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Washington DC: Free Entry to the World’s Largest Grad School Fair!

Washington DC: Free Entry to the World’s Largest Grad School Fair!
Event on 2018-09-13 15:00:00
Looking to get your Masters or PhD? Want to know which college is right for you or what subject to study? Discover your personalised journey at the QS World Grad School Tour in DC – this September 13th! Whether you want to learn more about how you can get ahead in your future, or are already applying to schools, you're guaranteed to find what you're looking for with a day packed full of resources, networking, and expert advice. Meet over 20+ Grad Schools, such as *Harvard, Emory, UCLA, U of Miami, Georgia State, UT Austin, SMU, UT Dallas, U of Minnesota and more! What to expect on the day:- Open fair with 20+ grad schools – Seminars and information panels to answer all your FAQs – Networking with local alumni and industry experts- Access to college scholarships worth million! You'll also receive:- A FREE professional headshot for your LinkedIn profile- A FREE resume review with professional resume writing service- Test prep advice for the GRE exam- Application fee waivers- Discounts and offers from QS partners Places are limited so register now to claim your ticket! *Represented by alumni

at National Building Museum
401 F St
Washington, United States


Billy D. Washington

Billy D. Washington
Event on 2018-06-30 21:00:00

at Hyenas Dallas
5321 East Mockingbird
Dallas, United States


Dallas Wings vs. Washington Mystics

Dallas Wings vs. Washington Mystics
Event on 2018-08-05 15:00:00

at College Park Center
601 S. Pecan
Arlington, United States


Washington Mystics at Dallas Wings

Washington Mystics at Dallas Wings
Event on 2017-06-06 19:00:00

at College Park Center
601 S. Pecan St.
Arlington, United States


Washington Redskins Vs the Dallas Cowboys

Washington Redskins Vs the Dallas Cowboys
Event on 2016-11-23 19:00:00
Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!!! Ofcourse you are!!! Are you ready to travel!!!! Ofcourse you are!!! Whose ready to hit Texas to see the Redskins against the Cowboys at AT&T Stadium?!?!? You are?? Let's Go!! This package includes the following (air can be added) 2 night accommodations at the Hilton Arlington (full service hotel) Can Add additional night prior or after. Hotel is located about 2 miles from AT&T Stadium Check in Wednesday November 23, check out Friday November 25 Reserved 200 Level Endzone Ticket to the Cowboys/Redskins game on November 24 (Section 220-225, 245-250) seat upgrades available.  Pre-Game Tailgate Party, located across the street from AT&T Stadium:  All-you-can-eat Texas Style Buffet Unlimited Miller Lite & Margaritas (all other products cash bar) Unlimited soft drinks & water Live DJ and entertainment Former NFL Player appearance with autograph signing and photo opportunities Private seating and on-site restrooms Round-trip game day transportation via luxury motor coach on November 24 Private fully guided AT&T Stadium Tour on Friday November 25 at 10:00 am Round-trip transportation included Daily breakfast buffet at the hotel Round-trip airport shuttle service from/to DFW Airport (7am-10:30 pm) Love Field shuttle available at additional cost  Shuttle service within 3 mile radius of the hotel (7am-10:30 pm) Complimentary parking at the hotel Complimentary WiFi in all guest rooms Hospitality welcome desk with local Arlington information, discount coupons to restaurants and shops Shopping discounts at nearby designer outlets and malls Dedicated Event staff members on-site for assistance Custom ticket holder and lanyard All taxes, gratuities, and service fees included Pricing is as follows: Double Occupancy 0 Per Person Triple Occupancy 9 Quad Occupancy 9 Book your package with a 0 per person deposit.  50% of the remaining balance due 90 days prior to departure Final payment due 60 days prior to departure. !

at AT&T Stadium
1 Legends Way
Arlington, United States


Dallas Stars vs. Washington Capitals

Dallas Stars vs. Washington Capitals
Occasion on 2016-02-13 19:00:00
NHL Hockey

at United States Airlines Center
2500 Success Avenue
Dallas, Usa


Watch Dallas Mavericks vs Washington Wizards 2011 Games Online Free

Watch Dallas Mavericks vs Washington Wizards 2011 Games Online Free

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The Obscenity Of Power And Wealth in Washington And How To Defuse It

dallas news
by lefte

The Obscenity Of Power And Wealth in Washington And How To Defuse It

Two recently published news articles seemed unrelated but with a little imagination, you could see were tightly compatible. The first article appeared on the Mainstreet website and it categorized the ten richest and the ten poorest counties in the United States. The ten poorest counties, as measured by household income, were located no where close to our nation’s capital. Four counties from South Dakota, three counties from Mississippi, one from Colorado, one from Kentucky and one from Louisiana rounded out the ten poorest counties in the country. As you can see, far, far away from the nation’s capital.

In contrast to the ten poorest counties, seven of the ten wealthiest counties were almost all within a stone’s throw of Washington D.C. These seven included three in Virginia (Loudoun – #1, Fairfax  – #2, and Arlington – #5) and four in Maryland (Howard – #3, Montgomery – #6, Calvert – #9, and Charles – #10). Only three of the top ten were not in the greater D.C. metro area (two were in northern New Jersey and one was on Long Island). The one county that bordered Washington that was not on the list was Prince George’s county in Maryland but if you do a little research you find that Prince George’s county is in the top 2% of all U.S. counties from an income level and is the wealthiest county in the country with an African American majority of citizens. Thus, Prince George’s is certainly not a slouch when it comes to wealth.

If you look at these seven top counties on a map and include along with them Prince George’s county, you will find that they all virtually surround our nation’s capital. If you equate  money with power, you can then easily conclude that we have allowed a lot of power and national wealth to become tightly focused around the Federal government and the head of that government, Washington, D.C.

You would expect any nation’s capital to be relatively affluent and well off, no disagreement there. But consider just how powerful our nation’s capital area has become:

The nation’s financial capital, New York City, did not make the top ten. Consider how many bankers, financial analysts, and Wall street types make their living and home in New York City and the surrounding suburbs and they do not have a presence on the top ten list.
The nation’s hot bed of innovation and technology wealth, Silicon Valley, did not have a presence on the top ten list.
The nation’s media capital and largest metro area, Los Angeles, did not have a presence on the top ten list.
The nation’s fast rising major southern cities, such as Houston and Dallas, did not have a presence on the top ten list.

By looking at what areas are not on the list, and the wealth we usually associate with those missing areas, you get a better feeling of just how much wealth and power has migrated to Washington D.C. Frightening. Government should be in the business of serving the entire country, not enriching itself and its employees in the process. If government was smaller and less taxing, some of the Washington D.C. metro wealth would find its way back to the South Dakota, Mississippi, and all of the other counties in the country who could really use it.

How should we go about defusing the power and wealth transfer that obviously migrated from the countryside to the D.C. Beltway?

Step 1 – reduce the budget of the Federal government 10% a year for five years by doing a ground up review of all government functions, downsizing or eliminating the ones that serve no useful purpose.
Step 2 – allow only individual citizens to contribute to election campaigns.
Step 3 – do not allow election campaign contributions to cross Congressional district or state lines, e.g. a citizen in Kansas could not contribute to a political campaign in New Jersey.
Step 4 – stop gerrymandering Congressional districts that almost always ensure that the incumbent will be re-elected.
Step 5 – institute term limits for political offices.

These are necessary and critical steps to restoring the freedom that we have lost as Americans.

But there is another necessary step, which brings us to the second news article. This was a New York Times piece that appeared in the December 20, 2010 edition of the St. Petersburg Times. The article reviewed an effort that is underway to implement a Constitutional amendment that would allow state governments to overturn Federal mandates and laws. This “Repeal Amendment” would allow any act of Congress to go unheeded if  the legislatures in two thirds of the states voted to overturn the act.

This would certainly put in another check and balance feature in the Constitution. If would help mitigate the flow of power and wealth to the political class in Washington by repelling funding mandates and impositions on state rights and personal freedoms that continually come out of Washington. As an example, if states felt that the imposition of huge additional fees from Obama Care were not the right solution, they could override the legislation with two thirds majority. Similarly, if a state’s citizens felt that the Federal mandate to require everyone to purchase health insurance was an affront to freedom, state citizens would have another way to voice their disapproval and get action.

According to the article, twelve state legislatures have already shown an interest in such an amendment. Some incoming Congressional members have also voiced support and the movement’s leaders have a website up and running. According to a spokesperson for the organization running the website, “What we’re trying to do is to draw a line in the sand saying that the Federal government has gone too far.”

Sounds like a good and reasonable plan. The Constitution allows citizens to make amendments possible through a defined Constitutional process and the two thirds majority required to over turn an act of Congress ensures that there is widespread support for such action that is not purely politically driven.

Most importantly, it helps defuse the power and wealth that has migrated to a very small handful of people in Washington that has proven over the decades that they have accomplished nothing of any consequence as it relates to the major issues of our times while wasting trillions of dollars in the process. Any measure that can keep government under control and accountable to the will of the people that pay for it is a good thing. Maybe by implementing this repeal amendment and other necessary steps, the richest counties in this country might some day be the ones the work the hardest and not the ones that govern the lousiest.

Walter “Bruno” Korschek is the author of the book, “Love My Country, Loathe My Government. – Fifty First Steps To Restoring Our Freedom and Destroying The American Political Class,” which is available at www.loathemygovernment.com and online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Our daily dialog on freedom in American can be joined at www.loathemygovernment.blogspot.,com.

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Watch Washington Nationals v Atlanta Braves live stream major league baseball online broadcast august 17

Watch Washington Nationals v Atlanta Braves live stream major league baseball online broadcast august 17

Watch Washington Nationals v Atlanta Braves live stream major league baseball online broadcast august 17 Sign Up for your channel and Relax. Let us do the hard work to bring all the MLB, Baseball matches at your home, PC laptop, office, anywhere. With one time Registration you can watch Live baseball matches for 3 years. Dont miss a single match ever again. You may never find your favorite channel anywhere else.

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The Atlanta Braves have been in first place in the NL East since May 31, but they have a losing record against the last-place Washington Nationals.

The Braves will try to change that Tuesday night when rookie Mike Minor makes his home debut in the opener of a three-game set.Watch Washington Nationals v Atlanta Braves live stream major league baseball online broadcast august 17


Atlanta (69-49) is 4-5 against Washington (51-67) thanks in part to the struggles of its RBI leaders. Troy Glaus is 4 for 32 with two of his team-high 69 RBIs against the Nationals while Brian McCann is 6 for 27 with two of his 63 RBIs.

Glaus is 2 for 14 against Nationals starter Scott Olsen (3-4, 5.11 ERA) while McCann is 6 for 23, but the focus on the mound Tuesday will be on Minor (0-0, 4.50).

Minor made his major league debut last Monday at Houston and allowed four runs in six innings in a 10-4 loss. The 22-year-old left-hander — the seventh overall pick in the 2009 draft — was starting in place of Kris Medlen, who is on the disabled list with a right elbow injury.

“There was excitement, nerves, but not too much,” Minor said. “I felt pretty comfortable out there. I know there are good guys out there and a really good guy behind the plate. After that first pitch, I was good.”

Minor went 4-1 with a 1.89 ERA in six starts with Triple-A Gwinnett before being called up.

Atlanta increased its lead to 2 1/2 games in the division over Philadelphia with a dramatic victory Monday. Melky Cabrera’s two-run single off Octavio Dotel with the bases loaded in the ninth inning capped a three-run rally in a 4-3 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

“We don’t give up,” shortstop Alex Gonzalez said. “We’ve got a good offense. All those guys took great at-bats.”

Rookie Jason Heyward returned after missing a game with swelling in his right knee. Heyward went 0 for 3 to drop to 6 for 46 over his last 13 games.

The Braves lost both of Olsen’s starts against them this year, with the left-hander going 1-0 with a 2.03 ERA. Those contests were at Nationals Park, and Olsen is 1/3 with a 7.15 ERA in seven career outings at Turner Field.

Olsen turned in his shortest outing since July 8, 2007, on Wednesday by allowing seven runs over 1 2/3 innings in a 9-5 home loss to Florida.

“I made terrible pitches. You make bad pitches, they hit ’em. That’s what happened,” Olsen said.

The Nationals took two of three at home over the weekend from Arizona, winning 5-3 on Sunday after entering the series with five straight losses.

“We needed to win a series,” outfielder Josh Willingham told the Nationals’ official website. “It has been a while. So we hope to keep that going in Atlanta.”

Shortstop Ian Desmond is 9 for 26 with three homers and six RBIs against the Braves this year. Desmond leads the majors with 27 errors.

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Forks, Washington

A few nice radio station images I found:

Forks, Washington

Image by Ken Lund
Forks is a city in Clallam County, Washington, United States. The population was 3,120 at the 2000 census. It is named after the forks in the nearby Quillayute, Bogachiel, Calawah, and Sol Duc rivers.

For many years, the city’s economy was fueled by the local timber industry. With recent declines in the industry, however, Forks has had to rely on the nearby Clallam Bay Correctional Center and Olympic Corrections Center as a source of jobs. Forks is a popular destination for sport fishers who fish for salmon and rainbow trout in nearby rivers. It is also supported by visitors to Olympic National Park. Forks is the primary setting for the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.

On the South end of town is the Forks Timber Museum. Constructed in 1990 by the Forks High School carpentry class, the 3,200-square-foot (300 m2) building provides a fascinating look back into the local history of the timber industry, loggers of the past and their tools of the trade. The museum has exhibits depicting local history dating back to the 1870s.[7]

Depending on the person, there are several things to do in Forks. For the teenage group there is a group called the Rainy Day Gamers. These gamers gather every Friday at the ICN Building located a couple blocks away from the stoplight at 71 North Spartan.[8]

For others, Forks serves as the hub for numerous day excursions to the Hoh Rainforest, the Pacific Beaches, and various wilderness trails. The Forks Chamber of Commerce can provide visitors with additional details. In addition, the Olympic National Park’s Visitor Center can provide NPS and USFS related information to help plan a trip – permits can also be obtained there as well.

A large percentage of Forks visitors are fans of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series who seek the attractions mentioned in the novels, and other related places such as La Push and Port Angeles.[9] The town has embraced fans of the books and its newfound popularity. Local restaurants have added "Twilight-themed" options to their menus, and the local hospital has reserved a parking space for "Dr. Cullen" (Twilight).[10]

Forks is well known for its winter steelhead trout fishing with the Quillayute river system – the Hoh, Sol Duc, Bogachiel and Calawah rivers. Other nearby Clallam, Sekiu and Hoko rivers are also good for king salmon fishing and steelheading as well.

Local guides are available for both native and hatchery runs and for float trips. Fishing gear and clothing is available at local stores.

Forks Washington has a display of one of a very few Shay engines remaining in Washington. Shay locomotives are unusual in that they have a crank shaft running down the side, powering all wheels. Rayonier #10 (c/n 3348) was built for stock by Lima in 1930. It has three cylinders and three trucks. It took 11 years until it was finally sold to the Ozette Timber Company. In 1945 it was acquired by Rayonier for their lumber operation near Forks. It was retired near the north end of Forks in Tillicum Park in 1959. The City of Forks erected an attractive shelter over the #10 in 1999

Rainfest, a celebration of the arts sponsored by the West Olympic Council for the Arts, occurs in April and usually has a combination of arts and craft related events. In recent years there have been quilt classes and a quilt show sponsored by the Piece Makers Quilt Club.

In March of every year, the Quillayute Valley Scholarship Auction occurs. This annual fundraising event raises tens of thousands of dollars for scholarships. Since the first scholarship award in 1964, to Robert Henry, D.D.S., the Committee has awarded over m in scholarships to Forks students.

In the Summer, Forks hosts its traditional "Old Fashioned Fourth of July" celebration with a Grand Fourth of July Parade with plenty of events to go to, including a demolition derby and a great fireworks display. July is also the month for Quileute Days at La Push with its parade, traditional salmon bake, bone games, softball tournament, canoe races, and street fair. In August, the Forks Family Festival combines arts and crafts vendors with children activities for a truly family oriented event.everyone can come and enjoy family fun

On September 13th, Forks now celebrates "Stephenie Meyer Day" to commemorate the Twilight book series.[14] They chose September 13th because it is the birthday of the main character, Bella Swan. They were originally going to do it on Stephenie Meyer’s birthday, until they found out her birthday was on Christmas eve (December 24th). The Forks Chamber of Commerce is planning a Twilight convention on June 26, 2009.

In late September, the Forks Chamber of Commerce partners with the Quileute Tribe and the City of Forks to host the Last Chance Fishing Derby at La Push with cash prizes being the enticement to those wanting to fish for salmon on the Pacific Ocean. The first week in October is when the community celebrates its heritage during Heritage Days. One of the more celebrated events during this week long festival is the "Old Timers Round Table" that is moderated conversation broadcast live via the local radio station involving long time residents of the region talking about days long past.

The young adult Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer takes place in Forks. The main character, Bella Swan, reluctantly goes to Forks to spend some time with her dad, and visits real places in the town, like La Push. The series has drawn an unusual amount of attention to Forks. According to Meyer, she didn’t visit Forks until after Twilight was published and chose the town because it is said to be one of the rainiest places in the United States. She later visited Forks and was captivated by the beauty of the scenery surrounding it. She said it was so close to her Forks that it was as if she had stepped into the books, and she kept expecting Edward or Bella (the protagonists of her series) to walk around the corner.


Fireworks in San Francisco

Image by Telstar Logistics
Fourth of July in San Francisco tends to be a bit of a downer. The holiday falls smack in the middle of heavy-fog season, which means it’s usually chilly outside. Worse, the low clouds obscure the fireworks… and glowing pink blobs aren’t really all that exciting to watch.

The skies tend to be clearer in May, so a local radio station puts on an annual fireworks show as a publicity event.

This photo was taken from the deck of a vintage tugboat, approaching the Bay Bridge from the north. The brightly-lit boat on the right is the San Francisco Belle.

RadioAmor690.com Template 2

Image by ProSam
Second attempt for the radio station, the color scheme is better but the background looks boring. Don’t know where to go with this for now.