Football become the world’s first movement

Football become the world’s first movement

At present, a lot of people join in the football games. But do you know why? This connects many points. I think the followings are the major factors.

The sports’ quintessence: the human sports features are reflected on the football. The spotters suddenly launch and fight for the ball is just like velocidad. The goalkeeper jumped up and down, left and right. These are like jump movement.  Those good flexibility athletes diving header from down like gymnastics. In the American football competition, we can find that the spotters’ beautiful behaviors, so is football.

Secondly, public: a significant reason is that football’ doorsill is very low.  Football players have many kind, including the tall, the short, the fat, the slim. For instance, the heavier are more beneficial than the smaller. Basketball is always the Private Zone of those tall people. However football is not the same as other sports. Football provides the chance to all people all over the world to realize the dream “superstar”.

Third, unpredictability: That football game result caused by the chance is the important reason why fans around the world craze.  Because in football world, there is no absolute winner. Liverpool team is likely to be defeated by an unbuildable second division even amateur team. The Brazil team which full of famous players lost the games to young Japanese team in Olympics. In 1966, North Korea, football “third world”, beat Italy and become the member the first eight teams in World Cup. In the World Cup warm-up competition, China unexpectedly wined France, the former world champion, in the last World Cup runners-up. So, you never know what the results in the football game until the last moment.

Four, the handsome boys: We cannot ignore that the brilliant footballs players is also a reason that football become the first sports in the world. Because young women want to look the handsome players but not the competition. So, their boy friends will go there, even though not very interested in football.

Five, the environment: fans request the good environment, just as a hanger on of an aristocrat. Hilarious, extensive, spectacular all are existed in the football course. Football court is more broad and excited than those sweltering badminton court and small table tennis field.

Sixly: the court hold millions fans, hot and lively. Honestly, if the ball is quietly, it is not interesting.

Seven, the controversial: soccer’s biggest charm lies in its controversial. There will be no attracting spot once the football match was judged too exactly. Because the praetors are human beings, so at some time there will be some mistakes. So there are many people pay attention to the judge.

Culture and sports should be the third industry. And from the perspective of marketing, football provides a high-level spirit to people.

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