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www.wowcataclysm-wiki.com — Blackwing Descent 10 man regular mode Chimaeron. Chimaeron is an intense gear check focused around your tanks and healers, while your DPS are kind of spectators through the fight. The mechanics are very simple, but punish mistakes with near instant raid wipes. The fight revolves around the little robot, Bile-O-Tron 800, and the buff that he provides while active, Finkle’s Mixture. This buff causes all of your raid members to become immune to death while above 10000hp. In other words, if you are at 20k health, no attack can kill you; a hit for a million will simply reduce your hp to 1. However, once under that threshold of 10k, you are vulnerable. Healers must make sure everyone stays above 10k at all times. You activate the robot before the pull by talking to the gnome NPC in the cage, Finkle Einhorn, who you last saw crawling out of the corpse of The Beast many years ago. The tanks must be ready to taunt the boss back and forth to avoid instant gibs, and the offtank must have the effective hit points and mitigation to survive two hits within a fraction of a second. This boss cycles through a “spread out” phase and a “stack up” phase before reaching a burn phase at 20%, at which time all healing is shut off and the raid, including healers, must dps him down as fast as possible. Check out our page on www.wowcataclysm-wiki.com for more information,
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As promised for those of you guys familiar with my first video, I uploaded an updated rotation for patch 3.1. The basics remains the same, except I am now using a new addon called EventHorizon. ———– Addons: EventHorizon NugComboBar Recount RoguePowerBars Pitbull Bartender4 ——– Simple rogue mutilate pve rotation. Read the pocket guide for rogues on Elitist Jerks for a more a in depth guide: elitistjerks.com ——– Taken from EJ PvE Mutilate, fast and flawed advice Generally, slow mainhand, fast offhand. Use the highest DPS daggers possible, speed is of less importance. Mainhand Instant Poison, Offhand Deadly Poison. Rotation: – Ensure that there is a bleed (ie. Rupture, Deep Wounds, Rend) on the target. – Start up Hunger for Blood. – Start up Slice and Dice however you please, really. 1. Mutilate to 4+ Combo Points 2. Make sure Hunger for Blood isn’t going to drop soon. Refresh it if it will. 3. Is Rupture up? If yes, Envenom. Go to step 1. 4. Does Slice and Dice have greater than 12 seconds left? If no, Envenom. Go to Step 1. 5. Rupture. Go to Step 1. My rotation tips: 1. Order of priority: HfB, SnD, Rupture 2. Never overwrite rupture, let it tick out completely before rupturing the mob again. 3. If there is less than 4 seconds on rupture and enough time on SnD, it is okay to pool your energy and wait out for rupture to tick out before refreshing. 4. Try to envenom after a deadly poison tick, this way you will maximize your dps. 5. When the situation allows
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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