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Dallas DBA Seminar 2019: Trends and Trajectories in Defense Base Act Claims

Dallas DBA Seminar 2019: Trends and Trajectories in Defense Base Act Claims
Event on 2019-02-06 07:30:00
Please join your colleagues for the 10th annual Dallas Defense Base Act and Longshore Seminar.  This seminar is a tool for the defense industry and claims professionals to learn the legal and practical aspects of claims management, maintain active knowledge regarding current case law, and learn about medical and vocational solutions and strategies.  Registration will be open to employers, carriers, and their representatives. The seminar will include panels of industry leaders including risk managers, claims professionals, physicians, legal experts, brokers, and vocational specialists.  They will share their experiences and insights and allow for an open discussion with questions from our attendees. We invite attendees to join us for breakfast, lunch, and a full day of claims management education.  Texas & Florida CEU credits will be offered.  A networking cocktail reception will follow the seminar.

at The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas
2121 McKinney Ave
Dallas, United States


Tech Trends in Retail – Fall 2018

Tech Trends in Retail – Fall 2018
Event on 2018-09-26 15:00:00
RevTech invites you to attend the 10th ‘Tech Trends in Retail’, at Highland Park Village Theatre. What better place to showcase the latest in retail and grocery innovation than at a legendary retail centre, and Texas’ first luxury theatre? For almost 90 years, Highland Park Village has been THE luxury shopping destination of North Texas. Highland Park Village was the first self-contained, open-air, shopping center in the nation and it was recognized as a National Landmark in 2000. Highland Park Village continues to create remarkable customer experiences by curating a stimulating mix of iconic and emerging retail concepts. Tech Trends in Retail will showcase pitches from RevTech’s 2018 cohort and an impressive group of grocery innovators. RevTech has been immersed in grocery innovation and cherry-picked an outstanding slate of presenters. Keynote address by: Gary Hawkins, Founder and CEO of CART (the Center for Advancing Retail & Technology) After Tech Trends in Retail concludes, the festivities will continue next door at Royal Blue Grocery. Come enjoy fresh cocktails and light appetizers at Dallas’ modern urban grocery store! (Badge required for admittance) Tech Trends in Retail 2018 Companies: Vessel, Dallas, TX – Vessel drives engagement and increases revenue for digital content publishers. Focused on the lifestyle and travel space, Vessel leverages influencer-generated visual content to drive engagement. Xenio, San Francisco, CA  – Xenio’s precision, real-time indoor positioning levels the playing field for physical stores by enabling brick & mortar retailers to precisely track the shoppers’ real-time behavior, tied to their profile, within the store. Feed Me Pronto, Dallas, TX – A unique eco-friendly retail environment that provides nutritional grab and go meals for urban city dwellers.  GuestX, Dallas, TX – In any tourism market, every provider of entertainment, lodging, food, or experience is alone, operating in a silo with separate tools, trying to get their share-of-wallet in their “one shot” at the customer. GuestX has engineered a proven market ecosystem for all “things to do” whereby all the businesses can be found and can work together to sell more to each customer via bundling and a comprehensive point-of-sale experience. Engagement Agents, Hamilton, ON – Helping retailers maximize and monetize their already-paid-for marketing. ShoptoCook, Williamsville, NY – Leader in digital marketing and content management systems for grocery retailers, providing stores with an advertising edge through the use of new and existing technologies. Birdzi, Iselin, NJ– Provider of a unique personalization platform for retailers and brands to connect to the right shoppers and the right time and place, enabling a seamless, personal and smart shopping experience. ScriptSave, Tucson, AZ – Helps close the gaps in healthcare prescription coverage, with innovative savings programs for the uninsured and under-insured. Myxx, Cary, NC – The best recipe solution on the market today and helps solve "What's for dinner tonight?"? by connecting digital, dynamic, personalized recipes to consumers, retailers and brands.  Keynote: Gary Hawkins, CEO, CART As Founder and CEO of CART (the Center for Advancing Retail & Technology), Gary Hawkins has an unparalleled view on current and future innovation in fast moving consumer goods retail. CART sits at the epicenter of retail transformation as his team connects retailers to new innovation using a vast industry network to understand the challenges and opportunities facing retailers, wholesalers, brand manufacturers, and solution providers. Reviewing hundreds of new solutions each year, combined with years of industry experience leading shopper-focused innovation across the supply chain, uniquely position Hawkins to guide retail into the future. Hawkins’ unique perspective informs his work as a subject matter expert in calls with Citibank and Deutsche Bank analysts covering the massive fast moving consumer goods retail sector and he is an oft-quoted resource for publications like Bloomberg, Elsevier, Drug Store News, and others. Hawkins has authored two internationally published books, numerous white papers and myriad articles. Hawkins is a regular guest lecturer at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business in addition to keynoting retail conferences in the US and abroad. Tech Trends Event Sponsors: Highland Park Village, Highland Park Village Theatre RevTech Program Sponsors: Vela Wood, Montgomery Coscia Greilich, O2Works, Lee Financial, Ketner Group, HumCap, Amazon Web Services, Silicon Valley Bank, and UPS

at Highland Park Village Theater
32 Highland Park Village
Dallas, United States


10 ceramic metal product trends begin to emerge the overall concept – sanitary ceramics, bathroom industry, sanitary Quotes – Hardware Industry

by kengo

Editor’s note: Although the current tile wood, bamboo imitation, imitation Gyrosigma, silk, fake wallpaper, imitation fabrics, linen fabrics, imitation Leather Almost nothing is imitation, in 2009 in the rustic tiles is quite popular, this trend to continue in 2010. To Marco Polo, the Nobel, the Mona Lisa and other representatives of the traditional antique style ceramic tile, ceramic tile surface polished form deliberately irregular edges, resulting in the appearance after years of erosion, create a sense of history and natural feeling. First, low-carbon, green, Environmental protection Will become the mainstream

2010 years of walls, to tile development except in color, pattern, texture and other visual effects to continue to improve, the environmental protection and health in the development of increasingly functional, meeting the Copenhagen Climate Conference, advocacy and low-carbon life Chinese environmental health consciousness, health stone, antibacterial tiles, photocatalyst ceramic tiles, ceramic tile, and other new high-tech environmental protection anion tile will be the focus of attention.

2, Fang Shi, and three-dimensional effect is still the mainstream

2010 imitation stone products sell very popular, these imitation stone products superior performance and texture of stone, the visual effect is very realistic, gives people the perception of natural elegance. This trend will continue and by 2010, largely in the next few years will be the mainstream, to Hing-fai area of ceramic tiles introduced an epoch-making product, “Stone Cube” Series, for example, operation block fabric technology, fixed-point Granulation Technology, lithofacies fission technology, three-dimensional melt infiltration technique, five major cleaning crystallization technology to redefine the tiles, start the “third-generation tiles” of the innovation market. The product distance, similar to the National Natatorium “Water Cube” look, and if plants of the cell wall near tours. Three-dimensional simulation of massive Marble mechanism to achieve top results, the natural stone to restore the real charm. Jade green body of exquisitely carved crystal, emitting a noble and not reserved, elegant qualities of jade is not kitsch.

Learned that the “block cube” fabric technology is likely to be a breakthrough technology tiles Fang Shi, a massive linear texture texture as an important symbol of transition and will promote the production of the tiles in the field of deep-seated revolution, then the market will end the tiles to change the product layout.

Now many tile manufacturers are constantly imitating a variety of stone, jade and other materials to introduce new products, such as Dongpeng the launch of the Na Funa hole ceramic stone, clear that a new product texture, color and soft, slightly more classical taste, another stone texture.

3, antique style is not outdated Although the wood tiles

now, imitation bamboo, imitation Gyrosigma, silk, fake wallpaper, imitation fabrics, linen fabrics, imitation leather, almost nothing is imitation, in 2009 in the rustic tiles is quite popular, this momentum to continue in 2010. By Marco Polo, the Nobel, the Mona Lisa and other representatives of the traditional rustic style ceramic tiles, ceramic tile surface grinding deliberately formed irregular edges, causing the appearance after years of erosion, create a sense of history and natural feeling.

Relatively traditional antique brick, antique brick whole body is the use of special materials and new porcelain enamel decoration process, the preservation of traditional high art of antique brick classic style taste of the city the full glow of fashion trendy unlimited, superior surface texture of bright color Also taste full. Like Douglas, Marco Polo, l & d, gold antique Italian ceramic tiles and other whole body will continue to sell well in 2010.

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TRENDS: If Apple Squeezes Magazines, Are Music Services Next?

TRENDS: If Apple Squeezes Magazines, Are Music Services Next?
Something is happening in the iPad publishing world that has music subscription services worried. Depends on who you talkto, but we now know that Apple is moving to require magazines to block non-app subscription payments. Meaning, magazines (or newspapers, or whatever) will no longer be able to collect their own money and data for iPad subs&#151rather, they must direct customers through Apple’s …
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Academy of Country Music salutes 5 of country music’s most accomplished women with TV special
NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Academy of Country Music will honor Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride, Reba McEntire, Jennifer Nettles and Carrie Underwood with a television tribute.
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New Trends In Music Video Offers Hope for Yet Another Rapper Rapped by the Economic Crisis

New Trends In Music Video Offers Hope for Yet Another Rapper Rapped by the Economic Crisis

New Trends In Music Video offers hope for yet another rapper rapped by the economic crisis…

The video which was republished last night got this comment: “You see a world in a grain of sand ?  And? eternity in a short video rap song ? ? ??Universal ????. Be Cosmic …”

The music video stars Ke$ha, Che, and JFK and is part of the Royal Society Mixtape and Starvin Marvin E-Tape Sessions.

The video follows an artist through the underworld and what seems to be a sex addiction where there are signs which say “Nuff Respect” and “The Peaceful Revolution…”

Moreover, there is an old saying that John F. Kennedy quotes when he takes responsibility for the Bay Of Pigs that says ” Victory has 100 fathers and defeat is an orphan.”  What does the Bay of Pigs have to do with the current economic crisis?  With pending war with our “North Korean allies” and the pending death of Castro and Il, who knows where the artist decides to make the connection in his surreal video.  It is literally, surreal, you know because Dali and Bunuel collaborated on the piece.

It is not that far of a stretch because “The Inside Job” also focuses on the plutocratic “one vote one dollar” strategy for our ruling oligarchy that masquerades as a democracy and shows absolutely no change from our elected “leaders” the time the bubble burst in 2008.

The New Orleans rapper / actor / entrepreneur could not be reached for comment.  “I think he is a recluse” says one of his friends found in Recovery programs throughout Santa Barbara, CA.

Troy Coulon began…

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New Trends In Music Videos: The Lox – Recognize Music Video (Sorry Charlie Mixtape) by Checkerz starring Ke$ha and JFK

New Trends In Music Videos: The Lox – Recognize Music Video (Sorry Charlie Mixtape) by Checkerz starring Ke$ha and JFK

The Lox – Recognize Music Video (Sorry Charlie Mixtape) by Checkerz plays more like a dream or fantasy than a typical song probably because it has no chorus and in this case a Missy Elliot repeating “Recognize.”

New Trends In Music Videos and its subsidiary blogs has had several releases at an insane pace this November, 2010. First it was a new chorus and poeticized dream on “U Not Like Me.” Then came an even newer trend, politicians in music videos with “I Know You Want Me” featuring the wonderfully talented Carrey Torrice. After that was Huey P. Long in “We Right Here” showing spirits may not die rather are merely transformed and his words spoken decades ago still have power and are relevant in this 21st century artist on mixtapes era. Finally, there is “Recognize” and it commemorates the 47th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s death by having this figure live on in a music video enlightening folks on how to be “financially intelligent.”


The market research was done on this video dating back several months and it began to gain popularity after thee artist released it via social networking giant or titan “facebook” and people responded. It has a strong message on how to get through these tough economic times which are still stomping on countries (Most recently Greek and Ireland and previously Iceland, and Middle Class “White America” etc). The song itself does not give outright advice on securities investment like the words in “I Know You Want Me” but rather features work by surreal artists Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali.

The piece can be found on thee trendsetting utube channel of “Stephen Marvin” or here…

Troy Coulon began…

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New Trends In Music Video Blog releases Young Buck – I Know You Want Me ft. Jazze Pha and Troy Coulon

New Trends In Music Video Blog releases Young Buck – I Know You Want Me ft. Jazze Pha and Troy Coulon

Troy Coulon is back at it again. This time, under the moniker “Stephen Marvin” from the Starvin Marvin Mixtape Sessionz comes “I know you want me” featuring a line up of local and international stars, rappers, actors, etc. His new trends in music videos blog sometimes follows a formula of rewriting verses of popular songs and keeping the hooks. The videos seem to have a mind of their own. This one focuses, intensely, on the lyrics and the stock market of all things. Is Troy Coulon telling us something else and using “girl” as a substitute for “stock” ?

New Lyrics for thee new I Know You Want Me Music Video featuring: Jazze Pha, Young Buck, Troy Coulon, Carrey Torrice, Minnie Driver are as follows

ooo yeah girl slide down that pole let me see you crawl, crawl, crawl oh yeah


the men don’t know what my baby girl understands let’s slow it down, finally got that sound that funky noise, finally got that funk i want, i want it bad too you know i need it that’s why its on my mind can’t stop thinking about that greatness (great sex) oh my gosh people tell me i god good karma and blessings coming my way how they know i’m not repenting for past mistakes?



I know you want this I know you need this girl let me see you strip strip down to your polka dot bikini or your underpants if you’re wearing little boys underwear let me see em thongs, tighty whities, whatever lingerie you got whatever you’re wearing slide it down, down, down slow it goes down i want to see you pop em off one side at a time listen to my voice girl let me see you so i can get that clout influence pop your bra strap off like i know how to leverage



The revolution’s here people let me see you drop low get down let me see you bounce that ass high up in the air booty in my face titties in my face oh my gosh i must be insane lazy lap dances, girl don’t talk to me you’re ruining thee experience just keep your mouth shut open it if you want to talk about blowing me


I came hard I come harder than ever oooowooooo it was hardcore, no not quite softcore oh my gosh can you believe it? girl, I told you hush your mouth you’re ruining thee experience oh my goodness gracious you’re rolling with a star, the star for a minute just shut your mouth for a moment that’s all i got to do is show you how to roll in my car, we can rock at the locks, looking at the city from a far, a far, a far

Troy Coulon began…

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Eminem and Robert Deniro are paired in mind boggling blog: New Trends In Music Videos

Eminem and Robert Deniro are paired in mind boggling blog: New Trends In Music Videos

It would be apt to star Robert Deniro in a party like a rockstar music video found here.


Moreover, Deniro does have a new comedy coming out and was the scene in the music video not comedy?  Nah, maybe not but it did spawn a comical remake of “You Talking To Me” that took place in the eighties and outside of New York and in California, where our author is currently located during this rainy season in normally Sunny Santa Barbara California.


Eminem has said he is not a beach person and comes to the coast to work in the recording studio.  The author collaborates with him in a remix of Welcome To Detroit.  It is a land of hard work, brutal winters, tough people (especially women), and one of the richest counties (Oakland) in the country not unlike Santa Barbara with all its millionaires.  But I digress.


It’s interesting how Stephen Marvin, a pen name of our dear author of these music videos, has a blog entitles “Starvin Marvin Mixtape Sessionz.”  Is it  ironic, serious, iconic, or does he have an enemy in the South Park character, his step mom’s husband, or the gasoline guzzling chain throughout America at one point in time.


Perhaps, like investing, another passion of our dear author, the issue is quite complex like homelessness and how to deal with it in our ever increasing sustainable economy with our world and its limitless, infinite resources.  They do not teach that in school and perhaps that’s the point of these blogs and collaborations as DMX recently said ” artists are teachers.”


Although, it is safe to say our author agrees with Jay-Z’s quote that “CEO’s have become sexier than artists.”Jay – Z, whom recently had lunch in Omaha with the richest Man in the world, Warren Buffet, would chuckle at some of our dear authors videos because a sense of humor is not lost, when finding solutions for even when tackling and attacking such gigantic issues such as these, a sense of humor is a must.



Troy Coulon began…

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Timeline of trends in Australian music

by zaskem

Timeline of trends in Australian music


Because Australia had military ties with the US (through the Korean War), various Australian agents would invite the biggest American stars of the day such as Frank Sinatra, Little Richard and Ricky Nelson to come to Australia and perform in Sydney, Melbourne, and the other state capitals. Johnny Ray was the first to do this, in 1952. Until the late 1950s, Australian music was limited to jazz, country (with Slim Dusty being the biggest country star) and the music of its Indigenous peoples. Television was introduced to Australia in 1956, but because many people could not afford one at the time, the main medium for music was radio. Those who could not attend the concerts thus relied on the radio to hear the newest and most popular music. Nearly all the singles released in Australia at the time were recorded by Americans.

The original ‘rock and roll’, popularised by Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry in America became popular in Australia as well because it fitted in with the changing image of its popular culture. The first ‘rock and roll’ dances were held at Preston Town Hall, Melbourne. The Chuck Berry song “Rock Around the Clock”, when released in Australia in 1955, sold over 150,000 units as a 45rpm EP. (Creswell & Fabinyi, 1999) By the end of the decade, rock and roll music was the most popular source of entertainment among young Australians. It was through these artists that Australians started recording its modern popular music.

In 1955, the New South Wales government extended pub closing time from 6pm to 10pm to allow more rock and roll bands to play at these clubs(see Six o’clock swill).

In March 1958, Johnny O’Keefe’s “The Wild One” was the #1 single on the Australian charts – he was the first Australian rock star to have such a hit. (Creswell & Fabinyi, 1999) Channel 9 began broadcasting an Australian version of America’s Bandstand programme, with Brian Henderson as host, which lasted for 14 years.

In 1959, Johnny O’Keefe took over the recently launched Six O’Clock Rock (ABC), which ran until 1962.


Still strongly reflecting American culture, in 1962 Australia experienced the Twist fad, soon followed by the Stomp fad (reflecting surf culture, which came to Australia through the Americans a few years before). In 1964, one of the biggest bands of this genre, the Beach Boys toured Australia. Other American acts also toured – rock and roll was still quite popular there – but very few American acts were just as successful.

More and more Australians were buying television sets, which gave the four television networks – Seven, Nine, Ten and ABC – an opportunity to air its own music show. In music shows of the 1950s and 60’s, every single song on the show was performed live in a small studio in front of an audience of 300 at the most, and they were nearly always teenagers.

The British invasion, which started with The Beatles, swept through Australia with many British acts being considered alternatives to the American ones. When the Beatles toured Australia in 1964, there were fans running to meet them everywhere. They performed to sell-out crowds in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. The Rolling Stones also toured Australia in 1965, again to sellout crowds. But American singers still came to Australia for tours – Bob Dylan in 1966 and Elvis Presley in 1968. The mid 1960s saw the ‘mod’ fad, which had been popular in Britain, come and go.

Most of the Australian acts of the 1960s were influenced by the British acts, which were more common and thus more exposable, than the American acts and so most of the Australian songs of the decade were recorded in British styles of music. However, there were some Australians who were willing to stay Americanized and record surf rock, or rock and roll songs (although for the latter genre, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles would have been bigger influences than the US acts of the 50’s).

Because of its small population at the time, not every Australian singer could to an Australian label the traditional way (via a demo). So to pursue their dreams of becoming music stars, they had to enter talent shows. The winner of each talent show would get the chance to travel to Los Angeles, New York or London and be signed to a major British or American recording label. Olivia Newton-John and Helen Reddy were two of these singers, with Newton-John moving to London and performing songs with fellow Australian singer Pat Carroll. The Bee Gees, influenced by the big bands of the 40’s and 50’s also had to go on a talent show before they could start their recording careers. They became extremely successful in this style of music.

A cover of The Coasters’ “Poison Ivy” (also covered by the Rolling Stones) gave Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs, a surf rock band, their first #1 hit, keeping even the Beatles at bay. (Creswell & Fabinyi, 1999) 1964 also saw Jimmy Little have a hit with “Royal Telephone” – he was the first indigenous Australian to do so. (Creswell & Fabinyi, 1999)

In 1966, Australia’s prestigious (but quite Anglicized) annual rock band competition, Hoadley’s Battle of the Sounds began, and this ran until 1972.

By 1966, the Loved Ones (through “The Loved One”) and the Easybeats (through “Friday on my Mind”)had both seen success. Johnny Young was host of Young Talent Time and the Seekers became the first Australian band to sell over a million records internationally. (Creswell & Fabinyi, 1999) Their best known songs were “Georgy Girl” and “The Carnival is Over”. The last three mentioned bands all list British bands as their influences (to some extent).

Pop paper Go-Set was also launched this year (1966), hosting their own televised pop awards (the Pop Poll).


There was a ‘boom’ of Australian music acts in the early 1970s. Masters Apprentices, Spectrum, ACDC, and Daddy Cool were some of the most successful Australian bands of this time.

The popularity of surf culture continued into the 70s. From 1972 to 1975 the Sunbury Music Festival (considered to be Australia’s answer to America’s Woodstock) was held in Victoria, dominated by the likes of Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs, Daddy Cool and the Skyhooks. At this point, however, Australians were being exposed to a new distinctly American style of music – soft rock. Although they could listen to this sort of music through television and radio, it wasn’t popular here until it came to Australia via the Eagles. The Little River Band is one of the noted Australian bands of this era to play in this style of music.

In 1972, “It’s Time” was recorded by Alison McCallum, and was famously (and successfully) used by the ALP in Gough Whitlam’s bid for government. He introduced many reforms, including legislating for the establishment of community-based FM radio and increased funding for the arts. Due to his government’s reforms, 2JJ (now the influential Triple J) was established.

1972 also saw Michael Gudinski form Mushroom Records. In 1975, Skyhooks, who were signed to Mushroom, released Living In The 70’s. Six tracks from the album were banned, and the controversy combined with the singles “Living in the 70s” and “Horror Movie” ensured the album sold well. Their actual style of music was originally surf rock, but became glam rock, which originated in Britain during the early 1970s; they are thus Anglicized in this way. Nethertheless, they were hugely successful because they gave the young Australian public what they wanted – songs about Australia – places, experiences, values and so on, rather than songs about love, which Australians up until that time had been famous for. The debut song played by 2JJ was one of the banned Skyhooks tunes, “You Just Like Me ‘Cos I’m Good In Bed”.

Glam rock would go on to become one of the most popular styles of music in Australia in the 1970s with Sherbet and Split Enz both being successful bands.

At the end of 1974, the ABC began broadcasting Countdown with Ian Meldrum as host, a show which became hugely popular and influential. The show started as a conventional music show, it was still common for every single song to be played live. By 1976 onwards, overseas artists began to send the ABC and other television networks promotional videos to air on their music shows when they could not perform live. Thus Australian bands like Dragon, the Little River band and Skyhooks made promotional videos to accompany many of their songs, even though they rarely aired on Countdown at this time. Songs played on the show often experienced a wild upswing in sales.

Disco emerged in America in the mid to late 70s and came to Australia via artists like KC & the Sunshine Band. The Bee Gees, who had stopped recording big-band style music in the early 70s, used this style of music to make their comeback to the Australian charts. In 1977, the Bee Gees’s soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever was a huge success worldwide, and in Australia broke all previous sales records. (Creswell & Fabinyi, 1999) Disco also had other Australian followers: Leo Sayer had a Top 10 hit in 1977 with “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing”, and John Paul Young achieved success with “Yesterday’s Hero” in 1976 and “Love is in the Air” in 1978.

The aforementioned styles of music existed alongside hard rock acts such as AC/DC.

Australian music was starting to gather momentum overseas, with the Skyhooks touring the United States, and AC/DC and Sherbet attracting attention in Britain. In the late 70s, as the punk rock phenomenon began overseas, Radio Birdman and the Saints began to be seen as scene leaders. Little River Band gained success in the United States in 1977, with their album Diamantina Cocktail being the first Australian-made American gold record (500,000 sales). (Creswell & Fabinyi, 1999)

Melbourne became a haunting ground for many influential although not huge-selling rock acts during this time, including Nick Cave’s the Birthday Party, the Go-Betweens and the Triffids.


The late 70s and early 80s saw the dominance of the hugely popular pub rock, typified by Mental As Anything, Matt Finish, Midnight Oil, The Angels, Cold Chisel and Icehouse. (See Australian Rock.)

In 1981, Men at Work’s “Down Under” was hugely popular both domestically and in the U.S., with the single staying at #1 on the Billboard charts for 15 weeks. INXS also experienced big success with “What You Need” reaching the U.S. top 5, and the band selling over 1.3 million copies of their Listen Like Thieves album. (Creswell & Fabinyi, 1999)

The launch of MTV in America in 1981 ensured that Australians were exposed to the new generation of musical acts – and video clips – produced in the Northern Hemisphere. By 1983 Australian musical acts were making the transition from regular live performances to making promotional video clips – some acts for all of their singles.

In 1984, Midnight Oil’s charismatic lead singer Peter Garrett ran for parliament with the Nuclear Disarmament Party. In the end Garrett narrowly missed out on winning a senate seat. In the mid 1980s, politics and music were increasingly entwined – the 1985 Live Aid concert was huge. Midnight Oil’s Diesel and Dust album, featuring the “Beds Are Burning” single, broke the band in the US.

The mid 80s also saw the arrival of dance music and the synthesiser, for example the Rockmelons and Pseudo Echo. In 1987, Kylie Minogue hit the pop charts with a bang, “Locomotion” becoming the biggest selling Australian single of the decade and #2 in the UK, #3 in the US. (Creswell & Fabinyi, 1999)

There was a sudden burst of interest in female singer/songwriters in the late 80s, with Kate Ceberano, Wendy Matthews and Jenny Morris (actually a New Zealander) being popular. With Split Enz now defunct, Neil Finn started another project – the Mullanes, later to be renamed Crowded House. In 1987 “Don’t Dream It’s Over” peaked at #2 in the US.

Alternative music was well represented during the 1980s, with the formation of such bands as bands such as the Hoodoo Gurus, The Cruel Sea and TISM.

It has been said that Madonna and Michael Jackson, American singers who were both quite popular in Australia during this time, are major influences for Australian music from the 1980s onwards: in terms of the topics of the songs (nearly every song recorded since 1990 are related to love), the video clips, and the actual styles of music.


The 1990s saw the continued expansion and then popularity of alternative music. It also saw a renaissance in music festivals, with some dozen or more being established and holding their own. Several expanded to cover multiple cities (Homebake, Big Day Out, Livid). The trend was kicked off by the establishment of the Big Day Out in 1992 in Sydney. Grunge had become huge in Australia after the death of Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain in 1994, and Silverchair were the chief beneficiaries, with huge success both locally and within the US (1996).

Alternative going mainstream was confirmed in 1994, when the Cruel Sea dominated the ARIA Music Awards with their album The Honeymoon Is Over. Nick Cave experienced wider commercial success, and You Am I had three successive albums debut at #1. Other stalwarts of the 90s have been Regurgitator, Magic Dirt and Spiderbait.

The baby boomer’s rock scene, by the 90s, translated into adult contemporary, with Wendy Matthews, Daryl Braithwaite and the Screaming Jets finding success.

In the late 90s, pop broke out all over. Savage Garden hit the US#1 with their single “Truly, Madly, Deeply” and their debut album sold over 8 million copies. (Creswell & Fabinyi, 1999) Tina Arena and Natalie Imbruglia also had big chart success.

The 1990s also saw a rise in popular Australian music and videos for young children, particularly The Wiggles and Hi-5.

Triple J’s influence in possible success for a band was clearer than ever, with the station breaking Grinspoon, Missy Higgins and largely responsible for promoting the Whitlams, who after winning Triple J’s Hottest 100 poll in 1997 with their “No Aphrodisiac”, went on to win Song of the Year at the 1998 ARIA music awards.


Following a rise in success in the late 1990s, the early “naughties” saw Powderfinger break though and become the country’s biggest rock band. Not long after, reality television gained commercial success, with Channel 7’s Popstars and in 2003, with Channel 10’s ongoing Australian Idol. Delta Goodrem followed in the footsteps of Tina Arena in the 90s with huge success, and a crack at the American market. Missy Higgins and Ben Lee also broke through, sweeping the ARIA Music Awards of 2005, previously having relied almost solely on the support of Triple J whose Hottest 100 music poll became the largest in the world with in excess of 500,000 votes placed.

Other pop artists such as The Veronicas & Rogue Traders also made waves on the charts during the later half of the decade.

The soapstar-turned-singer trend continued into the “naughties” with people such as Tammin, Stephanie McIntosh and Holly Valance all releasing album with some degree of success.

Australian hip-hop began to break through, with the Hilltop Hoods becoming the first Australian hip-hop album to reach the top of the ARIA charts.

Following the success of garage rock artists such as the The Strokes and The White Stripes, Australia experienced somewhat of a rock renaissance with groups such as The Vines, Jet and Wolfmother charting internationally.


Creswell, Toby; Fabinyi, Martin (1999), The Real Thing: Adventures in Australian Rock & Roll, Sydney: Random House .

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American Trucking Show Offers Latest News and Trends

American Trucking Show Offers Latest News and Trends

The Great American Trucking Show, which is more popularly known as GATS, is one of the fastest growing auto shows and tradeshows in the country. And if there are auto shows for car lovers, this vehicle showplace has been a sure hit for professionals in the trucking industry. Come the 24th up until the 26th of this month, GATS will already be on. The event will be held at the Dallas Convention Center.

During the said trucking show, Castrol will be one of its main sponsors. With that, it would be having its very own booth that would provide pieces of information and data about their products. They would also be promoting the upcoming Castrol Tection Extra Big Honkin’ Truck Makeover contest which is held annually. Castrol would also be introducing their new CJ-4 Tection Extra which would soon be available come the first month next year.

Page Gray is the brand manager for Castrol and Gray says, “The Castrol booth at GATS will provide insight into the innovations we have made over the last year. Product information combined with the excitement of our Big Honkin’ Truck Makeover contest and a Ford F-150 Power Wheels raffle should provide attendees with a thrilling stop at the event.” This may be applicable for those show goers who are followers of Castrol, trucks, and of Ford. However, for those who prefer other brands like Volvo and Isuzu, chances of finding booths that offer Volvo 240 series parts are quite slim.

The Castrol booth would provide interested parties with information on products from Castrol. There would be a representative from the company who would be able to assist people on their inquiries. There would also be information on the upcoming vehicle and people would also be able to see what this new truck would be looking like.

As per the contest that Castrol will be sponsoring and holding, information would also be provided. In fact, the winner for last year’s contest, Jeff Fields, would also be featured. Sure enough, the truck that Fields redesigned and customized himself would also be shown through snapshots and photos.

As a former news correspondent for an auto-related websites, Kevin has gathered extensive knowledge and experience in the automotive industry. This 34 year old father of three from Pennsylvania is a genuine car lover.