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Spiritual Living in Reality Today

by dmott9

When we look out into the world it is rather apparent that there is great sorrow and suffering throughout every country and every nation. No one is immune to the suffering of this life. The old and young are caught up in this misery of life.  The poor and the rich alike are caught in this same darkness and gloom. Both men and women of every race are in the hands of sorrow. We are suffering from the mental agony of misery and the psychological pain of loneliness that plagues nearly every human being on this earth. 
Without knowing ourselves we remain in sorrow and continue to live in our own delusions of hope for the future. If we belong to a particular religion or belief then we congregate and hide our sorrow among each other. Through such pretense, sorrow remains. We are forever hoping we will miraculously change tomorrow without transforming our lives today. If we plant the seeds of sorrow in our everyday lives, how can we expect compassion to spring forth within us tomorrow? Through confusion we expect wisdom to manifest in our existence while we continue doing the same old things as before. 
So we must ask ourselves the deepest questions without the intention of getting the same old answers. Why do we not face the facts of our life of sorrow, here and now? The not facing our state of being in sorrow is what keeps us continuously living in such loneliness and despair. We fail to look and see the actualities of our lives and continue down the same paths that leads nowhere. Because it has been tried does not mean it is true. All the various world religions have made us promises of a better tomorrow if we adhere to their doctrines. Promises they themselves have not fulfilled. We are expected to continue on such paths which lead nowhere. In light of the fact none of their answers have produced any lasting change in the heart of man. We are still suffering and we are still filled with sadness, misery and disharmony. All the religious and political leaders have failed to deliver on their promises. Why is it, we do not hold such ignorance accountable? We must seek the truth within ourselves. In truth, we are all responsible for this life of discontent.
The religions throughout the world from Christianity in the west and Islam in the east, have propounded their solutions for many centuries to no effect. We are still trapped in sorrow with no clear way out. And if you are at all a serious human being, you will see their solutions to our problems are nowhere to be found. 
The burning fires of sorrow are within us and all around us. The face of sorrow continues to be a major problem throughout the whole of humanity. The unhappiness produced by ignorance and fear continues to haunt us day and night. All the prevailing sorrow continues to escalate and torment us from within our consciousness. The darkness of suffering expresses itself outwardly into the world. This problem of sorrow must be given deep thought. And if we are at all serious, we must go beyond thought and its waywardness. We claim we see the outcome of its ailments but fail to act and respond, efficiently. We try in various ways to cure our problems while in actuality we are only treating the symptoms through escape.  The fact of sorrow we never face. This causes our problems to perpetuate and corrode our daily lives.
Through tradition we are so attached to our ideals and beliefs that prevents us from seeing. We look but we do not see. Never realizing that in the power of seeing there is freedom. Instead we merely look in partiality which leaves us in obscurity. In effect, we never discover the truth of anything. Only to find ourselves moving from one illusion into another. Not only in the religious world but in the world of politics as well. We support one political campaign that promise hope and change only to lead us in a different scheme of corruption all the same. 
So in the darkness of sorrow we move from one state into another god-forsaken place. Psychologically, we travel from one prison into another that has a little more space, a little more provisions and promises to pacify us for the time being. The powers that be lay out a plan for us to follow in the idea that it will bring us to a utopia on earth or a dream land in the heavens. They all proclaim someday we will find a better way to live and treat each other. But, time and time again this same routine of thought and reason has failed all of mankind. The fact is we are still suffering, exponentially. 
Psychologically, as human beings we are never free. Without the realization and clarity of intelligence, there is no understanding which breeds freedom. In freedom there is no choice. We choose because we do not see. Without seeing clearly, we repeat the same old things that have not brought about any fundamental change. 
In spirituality, seeing is complete action devoid of choice, thought and its traditions. The power of seeing is the glory within that brings light to all our emotional and psychological problems. When at once we are empty of ourselves then we can be fulfilled and unchained by sorrow. The moment we end all conscious effort and action born of thought, the creative power of love enters and illumines our whole being. This illumination is love which burns away all sorrow and all suffering. And in the radiance of this love, there is exquisite beauty in which words can not touch or describe. This joyous love transcends the consciousness of mind and the idea of ego. 
In the absence and emptiness of all your sorrow, this glorious love comes unsought. There is no means of willing this love into being. No tricks, no prayer or any form of conjuring can call this into existence. It is the totality of all life. Being whole, it has the power to heal all our problems, holistically. 
When this spiritual love comes, there is no self-centered ego within you to take hold of it. It is incorruptible. It comes when you are vacant. It comes when you are not conscious of yourself. This creative love lives in each moment in which man as thought can not enter. 
Only a fool will deliberately walk through this door within to be stripped of him self. It takes a great fool to open himself up for this to enter the temple of his being. Such a being is summoned by compassion for the sake of the world and all its sorrow. Seeing there is no other answer, he see what must be done and turns within. Unmoved by superficial solutions to the world crisis and all the suffering in and around him. Without choice he takes a single step into the doorway marked by death. Come what may; know there is no other way. One must enter this living death to discover eternal love that has the power to solve all our fundamental problems.
As a human being, we must see that all efforts within the field of knowledge, faith and reason have failed humanity. None of the religions or beliefs has solved our human dilemma. So man must turn within himself.  Not out of ignorance but understanding. Through negation and psychological death, man discovers he is not the ego that is identified with the flesh. He must discover he is nothing. We must all discover that exquisite love and affection which can solve our psychological problems of consciousness. 
When at once you enter death, all will be clear. In this clarity you discover this empty-fullness within. Then you will understand what love is. This perfect love takes you by surprise and fills you completely.  This love which awakens within you was never born and never created. It is eternity devoid of time. It is the fulfillment that can not be spoken. What words can paint a picture that could give understanding to another of this glorious revelation? No amount of words, no matter how eloquent, can describe this immensity. It is the beauty of unwritten poetry in which you must see within. This love is inexpressible joy.
Spiritually, we must all discover this truth within ourselves.  Then we may live in the light of intelligence beyond the shadows of darkness and sorrow. And only then will we create a holy and harmonious life on earth. Not tomorrow, but here and now. A life in which you live in the freedom of eternal love.

Adonis Alexander is a Spiritual Teacher who resides in the United States.

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A Foolproof & Simple Email Sequence You Can Implement Today to Generate More Leads

A Foolproof & Simple Email Sequence You Can Implement Today to Generate More Leads
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Internet Usage Among The Youth Today

As technology continues to progress it is the youth that make the most use out of what the modern times has to offer. There are so many different advantages in technology that make things convenient for everyone and internet plays an important factor in this technology.

The internet serves as the gateway to information across borders, not limited to geographical scales or locations as anyone may have access to information on the internet, provided they have a working computer and internet access. With this the youth have developed immensely in the use of the internet, therefore relying on it for most of their needs. Though this advance has greatly benefited today’s generation it has also made them too dependent on a convenient lifestyle, therefore making their way of living more laid back.

The disadvantage of having so many things within arm’s reach is that the youth take for granted these advances and no longer strive to find the answers to their questions. Since everything turns out as so easy, when faced with simple issues and trials these are handles with great difficulty. Psychology views the internet usage and technological advances in society as factors that need to be handled in moderation. Too much dependence on these innovations lead to such a dependable lifestyle that for some it may seem like the end of the world without these.

The youth needs to be reminded of the world without these advances and therefore see things through the eyes of the past and how life was without all these technological devices and systems. The internet may serve as an advantage to communities everywhere around the globe yet it is essential to still be engaged in other hands on experiences that require effort, strive and determination in the quest for meaning and getting things done. It is up to the community and society to view these and integrate the balance in today’s youth.

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How to Fix PS3 Flashing Red Light – Repair Your PlayStation 3 Today

by froboy

Looking for a way on how to fix the ps3 flashing red light error? Did you just play your favorite game and in all of a sudden your PlayStation 3 gets a strange flashing red light? If you are looking for a way to fix this, than you’re on the right address! Here you will find out what actions you have to take so you can play your favorite game on your PS3 again, today!

In order to fix the RLOD error on your PS3, you should try to do these 3 things.

1 – Restart your console.
2 – Take out all cables, and plug them back in.
3 – Take out the hard-drive, and place it back in your PS3 console.

If these 3 tips didn’t help you to fix your PS3 red light error, then it’s high likely that you need to open up your console, and fix the problem from within. I really can’t help you with that, because you’ll need step by step instructions that’s coming along with either videos or pictures. But, you’ve got 3 options to get your hardware problems solved.

There Are 3 Ways To Fix Your PS3 Red Light Problems.

1) If you don’t have a clue of how to fix your PS3 flashing red light by yourself, you could send your PS3 back to Sony and let them figure out how to repair the problem. This is a pretty time taking way of fixing your ps3 because it could take up to 1 month before you will get your console back. And if your warranty has been expired, you have to pay $ 150,-

2) Take your PS3 to your local repair shop and let them fix it. Also, this might sounds like a good idea, but trust me, this only costs you a fortune and it takes up to 2 weeks. Another downside of this is that they can’t guarantee that your PlayStation 3 will be fixed. The only one who can guarantee that it will be fixed, is you! The only thing you need to know, is how to fix ps3 flashing red light problem.

3) Fix your PlayStation 3 by yourself. If you don’t know how to fix ps3 flashing red light, than it’s no problem. We will teach it to you! It’s not hard, it’s not expensive and it’s not time consuming. In matter of fact, I know that you can fix your PS3 within this hour!

But, What’s The Best Option To Fix Your Ps3 Red Flashing Light Error?

Want to know how to fix PS3 flashing red light? Want to take the challenge to do it by yourself? First of all, why should you let Sony or a repair shop do it for you? They waste your time and money which you could better spend into gaming.. Right?!

To fix your PlayStation 3 by yourself, I’d recommend that you take a PS3 red light repair guide. This guide will tell you step by step with detailed instructions and pictures how to fix your PS3 problems. It also contains bonuses for after your reparation.

 Fix your Playstation 3 yourself and Save 0!

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Begin Building A Solid Financial Foundation Today

Begin Building A Solid Financial Foundation Today

Just as you should not build a luxury home on a shaky foundation, I HIGHLY-RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT BUILD YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE on a shaky foundation. From my experience Robert Kiyosaki’s belief concept on transforming your life from poor to wealthy is the best.  For those of you who have not yet read Robert Kiyosaki’s “Cash Flow Quadrant,” I would recommend that you would read this great book today, but to save you the read here is the synopsis (that does not give this book justice). His observational theory of the journey to wealth is that they all start out of as EMPLOYEES. Then through discontentment and ambition, they ultimately strive to become SELF-EMPLOYED. Then through frustration and maturity, they become hands-off master-deligators that become BUSINESS OWNERS. Then after we earn enough excess cash, they begin begin to become INVESTORS.

He calls this transition from EMPLOYEE to SELF-EMPLOYED to BUSINESS OWNER to INVESTOR the “Cash Flow Quadrant” (for more information see In order to begin making this transition you must make 7 moves. And the key to these moves is this, NOTHING WILL MOVE UNTIL YOU DO.

Move 1: Form an LLC – My friend you are going to have to form an Limited Liability Company. You cannot use your business to invest if you don’t have a business. Form this business today. If you don’t know what you will do, just register yourself as a consulting business and figure it out later. Go to Legal Zoom Dot Com today and get started.

Move 2: Start A Successful Business or Buy A Successful Business – You have to start building or buying a business now. Next year is too lately already. How do you start? I highly-recommend that you buy into an existing successful franchised business if you have no idea what you want to do. Why? Because when you buy a franchise, you are buying a highly-regulated entity that has a proven track record of success using scalable systems that produce quality products and services that will make you money. You could spend 10 years starting businesses that fail. The U.S. Small Business Administration consistently reports that 9 out of 10 small businesses fail. That does not have to be you, but it will be you if you cannot build duplicatable systems or if you are unwilling to. Having built award-winning systems over the years, I personally would rather buy into an existing entity. It will save you the head-ache and the heart-ache. Now if you are passionate about delivering a product or service and if you are crazy enough to believe that you will be able to build systems that work, then I HAVE FAITH IN YOU AND I ENCOURAGE YOU TO TAKE ACTION. What are some good franchises to buy?

1) Subway – These are everywhere, because people like them. I literally eat them nearly every day. Does it cost money to purchase this customer magnet? Yes. Does it make money? Yes. Is it right for you, I don’t know. Look into it and make a decision.

2) McDonalds – These are everywhere as well. When you throw up the Golden Arches people will flock to your business. Why? Because they are consistent. People from Mexico to China to Delaware go to McDonalds. Does it cost alot of money to buy a franchise? Yes. Is it for you? I don’t know. Look into it and make a decision.

3) Oxifresh – These guys are a carpet cleaning powerhouse. Their turn-key system allows investors to purchase franchise with very little investment. Can you make great money cleaning carpets? Yes. Is it for you? I don’t know. Look into it today and make a decision.

4) And the list goes on…

Move 3: Begin Relentlessly Obtaining Practical Knowledge (and begin rebuking general academic knowledge):

I can see a value in having an MBA, but I can see more value in learning how to run a business. Read “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, read “21 Laws of Leadership” by John Maxell, read the “E-Myth” by Michael Gerber and then read ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. Do you have to read all of these? Yes. Study the rich and do what they do. But you are going to have to immerse yourself on practical on-going education. Don’t make excuses. Unplug the TV. Turn off the phone. Quit your bowling league and begin learning.

Move 4: Get Personally Debt Free

Endless studies have continued to show time and time again that taxes and interest are the biggest expenses for most Americans. Just stop and think about that for a second. After paying off your 30 year mortgage, you will have paid for your house twice. After paying off your car, you will have paid for your car nearly twice. Imagine going on the parade of homes with your significant other when the real estate agent grabs and quietly whispers in your ear, “Now all of the house prices you see hear are actually half of what they will cost you.” It’s sanity.

If you ever want to build profound levels of wealth, you must decide today that you will no longer borrow money for things that do not make you money. I know that it seems hard to believe that most of Americans millionaires are first generation self-made millionaires, but this is the truth (for more information about this phenomenon visit –

My friends most of today’s millionaires grew up in the poor or middle class part of their local community, they lived frugally, the built businesses, the bought real estate and stayed busy working on their plan. Then somebody found out that they weren’t so poor anymore. You can do this to.

Move 5: You Must Save 20% of What You Earn (minimum)

I’m sure that you have heard the phrase, “it takes money to make money.” And while I do believe that you can build a considerable amount of sweat equity for yourself and your business, the reality is that you will need some capital to realize opportunities. When I ran the DJ Connection I always loved to hear about different DJs that were “getting out of the business,” because this meant that I could buy their gear for pennies on the dollar. Because I had cash, I could always take advantage of these opportunities.

Move 6: Decide That You Will Not Deviate From Your Master Plan

As you start accumulating some money, you will start to notice that the temptation to buy things that you don’t need will always be there. The more money you have, the more you will be called by salespeople trying to convince you that you can simply not afford to miss out of this incredible opportunity or that incredible opportunity. MLMs, country club membership sales people and those always fun time-share people will come calling. The Kirby vaccum guy will knock on your door, the designer drapes and plantation shutter people will knock on your door, the reverse osmosis water filtration people will knock on your door and the personal life coaches will come calling. Do not say yes to their offers and do not deviate from your plan. Stay the course, it will be worth it.

Move 7: Decide That You Will Never Become An Employee Again (although you may work for others)

The differences between what an employee and self-employed person pay in taxes are dramatic. The tax laws are different and the mind-set of each is very different. Employees want to have as much deducted from their checks automatically throughout the year “to be safe.” The self-employed person wants to not pay in a dime of taxes until the end of year so that his money will be working for him all year. The employee views a tax refund as a bonus, while the self-employed person view his annual tax bill as a necessary evil and frustrating fee that he must pay for the privilege of doing business in this great country.

Tax strategies that may be legal to self-employed people, may illegal to employees. These differences are monumental when it comes to investing. Although many employees cling to their jobs because of their “job security” and because of their “pay check” they actually have much less job security that the self-disciplined self-employed person.

As an employee, your money will never work for you. You are working to make someone else money. As a self-employed person, your money will be making money for you. At the end of the day you must be self-disciplined to get ahead and you must be self-employed. Decide right now. Make the mental choice. Will you be profoundly wealth? Will you be profoundly poor? Or will you be middle class?

Clay Clark
U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year
Award-Winning Serial Entrepreneur
Business Coach
Cofounder of Fears & Clark Realty Group


An award-winning entrepreneur who had to overcome poverty in route to achieving tremendous business success, Clay Clark is an engaging-entertainer and a nationally recognized educator. Having entertained and educated for industry leaders throughout the country including Farmers Insurance, the United States Government Accountability Office, 1st Option Online Mortgage, Valspar Paint, QuikTrip, UPS and many more…his journey to success started in his college dorm room at age of 18. By age 20 he had received national attention when he received the Metro Chamber of Commerce “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” for his “innovative best practice” customer service practices in his numerous businesses ventures. By age 27 he was able to add the United States Small Business Administration “Entrepreneur of the Year” and the U.S. Chamber “National Blue Ribbon Quality Award” to his resume.

With his witty, humorous and relevant delivery style, Clay has a unique ability to connect with today’s business professionals in a memorable and impacting way. He has entertained, educated & inspired nearly 1,500 audiences both large and small. You can reach Clay &  the Make Your Life Epic Institute today by calling 918-851-6920 or by e-mailing at or by visiting our website at



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TODAY SHOW EXCLUSIVE – Golden-Voiced Homeless Ted Williams

Ted Williams was homeless, panhandling on the side of an Interstate freeway ramp in Columbus, Ohio, carrying a sign saying he’d fallen on hard times but has a God-given gift of voice. He was spotted by a reporter and made the subject of a video that’s been tearing up the Internet, with almost 3 million hits on YouTube. Now, possible job opportunities are coming his way. The New York Post quotes Williams as exclaiming on local radio station WNCI, “The Cleveland Cavaliers just offered me a full-time job and a house! A house! A house!” His sign was no lie — he indeed has a golden broadcast voice — as you’ll hear in the video below, in which Williams wells up as he tells “Early Show” co-anchors Erica Hill and Chris Wragge about his road back – a road starting, first and foremost, with a reunion with his 92-year old mother, and his continuing unshakable belief in God, despite all his hard times. He told Wragge and Hill, “I’m gonna bew going to New York, hopefully this afternoon… I apologize. I’m getting a little emotional. I haven’t seen my mom in a great deal of time. She doesn’t believe (what’s been happening to me). She’s 92. She lives in Brooklyn. I was born and raised in Brooklyn. … One of my biggest prayers that I sent out was that she would live long enough for me to see me rebound or whatever, and I guess God kept her around and kept my pipes around to maybe just have one more shot that I would be able to say, ‘Mom, I did do it before,’ — I might pass away
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how can i watch texas longhorns game online today dont care if i have to pay?

Question by LonghornFan: how can i watch texas longhorns game online today dont care if i have to pay?

Best answer:

Answer by beautyful_texan2284
If you find a way, let me know!!! I don’t wanna miss it!

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National Signing Day: About 30 Bi-City high school football players to sign today

Rams Football
Image by Robby Green

National Signing Day: About 30 Bi-City high school football players to sign today
It’s decision day. As many as 30 Bi-City high school football players are expected to sign with colleges today. Known as national signing day, it’s the first day of the NCAA signing period for football.
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Jefferson County (Fla.) high school football coach Jeremy Brown wants to make one thing clear. For more ISU sports, see GoCyclones.
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