MGS4 New Game Big Boss Emblem Speedrun: 1:39:03 Act 2: Part 1.

3 faster Confinement Facility methods (not used in this run as I discovered them after.) : I spent a long time on Cove Valley Village attempting to discover & test a large number of methods. I didn’t experiment much here in my Clear Game run, but I knew I would need to eventually. It is an interesting area to devise methods for but it can be troublesome with a large number of guards. Especially during Caution phases. This area in particular is tough to run through as I wanted to. In fact, my preferred method just wouldn’t work. The main reason for this is the extreme vigilance exercised by the guards in this area. More so in Cove Valley than in other areas of the game. The scope of this section also contributes to increased enemy vision & sensitivity. I can’t say I’ve exhausted the method possibilities here but I can say I have tested many. Cove Valley Village: My method’s criteria was that I had to use only 2 Smoke Grenades & preferrably 1 Stun Grenade (or 2 max) as all my grenades are accounted for. You’ll notice that the headshot on the 2nd guard was slightly off, annoyingly. The reticle was directly on the head but it appeared to be slightly low, which is strange as the head hit boxes are quite forgiving. I was disappointed initially, but I soon found out that the brief delay was critical for the grenade placement. Hence its inclusion. Further testing confirmed this. Also, the arrival time of the 2 guards from the upper level is not consistant by any
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