This Week in Movies – The Adjustment Bureau, Netflix picks, and Oscar recap

This week Lon and Farrell battle their own destiny as they review the romantic thriller starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt ‘The Adjustment Bureau’. To escape the future our hosts look to the past as they review the flashback ’80’s teen comedy starring Topher Grace ‘Take me home tonight’. In the continuing effort to guide your cinematic cravings Lon and Farrell highlight their picks from Netflix streaming with an indie coming of age drama ‘The Poker House’ and a hard nosed crime drama ‘Charley Varrick’. Rounding out their picks they agree that the latest film from French enfant terrible, Gaspar Noe, ‘Enter the Void’ is a difficult but rewarding cinematic vision. All this and an Oscar recap. For more information, show notes and an upcoming schedule, go to Click here to watch Machinima Replay 7/13/10 (Madden Tourney, Sookie Stackhouse, & 2MD ft. Yanks vs Phils) S01E33 Sports! Machinima Replay 7/16/10 (Madden 11 Interview, New Madden Directors & 2MD ft. Chris Johnson) S01E34 Machinima Sports is doing it big with Madden. Last week we went out to Florida to interview the folks at Tiburon about Madden NFL 11. Ian Cummings, Madden 11’s Creative Director, sat down and answered all our questions about the new and improved gameplay. He even answered some of your questions. Be sure to check out the full interviews!!! Our shift to Madden also continues to expand as we Madden Pro “Prodigy” and the Ask Madden team have signed up to be directors. They will be delivering some in-depth coverage of the game as well as pro tips for all you hardcore gamers out there. Just as a reminder, the Machinima Sports team is holding our very own Madden NFL 10 Tournament at a bar called South Bar and Grill located in Santa Monica, CA. It will take place Thursday July 29th at 6:00 pm. If you are a local resident and interested in competing, e-mail us at We will send you a form, fill it out and e-mail us back with that form and a copy of your ID. You have to be 21 or over to compete. Constant delivers a fresh football centric 2 Minute Drill featuring: -nadasfan’s Madden 10 Minute starring the beast we know as Chris Johnson -Letzgoyanks’ breakdown of the AFC North -trutrojan8’s coverage of the Road to Glory
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