Paul Scholes: Control, Touches, Passing

This video was created to express the genius that is Paul Scholes who I believe to be the finest English footballer of his generation. It seems that only recently, with England once again unable to progress in the World Cup, that people are waking up to what’s wrong with football in this country, and realising that Scholes’ talent has been wasted on the international stage. In England the subtle arts of football are often overlooked in place of our more traditional virtues – passion, strength, heart – but time and time again we are made to look neanderthal because of out inability to KEEP THE BALL and CREATE because of a lack of TECHNIQUE and VISION. Paul Scholes has been extolling these virtues at the heart of the Manchester United team for the best part of 20 years and he should have been given the same status as the fulcrum of the England team. Real football brilliance isn’t about 30 yard screamers and crunching tackles – they are important, but are only moments. What is really important is the ability to control the ball, retain possession, create space, open up the opposition with a pass, the small things that happen constantly through the game, but if done badly destroy your chances of winning at the highest level. In England we don’t appreciate this, we want explosive moments – the crowd becomes restless if a team is keeping possession and the TV won’t replay a moment of technique or a great pass like they will in Spain. So, kids, watch this and learn… Will let

Rezumatul meciului Romania Argentina(unul din cele mai frumoase meciuri facute de romania la un turneu final)
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