio station images I found:

Day 48_ educate youth_empower communities through radio!

Image by Frerieke
A meeting at the oldest community radio station of the whole continent: Bush radio. It started (during the apartheid times) as a pirate station and become legalized in 1995.

Bush radios philosophy is awesome. Being their for the communities, having their voices be heard. Besides broadcasting they mainly do training in journalism/radio…so cool

We spoke about the Umthombo project, raising awareness, selecting children…we’ll be partnering in this..

Nice fact: founder of bushradio is married to a Dutch lady and lives partly in The Bush radio is funded for big part by Dutch organizations..


Image by Axisworks

33 Postcards

Image by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer
33 Postcards Movie Premiere At Randwick Ritz Sydney, by Eva Rinaldi

Tonight saw 33 Postcards enjoy its premiere at the Randwick Ritz, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

The night was not only a movie premiere but also an event somewhat designed to raise awareness and funds for educational and arts programs, tied into the film.

33 Postcards enjoyed strong media support by popular radio station 2UE and benefiting Sydney Children’s Choir and their Bursary Program, giving disadvantaged kids musical and educational opportunities that would have otherwise likely been out of their grasp.

The acclaimed cast and crew of 33 Postcards enjoyed drinks and bites with their fan base, insiders, and entertainment media, and also lapped up performances from the Sydney Children’s Choir and Chinese Lion Dancers.

Then it was time for the Australian theatrical premiere of the flick.

The film was shot in both China and Sydney, Australia in 2010. It’s the story of Chinese orphan Mei Mei (Zhu Lin) who for a decade of dreams about embracing her Australian sponsor Dean Randall (Guy Pearce). It’s not until she reaches 16 years of age, when her orphanage travels down under to Australia to attend a Choir Festival, Mei Mei takes the opportunity to look him up. What she finds however is a far cry from the idyllic life he depicted in his postcards. Initially mismatched, together they begin a journey in search of belonging, family, redemption, love and acceptance. It’s trial, tribulation, and living to fight and survive another day.

Dean is actually a convict in prison for manslaughter, so you can imagine the issues that brings on.

33 postcards won the Community Relations Commission Award at Sydney Film Festival and Victor Dominello MP NSW Minister aptly stated "33 Postcards, inspired by real life stories, explores how two individuals come together despite two different cultures, ages and unexpected circumstances." This evocative film portrays sensitively how people of vastly different cultural backgrounds can interact effectively in our society."

This is an unique and touching story that is rarely told about the relationship that some Aussies have with Chinese Orphans.

It’s not quite for everyone, but if you like a story of survival, beating the odds and the world coming together as one sort of thing, this is likely for you.

Well done to everyone involved in making the event a success.


Guy Pearce, Zhu Lin, Claudia Karvan, and Lincoln Lewis

Produced by: Australia-China co-production


33 Postcards

Randwick Ritz

Eva Rinaldi Photography Flickr

Eva Rinaldi Photography

Music News Australia


The Live Stock Market And Sailing Through Odds

When you drive along a service road or PWD road, you will often come across bumps – high, medium, and low. Speed does get affected with the bumps. But if you do not lower your speed, there are chances of your car hitting the bump and stopping suddenly because of the impact; you may even get hurt. And you can still feel the impact even if you cross the bump without maintaining the speed. Lowering of the speed lets you cross the bump smoothly. An analogous situation prevails in the Indian stocks market. The road of the Indian stocks market is not always smooth; there are bumps everywhere. These bumps are the volatilities prevailing every now and then. If you do not consider the bumps, loss is certain. Crossing the bumps smoothly indicates how smoothly you sail along irrespective of the volatilities.

How do you know about the volatility of the market? Well, it is by getting updated with the live stock market often. Why worry when you can easily have access to the live stock market online no matter where you are. All you need to have is a computer or laptop with an internet connection. Most successful investors avail the services offered at an online stock trading portal, one that offers solutions beyond brokerage. The plus point associated with a registration at such a portal is that you can have access to the live stock market including NSE and BSE live, have a look at the complete market statistics, read relevant news, take a glance at the BSE sensex and nifty, and even receive stock tips. Investing in Indian stocks becomes an easy matter with such a registration. Thus the live stock market blended with guidance will no doubt help you experience a win-win situation.

Monitoring of your investment portfolio is a must if you want maximum returns from your investment in Indian stocks. Monitoring here does not only include keeping track of the records and viewing them quite often so that you compare your present performance with the past. It also means monitoring of the BSE live, NSE live besides monitoring the performance of companies the stocks of which you are going to invest. Do not consider only on the price of the stock. Look at the factors that affect it. It is then that you will know whether to continue holding or sell off.

You will often come across stocks tips in a live stock market. Wise investors never blindly follow these stock tips. You can get professional advice and stock tips at a brokerage portal. As aforementioned, qualified stock brokers and financial planners operate from such platforms, always ready to serve the members.

As per the BSE live records, the market is currently in the downtrend. Since the Diwali high records, the BSE sensex shed over 1800 points. The dampening of the spirits of investors and resulting plunge is all because of exposure of scams and sell off by foreign investors.

Nirmal Kumar is author of market analyst and is writing reviews articles on stocks and shares, bse sensex and bse live platform.

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Exhibition: Research Through Making

Exhibition: Research Through Making
Event on 2016-04-07 15:00:00
The University of Michigan's Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning presents…Research Through Making.

Historically, research and creative practice have been constructed as "opposites." This is not an unusual struggle in architecture schools, particularly in the context of a research university. This perceived tension between design and research is indicative of age-old anxieties within the architecture field to understand its nature as an "applied art." Design can be a purely creative activity not unlike creative practices in music and art. In other cases, design can be a purely problem solving activity, not unlike research in engineering and industrial production.

In its seventh year, University of Michigan Taubman College's Research Through Making (RTM) Program provides seed funding for faculty research, worked on by faculty, students and interdisciplinary experts. The exhibition presents tangible results of their collaborative work.

Presentation of projects will start at 6:00pm in the Art & Architecture Building Auditorium, with a reception to follow at the Liberty Annex.

Research Through Making Installations:

Adam Fure

"Panots & Mosiacs: The Plasticity of Hydraulic Cement through Making"
Ana Morcillo Pallares and Jonathan Rule

"Dip and Dive in the D"
Claudia Wigger

"Infundibuliforms: Cable Robot Actuated Kinetic Environments"
Wes McGee, Geoffrey Thün, Kathy Velikov

"Post Rock"
Meredith Miller and Thom Moran

Grant submissions were anonymously evaluated by a distinguished jury from outside the college:

Benjamin Ball, Lead Artist and Principal, Ball-Nogues Studio
Brooke Hodge, Deputy director, Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Mark Lamster, Architecture critic, The Dallas Morning News

?This exhibition runs from March 10 – April 15.

The Liberty Gallery is located at 305 W. Liberty Street in downtown Ann Arbor. Exhibition hours are Thursday to Sunday from 3:00-7:00pm unless otherwise noted.

About University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning:

The Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan is a leader in interdisciplinary education and research with a focus on creating a more beautiful, inclusive and better built environment. The college and its alumni are committed to pushing the boundaries of architectural practice, advancing global engagement, and significantly enhancing diversity in the profession. The college offers the following degrees: Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Master of Architecture (currently ranked #6 nationally; ranked #1 in 2010 by Design Intelligence Report), Master of Science in Architecture, Master of Urban Planning, Master of Urban Design, and PhD programs.

at University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
735 S State Street
Ann Arbor, United States



Occasion on 2015-12-31 18:00:00
Repayment Programs AGE: 18+ IMPORTANT INFO: WARNING: UNLESS YOU purchase A TICKET FROM THE FORMAL TICKETING INTERNET SITE YOU EXPOSURE BUYING A FAKE TICKET. LIGHTS ALL-NIGHT ISN’T IN CHARGE OF FAKE, MISSING OR STOLEN TICKETS. REFUND PLAN: each DEALS tend to be FINAL. NO refunds under any conditions. Tickets won’t be changed if lost, forgotten, stolen, or damaged. Artist lineup is susceptible to change without notice. TICKET SUGGESTIONS as soon as you purchase, could get an order confirmation e-mail from Eventbrite for Lights all-night. Your e-ticket(s) would be attached with your purchase verification email. Remember to print them away and deliver all of them on event. Or green living and download the Eventbrite software on your own smart phone! ESSENTIAL: if you fail to see your purchase confirmation in your inbox, ensure that you look at your junk/spam folder. If you do not visit your purchase confirmation inside inbox, just click here to gain access to the Eventbrite assistance center. If you are having every other technical ticketing-related problems with your purchase, click here to make contact with Eventbrite. For non-technical ticketing concerns and general occasion resources, click here. All sales last. No refunds or exchanges. Event is rainfall or shine. Artists subject to change. By buying this solution you accept the stipulations. Just click here for terms and conditions.

at Dallas Market Hall
2100 Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, Usa


Robert Earl Keen’s Merry xmas through the Fam-O-Lee & specialized Guests

Robert Earl Keen’s Merry xmas through the Fam-O-Lee & Special Guests
Event on 2015-12-27 20:00:00

at House of Blues – Dallas
2200 N Lamar St
Dallas, Usa


white (28) and interceptions (25) Transport through the franchise single-season record

Nfl jerseys supply store report:

Irving, Texas – to celebrate a half century, the 2010 football cowboy, upstart from the numerous review the entire journey to the most valuable, relevant professional sports franchise.

In February to July, we will review in detail every season, people remember that game, drama and moments that contributed to the legend of the U.S. team.

Today we continued the story of the 1980 season:

Live in Roger. It is the theme of the 1980 season, the Hall of Fame Hall quarterback announced his retirement in March before.

With Staubach and his hero is gone, cowboy to the Denny control to white, quick, who found a legend does not replace the court’s success, but in order to please the faithful than he who Staubach Cowboys chore – and his every move.

In his first season as a starter, helping the White team scoring record of 454 points jeans, still ranks third all time. White led the Mavericks to 12-4 record to win the playoffs, two, including the history of the club one of the best comeback. Atlanta won 14 of 27 negative trailing in the last 5 minutes of play in the NFC in the district, white throw a pair of touchdowns Drew Pearson, cowboy sent to the NFC Championship in Philadelphia.

However, this is one of joy and riding a white cowboy end. Dallas ran the Hawks on the field, cruising to 20-7 victory in Super Bowl 15.

MVP: While Danny White played a cowboy in the success of the attack, the midfield is still the largest part of the great Tony Dorsett. Now in his fourth professional season, Dorsett is clearly NFL’s most dynamic players. He rushed 1,185 yards – his fourth consecutive 1000-yard season. Dorsett also scored 11 touchdowns, and continues to be the threat of a qualified game, catching 34 passes on 263 yards. With Dorsett for bulk, and it helps by opening up the game, not to mention in his first year as a beginner to remove some white pressure.

200 Club: When the Cowboys in the NFC Wild Card game in Los Angeles Rams, Tom Mulandeli join the 200 the only rugby coach George Halas and Curly victory Lambe. This brings the overall coaching record of 200-119-6 Landry. He scored 272 wins, including in the regular season, behind all this is still ranked third Tang Shula (328) and Harrah (318) when 250 of his career.

Rare statistics: the most lopsided win in two historical cowboy in 1980 2 months of life. Cowboys beat San Francisco 59-14 on Oct. 12, and then set off after Thanksgiving, the score 51-7 in Seattle. 44 Click defeat Seahawks on Thanksgiving Day is still the largest margin of victory.

Best collection: denim does not have a first or second round draft pick in 1980, but a solid player caught some in the middle rounds, including running – from the sixth round of the Winston-Salem State selection. Do not the fastest or the quickest, Newsom was in the soup Mulandeli offensive player of real value. Newsom played 9 years of cowboy, the service on a goal line threat and the ups and downs in the third.

30 years: Larry Cole, the backbone of defense and DD Lewis became the first three years of the players in franchise history. In 1980 Kohl concluded his 13-year career, starting defensive tackle every game. Lewis, who in 1969 came the cowboy, is a middle linebacker, and played a season and the team, retired after the 1981 season.

Achievements: Former defensive tackle Baobolili became the first Cowboys player to enter professional football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. Eli Lilly is the first player taken in the 1961 draft and the college will continue to play 14 seasons, won all the professional choice of 7 and 11 Pro Bowl, still stand as a club record.

About the Author:
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where to watch MLB baseball games live streaming through the internet with good quality ?

Question by Clian Marry: where to watch MLB baseball games live streaming through the internet with good quality ?
where to watch MLB baseball games live streaming through the internet with good quality ?

Best answer:

Answer by avitabile colmenares
Well,you can try here:

Download and install the satellite-TV software , you can watch the match and many kinds of sports online in comfort and quality. I use this site before and it works for me.
Hope it’s what you are looking for.

What do you think? Answer below!


Q&A: Wanna to watch CFL football games live streaming through the internet, How and where ?

Question by Demarck Fany: Wanna to watch CFL football games live streaming through the internet, How and where ?
How to watch CFL football games live streaming through the internet ? thank you .

Best answer:

Answer by Luce King
You could try a tv for pc to watch CFL football games live online. Get it here.

There are hundreds of worldwide TV channels like CBC, TSN, CTV, ABC, TNT, ESPN, CBS, FOX, BBC, NBC, Local…
Download and install it on your computer.
With it, you can watch CFL football games and lots of tv channels live online legally, comfortably and in good quality.
No matter where you live . Hope this helps.

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How Do Ordinary Folks Earn Extra Income Online Through Niche Marketing Strategy

How Do Ordinary Folks Earn Extra Income Online Through Niche Marketing Strategy

If you are constantly on the lookout for an extra income source to supplement your day job, the Online Business in my opinion, is one of the best options. However, you should avoid the common approach of using ebay or Amazon Affiliate program because they typically do not make you a lot of money. On top of that, you need to spend substantial effort in the product promotions. Personally, I prefer to go with the Niche Marketing Strategy.

What is Niche Marketing Strategy?

This is the promotion of a niche product through an internet marketing channel with the result of getting paid for every successful sale. Your extra income comes either through the promotion of an Affiliate product (created by someone else) or one that is created by you. An example of a niche product would be “How to Grow Orchids”.

Why Adopt Niche Marketing Strategy?

Many people are finding it easier to make extra income online through a niche product promotion rather than going into popular mass markets such as weight loss programs. This is because although mass market products are huge, there is a lot of competition and most of them are very strong. It will thus take a beginner more time and more investment in the product promotion before seeing any decent sale.

How to Start?

The good news is that Niche Marketing Strategy is not rocket science. With the availability of technology and great software tools today, it is certainly possible for anyone to make extra income online by following a set of proven steps:

– Perform a niche market research

– Locate a relevant Affiliate product or create your own

– Set up a website or blog about the product

– Drive traffic to the website

– Collect your commissions

The toughest part of the process is locating the right niche product to promote. Selling a product that you love or want may not make you that extra income if it doesn’t fit into the Niche Marketing Strategy criteria.

Where to Get Help

The quickest way to start is to find a legitimate program that guides you through the processes mentioned above. Be very mindful however, that there are many internet scams out there that pulls money out of you quicker than you could make any, not to mention the precious hours wasted on it.

To learn more on how to generate an extra income online, view this posting ==>

Here’s a WordPress End User Review on Niche Marketing Strategy ==> NPC User Review

Copyright Matt Jonnathon. Feel free to use this article on your website and in your email newsletters as long as you leave it intact and do not alter it in anyway. The byline and biography must remain in the article.

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Make the Best Investment Choice by Buying Property through Dallas Foreclosure Listings

Make the Best Investment Choice by Buying Property through Dallas Foreclosure Listings

If you are looking for a good investment opportunity but have been deterred by the recent slump in the real estate market you can now make an excellent venture through the help of Dallas foreclosure listings. In the present times of recession real estate markets have fallen considerably, creating a dearth of properties with good investment value. But the one market sector that is flourishing right now is that of foreclosed properties offering unparalleled investment opportunities at a great value.

Being one of the most sought after real estate locales of Texas, acquiring a property in Dallas is viewed by mostly as an option available only to the rich and the famous.  But with a vast range of reasonably priced options offered through various Dallas foreclosure listings one can turn ones dream investment into a reality. The large number of homes being repossessed by the government and various mortgage companies has resulted in foreclosures that are being offered at rock bottom prices in Dallas. By investing in Dallas foreclosures right now you can expect to earn good returns from your property once the market stabilizes which it will in some time.

An unconventional mode of real estate sales, Dallas foreclosure listings are not as publicized or well known as the popular open market properties in Texas. However the asking prices offered through Dallas foreclosure listings are unparalleled to the normal real estate properties available in Texas and investors can find a good deal anywhere between ten to fifty percent below the market price. And with increases in the number of foreclosures throughout Texas due to the prevailing economic crisis, the prices of foreclosed properties are getting reduced even more.

Buying a property through Dallas foreclosure listings at present is the best investment choice you can make due to the following benefits:

The asking prices of Dallas foreclosures is much lower than the prevailing market value By buying a foreclosed property below the market prices you can sell it immediately and make yourself an instant profit. After buying you may rent out your property and have dual benefit of rental income and price escalation benefit. The bank foreclosure properties make foreclosures a safe venture for first-time investors

So go ahead and make the best investment deal for yourself through Dallas foreclosure listings.

Fiona Livnat is an author with expertise in real estate foreclosures. She has over ten years of experience in writing about foreclosures.Her commitment to help people is reflected in her writing. For more details please visit Dallas Foreclosure Listings

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