The Nature Of Cataracts

There are countless marvelous tourist destinations in Houston, Texas that no one would want to miss. It houses the Space Center, where one can find out whats it like to be an astronaut in space. There is also the Theater Districts many attractions as well as the citys many stunning parks. It would be a waste if a person is robbed of the opportunity to see and experience them all because of cataracts and other eye problems.

There are two lenses present in the human eye. The first one is known as the cornea and it is located on the surface of the eye. The other lens is crystalline in appearance and is positioned inside the organ itself. The latter is the one affected when a cataract occurs. This is a condition wherein proteins inside the crystalline lenses harden and become visible lumps of tissue. These particles block the entrance of light, causing a malfunction that prevents people from seeing anything.

This eye impairment initially causes blurred and doubled vision. It also limits the colors a person can perceive; allowing people to see only in black and white. The range of a persons eyesight is severely degraded as well. If youre suffering from these symptoms, quickly consult an ophthalmologist or optometrist for a checkup.

Any eye clinic Houston has to offer can diagnose, anticipate, and treat this problem easily if caught early. This is why regular eye check-ups must always be observed. Detection and treatment of the defect before it becomes serious increases the odds of having ones sight full restored.

According to any eye clinic Houston residents trust, there are many factors that can trigger cataracts. One of the most common and natural causes is aging. As people age, the substances that compose their crystalline lenses inevitably solidify. However, it can also be triggered by other sicknesses such as diabetes. Physical trauma and genetic mutation are two other possible reasons.

An eye clinic Houston licensed expert can perform surgery to treat cataracts. This would involve the removal of the damaged tissue from ones eyes. They are then replaced by artificial lenses to bring back full visual acuity. If not resolved immediately, this issue can lead to more severe outcomes such as permanent blindness.

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