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Siete pronti per aumentare le vostre conoscenze in fatto di barbecue?Il secondo step con Mirko Vincenzi vi accompagnerà nel mondo della speziatura o “rubbing”: approfondirete l’uso della sonda  delle cotture indirette e dei tagli che le prediligono. Un focus didattico Roasting&Rubs , dai tagli alle tecniche e temperature per arrosti eccezionali, senza paragoni. Tecniche oggetto del corso: La rubbatura: come eseguirla a regola d’arte. Spezie che passione: quali usare, come e quando. La miscela di spezie: da dove si comincia? Tagliata e fiorentina: i segreti di cottura. L’affumicatura: tutti i segreti per insaporire i tuoi piatti Le ricette proposte durante il corso: * Manzo: tagliata all’italiana. Costine speziate e affumicate. Per stupire: bacon bomb explosion. Pasta o risotto di stagione. * Le ricette proposte durante il corso potrebbero subire variazioni secondo la disponibilità del mercato, essendo tutte preparate con ingredienti freschi e possibilmente di stagione. Costo € 39,00I posti sono limitati, si richiede il rispetto degli orari indicati.Ti aspettiamo in Agricola! N.B. Una volta effettuata l’iscrizione, in caso di impossibilità a partecipare, Agricola rimborserà il 70% del valore del corso attraverso l’emissione di un buono acquisti spendibile in tutti i reparti del nostro punto vendita entro 90gg dalla data del corso. Per attivare la procedura di rimborso è necessario comunicare la disdetta entro e non oltre la data di chiusura iscrizione corso attraverso una mail all’indirizzo oppure telefonando al numero 0332/320788. In nessun caso sarà possibile recuperare il corso e/o spostare l’iscrizione su un altro corso.                                      

at Agricola
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Varese, Italy


Tips to Cut Down on Living Expenses

by mallix

It is important to have a thorough and close look at your spending in order to cut down your expenses. This will help you to have an idea that what is necessary and what are the things you can manage without. Remember, you have to consider even small items that can mount up your expenses. For instance, if you daily take a coffee for £1.20 on your way to work, it will cost you about £24 per month. These small things can cost you a lot.

It is important to add up the cost of all the things such as newspaper, snacks, coffee, bus or taxi fares, drinks, sweets and so on, you buy over a month. This will give you a better idea of your expenses on these things. Your aim should be to identify the things which you need and those which you don’t need.

The Replacement Technique

It is not always possible to cut down all the things which are not of sole importance. There are things that you buy for pleasure or happiness and can’t afford to cut them. There this replacement technique works better for you. The replacement techniques suggest you to look for cheaper alternatives for your things instead of cutting them down from the budget.

Let us start from a newspaper. People read newspaper for different reasons. Some read it for current affairs news, some for stock market or shares news, some for sports and some for entertainment. There are alternatives available to keep yourself up-to-date with latest news. For instance, if you want to know about shares, you can check them free on the Teletext or Ceefax pages on television. If you have a computer, you can get the news about stock market from many different websites such as or on Financial Times’ website, i.e.

You can also read newspaper online as all the major newspapers have their own websites such as The Guardian (, The Independent ( and The Times (

You can also visit some local library if you don’t have access to the internet. Almost all the libraries get their copy of daily newspapers. They will not cost you anything for reading a newspaper there.

You can also save a lot from form daily morning coffee. Instead of buying it daily, it is better to invest in a vacuum flask. Make coffee at home and take it with you. This will save you a lot of cash which you can spend on anything useful.

Similarly, you can save a lot on snacks and lunches. You will be surprised to know that it will cost you hundred of pounds on these snacks and lunches. It is better to spend few pounds on a loaf of bread and two and three different sandwich fillings with a bulk pack of assorted sweets or crisps than spending in a café shop. You can make your lunch at lunchtime and if you have a microwave oven at your work place that will be a great bonus for you.

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Home Security Tips When You live Off Campus

by qnr

Getting an apartment with some friends off campus is definitely one of the highlights of college as it is one of the first moments when you can feel entirely independent and truly feel like an adult. Chances are it will be your first time living on your own and as such it is important that you take a few added home security precautions in order to make sure that you and your friends are safe at all times. Because you will not be under the care of university housing anymore, it is important that you are vigilant about your own safety and security.


For starters, it is important that you are very selective about who you live with and that you know and trust them. Not only will you be sharing a space with them but they will be bringing in friends and it is critical that you trust their choice of friends and social acquaintances. For your safety and that of your housemates be sure to have a house meeting to discuss the importance of maintaining a certain level of home security and ensuring that your housemates and you only bring trusted friends into the home as strangers would compromise the safety of everyone in the home.


Also be sure to invest in a home alarm system if you don’t already have one so that you and your housemates will feel safe knowing that you have a system of protection in place to guard against forced intrusion or unwanted entry. Be sure that only you and your housemates know the code so that your safety is not compromised and make certain that everyone in the home uses the alarm so that you can be certain that in the event of an emergency, the proper help will be on the way. It is still possible to have fun and enjoy your independence while still managing to keep a safe and secure home.


Also, be sure to lock the doors and windows every night even if you feel that you live in a safe neighborhood or that it is heavily populated with students. You can never be too certain and it is better to err on the side of caution than to take any chances. Be sure that you all respect each others privacy and space and try not to be the one always mentioning the issue of home security so that there is more of a unanimous feel in the home and that there is harmony. Most of all, enjoy the independence and freedom that living off campus affords and explore the city or town that you live in from a vantage point other than just that of the student life. Chances are, there is a lot that the city has to offer culturally apart from the bars and nightclubs that students frequent. By following these simple tips you should be able to enjoy your newfound freedom without having to worry about your safety.

Look into an adt Home Alarm for an affordable option of how you can protect your home. Also, check out for great ways to protect your home.

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Tips For Service Members Stationed in Japan

American military personnel have been stationed continuously in Japan since the end of World War II in 1945. While these Americans are mainly Marines and Sailors, there are also some Airmen and Soldiers. Most people agree that Japan is a wonderful place to be stationed, but it is still a foreign country and Japanese culture is quite distinct from American culture.

To make the most of your stay in Japan, you should keep in mind a few things about Japan and Japanese culture so that you get the most from your experience.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:
Shoes: You probably heard this one a million times, but it bears repeating. Do not wear your shoes into a Japanese person’s home. As soon as you step into the home, there should be an area where you see a neat row of shoes remove yours and place them there.
English: While it’s true that the Japanese study English from an early age, it’s equally true that they’ve had little opportunity to practice it. And if the truth be told many Japanese are deeply embarrassed that they can’t speak English after years of study. So try speaking Japanese first (even if it sounds terrible), this will lighten things up and the Japanese may give their elementary English vocabulary a try.
Admiration: The Japanese people, on the whole, are very pro-American and great admirers of American culture, so you have a lot in your favor before you even open your mouth. Remember that you are an ambassador for the U.S. – any poor behavior reflects badly on our country.
Driving: You’ll quickly observe that the Japanese drive on the opposite side of the road – just as they do in England. While Americans can get permission to drive in Japan, the country’s excellent network of public trains and buses makes it unnecessary for service members.
World War II: For many Americans, Japan will forever be associated with Pearl Harbor and the war in the Pacific. Most young Japanese people, however, think about World War II about as much as we think of the Battle of Gettysburg. Japanese young people are uniquely apolitical and subject of Japanese aggression in World War II is not covered in much depth in the school system.
Safety: While Japan has rightly enjoyed its reputation as an extremely safe country, things have gotten a bit worse over the last 10 years. While street crime in Tokyo is nothing like that of a large American city, the idea that you can sleep the night in a public park and wake up in the morning with your wallet still in your pocket, might be more myth than fact these days.
Food: If the Japanese take one thing seriously, it has to be food. You should do yourself a favor while and dive into the local food culture: sashimi, miso soup, nabe, ramen, soba, etc., it’s all good and much, much cheaper than in the states. Try to steer clear of pizza and KFC chicken and allow yourself to experience the richness of Japanese cuisine.
No comparisons: The best way to enjoy living in Japan is to avoid the temptation to compare Japan to America; this is the one of the surest ways to feel home sick or to unfairly judge Japanese culture.

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Tips For Traveling With Pets From Honda in Baltimore

Each year millions of drivers hit the open road, traveling to destinations across the country. Riding alongside many of these drivers is their much beloved pet. Traveling with your pet can be a fun experience for everyone, however there are certain safety measures that should be in place to ensure road trips end safely and with everyone in one piece. The folks at Honda in Baltimoreknow how much we love our family pets and offer the following tips for people traveling with their pets.

Identification tags- Before you leave your driveway, Maryland Honda recommends you make sure traveling pets have the proper tags for identification, vaccines and license. There are dozens of ways in which an animal can become lost while traveling. Identification tags can help reunite missing pets with their owners. Proof of vaccination can also thwart potential problems if your pet is involved in a biting incident.

Only drivers behind the wheel- Who hasn’t witnessed an individual driving with their pet on their lap? It is not an uncommon sight, however it is a dangerous one. It doesn’t matter how calm or predictable you think your pet is, they are still an animal. Animals react instinctively making it impossible to know with a certainty how they will behave. Pets riding in the laps of drivers are simply a distraction and potential hazard under certain conditions. For the safety of the pet and other occupants of the vehicle, invest in a pet carrier or pet harness to properly secure your animal.

Restrain your pets- For the safety of pets, family member and strangers, always have your pet properly restrained. Always attach a leash before getting out of the car and wait until all doors are closed before unleashing a pet. Baltimore Honda dealers remind drivers that animals not properly restrained have an increased risk of getting lost, hit by a car or involved in an incident with strangers. The most mild mannered pooch can get aggressive if they feel threatened in a strange environment. By making sure your animal is under your control at all times, you guarantee their safety and the safety of others.

Jim Coleman Baltimore Honda serving Columbia Maryland offers great prices for all new Honda & used Honda cars, vans and SUVs to all of our neighbors in Clarksville, Ellicott City, Baltimore, and Silver Spring. Our Expert Service & Parts staff assist our Maryland customers keep their Honda vehicles in great shape.


Football Betting Tips

Football Betting Tips

Everyone wants to know a few tips to make their lives easier.  Sometimes, all you need is a little patience for you to find out where to get these tips.  For example, if you want to know football betting tips, you would never consult a doctor for that right?  You have to ask a person knowledgeable in both football and betting.  This will make your betting life easier.  By just typing your desired phrase or word, you will have results in just a few seconds.

One place to find it is on the Internet.  It is true that you can find almost everything in the World Wide Web.  You can even learn the mechanics of football in one sitting as soon as you find a credible website.  In addition, you might also want to learn more about sports betting, specifically football betting, since you will be doing this eventually.  Even if you are not going to do this often, it is quite nice to have an idea on what you are doing.  People may tell you other things that are not really the essence of betting.

You can even find a book about football betting tips.  Once you do, purchase it and make sure to read it page by page.  If you need to do some noting so that you will learn the trade even more, go ahead and do it.  Books are great investments especially those books that are informative.  You can pass them down to your kids and they may even give it to their kids.  No matter how old the book is, as long as information is in it, it will never be obsolete.

If you know a friend who has been doing some football betting for quite some time, you too can ask him about tips.  The things he will tell you are important so try to keep up.  Jotting it down will help so that you can remember it easier.  If you have a good memory, you can do away with the pen and paper, which is fine as well. Obtaining football betting tips is not that hard to do when you know where to look.  You may even get them in usual places.  Just make sure that you put them up your sleeve and use them when necessary.  The tips are not a guarantee that you will win bets, however, it will make you more knowledgeable on how football betting goes.


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Sales Recruiters Houston – Tips on Working in Sales Recruiting in Houston

Sales Recruiters Houston – Tips on Working in Sales Recruiting in Houston

Sales recruiters Houston always aim at locating and identifying the best talent for sales jobs in the area. As an employee, you would have to put in your best effort to short list candidates on the basis of their expertise and experience.

You catering to a wide array of industries which could range from aerospace technologies to restaurant supplies. Selected candidates for the job will have to fulfill the stringent requirements of companies as well and you can benefit from the following tips.

Access database

It is not easy to pick the right talent and you will have to put in some hard work and maintain a large database from where you can source the right talent. To find real time sales winners, you will have to access the computerized database of candidates, do research in libraries and use targeted media advertising. You will also have to dig into contacts created over time for getting the best talent.

Skills and experience

The system would be the same for sales recruiters Dallas and sales recruiters Texas. Sales jobs Houston are no different from sales recruiters Austin as they all will have to follow the same procedure to get the best candidate depending upon his or her skills and experience. Working for a recruiting company would mean hiring people on a contingent basis. The method helps as your next hire would automatically be low risk.

Sales recruiters Houston will always look for the very best talent. After all, the sales department is a particular area which can make or break a company. Sales recruits will have to show their talent upfront as they hit the ground running. Times are tough and inflow of revenues on a continuous basis can only ensure companies remain afloat. Adept sales persons can kick off right from the beginning and create more opportunities on the way.

Out produce

Working with recruiters in Texas also opens up many options right away as companies are relocating and hiring furiously. They would obviously place their trust on the recruiting company and as an employee; you will have to ensure they get the best talent. Top sales recruits can easily out produce average sales representatives and ensure sales and profits are always on an upward curve.

Screening undesirables

When companies take the services of recruiting companies, they want to be doubly convinced that their job of identifying the best employees for their sales openings is taken care of. It literally saves weeks and while working for a recruiting firm, you will have to pour through hundreds of resumes. Once you short list after screening out the undesirables, your job is to slot the interviews.

Getting the right talent is not easy as you will have to administer questions and also do background checks as well. The task is time consuming and you will have to put in your very best effort. Each recruit has to go through a screening process fine tuned by you while you work for sales recruiters Houston.

To learn more about getting picked by sales recruiters Houston offers, please visit and sign up for a FREE trial to gain access to ALL of the many exclusive job listings we offer in the selling profession. Silas Reed, Writer for SellingCrossing, writes articles that inform and teach about different selling job profiles.

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Important Tips On Setting Up A Restaurant Bar Successfully For Beginner Or Experienced Restaurant Owner

Important Tips On Setting Up A Restaurant Bar Successfully For Beginner Or Experienced Restaurant Owner

Are you thinking about setting up a restaurant bar? There is a long list of issues that you have to take into consideration. Right from the size of the restaurant bar, to theme, liquor license etc. these are some of the issues that can affect the success of setting it up successfully. There are some bars that have a full or a limited bar menu. Then other restaurants follow a “happy hour” methodology to get the most for their business. If you want to open a successful full service restaurant & bar then you will have to take the following things into consideration.

It is not very difficult kind of a project and can be accomplished easily. The average time can range anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks, it depends on the bar specification’s that you have.

Before beginning on deciding anything or even setting up a restaurant bar, you must read your liquor license agreement. There are licenses that permit a restaurant to hold all kind of liquor inn their bar but some licenses only permit particular type of liquor. If you are serving all kinds of liquor then you will have to map the area accordingly.

Before you start constructing or break down a building, take exact measurements of the floor area that you will need to set up a restaurant. Take the help of an architect and an interior designer for this purpose.

You will be constructing both bar and restaurant, you need to see whether you want to keep both the areas separate or not. You would also want to find the best place to set up a bar. Remember that a bar has dual functionality. This is the area for the second waiting staff. For the staff, a bar in the center of the dining room is an excellent choice. This is also best during a rush at dinner time. But, you could opt for a more personal and intimate setting and make a lounge like area while setting up a restaurant bar. This will prevent the hustle and bustle of the normal day life and will also allow the customers to de-stress.

Your bar must always be well stocked with enough liquor, good and appropriate glasses and other equipments. The other equipments like ice bins, glass racks, fridges, coasters, bar stools and dispensers. All these equipments must match the theme and decor of your restaurant. If you have the right decor when setting up a restaurant bar then you will set a proper mood for your guests.

The lighting of your restaurant must also match the theme and decor. For example if you are setting up a restaurant bar around the lounge theme. Then a low setting of lights is recommended. If you have too bright light then it will be too harsh on your customers. The light should be appropriate and one should be able to read the menu card properly.

These were some suggestions to help you set up your restaurant bar successfully!

If you would like to learn more about setting up a restaurant successfully and avoid costly mistakes, please visit:

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Tips For Interpreting Media Data For Advertising

Tips For Interpreting Media Data For Advertising

In order for your company’s products and services to be best placed when advertising on a radio station, there are certain things you need to look out for. Spending the advertising budget wisely is a hot topic for managers attending management courses. Radio advertising is still an effective way of promoting, however being aware of how to interpret the numbers when examining a radio station’s media data is a must. High values for the following categories: previous day’s audience, regular listeners and station’s rating are found on successful stations. This article gives you the opportunity to learn skills which will help you to look out for in these survey results, what analyses you should ask for and what can be read between the lines.

Radio stations that want to sell advertising time usually publish their media data. The results of listener surveys by study groups for media analysis are generally accepted European standard. These set out, among other things, three important figures relating to data about the station’s audience. Category A is known as the total audience, and relates to those who listened to the station in the last 2 weeks. Category B is the number of people who tuned in to the previous day’s broadcasting and Category C data refers to the number of regular listeners, that is those who tuned in on at least four out of seven days of the week. Category D is a measure of popularity.

A high value for category A is no indication of a station’s success. This figure often conceals occasional listeners who are hopping between stations or former regular listeners who are tuning in to their erstwhile favourite station for a change.

In fact, successful stations boast high figures for the number of listeners for the previous day, for regular listeners and for the most popular station.

If earlier studies have been done, ask for the comparative data: constant values for category A and decreasing figures for category B, category C and category D (popularity rating) are characteristics of a station in decline. Since the media data is already a few weeks old, this trend could have intensified.

Compare the stations in your region and do not be content if you find equal scores for Category B. When the duration of listening is a factor ask for the net hourly rating,. The more popular the station, the longer it remains switched on (resulting in a high net hourly coverage). As a rule, this value also decides the price per second. Request charts which show each separate hour of broadcasting, including the average coverage, over the course of the day. It important to analyse the data as taught in good management courses.

If you are in a position to choose between several equally competitive stations, give yourself an idea of the relative success of each station at different times of the day. For each hour add together the stations’ coverage and work out the percentage share for each station.

Depending on the type of listener you are after determines the optimum placement of your advertising. Ask for analyses of this kind to be broken down by age group, educational level and sex. A certain presenter’s programme may well succeed in reaching two thirds of all women listening to the radio, but it may be broadcast at a time of day when three-quarters of all listeners are men. This programme is losing out on coverage in spite of this presenter’s success. However, if your advertising is aimed primarily at women, this programme may – at relatively favourable prices per second – be just the place where you should advertise.

It is important to ask for analyses that cover the activities of the entire broadcasting day, including the listener’s activity at the time – if possible accurate to within 15 minutes. In this way you can achieve an optimum placement for your advertising. There are various sales, marketing and management courses which can also help you to develop a good understanding of effective marketing.

Richard Stone is a Director for Spearhead Training Limited that runs management courses that improve business performance.

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Top Four Successful Independent Restaurant Tips

Top Four Successful Independent Restaurant Tips

Open with enough working capital:

Most independent restaurants do not make it past the first year and the reason is invariably the lack of working capital. This capital is the cash which you will use to operate your restaurant until the profits are strong enough to take over. With this money, you will pay your rent, employees, and all other operating expenses. This could take from one to two years to happen, so it is important to have enough cash to last until then. Without enough working capital, stress could begin to creep into your life and your sales and profits will deteriorate.

 2. Learn how to treat and train your employees:

It seems as though the most difficult aspect of operating an independent restaurant is the people who work there. It has been determined however, that we are not talking about the employees; instead we are talking about the management of the restaurant. Not only must management understand how to train employees properly, but management must also understand how to treat employees with respect and how to motivate the employees. A restaurant with constant employee problems does not have employee problems; instead, this restaurant has management problems. Proper restaurant management involves getting the most possible out of each employee without being disrespectful of each employee. It takes a very special management team to understand the fine line here.

 3. Understand customers needs:

Many moving parts go into the experience a customer may have at an independent restaurant. Attracting a new customer to your restaurant not only has to do with your advertising, but it also has much to do with the signals which everyone in your building is sending out. If your message is a negative one, it can be felt on the streets. Once that problem is solved, here is a list of important factors which will determine if your customers experience is a positive one or not. The atmosphere is critical to your customers experience, are you and your employees happy to be at work today? The proper music can also go a long way toward breaking the ice and creating a cheerful atmosphere. Great food and great service is a given. Competition is around every corner and if your food and service are not above average, you will not find yourself on any customers list. Your prices must be in line with what you have to offer a customer. Lousy service or food will not command a high price.

 4. Understanding profits:

Management must understand how profits work at an independent restaurant. The simple definition is as follows: Profits are simply learning how to keep as many sales dollars as possible for you. More profits are lost through waste than any other source. If, for instance, too much (refrigerated food) is ordered it could spoil and need to be thrown away. If employees drop food on the floor, that is waste. A leaky water faucet is waste. The scheduling of too many employees is waste. Waste is rampant throughout every restaurant. Successful restaurants understand where losses occur and learn to control them.

 One last nugget. Here is an example of motivating your employees to help you to find success in the independent restaurant business.

During your next employee meeting let your employees know that without happy customers, who will return day after day, there will never be enough money to give employees a raise. Then tell them that you really want to give everyone a raise, but for that to happen, each of them must excel. You will not have to wait long for the results.

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Tom Bradburn has been involved with the restaurant business as an employee, manager, supervisor and owner since 1962. Mr. Bradburn is the author of “The Independent Re$ taurant” & “How to Open a Re$ taurant and Keep it Open”

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