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C-Suite Invitational Dallas Fort Worth: Transformational Healthcare Focus on ACO’s, Bundles & Readmissions (NRP)

C-Suite Invitational Dallas Fort Worth: Transformational Healthcare Focus on ACO’s, Bundles & Readmissions (NRP)
Event on 2017-09-27 08:30:00
C-Suite Invitational Dallas Fort Worth: Transformational Healthcare Focus on ACO's, Bundles & Readmissions CEU's available for registered nurses and American College of Healthcare Executives Keynote speakers, panelists and topics listed below. Dr. Eric ColemanCare Transitions InterventionProfessor of Medicine & Head of Health Care Policy & ResearchUC Anschutz Medical Campus Josh D. Luke, PH.D., FACHENelson Hardiman LawHospital CEOAdjunct Faculty, University of Southern California Jay DesaiPatientPingCo-Founder and CEO Chad FotheringhamAMADA Senior Care& Co-Host Discharge with Dignity Podcast Stryker Demo Leslie GolbaStrykerManager, Medical Education Sandy SmithSternectomy Sternal VestChief Executive Officer C-Suite Panel Moderator Dr. Virginia FeldmanNexus Health ResourcesCo-Founder & CEO C-Suite Panelists Nolan KellyPatientPing Care Management Panelists Leah Throckmorton, MSN, RN-CCCTMWise Health SystemDirector of 360 Services C-Suite Panelists Paul AslinWise Health SystemChief Population Health Officer Care Management Panelists Donna Zimmerman, RN, BSNTMF Health Quality InstituteQuality Improvement Consultant Care Management Panelists Cindy LawsonMedical City Health DallasDirector Case Management Care Management Panelists Krista WhitingParkwood InternationalNursing Director Search Consultant Care Management Panelists Dott AndrewTexas Health Hospital PlanoDirector, Care Transition Management Care Management Panelists Betty ChambersUT Southwestern Med CenterDirector of Case ManagementMedical City Denton Agenda 8:30 AM    Opening Remarks8:35 AM    Dr. Eric Coleman, University of Colorado9:10 AM    Solution Provider Showcase9:15 AM    Viola Hebert, Abbott Nutrition9:45 AM    Networking & Vendor Showcase10:05 AM    Dr. Josh Luke10:45 AM    Jay Desai, Patient Ping11:15 AM    Demo: Sandy Smith, Sternal Vest11:20 AM    Care Management PanelModerator: Chad Fotheringham, Amada Senior CarePanelists:Leah Throckmorton MSN, RN-CCCTM, Wise Health SystemDonna Zimmerman, RN, BSN, TMF Health Quality InstituteCindy Lawson, Medical City Health DallasKrista Whiting, Parkwood InternationalDott Andrew, Texas Health Hospital PlanoBetty Chambers, UT Southwestern Med CenterNoon    Lunch1:00 PM    Stryker DemoLeslie Golba, Manager Medical EducationEpisode Performance ManagerTM: Manage and track your entire episode of care with CMS raw claims data to quickly identify cost drivers and opportunities for improvement under Medicare’s CJR model.1:10 PM    C-Suite PanelModerator: Dr. Virginia Feldman, Nexus Health ResourcesPanelists:Nolan Kelly, PatientPingPaul Aslin, Wise Health System1:50 PM    Hospital & SNF Home Care PartnershipsChad Fotheringham, Amada Senior Care2:20 PM    Adjourn  Please contact the event manager Marilyn below for the following: – Discounts for registering 5 or more participants.- If you company requires a price quotation.Event Manager Contact: marilyn.b.turner(at)nyeventslist.comYou can also contact us if you require a visa invitation letter, after ticket purchase. We can also provide a certificate of completion for this event if required.NO REFUNDS  ALLOWED ON REGISTRATIONS —————————————————————–This Event Listing is Promoted  byNew York Media Technologies LLC in associationwith National Readmission Prevention Collaborative.http://www.NyEventsList.comhttp://www.BostonEventsList.comhttp://www.SFBayEventsList.com—————————————————————– SHU170718CEV

at The Great Wolf Lodge
100 Great Wolf Drive
Grapevine, United States


Qualatex Twisted Tour – Dallas/Fort Worth

Qualatex Twisted Tour – Dallas/Fort Worth
Event on 2017-06-25 13:00:00
Join us for this exciting educational tour featuring an all-star line-up of international and U.S. instructors teaching new design ideas and techniques that will rock your business. Each full day class will include: Class notes handbookDigital photos of designs taught in class Product lists for designs taught in class Top-notch education from the industry's best instructors Marketing and business tips to grow your profitsLunch TWISTED TOUR Get twisted, learn sellable designs, and increase your profits – all in one day! Join two master twisting instructors in this very special leg of the World Tour as they show you ways to increase your profitability, make designs that sell, and take your business to the next level. Don't miss out, register for a "Twisted Tour" Stop today! Instructors Derek WongDennis Scott Participating Distributor All American Balloonswww.allamericanballoons.net2406 E Randol Mill RdArlington, TX 76011(817) 469-9100 World Tour – Mystery Box Competition 30 minute time limit. 10 entries per location. 1 winner. Get ready for a competition that will stretch your creativity to its limits.   Competition Objective: Create a celebration design that can be easily delivered to a customer using balloons supplied in the Mystery Box . Show off your creativity and skills using a fantastic selection of balloons. The design can be air-filled, helium-filled, or both. The choice is yours! The top entry of each stop on the tour will receive a prize and advance to compete with the winners of all other tour stops. A grand prize will be give awarded to the world champion. Don’t forget to read the judging guidelines below!   Competition Brief: Each competitor will be supplied with a Mystery Box. Each box will contain the same selection of balloons, but it is not a requirement to use all the balloons within the box.  The Mystery Box competition for each location will be limited to 10 entries with a maximum of two people working on each entry. Competitors have a 30 minute time limit to complete their entry, and there is no fee to enter. In addition, there will be a Balloon Store where limited additional balloons will be available on the accessories table. This will include 160Qs, 260Qs, 350Qs, 646Qs, Deco Bubbles, 5" White, 5" Black, 12" Blush Quick Links and any other balloons that could compliment your design. It is not a requirement to use any of these balloons; they are available for those who wish to use them. The accessories table will also supply Hi-Float, balloon ribbons in various colors, balloon weights, and helium tanks with inflators suitable for inflating foil, latex, and Bubble Balloons. There are limited items at the Balloon Store. Therefore, it is important that they are selected carefully and not simply taken. Items selected from the Balloon Store must be used or returned to the store to give other competitors the opportunity to use, if needed. Points can be deducted from a competitor’s score for items not used during the competition that were taken from the Balloon Store and not returned.   Judging Guidelines: Overall Impression: Visual impact, originality, uniqueness. Does the celebration design clearly express the sentiment so that it is immediately apparent what the occasion is? Does the display have a strong visual impact so it demands attention when it’s brought into a room? Is the design exciting, pleasing to the eye with a newness of style, or uses a concept created along new or unconventional lines? Does the display offer a feeling of professionalism and creativity? Overall Design: Have elements and principles of design (colour, balance, rhythm, line, proportion, and scale) been applied and used effectively? Construction: Is the design stable and durable for transportation? Does the design demonstrate high quality of work and meet professional standards? Are all mechanics well hidden? Will the design last for more than 48 hours? Use of balloons: Has the competitor created a design that uses a good selection of the Mystery Box balloons in an exciting and creative way? Unity & Harmony: Do all the elements appear to belong together, resulting in a strong sense of oneness? Adherence to Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines: Was Smart Balloon Practices followed? Was the design completed within the allotted time? Did all unused items get returned to the Balloon Store?   Competitors need to supply: Hand pumps Scissors Markers and pens Wire and tape Any non-balloon related accessories you may be able to use with your design  Themes will not be disclosed prior to the competitions.  Deadline to enter the Mystery Box Competition in Dallas is June 5.

at Arlington Chamber Of Commerce
1500 Convention Center Drive
Arlington, United States


Is Life Really Worth Living?

I know my title is depressing. Yeah, yeah…it REALLY makes you want to read on, doesn’t it? It gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling. Right?

But haven’t you asked that question at some point in your life?

-When death takes someone dear

-When we don’t know how we’re going to pay our bills

-When our children face a life-threatening illness

-When our spouse proclaims they no longer love us

I know I have asked this question more than ever since the death of my father in 2006. It was then that I had to face the void left in my heart by this larger-than-life man. As I stood at his grave and contemplated the fact that, although he brought joy to the lives of many, the memory of his life would fade and life would go on. Even two years later, just last week, as I stood staring at his tombstone, the question lingers and stings me to my core. All his work…his life…his laughter…his ministry…the constant theme of working his fingers to the bone for those he loved…was it worth it? I wish I could ask him.

Or how about the fame and riches of a Michael Jackson? Yesterday was the memorial service following his untimely death. As his soul moves into eternity…was life worth it for him? All the fame and glory, which faded after time…the riches…having the world as his oyster (for a time)…was it worth the scrutiny, the horrible allegations he faced, the constant pressure of being Michael Jackson—was it all worth it?

I mean, even though Michael’s name will go down in history and my father’s won’t-either way-life will go on.

Was it all worth it? The question begs to be answered.

Never before in my life has the book of Ecclesiastes so poignantly echoed in my heart and mind.

“Meaningless, Meaningless” is how the writer describes life. He says it is a “chasing after the wind”. He describes his lifelong pursuit of happiness by seeking knowledge, women, riches, and hard work. Yet, in all these endeavors “happiness” was captured in fleeting moments at best.

His conclusion is that the whole purpose of mankind is to fear God and keep His commands.

Is this depressing? At first, it seems to be. It echoes the sentiments of all those who seek the best that this life has to offer, attain it…..and find it sorely lacking.

It is this reality that has truly evoked in me the realization that scripture is correct; we really are strangers in this world. Never before have I longed so much for Christ to return and take His people home to the place He has prepared for us. Gone are my youthful longings of a long physical life here on earth, filled with fame and glory and maybe some riches thrown in for good measure. No more. Now, I long for a joy that lasts. For that place where my health won’t fail, my energy never fades, and worry will be an obsolete memory of what was. My heart now yearns to be reunited with all those who have gone before me, a reunion that is always joyous and never ends.

For the first time in my life, I have a deep, heartfelt appetite for heaven and I can’t wait to get there.

So, is life really worth it? It is a trickier question than I thought. In some pursuits, it is not. If one is looking for happiness in the externals that life dangles in front of us, I believe it only ends in lonely disappointment. However, if one seeks the inner happiness that can only come by knowing the Lord intimately then we can view temporal riches as just that-temporal-and we can be okay with that. If you earn lots of money, enjoy it, but don’t seek your joy there. If you become famous, stay humble and know that fame can fade quickly. If you seek knowledge, learn all you can and use it to help others-but know that the brain is fragile and our memory can quickly be affected by illness or injury. In other words, enjoy the good things life brings but know that real joy can only come in a relationship with the Divine. Pursue Him and your joy will withstand any changes in this fickle existence we call “life”.

In the meantime, let me offer some places where once can find moments of pure joy, even while we wait on the eternal:

-the hugs and kisses of a child

-the word “daddy” or “mommy”

-seeing a life change for the better and knowing you were part of that

-the bliss of serving others

-holding hands with the person you’re spending your life with

-true friendship

-moments of spiritual connection with others

-knowing you are in the Lord’s will-truly letting Him work in your life

-watching your child learn and grow; seeing them read or swim for the first time

-enjoying grandchildren

I could go on and on. Moments of true joy only come in relationship to God or others. This is where joy shows itself, short of heaven. This is where we build our true legacy. And, honestly…….THESE are the moments when life is truly worth it.

Everything else, in the long run…means very little.

About the Author: Aaron Welch is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who has devoted his life to reaching out and helping people to grow and mature through difficult life situations. Whether it has been through clinical counseling, pastoral ministry, youth camps and conventions, public speaking, leadership training, educational instruction, athletic coaching or small group ministry, Aaron has more than twenty years of experience in assisting people through life struggles and personal growth. His genuine love for people and his outgoing personality combine to create a safe and caring environment for people to put the pieces of life back together. To find out more about Aaron and the services he can offer, please visit http://www.legacycounselingservices.org or call 407-761-4514

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A Higher Standard for High Net Worth Clients – November 17, 2016

A Higher Standard for High Net Worth Clients – November 17, 2016
Event on 2016-11-17 16:30:00
Please Join us Thursday, Nov 17, 2016FPA NE Ohio Monthly Chapter Meeting** FREE attendance for all! 4:30PM Registration*5:00PM Announcements with presentation to follow *Your ticket includes complimentary hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. Crowne Plaza5300 Rockside RoadIndependence, OH  44131  “A Higher Standard for High Net Worth Clients” Presented By: Scott Tatum | CIMA, CFP® Director, AB Advisor Institute Thank you to our gracious event sponsor who helped make this event possible:      “A Higher Standard for High Net Worth Clients” Presented By: Scott Tatum | CIMA, CFP® Director, AB Advisor Institute In today’s competitive environment, financial advisors and their firms need to evolve in order to stay current. This highly tactical program reviews the financial services industry and examines how an advisor can know which trends to follow, which innovations to accept, and which ideas are “flashes in the pan” that should be avoided. This program focuses on teaching advisors how to create a business that follows the holistic advisory model and provides the executable steps needed to develop a personalized Standard of Care.  Scott Tatum delivers consulting and training to Financial Advisors and key leaders at AB’s partner firms, specifically in the areas of effective communication with clients and practice management. Mr. Tatum came to AB from MFS Investment Management, where he was a regional vice president. His 25-year career in financial planning includes two other important positions: he spent eight years in the Dallas area with OppenheimerFunds; earlier, he spent seven years as national sales manager for a financial planning firm based in Irving, Texas, where he coordinated marketing programs for a field force of more than 4,000 Financial Advisors. In addition to being a Certified Financial Planner and Certified Investment Management Analyst, Mr. Tatum holds NASD Series 7, 24, 53 and 63 licenses. He is an honors graduate of the University of North Texas. **This program is considered practice management and does not qualify for CFP CE. Thank you to our 2016 partners! Platinum Level Dollar Bank Gold Partner Level AB Global Charles SchwabTD Ameritrade Silver Partner Level American Funds from Capital GroupCavitch, Familo & Durkin Co., L.P.A. Goldman Sachs Asset Management Green Bar Consulting, Inc. Hylant GroupKeeping Medicare SimpleLegg Mason Lord Abbett Morningstar Financial Planning Association (FPA) of Northeast Ohio Phone: (234) 212-9051 | FPANEOhio@gmail.comVisit Us On the Web

at Hilton Cleveland East/Beachwood
3663 Park East Drive
Beachwood, United States


Dallas Ft. Worth Chapter of Culture Ambassadors, Inaguaral Meeting

Dallas Ft. Worth Chapter of Culture Ambassadors, Inaguaral Meeting
Event on 2016-10-06 07:30:00
Sponsor – The Dallas Ft. Worth Chapter of the Academy of Culture Ambassadors. The Academy is a community of socially minded workplace culture ambassadors committed to creating workplaces of joy, productivity, and innovation. Academy members are the premiere group of experts on bringing kindness, empathy, dignity, trust, humility, transparency, sharing, happiness, compassion and love into a work environment. Dallas is the Academy’s 6th startup chapter.  Chapters are the pillars of the Academy.  Meeting locations, times, and content are decided by each local chapter. A typical format is to meet every other month from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and at a different host company each time. The host company’s provide meeting space and breakfast.  Meetings are for all persons interested in exceptional workplace cultures.  Membership in the Academy is free and so are meetings. Speaker – Our presenter is Rick Mohr from Steelcase's offices in Colorado.  He will present results from a study that is the first to correlate employee engagement with the work environment.  Two of the five conclusions from the steelcase research has to do with office configuation and design.  This promises to be a fascinating presentation based on current research. Schedule – Coffee, light breakfast, and networking is from 7:30 to 8:00 a.m. followed by introductions and speaker from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. Location –  BKM Total Office of Texas, 9755 Cliford Drive, Suite 100, Dallas, Texas.  More Information:  The lead person for the Dallas Ft. Worth chapter is Kristen Robertson.  You may contact her at kristen@brioleadership.com or phone at 817-577-7030. Please Pass Along – Chapter meetings are for all persons interested in organizational culture.  Please invite your friends, colleagues, and clients.  We expect Dallas will become one of the star Chapters. Please RSVP – The meeting is free but to plan for set up and food please do RSVP.  Click on Plan To Attend and then Click on REGISTER giving your name and email address. Please join in this exciting start up in Dallas Ft. Worth.

at BKM Total Office of Texas
9755 Clifford Drive , Suite 100
Dallas, United States


Worth a look: Scenes from last weekend’s Tattoo Festival

Worth a look: Scenes from last weekend’s Tattoo Festival
Last weekend’s Hampton Roads Tattoo Festival attracted ink artists and fans from across the country. Watch Sangjib Min’s video to see what you missed!
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Festival finds room for more events
Sports Film Festival: Professional and high-school filmmakers will have their short-form works about athletes projected on a big screen.
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Fort Worth, TX

Some cool longhorns images:

Fort Worth, TX
Image by P Donovan

Fort Worth, TX
Image by P Donovan
Stockyards District

Image by aaronisnotcool


any police officer jobs out there for excellent health person over 50 dallas/fort worth area?

Question by paladin: any police officer jobs out there for excellent health person over 50 dallas/fort worth area?

Best answer:

Answer by Kodoku Josei
I don’t know about Texas, but Philadelphia could sure use a new police commissioner. Our’s knows nothing about catching criminals.

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Any clubs in Dallas or Fort Worth?

Question by noah: Any clubs in Dallas or Fort Worth?
That are similar (music and atmosphere wise) to that of the Lizard Lounge in Dallas? Me and my buds are looking to branch out. We like the techno house music that is played at the Lizard Lounge. Any places like that in DFW? Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Jose
lizard lounge rocked dudes…#1 fan right here…Can’t think of any other place that rocks like that…

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What are the local places to do sky diving near Dallas-Fort Worth?

Question by Gentleman.: What are the local places to do sky diving near Dallas-Fort Worth?
A few friends and I are looking to sky-dive this summer in or around the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Also the price or packages of the sky-dive would be good to know also.

Best answer:

Answer by thresher

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