Arthur Court Silver Replaces Original Silver

by Dluogs

Arthur Court Silver Replaces Original Silver

Arthur Court Designs pioneered the use of alternative metal for silver in silver ware and decorative items. The highly polished aluminum items had a brilliant luster that resembled polished silver.

Arthur Court silver does not need the frequent polishing needed by original silver that got tarnished easily. Cook and serve ware, and decorative items, made with the alternative metal began to replace silver ware of an earlier age. Silver ware was a symbol of prosperity and taste in that age.

Arthur Court silver items, incorporating brilliant design ideas obtained from nature and man-made artifacts, are beginning to replace tarnishable silver items in modern societies. Arthur Court Designs sell these items through department stores and specialty gift stores throughout USA. The items are also available through online retailers and reputed international outlets.

A person who had worked for eighteen years for design and decoration firms promoted Arthur Court Designs. His wife, Elena Court, specializes in Oriental art history and modern art, and is now part of the product development team.

The couple travels all over the world and collects minerals and artifacts. Their vast collection is a great source of design ideas that have led to the marvelous product range the company now offers.

We look at some of the products in the Arthur Court silver range in the following paragraphs.

The Giraffe Centerpiece Bowl – – sports a leafy enclosure supported by two giraffes and is large enough to hold to big coconuts.

The Cowboy Boot Pitcher – star – – can hold a champagne bottle and is decorated with intricate patterns.

The Turkey Oval Platter – – reproduces a turkey with its distinctive feather patterns and jowl.

The Grape Shallow Centerpiece Tray – – is adorned with grapes and grapevine leaves patterns around the edges. You would marvel at the authenticity with which the images have been created.

The American Traditional Salad Set, with its simple look - – would appeal to traditionalists (and others with an aesthetic taste).

The Shell 7” Dish is a wonderful creation belonging to the Water Collection – – made with exquisite hand buffed aluminum. It would be a superb gift sure to impress any recipient.

For those who love simplicity, the Palm Rimmed 9.5” Plate – – would be wonderfully appealing. It is a plate first and last, and then an aesthetic object.

The above are only samples of the over 500 designs available in Arthur Court silver range. The range includes a number of collections categorized by their themes or purpose or seasons/years.

Thus, there is an African Safari Collection, Alligator Collection, American Traditional Collection, Baby Collection, Barware Collection, Bath Collection, Christmas Collection, Religious and Cross Collection and several more.

All the Arthur Court silver products are characterized by the brilliant sheen exhibited traditionally by silver items. More significantly, they are characterized by great taste in their designs, tailored to just the effect you want. No wonder Arthur Court has become such a great brand for silver ware and decorative items.

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