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State Fair Football Showdown – Visitors (Texas Southern University Tigers)

State Fair Football Showdown – Visitors (Texas Southern University Tigers)
Event on 2018-10-20 14:00:00
Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) football competition will be fierce – pitting Houston’s own Texas Southern University Tigers against the Jaguars of Southern University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana campus. Both schools are making their debut appearance at the State Fair of Texas. This game will also feature TSU's Ocean of Soul battling it out against Southern University's Human Jukebox. Your game ticket allows FREE admission to the State Fair of Texas on Game Day. Come early and enjoy the Fair before the kickoff! FAQs What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event? There are paid parking lots surrounding the State Fair; visit our website at for a map of the parking lots available. The DART Green Line also runs from downtown Dallas, and stops at the Parry Street entrance gate near the Music Hall.   Is there an additional admission fee for the State Fair of Texas? No. Your ticket to the game is also your ticket for admission to the State Fair of Texas. What can I bring into the event? Visit the State Fair of Texas website at for more information on items that may not be brought into the State Fair. The website also has information on Cotton Bowl policies.   What's the refund policy? All ticket sales are final. No refund; no exchange. Gate Information All stadium gates open two hours prior to kickoff.   Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event? You may bring either your printed ticket, or show the electronic copy on your cell phone.   Does my child require a ticket? All children 24 months and older will require a ticket to enter the stadium. Children under 24 months do not require a ticket but must sit in the lap of a parent during the game.

at State Fair of Texas
Cotton Bowl Stadium , 3750 The Midway
Dallas, United States


Q&A: I have to write an information sheet telling visitors threee most important festivals.Can u help me?

Question by zoe b: I have to write an information sheet telling visitors threee most important festivals.Can u help me?
Our teacher has asked us to write an information sheet telling visitors about three most important festivals in my country region or town(Greece).including background info dates and recommendations.Can you help me?or give me a sample?thx

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Trade Show Displays: Draw Visitors To Your Booth And Have A Better Experience Overall

Trade Show Displays: Draw Visitors To Your Booth And Have A Better Experience Overall

Grabbing the attention of attendees is necessary at events crowded with trade show booths. Since such exhibits can contain hundreds of booths, you will need to incorporate certain elements to ensure that you stand out from the crowd. Additionally, there are things that booth staff can do to make the overall experience better for attendees and exhibitors alike. Following these tips will increase the visibility of trade show displays and enhance your event experience.

A Succinct, Unified Message

Because trade events are so busy, attendees and exhibitors each do not have much time to spare. It is crucial for booth staff to be able to convey their marketing message in a short amount of time, and get across the main points effectively. Keep headlines as short as possible, and remember that attendees will only be taking seconds to absorb information and make a decision about whether they will stop at your trade show booth or not.

Also, the message sent out needs to be the same across the board. From booth design to literature to a marketing plan, everyone working for the company needs to be working towards the same main goal. This will help bring together the entire exhibit and enable all parts to become a more cohesive unit.

Color, Lights, And Moving Parts

Keep in mind the elements that attract attention. Bright colors are an easy way to get attention. Red and yellow, specifically, scream, ‘Look at me!’ However, make sure the colors you choose work well together in your display, and are an extension of your existing company’s colors.

Use lighting to highlight certain areas in your trade show booth so that attendees’ eyes will naturally turn toward the products you are trying to emphasize. Movement is an important part of exhibits as well. Moving parts, like scrolling banner stands, easily catch the eye. Games and prize wheels also offer a lot of movement.

Enhance The Overall Exhibit Experience

To make trade show displays better for booth exhibitors and attendees, you will want to make attendees feel comfortable. When deciding on seating for your booth, choose higher chairs or barstools that will place you at eye level with exhibit visitors. This allows for better dialogue. Also, maintain a balance in gender between your trade show booth staff. Having too many men in an exhibit may turn off women visitors, and vice versa.

When displaying the booth’s literature, only put a few pieces out at a time. Having a whole thick stack of brochures or pamphlets set out will turn off attendees and basically make them think that no one has taken an interest in your materials. And concerning materials, most attendees would really appreciate something to carry them in. The multitude of literature handed out at trade show displays can be overwhelming. By offering visitors a reusable tote bag complete with your company’s logo, you can help them out, give them a tangible reminder of your business, and also advertise your booth while at the show.

By projecting a concise, unified message, grabbing attention with color, lights, and movement, and providing a comfortable experience for attendees, businesses will experience greater success at trade show displays.

Chris Harmen writes for the leading provider of trade show displays, Dallas Skyline. They offer a full line of supplies, structures, accessories, and services needed for the best Dallas trade show booth.

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Which channel on MLB Extra Innings is the home broadcast and which is the visitors?

Question by George: Which channel on MLB Extra Innings is the home broadcast and which is the visitors?
On DirecTV MLB Extra Innings, each game usually shows on 4 channels, two low-def and two high-def, each with home and away broadcasts. Of these, how will I know in advance which channel is the home broadcast, and which is the visitors broadcast?

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I also have MLB Extra Innings on directv and at one point wondered the same thing. However,it is random. just Look in the top right corner of the screen and it will usually show the channel that the feed is coming from. For instance FSNflorada, You will know that it is the rays feed , and fsn Milwaukee you will know is the Brewers feed.

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The Balancing Act Show 831- Dallas Convention & Visitors Bur

This segment talks about the nation’s 9th largest city, Dallas, and how all the new developments in the city are making it more exciting, diverse & friendly than ever before. The whole “new” vibrant Dallas offers new entertainment districts, dining, shopping, hotels, arts & cultural attraction with more on the way.
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Visitors Guide for July Festivals at Hip and Stylish City of Dallas Texas U.S.A.!

Visitors Guide for July Festivals at Hip and Stylish City of Dallas Texas U.S.A.!

some of the most famous Texas festivals are celebrated at Dallas.Dallas is 8th largest city of U.S.A. It has now become a tourist’s destination due to its attractive places and activities there. These festivals welcome every age group. They provide a family enjoyment. Many festivals are arranged especially for children. Every month a range of festivals is celebrated at Dallas to attract visitors both local and those taking cheap flights to Dallas. Festivals organized and celebrated in the month of July include;


Dallas Video Festival: The Dallas Video Festival is now the oldest and largest video festival in the United States. For the past twenty two years it has worked tirelessly to find a place in contemporary cinema. Visitors getting into city taking cheap flights to Dallas from UK are always just crazy about attending this festival. They look for cheap flights with some reliable air travel company like Cheap flights to Dallas This Video Festival has hosted over 3,800 programs including everything from clever 30-second television commercials to experimental animation.  Dallas Video Festival has specialized in independent, alternative, and non-commercial media. The most enjoyable thing visitors taking Dallas flights enjoy is communal environment for real-time and face-to-face dialogue between makers and audiences.

Old Fashioned Fourth of July: This festival is celebrated every July at Dallas with its original spirit. This Fourth of July event begins at 7:30 pm, and includes children’s activities and food concessions.  Visitors getting into city taking cheap Dallas flights may watch old fashioned parade cross Pointe with free games, water slides, and contest for cash prizes, inflatable bounce houses, great food, art/craft booths, free live entertainment, and above all an 1100 spectacular fireworks display.


Shakespeare Festival: This event runs from June 29 through July 24 on Sunday, Tuesday, and Saturday. The purpose of arranging this festival is to make the works of William Shakespeare accessible to all. It is one of North Texas’ most treasured summertime traditions. Summer programs are presented in Dallas, Texas, and Addison, Texas. It attracts more than 50,000 visitors from Texas, and foreigners taking flights to dallas. A number of exhibitions and workshops are hosted by this festival.


Taste of Dallas: This festival will be holding from 9 to 11 July at Fair Park Dallas, Texas. This is the largest free festival in Texas. This year marks the 23rd anniversary of the landmark Dallas event. Visitors taking cheap flights to Dallas, Texas from UK will be able to enjoy food from Dallas’ top restaurants, exciting music and entertainment, and plenty of activities at Fair Park. They may reserve their flights

I always love to attend festivals. I was searching for festivals at Dallas for my July tour to Texas, and I was just amazed to know all about that and shared it with you people. Now you just need to reserve cheap flights to Dallas with <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview(‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’);” href=> Cheap flights to Dallas from UK </a>